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Women's bodies are complex, to say the least. Half the time we aren't sure what the hell is going on with them, but men are doubly confused.

This lady decided to tweet an image of skin-coloured nipple covers to see the level of knowledge which male brains could handle, and it essentially broke them.

Twitter user @cxffeinated cheekily wrote; "Since men know everything. What are these?" and the responses were absolutely GAS.

The guesses which came in were so pure, so absurd, and so… wrong.

The silicone nipple covers were mistaken for things such as petri dishes from laboratories, wax melts in 'Caribbean Peach' flavour, and even FROG EGGS. (We died at that one)

It has definitely proven that men do not, in fact, know everything. 

Her boyfriend wanted to know the scientific scale, but he wasn't any closer to guessing correctly. Try again, lad.

Another wanted to ask if the nipple covers were actually a puncture repair kit.

Yes, that's a serious tweet. The poor fella is clueless;

Some estimates were over-confident, some were highly unsure of themselves, and others were just plain baffled.

dos equis what GIF by Dos Equis Gifs to the World

However, this one is definitely our favourite;

MASH POTATO. Let that sink in for a second. Wow.

We've got to give ten points to Gryffindor for their originality, at least. They've got their creativity if nothing else.

Better luck next time, boys.

mel b good luck GIF by America's Got Talent

Keep trying and failing to understand the complexities of the female body.


Not that we really care, but it is interesting to get insights from men-folk on certain girly things. 

I have often wondered if there are certain trends that we love, that the lads in our life just cannot stand. 

Do they LOVE my red lip as much as I do? Do they even notice the fact that I'm wearing red lippy in the first place? 

We decided to get to the bottom of it, and ask the various men in our lives what makes them tick. 

Have a read, and let us know your thoughts on what they said… 

dumb boys GIF

"I hate girls wearing gym clothes when they aren't going to the gym." Carl, 24, Mechanical Engineer. 

"I genuinely do hate the smell of fake tan." Morgan, 23, Hedge fund administrator. 

"The INSANE amount of time it takes for girls to get ready." Dylan, 22, Marketing Executive. 

"Having to wait for girls to put on make up just to leave the gaff even if it's nowhere nice or special." Luke, 23, HR administrator. 

"That thing they do to their eyebrows that sometimes makes them look f**ked up and weirdly shaped." Stephen, 22, Fireman. 

"Auld wan earrings that wouldn't look out of place on your granny." John, 24, Website Developer. 

"Those mad looking white masks they put on their face! Terrifying lads." Craig, 24, Barman. 

rude kim kardashian GIF by RealityTVGIFs

"Over the top/too much make up, I understand it going out got drinks but just when going to town for lunch it's OTT."  Conor, 22, Primary School Teacher. 

"I hate long fake nails. Those creepy looking claw things" Chris, 32, Pilot. 

"That weird swishy thing you do with your eyes. Hate it!" (He means winged liner, FYI) Mark, 23, Masters Student. 

"Do you know what? Red lipstick wrecks my head. When I kiss my girlfriend, I walk away looking like I've shifted a clown." Damien, 31, School Administrator. 

"I have this weird gripe with high heels. So unnecessary, and sure you can hardly walk in the things!" John, 27, Legal Executive.  

"When girl's don't dress for the weather. Mini skirts in January? You'll freeze, love." Stephen, 29, Solicitor. 

Well, there you have it. Kindly, pass the fake tan, red lippy and my mini skirt. 

PS: we'll be doing a similar article full of all the things that lads do, that we don't like (drowning themselves in Lynx, etc)


Charli XCX's latest single, Boys, was released last week, and the music video offers a very important message about feminism.

The singer-songwriter told BBC Breakfast that one of the aims of the video was to “flip the male gaze” on its head and put men in the "stereotypical scenarios that girls are often seen in."

The video guest stars a number of male musicians, models and celebrities including Joe Jonas, Stormzy, Tinie Tempah and Will.i.am, posing seductively in various scenarios.

The 24-year-old said that while she is “totally happy” to discuss the issue and identifies as a feminist, she does not believe this mean she cannot dance or dress provocatively.

“Throughout my career I’ve been very vocal on my opinion about being a woman in the music industry,” she said, adding: “I get asked questions about feminism all the time … I’m not somebody who is worried about wearing revealing outfits or performing provocatively on stage – as long as that’s my choice I’m completely happy to do it.

“The second it is an instruction from a man or a record label then it’s not cool, but otherwise it’s good.”

The singer, real name Charlotte Aitchison, also spoke about her belief that female musicians have more creative control nowadays.

“I think a lot of females in the industry are so vocal about their opinions on feminism and their experience in the music industry and I think a lot of female artists and artists in general are so much more in control of their own career now.

“Audiences are more intelligent, fans are cleverer, they understand the marketing and putting together of the pop star and they want somebody who is real and genuine and fun. Not somebody who is built up, so I think artists have to take control and really run their own game to be successful.”

While the concept of the 'female gaze' isn't exactly groundbreaking, it's nice to see a young female artist make such an empowering statement. 


The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) is currently considering making the HPV vaccine available to boys.

HPV (human papilloma virus) causes cervical cancer in women. Other cancers associated with the virus affect both men and women, including anal, genital and throat cancers. The virus can also cause genital warts in both woman and men.

Over 200,000 girls have been vaccinated since it was introduced. The vaccine has been available to girls since 2010 and prevents them from developing cervical cancer later in life. It is free and readily available from the HSE for all girls in the first year of secondary school. 

HIQA’s Director of Health Technology Assessment and Deputy Chief Executive, Dr Máirín Ryan, said on the HIQA website: “HPV infection is the most commonly acquired sexually transmitted viral infection. In most cases, it causes no symptoms and is cleared by the body’s immune system. However, persistent infection can lead to the development of cancer."

Dr Ryan continued: “The HPV vaccine has been proven to be safe. Additionally, it is highly effective at preventing infection with the HPV types most commonly linked with cancer and genital warts in both men and women.

"This HTA will investigate the clinical and cost-effectiveness of expanding the HPV vaccination programme to include boys, thereby extending them the opportunity to benefit from the vaccine and increasing HPV immunity in the wider population.

”HIQA’s assessment will also consider the wider implications of any proposed change to the vaccination programme, such as the budget impact, use of resources, and the ethical and societal implications.”

The vaccine has been available to both sexes in Australia since 2006, and has been linked with a 90 percent reduction in cases of genital warts in both sexes.

Last year, the vaccine was made available to gay men in Ireland.

The results of the health technology assessment are expected next year.

In May, the Irish Cancer Society wrote about the huge benefits of the vaccine. Dr Robert O'Connor, Head of Research at the Irish Cancer Society, said: “Young women and girls who have received the HPV vaccination are fully protected against the strains of HPV that cause seven in ten of all cervical cancers.   

“It is important to note that, while significantly less likely to develop cervical cancer, availing of cervical screening – whether that is through the HPV test or the current liquid-based cytology process – is still recommended for these women so that any signs of the cancer can be spotted early and treated before they become a threat to their lives." 



Some things are better left unsaid.

1. Your ‘number’
Does anyone tell the truth on this one? We’ll never know. Guys lie, girls lie, it’s really nobody’s business but your own. 


2. How good your ex was at pleasing you
Ok, so he might need to improve on some things physically. Pretty much the worst way you can help him is to compare his skills with an ex’s. ‘What my ex used to do was….’ no, no, no, NO! 

3. The fact that you cheated on your ex
Howiye trust issues! Your current boyfriend should never know this, it was a mistake, you did it because something was missing in the relationship or you were just hammered and reckless. Whatever the reason, all he’ll hear is ‘I’m an untrustworthy girl’ and he won’t forget it.


4. That you suffer from really heavy periods
Periods are a big part of a woman’s life, 12 a year, around 450 in a life time. It’s a reality that we all have to deal with every month, we got the short end of the stick, the raw deal… but he does not need to suffer as well. No matter how mature a man is, he will feel uncomfortable talking about your period and not only that, he will be in no way helpful. In fact, it’s possible that you will get into an argument because of how painfully unhelpful he is. 

5. That one of his friends is hot
Not fair. He will imagine you and him having sex instantly. Nothing good will come of it, he will not get jealous in a cute way and tell you he loves you even more now. He will hate when you’re in a room together and probably accuse you of flirting when you ask him to pass the ice. Imagine it was the other way around – think of how mad you'd be!

6. That you got come on to by 6 different guys last night
When you go out on the piss without him, he’ll know what guys think when they look at you, it’s exactly what he thought when he first saw you. You don’t need to remind him that you’re hot property, it will only make him question how you conduct yourself when you’re out which is unnecessary.

7. That his friends are assholes
His friends might be assholes, but they are his friends. You have no idea what kind of history they have and sometimes the biggest di** can turn out to be the most loyal out of them all. Regardless, grin and bare them, they’re not going anywhere and their opinion of you counts for something so play nice.


8. That you dislike his Mother
Even if he has an old moan about her, under no circumstances can you refer to her as an old wagon. Ever. Boys’ relationships with their mums are sacred…back away.


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In every relationship, there’s the good days and the bad. Bad outweighs the good because when they’re bad, they’re Tyson bad.  It’s always the boy’s fault.  Even if it’s not, it is. Girls sniff them out, searching for the next row, the next wrong word or wrong look. Here is a breakdown of the top fights gals start with their boyfriends and the silliest boy answers:

1.  Were you looking at that girl?

checking out

“No, what the hell.  I was looking at that building, I didn’t even see her.” Oh he saw her alright. 

2.  Why are you still friends with your ex-girlfriend on Facebook?

“I’ve never even been on her page.  Makes no difference to me what she’s at.” 

3.  Ah right, you’re going out with your friends tonight then?


“Yeah, we’re only going out for a few.  Nothing crazy, quiet enough night.” Um, wasn't tonight supposed to be date night? Nice…

4.  Why do you never wear that t-shirt I got you?

“I have worn that t-shirt soo many times.  You just haven’t seen me those days.” It's all lies. Why doesn't he just say he hates it? So annoying. 

5.  Why do you always have to drive?

“Because I’m a better driver.” All women know this to be false. 

6. You’re not romantic at all…

“I’m not a big woman.”  Would it kill him to pick a daisy from the garden? Just SOMETHING?! We're not asking for a handwritten poem or anything like. 

7. You didn’t even get me a card?!

i hate you

“I thought it was tomorrow.” Men need to learn birthdays are important to most girls, as are anniversaries and Valentine's Day. Deal with it and act accordingly. 

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Some people on Tinder need to be avoided – there is no two ways about it. 

Here are five guys you will want to swipe left on Tinder…!

 1. The guy that lists ‘’ being a full-time legend’’ in his personal info

jlo gif

This is pretty self-explanatory. We are not back in third year in secondary school and Tinder is not your homework journal. Next.

 2. The guy that thinks he can flirt

ross flirting

So your phone vibrates and informs you that you have a new tinder match. Mildly interested you open the app to see who could be your future boyfriend. He has even sent you a message. Heart racing, you open it thinking about all the cute dates you two could go on but then this is what awaits you. "Hey there nice dress but I bet it would look better on my  floor". Block him, delete him, do whatever needs to be done. No one should be subjected to such a conversation.

 3. The guy that communicates with emojis

emoji gid

Just. No. 

4. The guy that is most definitely still in school


So he may be eighteen which technically means he can be on Tinder, but seriously? A match? Aaand, swipe. 

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Otherwise known as the love of your life. You could be just waltzing through your day and then… there he is. Heart palpitations, heavy sweating and emotional warfare, this is the emotional cycle of running into your crush.

1. Internal Panic Attack Upon Sighting

The one day you don’t wash your hair right? You were not expecting to see him, and yet he’s just popped up in your life today. You pause suddenly, look around at places to hide while you figure out what you are going to do next.

2. Look At Your Phone, Avoid Eye Contact

Now that you’ve attempted to hide from your crush, the natural next step is looking at your phone. Because if he does see you, he’ll think “Oh she’s looking at her phone. She’s so busy and popular. I admire her.” Or at least we hope he does.

3. What The Hell Do I Just Do?

Time is running out! Either he is going to spot you awkwardly hiding behind that plant, or he’s going to not see you and go on with his life. But you are desperate to talk to him… aren’t you?

4. Calm down! CALM DOWN!

You feel the onset of an anxiety attack. You’re dying to talk to him! But you can barely compose yourself well enough to even come out from behind that plant! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!? Panic, so much panic.

5. DAMN! Did He See Me?

*Heart stops*

6. Can’t Look At The Ground, Then He’ll Know I’m Awkward

I was looking at everywhere else apart from you before you looked in this direction anyway.

7. PHEW! He Didn’t See Me…

Now you can now stare at him in peace.

8. Wait. Who Is He Talking To?

Is that the girl who keeps posting on his Facebook? Are they friends or? She’s too pretty to just be friends with him. He’s beautiful… they’re probably dating.

9. Sudden Onset Of Overwhelming Heartbreak


10. HEY!

That sounds like his voice. Was that at me?

11. OH GOD is he…he's walking over!

Act cool. 


*Internal high-pitched screaming*

13. WTF I Am I Gonna Say!?!

Maybe he does love me and he just doesn’t want to tell me, yet.

14. No, No Something Else!

Maybe, not that, either…

15. Ok, Just Be Coooool

I can totally be cool. Born cool. So cool. OH GOD WE’RE SHARING THE SAME SPACE.

16. When You Go To Talk

Hold it together woman.

17. All You’re Thinking About When He’s Talking To You

He’s so pretty.

18. “Well I’ll Catch You Later, Nice Talking.”

That went ok right? Time to come down from the emotional roller-coaster and day dream about your babies together.

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We know they are bad for us and it will lead nowhere good and they won't ever change and blah blah blah… but there are so many reasons women love a bad boy. Like these:

1. They are confident 

Bad boys wouldn’t be able to pull off half their antics if they weren’t brimming with confidence. 

2. They are indifferent 

They just don’t give a damn. Rule books are not applicable to them and when it comes to getting things done, it’s either their way of the highway. You can’t expect to change him, or set him straight as he makes his rules and believes that life is to be lived on the edge. Take it or leave it, that’s the attitude they flaunt and it’s massively sexy. For a while anyway. 

3. They are exciting and adventurous 

Among the most prominent characteristics you’d find abundantly in bad boys is their love for excitement and adventure. Bad boys are always testing the boundaries and pushing the envelope when it comes to their life and women just can’t get enough of this attitude. They find it intriguing and extremely exciting.

4. They are challenging and mysterious 

Remember, if your behavior becomes routine, women are bound to find you boring. Women want men who are a challenge. As for the mysterious streak, contrary to popular belief that women want dates booked in, a little bit of the the guessing game actually gives us a high like no other.

5. They are very masculine 

This often goes hand-in-hand with being confident, indifferent, exciting, adventurous etc. Bad boys are often rugged and in-control. That doesn’t mean that they are controlling, they just know how to get what they want without breaking into a sweat. They speak clearly and confidently, they look you in the eye, they are passionate about what they believe in. Most importantly, they still know how to treat a lady and make her feel good. To them the latter is a mastered skill.

6. They make you feel like the only girl in the world

Just don't be fooled into thinking you are…this is a bad boy we are talking about, remember?

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It's good to be single lots of the time, as much as it is to be in a relationship. But certain times in your life can be better when you're single. Maybe it's that you'll be away and miss them, or sometimes it's just to feel free. 

1. When You Want To Travel

Everyone claims that they want to travel the world, but few actually go out there and do it. It’s especially difficult to do if you’re in a relationship and your partner doesn’t see adventuring as being high on the list of priorities. When you’re single you have no one else’s feelings on the matter to take into consideration, just a plane ticket and hope.

2. On A Girls Holiday

There’s always that one poor relationship bound sap who spends their whole lads/ girls holiday desperately trying to avoid temptation, while watching their single friends clean up on action. It’s not that you even want to latch yourself face first on to the nearest possible target, it’s just that the choice to do so, is the best part of all. You’ll never know what tomorrow has in store when you’re a singleton, after all.

3. On Nights Out

Being single in a nightclub (Coppers, for example),  is what being single is all about. Getting ready, thinking about the night ahead, no jealous partner sitting at home texting you every few minutes. You’re free to flirt with, get drinks off and meet whomever you wish.

4. When You’re Studying

There’s no greater distraction than a relationship when you’re trying to get your head in the study game. You’re cramming months worth of crap into your head, when all you really want is to go and be loved up. The only option is to turn your phone off in the vague hope that they won’t distract you for twenty minutes. Alas, you can kiss all of these problems goodbye when you’re single. No love woes, no distractions, no problem.

5. During Your College Years

Being in college and being single is the perfect combination. Like tea and toast, eggs and bacon, cereal and milk (mmm…bacon). You’re free to experiment, meet new and interesting people, do whatever it is that you want to do. No long distance other half at home, crying down the phone to you. Bliss.

6. At A Festival

Couples at a festival are like a bad cold that you just can’t shift. One of them is most definitely there out of pure habit and both are trying to avoid an inevitable blow up from occurring. Being single at a festival means the freedom to go and see whatever band tickles your fancy, dancing until 6am if you feel like it and best of all, you’d never know who could end up in your tent…

7. During A Shopping Spree

Who wants to be that boyfriend? You know, the one who sits there with sixteen bags hanging off his arm, pained expression to boot, wishing he was anywhere else but here. 

8. During The World Cup

The world cup for anyone not interested in football, was like an extended bout of crippling stomach cramps. Horrific. Painful. Uncomfortable. All the single football hating beings out there got to avoid this painful time and for that they are eternally grateful.

9. When You See How Miserable Your ‘Loved Up’ Friends Are

There’s always a few couples who should clearly not be together, it’s as obvious as the sky is grey. Why they don’t break up is the burning question on everyone’s lips. Why would they, sure isn’t making everyone else around them uncomfortable the whole point of being in a relationship anyway? Rest assured that they spend 90% of the time looking at your carefree single life and crying internally. You’ve got it all.

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There's a lot of pros and cons to having a friend with benefits – it works for some, doesn't work for most. Here are the expectations of having a friend with reality….and what you actually get. 

1. No Strings Attached

The Expectation

Sex all the time whenever you feel like it.


sex animated GIF


The Reality

Hook ups occur randomly, usually after a drunken night out, nothing is ever clearly defined.

college animated GIF

2. “We’re just friends”

The Expectation

This is a simple thing that doesn’t need to be defined *Shrugs*

ryan gosling animated GIF

The Reality

Having to constantly define your ‘friendship’ to all your friends. (the ones you don’t have sex with..)

community animated GIF


3. ”I’m totally in control of this arrangement”

The Expectation

I can stay emotionally unattached to this person


The Reality

I am not a robot and am in danger of falling for this person. Crap. 

Alex Bedder animated GIF

4. User or the one being used?

The Expectation

I’m happy with this arrangement where I sleep with this person whenever I like.

smug animated GIF

The Reality

I'm getting a little jealous and I can't stop it. 

mila kunis animated GIF


4. Comfortable or too comfortable?


It’s nice to feel totally at home with someone.

love animated GIF

The Reality

This person just farted in front of me. This is not okay.


5. The fine line between being a friend with benefits and a booty call


This is a balanced, equal arrangement.



They only ever call you late at night and when you try to arrange it they are always busy . “Holy crap, I’m a booty call”


6. How healthy is it to be a FWB?

The Expectation

I like this situation but have no idea how long it will continue for..

awkward animated GIF

The Reality

Is this actually stopping me from moving to a better place in my life?

spongebob squarepants animated GIF

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Everyone says that nice guys finish lastthere are some guys that act nice on the outside, but on the inside are really just a bit mean. They are always trying to keep up this facade, but sooner or later you will realise their true intentions. Here are the signs that your boyfriend is an asshole in disguise:

1. They act different around you when they’re with other people
They could be the most sweet and generous boyfriend one minute and then when they’re with their friends they act 12 years old. If he changes how he act towards you when you’re with other people, he has his own agenda and is ingenuine

2. He always says that he is too “busy”
We all get swamped from time to time, but if this becomes commonplace, he clearly doesn’t value your time. If he actually cares about you he will make time to see you, no matter how busy he is. It’s always easy to dress things up as being busyrather than telling the truth.

3. There is always an excuse for why they can’t pay
“I’m getting paid at the end of the week, so I’ll pay you back,” most of the time they never do and if they do it’s way too late. Guy’s shouldn’t always have to pay for the meal, but they should at least do it every now and again to be courteous. Just like you do!

4. If they’re always just “joking”
There is nothing wrong with playful teasing, but when if it seems like they are always trying to put a veil over everything they say , they could just be a nasty guy. If he really cared he would know when he is crossing the line, if he’s an asshole in disguise he’ll just say things without worrying about the consequences.

5. It takes forever for them to text you back
When you ask them why they didn’t text you back they always say that they forgot. From time to time they do, but if you seem to always be waiting for them to reply, you’re clearly not their priority.

6. They don’t want to make things official
They say that they just need some time  and not to rush into anything. If this is going on for  months, then he is clearly taking advantage of you. If he doesn’t want to commit then he shouldn’t be in a relationship and he is getting all the benefits of being in a relationship without actually being in one.


7. He zones out on conversations way too much
Guys do have a tendency to zone out in conversations with women from time to , it’s just one of those thingsIf he always seems to be checking his phone when you’re talking to him or clearly isn’t listening he’s not really invested in you.

8. They pretend to like your friends
You’re not going to get on with everyone, but if he clearly has no intention of getting to know your friends he is not making an effort. They might act like they’re really getting on with them, but then tell you that they don’t like them. It seems to be the same with most of your friends so the problem is clearly him.

9. It’s always what THEY want to do
They always suggest what they want to do and never give you a chance to decide. They won’t put down your suggestion they just give a reason to do what they want to do. “It will be fun, trust me”, it may seem innocent, but  really they are only thinking about themselves.

10. It’s never their fault
If you are having an argument they will always turn everything back on you,  so they aren’t made out to be the bad guy. They will always have an excuse and never take the blame for doing something even when they’re in the wrong.

11. They never remember those important dates
In all fairness, it seems like there are anniversaries for every little thing nowadays, but if they can’t remember when you first met they have got their priorities wrong. Guys aren’t the best at remembering dates, but if he forgets about Valentine’s Day he is clearly a terrible boyfriend.

12. He is selfish in bed
There is nothing wrong with a guy taking control in the bedroom, but if it’s all for him and nothing for her then it’s not mutual. If he’s selfish in the bedroom and it’s only what he wants to do, then you’re dating the wrong guy.

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