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We all do it. Remember that absolutely mortifying thing you did seven years ago in school that you can't seem to shake off?

The anxiety of saying "you're welcome" instead of "thank you" when someone holds the door open for you, the sheer sweat-worthy fear of falling down (or up) the stairs on your bus, you name it, and we've worried about it.

We've always assumed that our furry little friends simply don't have these worries, but now SCIENCE (gasp) has disproved this, and we're shook. 

grim reaper wtf GIF by Studio Flox

The Royal Society scientific journal has published a study which supports the result that doggos struggle to nod off if they have anything troubling them, meaning that we're not as different as we think.

All that time that you lay in your bed, pondering that terrible moment when you asked your friend how their grand-dad up the North is getting on in his nursing home, and they reply that they are, in fact, deceased, leaving you stewing in shame.

The time in work that you were wandering around with your knickers tucked into the back of your skirt, the time you threw up at the local disco after one Blue WKD, even the time you said "keep the change" to the lad in Spar, and it was only a five cent coin.

Doggies apparently sit up and ponder their embarrassments and worries too, maybe they get anxiety about the lack of 'good boy' praise which they received that day.

scared dog GIF

"Does my human still love me?" They think, as they rest their head on their paws, with a slow, violin concerto playing in the background.

"What if they actually don't like cleaning up my poop?"

"What if they send me to the pound and I get embroiled in the local gang war between the Pug Thugs and the Rottweiler Pilers?"

They stare glumly out of the rain-splattered window, tossing and turning following a negative experience at the dog walking park that day.

scared insomnia GIF

The study stated that dogs tend to fall asleep much faster following a negative day, presumably to escape from the terrible consequences of the day.

We still think of the horrendously awkward things we were doing in 2005, forever looking up at the blank ceiling searching for answers…



17 embarrassing things that happen everyday

There things that happen to all of us on an everyday basis that can be brutally embarrassing…but that’s life!

 1. Secretly Trying To Take A Picture Of Someone
… When the flash on your phone is on.

2. Waving At Someone
Who doesn’t see you. Also, when someone waves at someone else but you think they’re waving at you, and so you wave back.

3. Trying To Get Your Teacher’s Attention In Primary School
Then accidentally calling them Mummy or Daddy.

embarrassed animated GIF

4. Texting One Of Your Friends
About a certain person, before sending it to that person by mistake.

5. Trying To Walk By Someone
But you go the same way as they do, and this happens a few times before you eventually get by each other.

6. Spilling Your Drink All Over Yourself
Missing your mouth, spilling it all over your new top. The darker the liquid and the lighter the shirt, the more embarrassing the incident.

7. Going To Open A Door…
… By pulling it when it clearly ‘push’, or vice versa.

8. Tripping In Public
Hole. You. Now.  Before trying to act casual, as if it never happened. Or in a supermarket when you LEAST expect it, those in-store accidents can creep up on you out of nowhere.

9. Sitting In The Wrong Lecture
Well, it was such a issue actually getting this seat, you may as well stay and learn something new.

10. Walking down the Street In Wrong Direction
And then being convinced the person who was near you when you turned thinks you’re following them

11. Tummy Rumbling In Class
*Cough Cough*

12. Creeping On Someone’s Facebook And Accidentally Liking A Photo From Three Years Ago
No, no, noooooooo!

once upon a time gif animated GIF

13. Laughing At Something While Alone
People slowly start to back away…

14. Holding A Hand Rail On The Bus Or Train And Touching Someone’s Hand
Ick, ick, ick!

15. Asking Someone To Repeat Themselves, Still Don’t Hear
Nod and smile, nod and smile.

16. Going To Pay For Something With Your Laser Card And It’s Rejected
“Can I just take the Curly Wurly please?”

17. Waiting For A Door To Open Automatically But It Doesn’t
It’s like when Bart sold his soul. No door for you.


Chrissy Teigen has recently found herself at the eye of a storm of controversy due to old tweets getting dug up from the dead, and 2019 doesn't look great either for her.

The social media star was celebrating New Year's Eve in Times Square on Monday night, and between the rain and bitterly cold temperatures, it wasn't a glorious occasion.

After counting down the annual ball drop alongside Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones, the former supermodel goes in for a hug and ends up with an umbrella in the eyeball.

NBC's special broadcast was on live television, so naturally the clip went viral on Twitter pretty damn quick. 

She joked; "I'm okay!" after writing: "7am. Heading back out to Times Square to find my eyeball." Ouchie.

The SNL star was hugely apologetic over Twitter (and in person, we assume) and posted to her own account:

The actress commented;

"I can't believe I hit Chrissy Teigen in the face!! Lord!! I love you boo!! So sorry!!"

It wasn't either of their finest New Year's Eve moments, but it was HILARIOUS and we're grateful for the comedic content on our Twitter feeds.

Happy 2019 gals, has anyone else's year started off with a similarly embarrassing/painful moment?



Is there anything worse you could possibly imagine happening at your wedding than your new husband kicking you in the head and knocking you out?

Well, that is exactly what happened to this couple.

As is the trend these days, the newlyweds enter their wedding reception vigorously dancing along to a hip hop song and then break out into an over-the-top dance routine.

The groom then starts to do all kinds of over-zealous dance moves. As he back-flips across the stage he accidentally kicks his bride in the head before she plummets to the floor.

Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to realise just how hard he has hit her as he tries to pick her up to keep dancing and she falls straight back down as she is, presumably, momentarily unconscious.

Safe to say that that is one day they REALLY will never forget! 




Selfies are funny things. You might upload them to Facebook for all your friends to see, but it’s pretty embarrassing when you’re caught in the act of taking one!

This dad filmed his daughter taking a bunch of selfies in the back seat of the car, and she had NO idea, because selfies are addictive ok? You become oblivious to the world around you when all you can see is your beautiful face. Or at least this girl did!

This is cringe-tastic viewing, at it's finest.



It sounds like this girl will be looking for somewhere other than her family home to eat her Christmas dinner come December…

This poor girl sent a nudey picture to her DAD instead of its intended recipient and has since been tweeting all about it, much to our amusement.

Twitter user, nyyy nyyy, took a screenshot of the accidental message as well as recording her dad’s arrival at her home straight afterwards. Comedy gold. For us at least.

At first, she lamented the incident:


Then, she shared it with the world:


The internet reacted the best way they knew how:


Her dad wouldn’t stop calling her:



She waited with anticipation:



Her dad arrived at her house…


And she finally saw the funny side. Though we’re not sure he did.


It’s an important message, ladies. #dontsendnudestodaddy. He won’t like it. Lesson learnt.




Charlotte Church has 70,000 Twitter followers so she probably though it was a good idea to try to rope fans into appearing in her music video by tweeting it.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan and only one person turned up on the day.

She tweeted: “Yo! People of Cardiff, I’m filming a music video this Saturday for my new single Little Movements. I want as many of you beauts in it as possible, I’ll be in the city centre from about 2 till 10pm. Feel free to bring your best dance moves. Loves you.”

The Voice of an Angel singer had to resort to asking passer-bys to dance to her song which was being played on a boom box.

Again, poor Charlotte wasn’t having much luck as many people were reluctant to join in; however, her knight in shining armour, Stuart Talbot, showed off his moves for the three minute video saying: ‘I got to dance with Charlotte Church. There’s not many men who can say that.’