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We all know that girls run the world, because if Beyoncé said it, then by God it must be true.

Online fashion giant PrettyLittleThing have been doing their best to promote female empowerment and body positivity, and now they've majorly stepped up their inclusion game.

The brand have launched #everyBODYinPLT, a campaign to involve absolutely everyone in their clothing lines in honour of International Women's Day.


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The new collection dropped today, and is set to be a sell-out hit; filled with a range of body types, abilities and ethnicities. We heart.

The clothes have got serious girl boss slogans on them, such as "Girl, you got this", "Girl Gang", "GRL PWR" and "Go Girl." All the things we need to hear when we're feelin' down in the dumps, despite our female badass-ery.

Better yet, the company are celebrating womankind by donating all proceeds to WAGGGS, the world's only movement for every girl and any girl. They believe that each of them deserves to be the best they can be.

WAGGGS represent 10 million girls in 150 countries, helping them to develop their leadership skills and empowering them to use their important voice for change in their communities and countries.

We support their ideal that all girls are valued, and have a place in this world.

Lauren Rose, Lauren Mahon, Mari Malek, Yasmin Jay, Giuliana Farfalla, Danielle Candray and Madison Lawson model the garments for the brand's cause, and look absolutely stunning while they're at it.

International Women's Day falls on March 8 every year, and works to promote issues around the globe for women that need progress and change.

Cheers to building up your fellow gal-pals; fly that flag for female friendships and sisterhoods for life.

Check out the #everyBODYinPLT collection online now, and pledge your allegiance to inclusive clothing.


Get ready to be glued to your earphones, ladies, because our favourite online store, PrettyLittleThing has announced a brand new podcast.

Introducing PLT: Behind Closed Doors is currently sitting at number one on the podcast charts, and for a good reason.

The brand have described the audio as, "A podcast that is true to its name. A way to connect to our audience in a different way with no subject off limits."

The podcast is essentially a slumber party with the gals, where gossip is the sauce served ALL NIGHT LONG, with some healthy female bonding to boot.

To kick off 2019, the crew are hanging out with their gorgeous girls who inspire them daily. It's time to get to know them a lot better, and luckily they're sharing the footage with their audiences and PLT fans globally.

From stories the models and ambassadors have never shared before, to their everyday routines; it's time to really get into the minds of you favourites and take down the barriers of social media. Real talk.

The nine-part mega series will have you blaring the volume and eagerly awaiting the next episode. On Tuesday 22 of January, the debut podcast featured the absolute BABE that is Maya Jama.

Jama is a face of PLT, a TV personality, fashionista and radio presenter herself, giving us purely good vibes. Describing the podcast in her own words, Maya said;

“So excited for PLT to be stepping into the podcast world with Behind Closed Doors. They flipped the tables and put me in the hot seat. Listen in to hear me talk life, face masks and dealing with stalkers."

Stalkers? This we HAVE to hear.

Behind Closed Doors is the latest gift that keeps on giving. PLT Brand Ambassador Megan Barton Hanson will be breaking boundaries, speaking on subjects personal to her;

“Stripper heels are not the easiest to walk in”, she reveals. “I know there has been a lot of talk about my previous profession, so it feels good to set the record straight and open up about my past with PLT in a fun and comfortable environment.”

It's always fabulous to hear women opening up and getting candid about their everyday lives. We can't wait to hear even more from the clothing brand, check out the first episode for some scandal and slumber party vibes.

Listen to the new podcast on iTunesSpotify & Acast, but leave plenty of time, because you'll be pure BINGEING it.



Women's bodies are complex, to say the least. Half the time we aren't sure what the hell is going on with them, but men are doubly confused.

This lady decided to tweet an image of skin-coloured nipple covers to see the level of knowledge which male brains could handle, and it essentially broke them.

Twitter user @cxffeinated cheekily wrote; "Since men know everything. What are these?" and the responses were absolutely GAS.

The guesses which came in were so pure, so absurd, and so… wrong.

The silicone nipple covers were mistaken for things such as petri dishes from laboratories, wax melts in 'Caribbean Peach' flavour, and even FROG EGGS. (We died at that one)

It has definitely proven that men do not, in fact, know everything. 

Her boyfriend wanted to know the scientific scale, but he wasn't any closer to guessing correctly. Try again, lad.

Another wanted to ask if the nipple covers were actually a puncture repair kit.

Yes, that's a serious tweet. The poor fella is clueless;

Some estimates were over-confident, some were highly unsure of themselves, and others were just plain baffled.

dos equis what GIF by Dos Equis Gifs to the World

However, this one is definitely our favourite;

MASH POTATO. Let that sink in for a second. Wow.

We've got to give ten points to Gryffindor for their originality, at least. They've got their creativity if nothing else.

Better luck next time, boys.

mel b good luck GIF by America's Got Talent

Keep trying and failing to understand the complexities of the female body.


What does it mean to be an ‘empowered woman’ in 2019?

The phrase ‘empowered woman’ is intrinsically loaded with underlying meaning and misunderstood perceptions. When many of us hear the phrase, most people envision a sexually-promiscuous woman who refuses to have children and most likely drinks scotch.

Arguably, its meaning has dramatically changed in the last year, ever since actress Alyssa Milano’s ‘Me Too’ tweet went viral.

2018 has not been the easiest of times for Irish women.

Watching the news everyday has been a tortuous experience, with violence against women splashed across every publication, the media raining debilitating double standards upon anyone remotely famous and the paparazzi splashing unflattering female body images across the internet.

Two massively painful rape trials have illuminated the imperative need for changes in the Irish law regarding sexual violence and assault, and the horrific way in which women are treated and cross-examined in the courtroom.


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The Repeal movement was draining for everyone involved, the right to bodily autonomy is still undeniably under threat.

It’s worth noting that standards are changing all around us, lines are being drawn, boundaries are being set. Finally, I might add.

Women are always hyper-aware of the need for self-protection, especially when it comes to sex and dating.

We’ve all held our keys in between our knuckles as we walk down a dimly-lit road at night, we’ve all experienced unwanted attention on nights out, and we’ve all worried about what we wear, and the negative consequences our clothes could potentially bring.


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Standards of relationships are changing in conjunction, as women entering the dating world have new questions which they are asking of potential lovers.

This also stands for workplace relationships, women are fighting back against pay inequality and sexism which are prevalent even in first-world countries such as Ireland and the UK.

Watching Little Mix and Ariana Grande fight back against Piers Morgan's recent sexist comments has been such a breath of fresh air.

The #MeToo and TimesUp movements have been eye-opening experiences for men, women and intersex people worldwide, with every facet of society examining its own behaviour with a new lens.

Unlike most men, women are expected to be looking for love around every corner.

During our teens and 20s, being single is depicted as a hugely empowering, freeing experience, yet a shadow dawns on the eve of our 30th birthdays: the misogynistic view that our biological clocks are ticking, and where on earth is our husband?


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I have learnt many things from relationships, mainly that learning who you are can often only become a reality when you face tough aspects of life alone.

This is not true for everyone, of course, but many women in this day and age have to shrug off countless societal pressures and notions which are veiled in misogyny and shame.

Female empowerment in this article can only be relevant to my personal experiences, women are extremely complex beings and each feels empowered in totally different ways.

For women with disabilities, of different ages, gender binaries, classes and ethnicities, feeling good about ourselves comes in all shapes and forms.

Sex is power, #MeToo has taught me that. I cannot speak for other women, especially those in the LGBT+ community, but as a heterosexual woman, I have also learned many other hard lessons about the need to empower myself and have control over my body and mind.


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Women are not therapists, we cannot be expected to handle the emotional baggage of other people.

We have enough of our own. Watching Ariana get blamed for Mac Miller's death is a primary example of the degradation placed on people for leaving toxic relationships.

 Ariana Grande has entered ultimate female empowerment mode, sporting a friendship ring instead of her recent engagement rock, and regularly posting images of classic film stars and female icon moments on her Instagram account.

Her new music video will be a tribute to classic movies with female leads such as 13 Going On 30, Mean Girls, Bring It On and Legally Blonde.

Thank u, next; Ari’s latest phenomenally successful single, pays homage to her past loves before declaring that her relationship with herself is now a priority.


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Reports claim that her ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson, did not support her sufficiently following the death of Mac Miller, her former love.

Ariana explained how toxic her relationship with Miller was; she endured the pain of watching someone they love struggle through addiction but realised that it was expected of her to ‘fix’ his pain, to mother him through his issues.

Her realisation that she could not carry out this burden was imperative.

When Davidson joked about swapping Grande’s birth control pills on Saturday Night Live, the reaction was mixed.

Many wondered why controversy erupted over the comment, yet many reflected on the notion of literally trapping a woman into staying with you through pregnancy, a huge emotional and physical ordeal for women.

Realise that we are not defined by our relationship status, and to have a relationship with yourself can be an incredibly growth experience.

Letting go of the pressure to always have an ‘other half’ can be freeing in itself. Don’t underestimate the value of your friendships, especially female ones.

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SEX is empowering:

Learning what you like (this applies to anyone with a sexual partner- in a relationship or not) is CRUCIAL.

Women have always been expected to satisfy men in terms of sex, the language was never granted to us regarding how to communicate our desires, and how to find pleasure.

Consent in this country has always been a murky topic, hidden under the surface.


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I never heard the word mentioned until I went to college, and by the time I learnt the word’s true meaning, I had already had unconsensual experiences without truly understanding them at all.

Educating ourselves about consent, and only having relationships with those who truly respect us and our bodies can be incredibly empowering.

Learn how to say no, be selfish.

Women cannot be expected to please everyone, all the time. Often we have to work incredibly hard, in our employment or relationships, to get the achievements we deserve.

Learning to put yourself first can be a massive way of respecting our own mental health and practicing self-love and acceptance.

Ask yourself, what do YOU want, instead of what does everyone else want of you.

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Learning new skills

Self -defence classes, a new language, a skill such as website building, graphic design, even calligraphy. Why not?

If you have valuable assets such as the ability to drive, and even do nitpicky jobs such as online banking or tax can be empowering in terms of releasing yourself from co-dependence.

why do you need to do this sandra bullock GIF by Ocean's 8

Don’t let opportunities pass you by.

Go with your instincts. Do what you’ve always wanted to do, but always found an excuse never to do it. You miss 100% of the chances you let pass by, and you never know how much you can gain from letting your fears dissipate and challenging yourself.

Mental health

The importance of having a health mind can never be underestimated. Take personal time whenever you know that you need it, don't succumb to pressure. 


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Body confidence

Society makes it so damn hard to allow you to feel secure in your own skin. In a world with such fascination with image and beauty, loving yourself is a completely rebellious act.

Beyonce Satisfying GIF

Everyone is unique, so don’t try to fit a beauty mould which will undoubtedly change in the next five to ten years.

In the 90s it was bone glamour with malnourished models such as Kate Moss on the runway looking like all they needed most was a McDonalds, and now the Kardashians have transformed cosmetic beauty into plastic surgery-induced curves, glossy brunette hair and big lips and bums.

Who knows what the next big trend will be, but why force yourself to look like someone else? You are worth so much more than what you weigh or what you see in the mirror.

Taking control of your love life

The laws of dating have transformed recently, with apps such as Bumble finally realising that women don’t always want to wait around for the right person to ask them on a date.

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Try asking someone out, the worst that can happen is that they say no.

Food and health

I lived in San Francisco for four months and had the most atrocious diet, and when I came home I vowed to learn at least ten easy home-cook meals that are quick to make, and have health benefits. Having independence in terms of your body and health can be crucial to an empowering mindset, especially for women with chronic health problems.


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Finding career success can be a huge morale boost, especially for women. Success shouldn’t be based on how much you earn, but how much you love your job and how you contribute to bringing a positive energy to the world around you.

Fight to be heard at the table, realise how intelligent you are and how you should be valued in your workplace. Don’t let anyone invalidate you.

You have the key to your own happiness, no one else.


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To be totally independent, ‘empowered’ single gal has countless benefits. Find your own definition of ‘empowerment’, some women are empowered by their style, their job, their relationship, their sex life, and others are empowered simply by being happy in their own skin.

Whether you're feeling great and powerful totally covered up or completely naked, do whatever makes you happy.

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As Ru Paul the Great regularly claims, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”


Comedy can feel like a male-dominated area of the entertainment industry. 

However, Electric Picnic is taking steps to rectify this. 

For the very first year, Ireland's biggest festival is introducing an all-female comedy lineup on Thursday night. 


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Early-arriving festival attendants will be treated to a plethora of comedic talents on the Hazel Wood stage. 

Aoife Dooley, Lisa Casey, Sharon Mannion, Aine Gallagher, Ruth Hunter, Ashlee Bentley, Sahar Ali, Blaíthín De Burca, Aoife O'Connor, Christina McMahon, Orla O'Doherty Brown, Fiona Frawley and Grace Mulvey will lal be performing on the night. 

One of Ireland's most noted contemporary comedians Joanne McNally will be MC for the event. 


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According to EP, the idea was concocted by Festival Director Melvin Benn and Emily O’Callaghan.

'Emily, a sometime stand up herself, had noticed a lack of female talent in the comedy line up at many festivals, as did Melvin.'

'Separately, striving to bring more gender balance to the festival and the music industry in general, Melvin started the ReBalance programme in the UK and he will now extend the principle with the Comedy Stage at EP.'


Even up in the North Pole, sisters appear to be doing it for themselves. 

When we think of the story of Christmas, Santa Clause and all his little helpers, someone who springs to mind as Santa's faithful sidekick is Rudolph.

The reindeer did, after all, save Christmas back in 1939 when fog was thick on the ground. 

There's even a classic Christmas tune dedicated to the noble deed, in which Rudolph is referred to as a male. 

However, a recent viral Twitter post is here to debunk the general assumption that Rudolph, and the other eight stags of the sky, are male.

Twitter user Cat Reynolds points out that male reindeer lose their antlers in winter, while female deer maintain their's until summer. 

As Santa is always depicted with his entourage of antler wearing reindeer, this could mean that Rudolph and co are actually a squad of fierce females. 

Scientists have even previously backed up this theory. 

Physiologist Perry Barboza of the Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska at Fairbanks, who studies reindeer and caribou, told Live Science that it appears that Santa's reindeer would be female. 


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He told the science mag that female reindeer would also have an advantage over their male counterparts when being headhunted for the task.

This is because female reindeer have higher body fat percentage than males in winter, meaning that they would be better equip to maintain energy levels on a long journey and stay warm.

So that settles it – Rudoph is a badass chick trailblazing in the niche transport industry.  


Electric Picnic organisers have announced that next year's festival will kick off with an all-female comedy line-up.

Taking place on Thursday night, some of Ireland's best-loved female comics will take to The Hazel Wood stage where they will perform to a crowd of 5,000 early entry ticket holders.

The idea came about following a chance meeting between festival director, Melvin Benn and Emily O'Callaghan.

Emily, who sometimes dabbles in the world of stand-up, noticed a distinct lack of female talent at last year's festival – a thought echoed by Melvin.

The stellar line-up will see performances from the likes of Joanne Mc Nally MC, Aoife Dooley , Lisa Casey, Sharon Mannion, Aine Gallagher, Harriet Braine , Ashlee Bentley and many, many more.

Early entry tickets are priced at €25 and are on sale now.

Note: Early entry tickets are only valid with weekend camping tickets.



If this doesn't shake up the BBC, we don't know what will.

More than 40 female presenters, broadcasters and journalists from the BBC have all teamed up together to demand equal pay.

The professionals sent a letter regarding the gender pay gap to BBC Director-General Tony Hall, asking him to work on closing the gap immediately.

It comes after it was revealed that Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans earned more than £2 million (€2.23m) last year, while the highest paid woman was Strictly’s Claudia Winkleman who earned between £450,000-£499,999 (€500,000-€556,000).

The letter, which was created by Women's Hour host Jane Garvey, asks if Mr Hall could "sort" the gender pay gap immediately.

Jane tweeted out the letter herself, with the caption "Revolting."

The letter is as follows:

"The pay details released in the Annual report showed what many of us have suspected for many years … that women at the BBC are being paid less than men for the same work.

"Compared to many women and men, we are very well compensated and fortunate. However, this is an age of equality and the BBC is an organisation that prides itself on its values.

"You have said that you will ‘sort’ the gender pay gap by 2020, but the BBC has known about the pay disparity for years. We all want to go on the record to call upon you to act now.

"Beyond the list, there are so many other areas including production, engineering and support services and global, regional and local media where a pay gap has languished for too long.

"This is an opportunity for those of us with strong and loud voices to use them on behalf of all, and for an organisation that had to be pushed into transparency to do the right thing.

"We would be willing to meet you to discuss ways in which you can correct this disparity so that future generations of women do not face this kind of discrimination."

As of today, it has been signed by:

  • Aasmah Mir

  • Katya Adler

  • Anita Anand

  • Wendy Austin

  • Samira Ahmed

  • Clare Balding

  • Emma Barnett

  • Zeinab Badawi

  • Sue Barker

  • Fiona Bruce

  • Rachel Burden

  • Annabel Croft

  • Martine Croxall

  • Victoria Derbyshire

  • Katie Derham

  • Lyse Doucet

  • Jane Garvey

  • Joanna Gosling

  • Fi Glover

  • Carrie Gracie

  • Orla Guerin

  • Karin Giannone

  • Mishal Husain

  • Lucy Hockings

  • Geeta Guru-Murthy

  • Alex Jones

  • Kirsty Lang

  • Gabby Logan

  • Martha Kearney

  • Carolyn Quinn

  • Kasia Madera

  • Katty Kay

  • Emily Maitlis

  • Louise Minchin

  • Sarah Montague

  • Jenni Murray

  • Annita McVeigh

  • Elaine Paige

  • Sally Nugent

  • Angela Rippon

  • Ritula Shah

  • Sarah Smith

  • Kate Silverton

  • Charlotte Smith

  • Kirsty Wark


People can be a little shy when it come to talking about their salaries, but with unions fighting the gender pay gap and more millennials in the workforce than ever before, it's a pretty important topic. 

A submission from the Irish Women's Council of Ireland found that on average, childless women earn 17 per cent less than men, while working mothers earn 14 per cent less than their male counterparts, but in one industry, women are the higher earners.  

A new report by Influencer found that female social media influencers are earning substantially more than men, completely flipping the gender pay gap. 


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A woman with 100,000 followers can earn up to €50,000 from posting two sponsored posts a week, while her male counterpart would earn approximately €37,000 for the same work. 

This means that in the world of influencers, men earn about 26 per cent less than women in the same field. 

According to the report, there are a few reasons for this.


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The researchers believe that this increase comes from the genres of interest that are popular online. Im som,e of these genres, women are the most prominent players.

‘Female influencers are commanding higher fees than their male counterparts, flipping the traditional pay gap on its head,' said Ben Jeffries, the 21-year-old founder of Influencer. 

'Perhaps this is due to the exponential rise of fashion and fitness collaborations on social media, where female influencers are very prominent.’


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Fashion and fitness social media profiles are among the most popular, with the likes of Chiara Ferragni, Zoella, and Suzanne Jackson leading the pack. 

With influencing now being a viable way for people to earn their full-time income, the fact that influential social media posts can now fetch such high sums is astounding. 



Last week, America’s first female Muslim judge, Sheila Adbus-Salaam was found dead in New York’s Hudson River.

Shelia’s body was found last Wednesday afternoon, full clothed, with no signs of obvious trauma.

It was originally thought that the 65-year-old had taken her own life, but The New York Police Department are now treating her death as suspicious.

Stephen Davis, a spokesman for the force told ABC7NY : “We’re looking at it as a suspicious death at this point. We haven’t found any clear indications of criminality, but at this point we can’t say for sure.’’

‘’We’re hoping if anyone could shed any light into the hours before her disappearance, it would help us establish what happened.”

According to the New York Post, investigations are continuing and CCTV footage from the surrounding area is being examined. 

The newspaper also reported that Shelia was found water in her lungs and slight bruising around her neck, however, the official postmortem results are yet to be released. 

The NYPD took to Twitter to make a public appeal for any information surrounding Shelia’s death. 

Shelia's husband, Rev. Gregory Jacobs, also pleaded with the local Harlem community to come forward with any information that might be useful in the ivestigation.

 According to NBC he said: "Sheila loved Harlem and its people and lived there for nearly all of her adult life. I now join with the NYPD in asking anyone in the neighborhood to step forward with any information that might help us determine what may have happened during those hours before her death." 



It has been reported that Sony will be making a Spider-Man spin off in 2017 with a female super-hero lead.

The announcement comes just days after the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige said that he wants to have a film with a female lead out sooner rather than later:

“I think it comes down to timing, which is what I've sort of always said, and it comes down to us being able to tell the right story.

“I very much believe that it's unfair to say, 'People don't want to see movies with female heroes,' then list five movies that were not very good, therefore, people didn't go to the movies because they weren't good movies, versus [because] they were female leads.

“And they don't mention Hunger Games, Frozen, Divergent. You can go back to Kill Bill or Aliens. These are all female-led movies. It can certainly be done.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!



Nikolay Lamm has said that his “normal” Barbie prototype will be available to buy soon.

Lamm’s message is that “average is beautiful” with his doll prototype based on the average proportions of a 19 year-old woman.