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Dealing with the fact that your boyfriend's best friend is a fellow female can be tough for some women.

Maybe you were hurt in a previous relationship and find it hard to trust people, or you just get a weird vibe from her, sometimes accepting his platonic lady friend can be a little relationship hurdle.

Luckily, there are ways to overcome this fear, which will hopefully prove to be irrational. 

6. Don't jump to any conclusions.

Just because this girl is friends with your boyfriend should not instantly suggest ulterior motives, she could literally just enjoy his company as a pal, and vice versa.

Think about how many guy friends you have, and how you'd never hook up with any of them behind your boyfriend's back. And if you would? Then you don't really have a leg to stand on. 

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5. Trust his judgement.

If your boyfriend likes her, then there's a pretty good chance that you will too.

She's probably great craic, or shares an interest of his, or has just been there for him at some stage, and there is nothing to feel threatened about. 

4. Meet her!

Definitely don't avoid her. If you have a reason to think that she's shady, meeting her will help you get a grasp on things.

Plus, meeting her will help you see why your boyfriend likes her, and she may become a friend to you too. 

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3. Relate to her 

When it comes down to it, she might have known your boyfriend before you arrived on the scene, so this might be weird for her too, losing out on time with her bestie.

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2. Do not become emotionally abusive

All of those "hilarious" memes that do the rounds on Twitter showing women breaking their boyfriend's phones to prevent him talking to girls are depictions of emotional abuse passed off as low brow comedy. 

Don't ever try to stop your BF from talking someone or doing something that he wants to do, this kind of manipulation is not okay. 

1. Embrace your fellow female.

Women are taught to be in competition with each other over everything, but your boyfriend shouldn't be one of those things.

Your relationship is not one of those X Factor gossip columns where they pit two female judges against one another and critique everything about them,  it's your relationship with your man and her friendship with him. That's it. 



Being on planet earth for a quarter of a century is quite something, you know?  

When you're any age, you think you know everything and that there's nothing more you could possibly learn.

It's naivety, and we are all afflicted by it at various points in our lives. But I've realised as the years tick by, that I feel I know less than I used to.

Maybe it's youthful arrogance that fades but whatever it is, I hit my 25th birthday and felt like I'd gotten more stupid.

Twenty-five is a funny age, it sounds more adult than 24 and it feels like you kinda have to start getting your shit together. You're young, sure, but you're not young

So, with all that rambling done, I thought I'd impart some wisdom (that term should be used loosely) that I've gathered in my 25 years and hope that it helps some of you. 

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1. Not everyone is going to like you and that's tough

It's horrible the first time you cop that someone isn't your biggest fan…and you've done f*ck all to make it so.

While it stings, the reality is – if someone knows the real you and doesn't wanna be best mates, it's their loss and definitely not yours. 

2.  Friendship takes work

Like, hard work.

The first few months and even years might be plain sailing, but it always hits a road bump.

Because that's life. If you give up after a bad row, you didn't deserve the friendship. People are flawed and things aren't always rosy but if your friend is someone you want to keep in your life, don't risk losing them. Dig deep and sort it out.  

3.  Your mother is (almost) always right

This isn't an easy one to admit but I've learned that it's true. 

Listen to her when she gives unasked-for advice about relationships/jobs/health/friends. Just don't tell her you are. 

4.  Pretending to know something is a waste of time

''You know in The Jungle Book when…'' I've never seen it. There, I said it.

Own up to not knowing things. It doesn't make you look stupid, just genuine. 

5.  People's behaviour is rarely to do with you

Your boss a bit off today? Is your best friend being cold in her messages?

Newsflash: the world doesn't revolve around you.

They're more than likely have a shitty day and it has nothing to do with you. 

Or else, assume it hasn't until they tell you otherwise. 

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6. Try to do things without wanting something in return. 

Want to end your bf/gf a sweet message? Do it.

But don't do it because you want a sweet message back, do it because you want THEM to get a sweet message. 

7. People act certain ways for reasons

I used to be – and still am, working on it – massively judgemental.

If a friend didn't want to go out, I'd be like ''For feck sake, how boring are they?'' but sometimes people do things for their own personal reasons that are none of my business and I have to keep that in mind. 

8.  Pee after sex…seriously 

UTIs are no joke. 

9. If you love someone, tell 'em 

Sounds like a no-brainer but if you feel it, say it. 

10. You can't force someone to love you…and you can't force someone to be someone they're not

It's sad but true.

If you're trying to make someone love you or fancy you, they aren't for you. 

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11. Wear the mini-skirt

You only get this banging body in your 20s so show it off – also show it off at whatever age you want but definitely now. 

12. Wear your retainer 

Braces are cute once…not twice. 

13. Heartbreak is one of the greatest things that can happen to you

It sounds ironic but it's true.

It's the most disgusting thing to have to go through but there's something that being so vulnerable does to you…it opens you up in a totally cool way.

It makes you talk to random people, it makes you look at yourself – really look at all the ugly bits that you'd rather not and want to do something about them. 

It teaches you humility and shows you how strong the bond of love is..it's fascinating.

There's that quote about learning more when you're miserable opposed to when you're happy and it's kind of true. Embrace heartbreak, I say. 


It'll thank you later for giving it water and cleansing it after a night of booze. 

15. Jealousy is silly

It doesn't do anyone any favours.

Trust people until they give you a reason not to…it's something I really have to work on. 

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16. Get help if things are shite

Things get too much, talk to a professional. It's harder to book that first session with a counsellor than you might think but it is so worth it.

Life is tough enough- help yourself when you can. 

17. Like yourself because you spend an awful lot of time with yourself 

It does what it says on the tin. 

18. Try new things, things that scare you – hiking, food, movies, music 

I'm kind of prejudice against certain foods or movies (Westerns, anyone?) but giving something different a go once in a while broadens the mind.

And it means you always have something to talk about. 

19. People you love will hurt you

Sometimes it's deliberate, something not. It's because they're human.

Forgiveness is a wonderful thing – it frees you. 

20. Spend time with family – they won't always be there 

Visit your grandma for a cup of tea and ask her about her life in the 1960s.

Ring your aunt and have a gossip.

Have a pamper night with your sister or cousin – they're ready-made mates that you're so lucky to have. 

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21. Doing things alone is fun

Sitting in a cinema alone is THE BEST.

Have dinner alone and don't give a f*ck what anyone thinks – they're probably in awe of you and jel that they're not doing it.

You don't always have to surround yourself with people – be good with being by yourself. 

22. Trust your gut

We tend to ignore when the tiny voice in our heads warns up against something, or something just feels off in a relationship or job.

Your intuition will serve you so well – if only you tune into it. 

23. You're not a nice person, sometimes 

This is a tough one.

You are flawed. At times you're selfish, mean, hurtful and rude.

You might not mean it or realise it but we are all selfish at times.

Try to be aware when family members tell you about your weak points.

24. Eat the local cuisine 

I went to Budapest and had a safe meal – and kicked myself afterwards. 

When in Rome, as they say – always try local food and drink because that's what will enrich your life and you never know, you could stumble upon your new fave dish. 

25. Kiss – a lot 

It's free, burns calories and it's FUN. 

You'll be 90-years-old one day so you might as well kiss as many rides while you can. 

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Anxiety isn’t cute or trendy. It’s not about being shy or bashful. It’s not about being too sensitive or too nervous. It’s a serious mental illness that many people fail to treat with respect or care.

Speaking of his battle with depression, author Matt Haig wrote:

“Depression is also smaller than you. Always, it is smaller than you, even when it feels vast. It operates within you, you do not operate within it. It may be a dark cloud passing across the sky but – if that is the metaphor – you are the sky. You were there before it. And the cloud can't exist without the sky, but the sky can exist without the cloud.”

I think this applies to anxiety too. Even when you are at your lowest, you are more powerful than it, because anxiety doesn’t exist without you.

That said, suffering from an anxiety disorder isn’t easy, but there are little ways to help soothe the disorder, which will make your life that little bit easier.

1: Music:

It’s simple but so effective. I know listening to a Spotify playlist isn’t going to magically cure your anxiety disorder, but it can help a lot. I found that listening to music from my early teens helps trigger positive memories.

I am a firm believer in the power of nostalgia, and experts have found that is helps increase your mood and energy levels.

2: Tell someone:

I know opening up about your disorder is one of the hardest things to do. There is a huge stigma surrounding mental health disorders, especially here in Ireland. However, telling my friends about my anxiety gave me access to a huge network of support. Talking about mental health is difficult, because a lot of people can be dismissive, but confiding in someone who deeply cares about you will make a massive difference.

3: Be organised:

This is the tip that has helped me more than anything. I have hugely benefited from becoming a more organised person as it eases my mind. Sticking to a schedule will keep your anxiety at bay because you will feel in control of the situation. Chanel your inner Monica Geller, but maybe leave your label maker at home if you’re heading out for cocktails with the girls.


The Covid-19 pandemic has caused major anxiety for millions around the world. Our mental health will take a serious hit due to self-isolation and social distancing, but one thing that will help is reading.

Studies have found that reading has a positive impact on your mental health. Natalie Phillips, who is an English scholar, teamed up with Stanford neurobiologists and radiologists to look at the benefits reading has on our mental health.

They found that reading increases the blood flow to certain parts of the brain. They asked participants to read a chapter of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park– both leisurely and analytically- as the participants read their brain was scanned by an MRI machine.

The team found that reading “requires the coordination of multiple complex cognitive functions”, meaning reading exercises underworked parts of your brain.

I would never have thought reading an old copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby would keep my anxious thoughts away, but it did. Reading is one of the things that has helped ease my symptoms the most.

Pick up a book and dive into a new world, meet new characters and learn about their lives. Reading is a great way to push the anxiety away. It eases your mind when it is full of doubt and fear.

It is the perfect form of escapism. Pop into your local bookshop or order a book online; whether it’s a classic like Wuthering Heights or the latest Sally Rooney novel.

It may not work for everyone, but something as simple as channelling your inner Matilda may keep those dreaded symptoms at bay.


If you’ve got a problem; a relationship dilemma, work drama or a cringey moment you don’t know how to get past; don’t worry, father and daughter duo, Danny and Dani Dyer will sort you right out. The two announced that they’re launching a new podcast all about giving advice.

The podcast is aptly called Sorted With The Dyers, and is due to start at some stage in early October of this year, with a total of 25 juicy episodes.

Following her pregnancy announcement, which she made earlier this month, Love Island star, Dani, revealed the new podcast project with her dad on Instagram. 


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“I’ve got some more exciting news to share with you all! My dad @officialdannydyer and I are launching a podcast with @SpotifyUK! We want to help you sort out your everyday life dramas, from relationship troubles to things going on in your lives that are making you cringe!”

“If you have a question you want us to answer about life’s ups and downs, email us at sorted@dyerspodcast.com. We can’t wait to hear from you all!” Dani exclaimed.

She went on to say on her Instagram stories, "Finally becoming real! So excited – probably one of the easiest jobs I've ever done working with you @officialdannydyer xx".

There you have it – if you’ve a problem you think the Dyers can fix then make sure to email in. We’re so looking forward to listening to what’s sure to be some stellar words of wisdom from the Dyers.


Being body confident isn’t something that comes easy for most of us. Many of us have something we dislike about ourselves whether it’s our frizzy hair or the extra bit of weight we carry on our tummy.

The last thing you need is someone pointing out these insecurities. One woman was beyond upset when she discovered that her partner’s friends had been mocking her over her weight in a private group chat.

She explained to Mumsnet that her partner had asked her to check his phone to see if his mum had texted, but when she clicked into the home screen, notifications popped up from his friends.

They fat-shamed the woman and even called her a whale. She wrote: “His group chat popped up-saying I must crush DP when we have sex, and that they can't believe he'd go out with me- must be ashamed etc.”

The woman, who is a size 14/16, said she has struggled with weight most of her life. She confronted her boyfriend about the messages but he said his friends were just messing and he then warned his friends to stop.

She continued: “I did send them a message when it happened saying how hurtful it was, and that I've only ever been nice to them. They replied with a half-arsed ‘sorry, it was only a joke.'”

The comments have stopped the woman from socialising with her partner’s friends, “He said that they're sorry, and that it's just 'lad banter' which in my eyes makes it even viler, and that I can't be upset as I was never meant to see it.”

Despite her partner’s efforts, he said he cannot control what his friends say. The issue is now causing major tension between the woman and her partner.

The woman explained that they have a wonderful relationship, but she is now thinking about ending things because her partner was really weak regarding sticking up for her.

What would you do?


Getting older is something that we all have to face.

Yeah, it's terrifying and especially in the world we live in today where everyone is expected to be a CEO at 30.

So it's no surprise that Hollywood A-listers feel the pressure just as much as us mere mortals.

Vanessa Hudgens is one who has opened up about her mid-life crisis that she went through at  27.


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Appearing in PEOPLE's Beautiful Issue, she said, ''I remember waking up at 27 and that was the first moment where I was like, ‘Oh. I am not a kid. I’m not a teenager. I’m an adult and I have responsibilities.' I felt like I had no idea who I was or what I wanted or what I was going after.''

While it freaked her out, it did help her refocus her life.

She revealed, ''I’m very grateful for it because then it forced me to reassess who I am and what I believe in, therefore giving me just a better understanding of myself. Now that I’ve reached 30, it’s so nice feeling free to just speak your mind.''


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Getting older is great, but Vanessa confessed that their are some downsides.

She said, ''I thought being 30 I wouldn’t have to deal with breakouts anymore and it’s something that I still deal with.''

She continued, ''As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised that my face is the only one I got, so I have to be good to it.”

Preach girl, now we're off to buy some anti-wrinkle cream and sort our lives out.


Dating sucks and swiping though Tinder profiles is, frankly, exhausting AND boring.

Even going on a date is such a huge effort – the whole getting-ready malarkey as well as the actual date itself takes so much energy.

But what about when you get dolled up, show up and present the version of yourself, and you get a barrage of messages afterwards about how you could ''improve'' yourself.

Oh, the absolute NECK of some people.

Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford went on what she thought was a straight-forward date and then didn't hear from him for three months. 

Man sends date list of how to improve three months after first date. Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford tinder date.

However, he did in in touch and what eh ahd to say was, well, hilarious.

He apologised for the silence since their date and then launched into 15 things he think Kimberley needs to improve about herself.

Strap in, it's MAD.

He wrote, ''If you lost some weight, you would look incredible. Maybe about a stone or so. You are very pale. I know you aren’t a fan of the sun but a bit of fake tan won’t hurt.''

He continued, ''You have quite big boobs so you should show your off cleavage more. I think you need to wear clothes that suit your figure and maybe update your style slightly. Just so I’m not embarrassed to be seen with you.''

We're pissing ourselves laughing here.

He seemed a bit confused as on one hand he went on to tell her that she needs to look more natural, while also saying she needs hair extensions and lip fillers.

He wrote, ''You need to look more natural, stop wearing makeup. Just make yourself look decent but don’t overkill it.''

He then added, ''Your lips have gone down so you should think of getting more filler. I know you said you regretted it but filler would make you look sexier.''

What. A. Gent.

To round it all of – and continued the pattern of his advice making NO SENSE, he says, ''You need so much more confidence, confidence is sexy! Get a sense of humour, you didn’t laugh at a single one of my jokes. You just seemed a bit stuck up. Sort your personality out.'' 

He didn't like her offering to split the bill either, writing, ''You made me feel shit when you offered to pay. It’s like you thought I didn’t have enough money after telling you how much is in my account.''

It looks like Kimberley had lucky scape and will be avoiding dates like the plague if this is the shit we've to put up with. 


When it comes to marriage advice, we're pretty sceptical. It nearly always comes across as patronising, annoying, or just plain sexist. Men don't get the constant stream of wedding and baby pressure that women do.

There's no shortage of dating advice online and in magazines, even in books like He's Just Not That Into You.

It's time to turn to better sources for comfort, and ones from back in time. The Suffragette's seem like a good place to start… They fought for the right to vote and now we want the right NOT to devote.

Seeing as it's Valentine's Day, it would be rude of us not to share this HILARIOUS piece of advice from a "suffragette wife" which went viral, acccording to Stylist.

The advice was first penned in 1911, and it's still hella relevant today. Entitled 'Advice on Marriage to Young Ladies', the gal holds nothing back and takes zero prisoners.

The first tip? "Do not marry at all." She's starting us off with a big one, that's for sure.

Continuing, the woman writes about the types of men to avoid. Think modern day f*ckboys. She refers to them as, “the Beauty Men, Flirts, and the Bounders, Tailor’s Dummies, and the Football Enthusiasts”.

When it comes to decent marriage prospects, choose a "strong, tame man" who is involved in practical professions, such as a "Fire-lighter, Coal-getter, Window Cleaner and Yard Swiller”. We haven't a notion what a yard swiller is, but it sounds chic.

The suffragette also tells us that the standard of men is dastardly low; most are “lazy, selfish, thoughtless, lying, drunken, clumsy, heavy-footed, rough, unmanly brutes, and need taming”.


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How do you tame a man back in 1911, and today? The answer is pretty obvious: food. "Feed the brute," in her words. LOL. 

Her final tip recalls her first; you'd "be wiser not to chance" marriage, because it "isn't worth the risk." The post was shared last year as well and also went viral, so it seems that modern day women can still relate to the tip sheet.

It's over 100 years old, but still resonates with today's audience. Interesting, does that mean men haven't progressed at all, or we're still stuck in 1911? We can't tell…

Feature image: The Guardian


Nowadays, when some of us need career and lifestyle guidance, Instagram has taken over as one of the leading platforms to imitate those whose lives we'd love to lead.

However, when it comes to so many of the primary influencers, the image looks pretty far from reality, not to mention relatability.

Luckily for us, BBC broadcaster, style guru and journalist Angela Scanlon is renowned for her Irish charm, her gorgeous style and her affiliation with Irish brands. 

From studying business in college to making the big move across the pond and making it as a stylist and broadcaster, we could DEFINITELY use some of her advice.


A post shared by ANGELA SCANLON (@angelascanlon) on

We stopped by the launch of Aer Lingus and Bank of Ireland's collaborative project; the new Aer Credit Card, to chat with Angela.

Acting as their new brand ambassador, she gives us some travel tips, career path wisdom and self-care supplements. The card itself sounds like an unreal choice; with two free lounge passes, two priority boarding passes and two return flights to Europe once you hit the 5000 euro spending amount as well as travel insurance on offer. The gal chooses her partners wisely, that's for sure.

As well as boosting Irish companies, she splits her time between London and Dublin while taking care of her daughter Ruby Ellen, who turns one this February.

Since her time at Xpose and Off The Rails back in 2008, Angela has gone from strength to strength on her career path. She now works as a BBC presenter for The One Show, Robot Wars and acts as a panellist for big UK names.


A post shared by ANGELA SCANLON (@angelascanlon) on

How did she go from studying business to practising fashion guru? Picking out stunner styles is a lot harder than it looks, we suspect…

"In a nutshell, I studied business, I then set up a stall in the loft, I started personal shopping in Dundrum and from there I went into TV as a pundit doing fashion news and trends. From there I knew I really liked TV, and I started pitching fashion programme ideas at the time and then Oi, Ginger, which was the first documentary I did. It all kicked off from there," she says.

We're taking notes in our pristine fashion bible for future reference, and are working up the courage to enquire about her haircare routine. (Those auburn locks are just mesmerising)

"It was a slightly zig-zaggy way of doing things, but I think that was an absolute blessing. At the time I thought ‘Oh God, it’s taking me ten years to figure all of this out’, but actually having had that path often gives me a different perspective and different approach, which I think is a good thing.”

‘I always say to people who think they’ve done the wrong thing, having studied the thing that they want to do ultimately, that actually there are ways of turning that into an advantage. It’s never too late," she continues.

" thought, when I got to London that I was too old to get a break there. You had to be 22 and kind of fresh, whereas I was almost 30 at that stage when I went there. It’s never too late to do what you want to do, but start somewhere.”

The presenter has been open towards her social media followers in the past when it comes to feeling burnt out, trying to make it in an alien city.

One Instagram post in particular saw Angela open up about life as an Irish gal abroad, looking to make a name for herself;

"London was so SO alien to me at that point , I was coming over here with a smile on my face knocking on doors and showing up every single day. Meanwhile I was working for myself in Ireland, trying to build a career in both countries and not really believing I deserved one in either. I was so hideously lonely, I couldn’t find my way around the Tube, I felt constantly out of my depth & I was riddled with self-doubt. I was blindly focused and so terrified I would fail that I didn’t have time to do anything on a personal level… my relationship was under strain, my friends had lost me and my family, although supportive, did wonder what the hell I was doing it for," she wrote.


A post shared by ANGELA SCANLON (@angelascanlon) on

"I was not even 30 and was close to being burnt the f*ck out! I felt like it was too late to build something, too late to “get a break”, too late to make a go of things & I spent a lot of time deeply regretting the lack of focus I had in my twenties. Really it was a lack of confidence, a lack of belief in my own ability."

It's this kind of honesty that draws her followers to look up to her as a type of down-to-earth mentor. She describes her life in London fondly, but stays true to her Irish roots.

"I do a lot of work with the London Irish Centre, which has Kerrygold and Tayto Irish crisps and McCambridge bread and Cadbury’s chocolate which is better here. Most things you can get online, but it’s more the familiarity, the feeling of always bumping into someone you know in Dublin. That small-town-feel that Dublin has is really quite unique. Not just if you’re Irish, that’s how it feels if you come here. One of my girlfriends came over to Dublin for a five-day break and spent the last three days looking for a job here so she could stay.”

The woman is loyal to the Emerald Isle by the sounds of things. What drove Angela to make the big move?

“There’s loads of work here (in Dublin) but it’s individual to everybody. I chose to move abroad because I was kind of doing Ireland and the UK at the same time, it was never a deliberate move. Different people move for different reasons. I certainly think the pace is very different, but I do miss the familiarity of having your mum or dad up the road. You take for granted that we’re a new generation who have moved to England who have a lot more opportunities than our parents would have had. You kind of forget that there is a massive amount of vulnerability over there. There’s homelessness and addiction problems that many Irish people struggle with over here, but London is a big city and can be very isolating”

How does she follow her rules of self-care now that she's a big name? She claims that bath-time is where she finds her chill;

“It’s kind of about being really disciplined with yourself about giving yourself a little bit of time. t can be a bit of a luxury, but being in that for, whatever, 20 minutes, and using a face mask. That ritual of putting something on and for ten minutes just hitting pause, I think that’s really important. I’ve started running again, which I haven’t done for a long time. Everyone has to start somewhere."

Be it the start, middle or end, Angela's got it covered. Please be our life coach?

For more information on Aer Lingus and Bank of Ireland's new collaborative Aer Credit Card, click here.


Jennifer Lopez is a force to be reckoned with.

The 49-year-old has an amazingly varied career which included professions like chart-topping singer, Hollywood actor, and producer.

Plus, she's Jenny from the block. 

And she is also a mum to two gorgeous twins, Max and Emme.

The ten-year-olds are her children from her marriage to ex-husband Marc Anthony, and she has opened up about the valuable lesson she is teaching her daughter Emme.


A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

She spoke to Red magazine about the messages she received as a child and how she doesn't want her own child to hear the same things.

She said, '''A Prince is going to save you,' 'Wait for true love and that’s what makes you happy,' 'If you’re not married, you’re not happy.'''

She continued, ''My daughter is eons above me already. She said to me when she was 8, 'I don’t know if I want to get married, Mommy.''

She added, ''And when she said that I was like ‘YES!’ because I’ve been teaching her to love herself since she was little.'"


A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

She has been dating former American footballer Alex Rodriguez for a year.

Alex is also a parent, he has two kids with his ex-wife -14-year-old Natasha and ten-year-old Ella.

Jennifer revealed that one of the many reasons she and Alex get along so well is their approach to parenting.

She said, ''We have the same work ethic. We also appreciate and know that coming from nothing, we always want to try to help and give back and teach our kids that."

She sounds like she's a fabulous mum to Max and Emme and they're lucky to have her.


Drew Barrymore has gotten real about the breakdown of her marriage. 

The 43-year-old has taken to Instagram to speak openly about her relationship with her former husband, actor Will Kopelman. 

The actor posted snaps of herself and Will and penned empowering message about what she has learned from her divorce.

She wrote, ''Once upon a time…I remember reading an article that said I had gotten my happy ending after all.''


A post shared by Drew Barrymore (@drewbarrymore) on

She continued, ''Looking at this picture, it sure looks that way. And then, like many times in life for all of us, our plans change and our dreams are adjusted. But that doesn't mean that every second wasn't worth it. And if that DeLorean time machine pulled up every day, I would do it all over again. After all, I did get my dream. 2 healthy girls.''

She added, ''Will and I continue to marvel at what we made and try to be the best co parents we can be. It’s not always easy and the point is…nothing in life is. But it doesn't mean that any bitter outweighs the sweet!''

Drew split from Will in 2016 after three years of marriage. 

The pair are parents to two daughters – six-year-old Olive and four-year-old Frankie. 


A post shared by Drew Barrymore (@drewbarrymore) on

It’s not the first time that Drew has opened up about what really goes on behind closed doors in her life.

She also posted a make-up free photo of herself crying on Instagram alongside another important message.

She wrote, ''What I propose some days are great and beautiful. Sure, I can be this with two hours of hair and makeup and amazing photography and lighting. I also feel beautiful after a sweaty workout…But it all takes work! Which is good because we can achieve it.''

She continued, ''What I can’t hide is that some days are difficult and not so pretty…But sometimes life can just get to you and take you down for a minute! But we cry and then pick ourselves up and put one foot in front of the other.''

Drew is as relatable as ever and it's a good reminder that everybody has it tough at times – so let's be kind to each other.