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It looks like we're FINALLY getting some updates on Bad Gal Riri's forthcoming album, after R&B legend The Dream revealed some details in an all-encompassing interview.

It's been almost three years since her last work, 2016's ANTI, and since then Rihanna has taken on world domination through fashion and cosmetics.

Savage x Fenty and Fenty Beauty have been hugely successful, and we thank her for those gems, but now we need the TUNES to match, mmkay?

Fans have been waiting a long time to hear more music from the iconic singer, and her newest record is "about done", according to The Dream. The singer has worked closely with Rihanna since 2007.

When asked about the versatile artists' newest work, he said; "She’s cooking, she’s about done. She’s about done. Super close." TAKE IT OUT OF THE OVEN.

He flat out refused to give any more details about the Disturbia hitmaker's album, but also teased that Beyoncé is "doing something" in the studio. Praise the Lawd, the Queens are returning to their thrones.

Speaking in an interview with Ebro Darden, he said: “I actually haven’t talked to her about it – I’ve talked to the team about it because it’s kind of just being coordinated. But she’s doing something."

RiRi recently joked to her fans that her internet connection was too poor to answer their questions about her album, though many are saying her ninth studio album is close to being finished.

The singer posted a video to her Instagram Stories which featured her waving a wad of cash, smiling and blowing a kiss to the camera, with the caption, '"Fans: "Where the album?" Me: sorry my connection poor."

Kuk Harrell, who worked with the star on ANTI, and co-wrote songs such as Umbrella and Only Girl (In the World), recently responded to one of the singer’s fans who asked about the album, saying; 

"R9 is great. R9 is amazing. It’s incredible, And that’s all I’m going to say." Obviously it's amazing, but we need it NOW.

There have been zero announcements yet on a release date, but we'll be patient for Bad Gal RiRi. 


French police officials have arrested American rap singer Chris Brown following a rape accusation, AP has reported.

Closer initially reported that a 24-year-old woman alleged Brown raped her after meeting him in a nightclub on 15 January in France.

The same woman is also claiming that one of Brown's acquaintances abused her.

This isn't the first time the 29-year-old has been accused of sexual violence or violent crime.

The singer dated Rihanna back in 2009, and the pair were brought into the spotlight after an argument left the Umbrella singer covered in bruises and facial injuries as a result of Brown's rage.

Brown has spoken of the incident, claiming after he saw the image of her injured face that he, "felt like a f*cking monster".

Pitchfork also reported in 2017 that a woman claimed she was seriously sexually assaulted in the rapper's home, and sued him as a result of her trauma.


Chrissy Teigen has recently found herself at the eye of a storm of controversy due to old tweets getting dug up from the dead, and 2019 doesn't look great either for her.

The social media star was celebrating New Year's Eve in Times Square on Monday night, and between the rain and bitterly cold temperatures, it wasn't a glorious occasion.

After counting down the annual ball drop alongside Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones, the former supermodel goes in for a hug and ends up with an umbrella in the eyeball.

NBC's special broadcast was on live television, so naturally the clip went viral on Twitter pretty damn quick. 

She joked; "I'm okay!" after writing: "7am. Heading back out to Times Square to find my eyeball." Ouchie.

The SNL star was hugely apologetic over Twitter (and in person, we assume) and posted to her own account:

The actress commented;

"I can't believe I hit Chrissy Teigen in the face!! Lord!! I love you boo!! So sorry!!"

It wasn't either of their finest New Year's Eve moments, but it was HILARIOUS and we're grateful for the comedic content on our Twitter feeds.

Happy 2019 gals, has anyone else's year started off with a similarly embarrassing/painful moment?


We may have been having some unseasonably warmer weather these past few months, but this week winter has well and truly arrived. Apart from some casual SNOW showers across the country today, good aul Storm Abigail also delighted us with winds of up to 120km/h.

Oh and then there was the rain. 

But lucky for us we always have a trusty umbrella on hand to shield us from this ungodly weather, right? WRONG. If you are one of the many people having to give up on umbrellas this week then you are definitely not alone. Join us as we recount the stages of our daily battle with that unreliable but mandatory life item, the umbrella…



Clearly the reason all our umbrellas fail us is because we refuse to spend more than a fiver on them. Well, lesson learned. Spending €30 on a proper umbrella will solve all of our winter weather woes because surely an umbrella at that price is indestructible. Surely.


Evelyn on RTE says that the weather is going to be horrific, but it can’t be that bad. She is always a bit dramatic anyway. It will be fine, I have a coat for warmth and an umbrella to keep me dry. I am SO prepared.


Mmm. It does actually look pretty miserable out there  


Okay, this is BAD. The brolly is now inside out and the people in that car are LAUGHING at me. WHY UMBRELLA, WHY.


It’s fine. The umbrella is fine. It is a bit misshapen and it looks like I am holding half a plastic bag over my head, but my hair is still kind of dry… kind of.


The only thing worse than being out in a storm with a flimsy umbrella, is being out in a storm without one. I should have know that it was going to fail me, I should have known. 


There is no umbrella in the world that could withstand that weather, but I had better buy another one just in case. 



Cool with heavy rain: it could only be the October Bank Holiday weekend!

Yes, sadly Met Eireann isn’t the bringer of good news today – it has told the country that the weather outlook for the long weekend is somewhat bleak.

How bleak, you ask? Well, think the likes of hail, thunder, and freezing conditions at night. 

Yup, temperatures will hover around the 10C mark – a good 5C colder than it is now – with plenty of rain showers spread throughout the country.

As meteorologist Joan Blackburn explained: “It looks like a cool weekend with showers in place on Saturday and on Sunday. Some of the showers are likely to be heavy.”

“The prospects aren‘t great,” she added.

Met Eireann furthermore explained: “Saturday and Sunday will be similar days with sunny spells and scattered showers developing in the afternoon with some heavy falls in places and a slight chance of thunder and hail.

“It will turn noticeably colder for the weekend as temperatures will only reach the low teens by day and will fall close to freezing by night with moderate to fresh westerly winds making it feel even colder.”