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I'm sure we've all told our parents how embarrassing we think they are, how they mortify us beyond the valley of shame for merely existing.

Normally most of the things they do genuinely aren't embarrassing, we're just being dramatic.

In this case, however: one Twitter user explained a genuinely unfortunate mishap which happened when her mother was selling a wardrobe… and it's HILARIOUS.

Sophie Eke captioned the image: "Nice one mum", with texts from a buyer who reportedly could see her poor mums' boobs in the mirror of the item up for sale.

The buyer texted Julie saying: "Hi Julie, I don't mean to sound rude but just thought I'd let you know as I noticed straight away… the photo you uploaded of the wardrobes, I'm unsure if its what I think but it seems that there are some boobs in the mirror!"

"Sorry just wanted to let you know xxx"

Thank God, her daughter didn't upload the full X-rated image, but the tweet has since gone viral. It has been retweeted over 28k times and has over 100k likes, our mums would MURDER us for this.

We wonder what Julie thinks of the whole thing?

We hope she finds it funny, otherwise she might be pretty damn mad (understandably) with her daughter for putting the tweet up about her in the first place. 

It just goes to show, be careful what you put on the internet gals, and maybe check your photos for any nudity BEFORE you upload them?

Feature image: kickassfacts.com



Parents and Facebook are generally a hilarious combination. 

If they're not embarassing you, then they are probably making you laugh so hard you cry. Sometimes the levels of sass they exhibit make even the wildest of celebritie 'feuds' look pretty tame. 

These are just some of the social media titans that had enough of their kids antics and put their foot down. We imagine ther are many more out there just waiting to be uncovered.

This dad believes honesty is the best policy:

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