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Is there any nostalgic band that isn't getting back together this year? From The Spice Girls and Westlife, to Avril Lavigne and Jojo dropping albums; we now have no idea what year it is.

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes are somehow relevant again, and we're pure delighted that our pre-teen treasures are making a return.

News has just hit that The Jonas Brothers are making a comeback too, and we genuinely can't handle any more of this.

The band broke up back in 2013 citing "a deep rift within the band" and "creative differences", and the boys went their separate ways to pursue their own careers and love lives.

31-year-old Kevin randomly launched a business career after his E! Reality show Married To Jonas was cancelled, participating in The Celebrity Apprentice. 

Now he co-manages the JonasWerner development company, a social media influencer firm The Blu Market and Yood, the food app.


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29-year-old Joe is now engaged to Game Of Thrones' Sophie Turner, and is the lead singer of funk-pop group DNCE, of Cake By The Ocean fame.

26-year-old Nick, the youngest JoBro, released two successful solo albums, starred in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, and got married to Priyanka Chopra. Everyone fell in love with them as a couple.

It seems like Nick did the best out of the lot, we all had a bop to Chains, Close and Jealous. They were absolute CHOONS.


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According to Us Weekly sources, the brothers will rise from the ashes like a beautiful phoenix as JONAS.

They've ditched their chastity belts, so they also have to ditch the 'Brothers' and 'The' in the name to prove their serious musician-status. Gas.

Their reunion will reportedly result in new music, their first since 2009's Lines, Vines and Trying Times, tour dates and even a documentary. The band's Christian image must still be garnering fans from somewhere…

Image: Insider

Nick has been liking tweets about the reunion, and The FADER noticed that their Instagram account has been reactivatedJONAS have yet to make an official announcement, but we've got our eyes peeled.

Kevin told Us in 2018 that he and his brothers often play music together and this summer, Just Jared reported sightings of the trio working on a project.

Now is the time to follow the lads if Camp Rock changed your adolescence…and the music industry forever. They're giving twenty-somethings what we really want, and we love them for it.


It looks like Westlife and the Spice Girls have caused a new trend in the music industry following news of another reformation.

McFly have confirmed that they are finally reuniting this year and are set to record new music by the summer.

Bass player Dougie Poynter confirmed the news on the Sappenin’ podcast and there’s no doubt fans of the All About You singers are overjoyed by the long-awaited reunion.

Dougie shared: “McFly will at least start writing by the summer and I can’t wait I love that band and I love the guys. It’s awesome.”


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The band have been apart for quite a few years and fans never thought they’d see the day when the foursome would reunite.

Over nine years have passed since McFly released their last album so we are extremely excited to hear new material, but will anything ever beat Star Girl?


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The Too Close For Comfort singers have been focusing on other projects and expanding their families since the band went on a break in 2014.

Even Dougie admitted that the break has been a lot longer than he expected: “We decided to take some time off after we did McBusted because it was a two-year tour and there was naturally some other things everyone wanted to do.

“It actually worked out really well because all the other guys had kids in that time, so they’ve all been home for their kids.

“It almost happened last year but someone had a project or something that was coming up smack bang in the middle. And we just didn’t think there was any point,” he explained.

It may have taken far too long but we are so happy to hear that the Shine A Light singers are finally back together again.


Calling all 00s teens!

One of the biggest boy bands of the decade have just revealed that they have a brand new album on the way. 

Busted, of Year 3000 fame, are making a 2018 comeback with the launch of their new album. 

The trio took to Twitter to post a recent snap of themselves lounging on some stairs (very boyband) with the caption:

'Did somebody say… new album?'


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The lads haven't given us a taster yet of what kind of sound their new album will provide, but they previously told This Morning that is will be similar to their signature sound.

'We just finished our fourth album, I just had the final master back on Friday, it's brilliant.'

'It's a return to form for Busted, we sat down and wrote it together and if you're a Busted fan you're going to love it because it's very much a Busted style album.'

Is it time to get our studded belts and kohl eyeliner back out?




It looks like the lads had a bit of craic in Dublin last night.

Busted played the Olympia in the capital and then stopped off at 37 Dawson Street to have a few whiskeys.

They shared a photo on their Twitter account and seemed quite content in the corner relaxing after playing to a sold out crowd.

A source told Goss: "It was the last night of their tour and they were in having some drinks to celebrate with their entourage.

"They came in after their gig and had a few different whiskeys in the Whiskey Bar at the back.

"It's a fairly cosy atmosphere down there but they were all in great form having the craic with their entourage."

If only we knew they were there last night!


Hot on the heels of Drake's announcement that he's set to play Dublin's 3Arena next year, our beloved Busted have revealed that they are also heading to the Emerald Isle.

With their comeback album Night Driver set for release next month, the three lads will be touring the new material, and we are beyond excited!

After taking to the stage at Belfast's Waterfront Hall on February 28th, Busted will finish the tour with what's set to be one seriously exciting performance at Dublin's Olympia Theatre on March 1st.

If you're only bloody dying to relive your youth with Charlie, Matt and James, you can get your hands on those tickets this Friday at 9am.

Coming in at just €39.50, there a damn site cheaper than Drake's…



After 13 agonising years – no seriously, it's actually been that long – Busted have announced that they have recorded – wait for it – a brand new album.

Matt, James and Charlie, who went their separate ways in the early noughties after four number one singles and two studio albums, have finally reunited, and we are PUMPED.

The Brit Award-winners, who also made a name for themselves with Fightstar and McBusted in the aftermath of their split, have joined forces yet again, and Twitter is having a field day.

Set for release on November 11, NightDriver seems a serious departure from their original sound, but something tells us die-hard fans won't give a toss.

Like us, they just need Matt, James and Charlie back where they belong – with each other.




"Triumphant," "ridiculously good," and "show-stopping" are just some terms used for Busted's comeback tour – which is making us even more excited to see them live.

Yep, Matt Willis, James Bourne and Charlie Simpson are all back together again after 12 years of a break, and their new concert, Pigs Can Fly, seems to be their best one yet.

The lads are bringing their tour to Ireland soon, and will play in Dublin and Belfast later this month.

Special fan packages are also available, which include tickets to the OMFG Zone and the Pigsty Package (which both sound wonderful).

The Pigs Can Fly tour is coming to Belfast's SSE Arena on May 30 and 3Arena in Dublin on May 31. Tickets are priced ar €53.15 are you can get them here.

Can't wait? Yep, us either.



If you haven't heard already (where have you been), Busted have reformed and they're on tour.

And Matt, who just welcomed a little baby girl, shared a video on the band's Facebook page.

Their track, Pigs Can Fly, is pretty brilliant to get you into a total nostalgic mood, and the video shes them performing it live.

If you're not heading to their gig when they come to Dublin, this video is going to have to do. And if you do have tickets, we're jealous:




If you were a fan of Busted growing up, you might as well have been in a cult following.

The tweens of the time absolutely adored Matt, James and Charlie and there was a fierce rivalry between Busted fans and McFly fans.

Last year, the lads from both groups all came together (except Charlie, pfft) and ignited the teeny-bopper in all of us as they played their greatest hits while touring around the UK and Ireland.

But now, Charlie has formed with Busted again, and they have announced they're touring later in 2016. *Squeals*.

At first, we thought they were just going to perform a greatest hits tour, but today the lads released a new track, so it seems we'll have a few new tunes to rock along to when they make their way to the 3Arena.

Have a listen to their new song here:




Busted singer Charlie Simpson just couldn't hold in his happy news last night!

The star was on stage during a solo gig at London's Assembly Hall last night when he announced to the audience that he was soon to become a father.

Charlie and his wife Anna Barnard are expecting their first child together after getting married last June.

The former Busted frontman's management company revealed the happy news on Twitter writing, "Just announced he's going to be a dad for the first time! Congratulations @charliesimo!! The crowd couldn't have cheered louder!"

Although he is now on civil terms with his Busted band mates Matt Willis and James Bourne, Charlie revealed last year that they didn't speak for six or seven years after the group split in 2005, a feud which many believe was linked to Charlie's choice to focus on his other band, Fightstar.

It was only when the possibility of a Busted/McFly supergroup arose that the boys began to talk again – though it's rumoured Charlie accepted a six figure sum to let the McBusted group launch without him.

"I hadn't spoken to them for a long time, about six or seven years and they rang me and told me they wanted to do that [start a supergroup] and we’re kind of speaking again now, which is really nice, and almost rebuilding our relationship so I’m pleased," said Charlie.

Whatever about his career, Charlie definitely has a VERY exciting 2015 ahead! Congrats to him and Anna!


Like all good family, Charlie Simpson's two brothers thoroughly took the piss out of him on his wedding day.

Will and Edd Simpson put together a great video made of of clips of their famous brother's interviews and performances, and good sport that he is, Charlie uploaded it to Youtube for us all to enjoy.

Charlie Simpson, perhaps not coincidentally, has a new album out called Long Road Home which is available now. 


The brain is one of the most powerful and incredible parts of the human body, but there is a lack of understanding about it that has caused us to believe some pretty crazy things about it.

Like most things that don’t have a black and white meaning, there are myths surrounding this incredible organ that people have believed for years, without actually checking if they are true or not.

This video will answer any brain busting questions like whether alcohol actually kills brain cells or the exact number of cells we have.