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Chrissy Teigen is the latest celebrity to have been essentially CANCELLED online, after offensive tweets from back in 2010 and 2011 surfaced which say some pretty dodgy stuff about self-harm, Lindsey Lohan and trans people.

The tweets have been met with outrage on the internet, with Twitter users getting the hashtag #ChrissyTeigenIsOverParty trending almost instantaneously.

The comments are from roughly eight years ago, but they reference the appearances of celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and in particular Lindsay Lohan. 

They are especially distasteful regarding the trans community, one of her tweets references Tyra Banks' talent search show America's Next Top Model;

"God. Can we just come out and call the freakin show ‘americas next top tranny’ because this shit has been transtastic for the past 5 years."

Another tweet references self-harm:

The word 'tranny' is used often on her account back in 2010 and 2011. The social media personality is half-Thai, and speaks about the perception of her country in terms of the trans community:

There are some more upsetting ones regarding slut-shaming sexually promiscuous women:

The mother-of-two has yet to comment on the matter, but we're sure she must regret not deleting her old, harmful tweets.

The model has become a major social media personality for her sassy remarks about Donald Trump, and has the crown of the 'Clapback Queen' and 'Queen of Twitter'. 

We highly doubt she'll manage to keep her crown after this.

What do you think, should she be cancelled? Or will you give her another chance?

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Claims were made that Kendra Wilkinson kicked her husband Hank Baskett out of their home on Saturday, and today it looks as though it was because she found out about her husband’s alleged affair with transsexual model Ava Sabrina.


Apparently Hank got in touch with Sabrina back in April after watching her YouTube videos online. At the time, Kendra was eight months pregnant with their second child, Alijah, who was born in May.

A source revealed that Hank met with Sabrina and paid her $500 after “they mutually masturbated”.

When the news about Casper Smart’s affair with a transsexual came out, Hank was said to get paranoid he was about to be found out and pleaded with Sabrina not to tell: “He promised her $5,000 to keep her mouth shut, and even threatened to kill himself if the story got out!”

This is awful news for Kendra, especially with such a young baby to look after. The couple were also due to celebrate their five year anniversary on Friday – we really hope it’s all just one big misunderstanding!