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A study has just found that major high street chemists are selling potentially damaging tooth-whitening kits, leaving teeth weaker and more sensitive.

Testing of five common brands discovered that they can harm enamel, and dental experts are now requesting a ban on non-hydrogen peroxide based whitening kits sold over the counter.

Tests on extracted teeth that had been whitened saw damage, according to a study published on Friday in the British Dental Journal.

Home users can apparently cause more damage to occur by leaving the whitening strips on for too long or using them too often. If they have underlying dental problems, the authors said they are also at risk.

Dr Linda Greenwall, author from Manchester University wrote; “The lack of research and ease of availability of these products from major retailers is alarming and may potentially be harming the consumers’s dentition.”

A wide range of teeth whitening products have been saturating the market since an EU directive in 2011 said products with more than 0.1 percent hydrogen peroxide were only be sold to dentists.

Dr Greenwell and her colleagues claim that, despite safety testing taking place, the longer-term effects of the whitening kits are drastically misunderstood.

Three of the tested products in the BDJ study possess sodium chlorite, an additive which can react in the mouth to product enamel-harming chemicals.

Samples which were treated with the Brilliant 5-minute kit and iWhite instant teeth whitening had the most noticeable effects after being tested, and also showed softening which leaves teeth vulnerable to abrasions.

Users have potentially wasted time and money, as some of the tested whitening kits produced no effects at all.

The British Dental Bleaching Society is now asking for all dentists to be trained in tooth-whitening and bleaching. A spokesperson for the group said;

“We are concerned that the OTC products included in the study may be harmful to teeth and advise the general public to see their dentist if they are considering having their teeth whitened.

A Boots spokesperson said: “The safety of our customers is extremely important to us and we thoroughly assess all of our dental care products before we put them on sale.”

High street cosmetic procedures have been increasingly popular with more of the public trying to imitate the look of celebrities and reality TV personalities.

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Chrissy Teigen is the latest celebrity to have been essentially CANCELLED online, after offensive tweets from back in 2010 and 2011 surfaced which say some pretty dodgy stuff about self-harm, Lindsey Lohan and trans people.

The tweets have been met with outrage on the internet, with Twitter users getting the hashtag #ChrissyTeigenIsOverParty trending almost instantaneously.

The comments are from roughly eight years ago, but they reference the appearances of celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and in particular Lindsay Lohan. 

They are especially distasteful regarding the trans community, one of her tweets references Tyra Banks' talent search show America's Next Top Model;

"God. Can we just come out and call the freakin show ‘americas next top tranny’ because this shit has been transtastic for the past 5 years."

Another tweet references self-harm:

The word 'tranny' is used often on her account back in 2010 and 2011. The social media personality is half-Thai, and speaks about the perception of her country in terms of the trans community:

There are some more upsetting ones regarding slut-shaming sexually promiscuous women:

The mother-of-two has yet to comment on the matter, but we're sure she must regret not deleting her old, harmful tweets.

The model has become a major social media personality for her sassy remarks about Donald Trump, and has the crown of the 'Clapback Queen' and 'Queen of Twitter'. 

We highly doubt she'll manage to keep her crown after this.

What do you think, should she be cancelled? Or will you give her another chance?

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Coconut oil has been all the rage in recent years, not only as a 'superfood' but also as a moisturising lotion, hair treatment, and smoothie supplement.

Health gurus previously believed that the fatty acids in the oil had numerous benefits, including weight loss and improved brain function.

However, it has recently come to light that the oil may not have any of these positive effects at all.

In fact, the so-called ‘superfood’ could actually be harming your health.

A video recently went viral showing a Harvard professor discuss recent discoveries made about coconut oil’s chemical makeup and its effect on the human body.

Dr Karin Michels is also director of the Institute for Prevention and Tumor Epidemiology at the University of Freiburg and is considered an expert on the matter of health.

In her speech titled “Coconut Oil and other Nutritional Errors”, she discredited the pros of eating superfoods, saying that we get enough nutrition from everyday foods like fruits and vegetables.

Karin went on to debunk the ‘healthy coconut oil’ myth, explaining that its saturated fats are like 'pure poison'.

Large amounts of fatty acids are evident in the oil’s solid state at room temperature, and the esteemed professor warned the public that it is 'one of the worst foods you can eat'.

According to the British Heart Foundation, coconut oil is almost 86% saturated fat, which is even higher than butter (52%).

Diets high in saturated fats can potentially lead to various health issues including high cholesterol, heart disease, and stroke.

Karin’s findings have reopened the discussion of coconut oil’s impact on our health and revealed its true identity as a potential health hazard.