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Women's bodies are complex, to say the least. Half the time we aren't sure what the hell is going on with them, but men are doubly confused.

This lady decided to tweet an image of skin-coloured nipple covers to see the level of knowledge which male brains could handle, and it essentially broke them.

Twitter user @cxffeinated cheekily wrote; "Since men know everything. What are these?" and the responses were absolutely GAS.

The guesses which came in were so pure, so absurd, and so… wrong.

The silicone nipple covers were mistaken for things such as petri dishes from laboratories, wax melts in 'Caribbean Peach' flavour, and even FROG EGGS. (We died at that one)

It has definitely proven that men do not, in fact, know everything. 

Her boyfriend wanted to know the scientific scale, but he wasn't any closer to guessing correctly. Try again, lad.

Another wanted to ask if the nipple covers were actually a puncture repair kit.

Yes, that's a serious tweet. The poor fella is clueless;

Some estimates were over-confident, some were highly unsure of themselves, and others were just plain baffled.

dos equis what GIF by Dos Equis Gifs to the World

However, this one is definitely our favourite;

MASH POTATO. Let that sink in for a second. Wow.

We've got to give ten points to Gryffindor for their originality, at least. They've got their creativity if nothing else.

Better luck next time, boys.

mel b good luck GIF by America's Got Talent

Keep trying and failing to understand the complexities of the female body.


Sheet masks can be a thing of wonders. It means all the messy, gooey good stuff will actually end up on your face and not on your bathroom mirror/bed/hairdryer/other half.

However, even though these things are mega-handy, we've never stopped and thought to ourselves, 'hey, this would be great for my boobs'.

Well, the skin-care loving Koreans have made a sheet mask especially for your boobs… and it promises some pretty amazing, yet far-fetched stuff.

Bioxidea, who sell the breast mask, promise from the first use, "skin in the delicate breast and décolleté area appears firmer, more toned and lifted.

"Results are visible within 15-30 minutes and start to peak after 5 hours. Results can last up to 24 hours."

A boob lift in 15 minutes… We're not so sure…


Well, Kendall Jenner certainly put on a display while out shopping with BFFs Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin.

The 20-year-old left little to the imagination as she wore a very sheer black top which exposed her boobs and her nipple piercing.

But the reality star didn't seem to mind as she was seen laughing and joking with Gigi and Hailey.

They all dressed very similar, wearing black and denim (which kinda made them look like a 90s girl band).

However, Hailey certainly wasn't bothered by her friend's outfit choice as she took to Snapchat to show her grabbing Kendall's boobs.

That's what BBFs are for, right?



She famously had her entire bum inked with roses, and now Cheryl has gone for another intimate part of her body.

The singer unveiled an intricate new tattoo between her cleavage at a Cannes bash last week. 

Cheryl showed off the delicate new piece of body art as she wore a plunging jumpsuit to one of the events.

Eagle-eyed fans of the former Girls Aloud star took to social media to reveal that her new etching is the Buddhist symbol Unalome, which represents the path to enlightenment. 

Cheryl seems to be a big fan of body art as just last month she got another tattoo of a heart on her middle finger.



Ah, Louis Tomlinson. He's the man of many wonders.

He sings, dances, changes nappies… And now he's stripping off his girlfriend in the Mexican sunshine.

TMZ spotted Louis taking some time off from his daddy duties to take a small Mexican holiday with his girlfriend Danielle Campbell, who need help with her, erm… tanlines.

One quick swish of the hand later, and Danielle's bikini top was gone, flashing her in all her glory.

Now, whether Louis did this intentionally or by accident, who's to know, but we'd say Danielle (who is a pretty private person) wasn't exactly happy about it. Ooops!


If you're rocking a serious rack, then you'll know only too well how much stress those ladies can cause on a daily basis, right?

From wardrobe malfunctions to back pain, these DDs of ours definitely aren't all they're cracked up to be, but try telling that to someone desperately stuffing chicken fillets down their bra.

Having a cleavage that rivals Christina Hendricks is not ALWAYS awful (we can rock Fifties style like pros), but sometimes it is. Sometimes it really, really is.

Case in point:

1. The shopping factor
Girlie retail therapy with your less-endowed pals is a no-go if bra shopping is on the agenda.

“Don't mind me, I'll just be in here with Margo and her measuring tape for the next few hours.”


2. The shirt factor
You either fasten that annoying button and rock your inner Lunch Lady Doris from The Simpsons or you keep it open and attract some very unwanted attention.

3. The work-out factor
You may be swinging an 18 kg bell or hitting 10 km on the crosstrainer, but when your boobs are knocking you out, these achievements are the last thing on your mind.

“Yeah whatever, I have a black eye.”

4. The cringe factor
Yes, you've been living with these curves for years, but every so often your inner pre-teen will emerge leaving you mortified by your assets.

“Oh my God, my dad knows I have BOOBS.”

5. The style factor
That high-necked, 60's-style dress looked just PERFECT on the hanger, but one quick visit to the fitting room reminds you why that style best left to our lady friends with the neat B-cups.

6. The gravity factor
You may be the envy of your smaller pals, but the first time they see you in your pyjamas without a bra, they realise how fortunate they really are.

“Knees meet boobs. Boobs? Knees.”

7. The gross factor
All boobs sweat, but big boobs? Yeah, they REALLY sweat.

“Pass the talc. I'm going in.”

8. The bikini factor
Just because you're a 12 on bottom does NOT mean you're a 12 on top, and yet those designers just won't listen.

9. The sexy factor
There are definitely times when it's fun to flaunt the girls, right?

And then there are other times when your greasy hair, un-made up face and tea-stained sweat pants aren't in keeping with the cleavage you're accidentally displaying.

10. The jewellery factor
Any girl with big boobs knows they have to choose their neck jewellery very, very carefully.

Torc-style? Fine. Long pendant that suspends from your chest like a make-shift cat toy? Not so much.

11. The seat-belt factor
Necessary? Yes. Comfortable? No.

“Time to divide and conquer, lads.”

12. The cross-body bag factor
Same as above.

“Hey, why does your bag look so much shorter on you than it does on me?! Oh…oh, right yeah, sorry.”



Millie Mackintosh chose a very daring dress for the Zoolander 2 premiere last night.

The fitness fanatic donned the red carpet in a black low-cut dress, which left very little to the imagination – especially when she made a few little slip-ups.

Millie revealed a serious amount of side-boob (which is nothing new on a red carpet) but what we think she didn't account for was flashing her nipple tape, too. 

The 26-year-old certainly wasn't shy about it though, as she kept on striking poses in her floor-length gown, with a split right up to the upper thigh.

And, while she was fixing her thigh-split gown, Millie made another blunder by flashing her bum. 

She lifted up the dress so high that the paps got a glimpse of her derriere and black underwear. Ooops!