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Kourtney Kardashian and ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Scott Disick have a LOT of history between them, not to mention three kids- Mason, 9, Penelope, 6, and Reign, 4.

The pair have been successfully co-parenting their children since their split in July 2015, after Lord Disick was spotted getting up close and cosy with a mystery woman.

They have somehow maintained a relationship which allows them both to see their kids, and Disick has seemingly moved on with Sofia Richie. Kourtney herself was with model hunk Younes Bendjima until last year.


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In a new Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip, there's been a TWIST in the Scott/Kourtney tale.

Kourt low-key revealed that her ex-boyfriend is her soul mate, after speaking to a healer during a family trip to Bali. The healer allegedly claimed that the pair have a shared history in a past life.

Take this with a pinch of salt, but Kourtney refused to comment on the healer's revelation, instead choosing to sit back and smile. NO DENIAL. Just a lil smile.

"Scott came in, and the guy was basically saying that in a past life that we were together, and that we’re soul mates. So he was like ‘You have to decide if you want to be together or not be together,’" she explained in the new KUWTK clip.

We have so many questions; Does she believe it? What about Sofia Richie? Is she just biding her time until they reunite? Is Younes firmly in her past? What happened to Scott's weird cane?

Khloe and Kim Kardashian had hilariously different experiences with the 'healer', with Khloe letting him to LITERALLY suck the negativity out of her knee with a straw, while he asked Kim to cut a lock of his hair off.

Are you calling bullsh*t? Either way, consider us entertained…


It's almost impossible to ignore the latest cheating scandal involving a Kardashian. They happen pretty frequently, which isn't overly surprising considering most of their beaus have cheated on their exes with the Kardashians…

Nevertheless; Tristan Thompson has reportedly been unfaithful to Khloe Kardashian (again), this time with Kylie Jenner's 21-year-old BFF Jordyn Woods, and the world has ended. Sort of.

Kim Kardashian has already unfollowed Tristan and Jordyn on Instagram, which in their world is essentially a massacre, and now it seems Khloe is deleting photos of her ex from her social media.


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We've reached that point in the break-up: Total erasure.

Khloe is scrubbing him completely, with The Daily Mail reporting that the reality TV star appears to have deleted a load of recent pictures of Tristan from Instagram, including their famous Thanksgiving photo.

She's only keeping photos from her baby shower and before, unless she got over-saturated and hasn't managed to go further back than that.


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The week she gave birth, videos emerged last April showing Tristan acting inappropriately with multiple other women. Surprisingly, Khloe stayed in the relationship, probably for the sake of their child, True Thompson.

From last April onwards, the lad is officially #Dead2Her.

Interestingly, it should be noted that Khloé hasn't deleted a photo of Jordyn Woods promoting Good American, Khloe's brand.


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According to Us Weeklythe 27-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers player "doesn't care" that his relationship with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is over, and was "never trying to win her back".

That sounds like a typical f*ckboy quote to us, WBU?

TMZ reported Khloe and Tristan had broken up after himself and Jordyn were "all over each other" at a house party, with E! later claiming they were "very touchy feely" and "cuddling for hours". Yikes.


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Khloe's definitely better off without him. Look how successful Ariana Grande has been since she's ditched the men in her life?

She's got a Grammy, two number one albums in six months AND broke the record last set by The Beatles for claiming top three singles on the Billboard charts.

Female empowerment is a MUST at times like these, gals.

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Is there any nostalgic band that isn't getting back together this year? From The Spice Girls and Westlife, to Avril Lavigne and Jojo dropping albums; we now have no idea what year it is.

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes are somehow relevant again, and we're pure delighted that our pre-teen treasures are making a return.

News has just hit that The Jonas Brothers are making a comeback too, and we genuinely can't handle any more of this.

The band broke up back in 2013 citing "a deep rift within the band" and "creative differences", and the boys went their separate ways to pursue their own careers and love lives.

31-year-old Kevin randomly launched a business career after his E! Reality show Married To Jonas was cancelled, participating in The Celebrity Apprentice. 

Now he co-manages the JonasWerner development company, a social media influencer firm The Blu Market and Yood, the food app.


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29-year-old Joe is now engaged to Game Of Thrones' Sophie Turner, and is the lead singer of funk-pop group DNCE, of Cake By The Ocean fame.

26-year-old Nick, the youngest JoBro, released two successful solo albums, starred in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, and got married to Priyanka Chopra. Everyone fell in love with them as a couple.

It seems like Nick did the best out of the lot, we all had a bop to Chains, Close and Jealous. They were absolute CHOONS.


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According to Us Weekly sources, the brothers will rise from the ashes like a beautiful phoenix as JONAS.

They've ditched their chastity belts, so they also have to ditch the 'Brothers' and 'The' in the name to prove their serious musician-status. Gas.

Their reunion will reportedly result in new music, their first since 2009's Lines, Vines and Trying Times, tour dates and even a documentary. The band's Christian image must still be garnering fans from somewhere…

Image: Insider

Nick has been liking tweets about the reunion, and The FADER noticed that their Instagram account has been reactivatedJONAS have yet to make an official announcement, but we've got our eyes peeled.

Kevin told Us in 2018 that he and his brothers often play music together and this summer, Just Jared reported sightings of the trio working on a project.

Now is the time to follow the lads if Camp Rock changed your adolescence…and the music industry forever. They're giving twenty-somethings what we really want, and we love them for it.


Kanye is well-known around the world for his….controversial… and often not actually requested opinions. Scratch that, they're rarely requested, if ever.

However, he gives them anyway, even to his wife Kim Kardashian; queen of social media and reality TV.

We've already seen him controlling her closet, essentially throwing out her entire wardrobe so he could re-do the whole thing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2012. He EVISCERATES her clothes choice.

As if that wasn't cringe-worthy enough, Kim's make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic has revealed that Kanye doesn't hold back his thoughts on his wife's beauty and cosmetic routine.

During Dedivanovic’s The Master Class last weekend, Kim's long-time MUA let it slip that Kanye West has plenty of opinions about the choice of products.

He allegedly even offered to pay Mario to move to L.A. from New York so he could be with Kim legit 24 hours a day, according to People.


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“Kanye is actually really opinionated sometimes,” Kim said. “He will come in and be like, ‘You know your blush is a little heavy.’ Or say, ‘What are you doing? That’s not the shape of your lip.'”

Essentially, Kanye has moved on from her wardrobe to her makeup, and is obsessed with Mario being around for Kim's glamour;

“Kanye actually called me and said, ‘Alright how much will it cost for you to move back to L.A.? I want you here for her,'” Mario said.


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Kanye also allegedly calls Mario on a regular basis to assist in maintaining Kim's face.

She commented; “He will call Mario without telling me! And Mario shows up without me knowing and he is like, ‘Oh Kanye called me and said it was a makeup emergency.'”

Eh, what? What are your thoughts on the matter; is this just incredibly rude and controlling or does Kanye just want the best for his wifey?

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Lady Gaga sure knows how to handle a dodgy interviewer, but watching her absolutely roast Ryan Seacrest alive on the Grammys red carpet pre-show has us majorly cringing on his behalf.

E!'s Ryan Seacrest interviewed Gaga alongside her Shallow co-writers Mark Ronson, Andrew Wyatt, and Anthony Rossomando, and it got painfully awkward way too fast.

He first congratulated the songstress on her Grammy win for Best Song Written for Visual Media in the non-televised ceremony, and then asked her details about her upcoming performance at the Academy Awards with Bradley Cooper.

"Next it is the Oscars, and a live performance with Bradley Cooper," said Seacrest, before handing the microphone to the singer without asking her an actual question.

The 32-year-old star mouthed yes, that she would be singing opposite Cooper, but the Joanne artist had no interest in sharing any more information on the matter.

A microphone dance ensues which has us on the floor; come ON Ryan, step it up. We have to wonder if something happened between them before, because Gaga looks like she is the farthest thing from his fan.

"You're like, 'Answer my question, but I'm not asking one,'" joked Gaga. While the initial interaction was awkward enough for us all, the interview ended on a friendly note. Thank GAWD.

Ryan cut to commercial after the pair hugged, which looked as if Gaga just did it to finally put an end to the painful experience.

Seacrest was inquiring about the Oscars, and asked about the path to all the awards. "How long did it take to write the song?," the Live With Kelly and Ryan co-host asked, referencing Shallow.

"Actually it was quick," Gaga remembered, with Mark Ronson saying it all came together within a month. We just wish that interview ended quicker…

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You know THAT mansion, where Keeping Up with Kardashians was born? The one you see in the OG episodes.

Well it's officially off the market as it was bought for a cool $5.25 million.

Although it's beyond iconic, it took 11 YEARS to be sold.


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We aren't quite sure why it took so long for the property to be moved off the market – like who wouldn't wanna live there?

But it was the fake home used by E! to shoot sequences of the house.

The Kardashian/Jenner's real home wasn't in the filming to safeguard their privacy. 

Despite the home being used as a prop, according to TMZ, it took "19 agents and 9 brokerages before finally selling."


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In addition to having the Kardashian history, the house was also used for a Victoria Secret ad campaign. 

We are still confused as in why anyone wouldn't want to live in this gaff.

It looks unreal and Kris Jenner has walked the halls, so you can try to absorb those money-making powers.


This summer, millions of viewers were enthralled as Love Island aired six days a week, as nations united to watch the contestants find love, lust and heartbreak in their picturesque villa.

However, along with some complaints about body diversity, some viewers were disappointed with the singular representation of the spectrum of human sexuality portrayed on screen.  

All couples in the house were straight, male-female couples, which doesn't accurately represent the romantic needs of the entire population.


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With acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community rightfully increasing as society comes around to the groundbreaking concept that love is love, it would have been amazing for a mainstream show to showcase these relationships. 

Luckily, a new show is en route to give the spotlight to arguably one of the most vilified sexual preferences. 

The Bi Life, commissioned by E!, is a dating show for bisexuals, pansexuals, fluid and questioning contestants from the UK. The contestants will call a Barcelona villa home and literally everyone is a potential mate based on sexual preference. 

The show will be presented by the delightful Courtney Act, of Ru Paul's Drag Race. 

'It’s high time there was a dating show for the large number of young people today, like me, who are attracted to more than one gender,' Act told Variety. 

'In 2018 we know that sexuality is fluid, and sharing the stories and experiences, the laughter and the lovemaking of young bi people is so important. So get ready to see the true stories of bisexual singles, who are the largest part of the LGBTQ+ community but the least known.'

Bi erasure is a huge issue for many members of the community, as other mainstream media and entertainment platforms ignore the sexual identity when it comes to representation. 

In fact, the hit, but highly criticised, Netflix show Insatiable recently came under fire for bi erasure, after characters uttered the phrases 'Bisexuals are liked demons or aliens. They don’t exist,' and 'Bi is just a stop on the train to Gaysville.' 

The Bi Life will rin for ten, hour-long episodes, and is set to air on E! in the U.K. and Ireland in October.



Rumours have been buzzing about Robert Pattinson’s new love interest, Suki Waterhouse.

The model was recently seen kissing the Twilight star while enjoying a night out together in London.

Is it possible the two are officially a couple?

Photo Credit: E! News

A source told E! News, that Robert and Suki are dating casually, and “they are definitely into each other.”

It seems as if the romance rumours are true but the two have yet to publicly confirm their relationship status.

Suki was also recently spotted out on the town with director Darren Aronofsky, but the actress’ rep quickly dispelled any speculations about her and the director.

Suki was so adamant in her denial of the relationship between her and Darren, and maybe now we know why.


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“They are not dating nor are they together,” her rep verified. Photos also confirmed the platonic nature of their relationship.

It seems the model had her eye on Rob the whole time and who can blame her?

Robert has not been seen displaying PDA since his relationship with FKA Twigs.


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Him and the singer were dating for three years and then got engaged before their devastating breakup in October.

Has the actor officially moved on? Photos from E! News seem to prove so but only time will tell. The couple could just be having a good time and enjoying being single.

Nevertheless, keep an eye on social media, we have a feeling that they may go ‘Facebook official’ soon.


It's hard to believe Keeping Up With The Kardashians will celebrate it's tenth anniversary this year – although, does anyone really remember what life was like before the famous family took over our televisions?

To celebrate a decade of life on the small screen, the reality show will air a 10-year anniversary special on E! on September 24.

It's reported that executive producer, Ryan Seacrest, is set to host the programme, while Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, as well as Kris, Kendall and Kylie Jenner will all gather to reflect on their TV journey.

Both Caitlyn Jenner and Rob Kardashian look unlikely to make appearances.

It's thought that Caitlyn has alienated herself from the family following comments made about them in her memoir, The Secrets of My Life, while troubled Rob is currently dealing with the consequences of the revenge porn attack he launched on ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna, earlier this year.

However, it is thought that the Lord Disick himself may drop by to look back on some of his greatest one-liners of the past decade.

Love it or hate it, the Kardashians aren't going anywhere fast, so why not sit back, relax and relive all when the 10th anniversary special airs Saturday, Sept. 24 on E!. 


After two very intense seasons, I Am Cait has been cancelled.

The docu-series followed Caitlyn Jenner in her initial transition and then continued on as she adapted to life as a transgender woman.

A spokesperson for E! said in a statement: "We are incredibly proud of the two seasons of I Am Cait, a groundbreaking docuseries that sparked an important and unprecedented global conversation about transgender people, their struggles and triumphs.


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"Caitlyn and E! have mutually decided not to move forward with another season at this time. She will always remain a part of the E! family, and we look forward to continue following her journey as she appears in Keeping Up With The Kardashains."

Caitlyn also tweeted about the cancellation:

She wrote: "After 2 amazing seasons of @IAmCait, it's time for the next adventure. Thank you E! & thank you to the best girlfriends I could ask for."


Now into an unprecedented 11th series of their family's mega-hit reality TV show, they are certainly used to having their every move watched and commented upon.

That and brand Kardashian-Jenner is never dormant: from momager Kris to youngest Kylie, they are masters of shameless self-promotion.

It's been a remarkably effective policy: collectively, the family is said to be worth more than a quarter of a billion euro – and that valuation was done before they all launched apps and websites that will rake them in millions every month.

However, in light of Lamar Odom's tragic collapse in a Nevada brothel last week, commentators are becoming increasingly critical of the way in which the six-strong group of glamorous females have been conducting themselves.  

Khloe Kardashian, of course, married the 35-year-old basketball star in 2009 following a whirlwind, one-month long romance. 

They had split by December 2013 and divorce papers were signed in July, but as the documentation has not yet been processed, they remain married in the eyes of the law.

Within hours of Mr Odom’s hospitalisation, Khloe, Kris and 7-months-pregnant Kim had all hopped on a private plane to see him.

According to Radar Online, they had a camera crew in tow, although this was later played down by the family themselves.

“It’s a s*** show,” an unnamed source told the website. “The Kardashians are trying to run everything. They walked into the hospital with cameras rolling.

"It was shocking, but hardly a surprise…They are all crying and pretending like they care.”

Radar Online furthermore claims that fame-shy Lamar was pressurised by Khloe into remaining central to Keeping Up With The Kardashians plotlines – even AFTER the breakdown of their marriage.

Indeed, it was widely reported that the catalyst which finally drove a clearly stressed Mr Odom over the edge was the KUWTK episode which aired a week ago today. 

In it, the viewer is told that Mr Odom’s best friend had died of drug-related causes – he’d called Khloe for consolation, and her side of the conversation was documented on camera.

She later told the show's fans that the death could well cause Lamar "to spiral". “I’m really on high alert for him," she added.

In the same episode, 34-year-old Kim said that the idea of Khloe, 31, still talking to Mr Odom makes her "sick.”

In the aftermath, his response – according to Mail Online – was  to angrily declare that "he was better than the Kardashians. "F*** them," he is reported to have said.

The website goes on to say that the former LA Lakers players ranted that he had been exploited for ratings. "He felt chewed up and spat out," a Mail Online source added.

Even only brother Rob, 28, who has struggled with his weight, has been gradually distancing himself from his mother and sisters. 

For one, he has refused to take part in the family's reality TV show business for close-to two years. Star magazine wrote 18months ago that Kris, 59, had even called him "a fat slob".

She supposedly also told him that as the lowest earner of the Kardashian-Jenner clan he was "losing out on business opportunities because no one wants someone as huge as him representing their products".

"Rob feels that the show has truly ­ruined his family," an additional source told Radar that same month. "He feels very alone."

Heartbreakingly, it has even been said that Kim didn't want Rob at her Italian wedding to Kanye West in May of last year because he was "too fat and ugly for pictures".

Whatever the truth, Mr Kardashian sensationally flew back to LA before his sister and the rap superstar said 'I do'.

As recently as August, Khloe and Lamar met outside a Beverly Hills gym: her camp strongly suggested he was stalking her; he later told TMZ the rendezvous was very much pre-arranged. 

"I am not, not, NOT the person that they are trying to make me out to be," he afterwards stated in a remarkably candid video interview.

He added that it was his time to "fight back," before seemingly issuing a threat to the Kardashians: "If it happens again I'm going to air EVERYTHING out."

The basketball player also explained that his reputation as a drug-user and womaniser was unfair, and that he "doesn't put himself out there" on Twitter and Instagram – unlike the famous family he married into.

Fast forward to this week and although initially his condition looked bleak, Lamar has now thankfully shown signs of improvement. He clearly has a long-road to recovery ahead of him – with the strokes he suffered in hospital being of particular concern.

Meanwhile, the Kardashian family, who of course like to have full control over their own publicity, have been rocked by the incident.

Indeed, they were particularly upset that Dennis Hoff, the owner of the brothel where Mr Odom collapsed, was talking to the media without their consent (and interestingly, reportedly one of the first people on the scene was a 'representative' of Khloe's who was there to 'collect Lamar's personal effects'). 

That they have genuine concern for Mr Odom's well-being is undeniable. Nonetheless, Kris Jenner Inc will also be hoping that her soon-to-be ex son-in-law doesn't, propelled by his near-death experience, follow through on his threats to "air everything out" 

Lamar himself will presumably just be hoping he doesn't have to.


Despite expressing a desire for normality, since departing from One Direction back in March, Zayn Malik has rarely been out of the spotlight.

Top of the agenda is, of course, his love-life – he dramatically split from his Little Mix fiancée in August and has been linked to a string of beauties ever since.

The 22-year-old also departed from Simon Cowell's Syco label, instead signing a solo contract in July with RCA Records.

However, it seems now the singer-songwriter may be tempted to explore new avenues: namely the hit-and-miss world of reality TV.

HollywoodLife.com exclusively reports that the Bradford-native is being majorly courted by producers to star in his own show.

All the big hitters are expressing an interest too – including the likes of E! which, of course, is responsible for the Kardashians.

The website states that the potential series would “document his time after being in One Direction and working on his new music.

“It will counter when new music comes out, so it’s not going to be any time soon, but within the year.”

Zayn is currently rumoured to be courting gorgeous 20-year-old Burberry model and Kanye West protege Neelam Gill.

They duo actually first met back in March while he was still engaged to Perrie Edwards, but lately they are said to have become more romantically involved.