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Now first of all, we ain't here to promote keyboard warriors or viciously cruel groups online who tear people down for the craic. No, that's not our style.

However, the art of trolling must be respected at all costs, especially from a nation as sarcastic and exceptional at 'slagging' such as Ireland.

From Waterford Whisperers embodying the Ultimate Irish Trolling Association, to the current troll of the day; the egg that stole Kylie Jenner's record for most likes on an Instagram photos, here's a round-up of our favourite savage moments in pop culture.

sally kohn troll GIF by The Opposite of Hate

Ready yourself for wigs being hilariously snatched and thrown into the wind, it's a bumpy ride of burns and teasing gone too far.

1. Waterford Whisperers trolling Westlife's new song, Hello My Love:

The vast majority of people were ECSTATIC when Westlife announced their comeback; their Twenty Tour sold 400,000 tickets in under 48 hours for God's sake.

Not everyone was over the moon about Ireland's premier boyband reuniting however, with Waterford Whisperers delivering a vicious burn that has us in stitches.

"Helplines are now fielding calls from thousands of stricken people after the release of the first new Westlife single in over eight years," the article states.

"Penned by Ed Sheeran for maximum disruption, the track caused nausea, hysterics and uncontrollable weeping for one in every seven listeners, and emergency call centres have stated that they are receiving one call every nine seconds which consists solely of someone screaming “fuuuuuuuuuck”." 

As savage as it is towards the national heroes we call Westlife, we were laughing for a solid twenty minutes at this one.

harry potter troll in the dungeon GIF

2. Lovinkiara's artistic flare

If you haven't seen last year's Twitter thread that featured @lovinkiara taking drawing requests, and delivering some…interest…results, you've missed out.

She became somewhat of a hero among trolls after uploaded a tweet that supposedly depicted her talanted artistic capabilities:

The cartoon styles seem pretty legit, in all fairness. What came next had the internet shooketh, the woman isn't exactly Leo DaVinci:

They just get more and more amusing the longer you stare at them:

At this stage we were in tears:

Okay, we had to stop reading the tweets after this one because our vision blurred at how utterly terrible the cartoons are:

Iconic trolling Kiara, carry on dear daughter of the troll.

3. Justin Bieber heads to…North Korea?!

A website asked its users to choose the next country which Justin Bieber would visit on his My World tour, and the answer wasn't exactly conventional. Let's just say he wasn't rushing to grab his passport anytime soon…

Yup, the Biebs himself (babyface Biebs at that stage in his career… and arguably in his current stage too…) was instructed to visit NORTH KOREA.

What's even more amusing/horrifying, North Korea received an insane 659,448 votes. Dear God, that's the size of a country. It's more than the population of Iceland, let that sink in…

4. M Night School Hoax

M. Night Shyamalan is a relatively renowned film director, known for creating iconic scary movies such as The Sixth Sense, The Happening, Split, The Last Airbender, Signs and The Village.

 While many claim that his films are hit-and-miss, with some achieving critical acclaim and box office success, others have royally bombed. Someone eventually took it upon themselves to crowdfund to send him back to film school.

Named The M. Night School, the creator worked out that if 150,000 people donated one dollar each, they could donate enough cash for the director to be put through film school once again at NYU.

The ruthless trolling of the director rages on today… who knows if he's become immune to it at this stage or if he cries himself to sleep every M. Night?

5. Ed Sheeran's head of security

@SecurityKev became a smash hit star as Ed Sheeran's GAS head of security, and who even got the catchphrase; "Always. Watching" for his consistent background lurking.

It's iconic, he even calls Ed 'bae', throwing in a 'Who's the Daddy' at the most random of moments. His internet fame has earned him a huge 963,000 Instagram followers who watch his every move, ironically;


"When bae takes you shopping #burberry", he captioned this next one. He only went and won Instagram, didn't he? 


When bae takes you shopping @Burberry

A post shared by Kevin Myers (@securitykev) on

Celebrity cameos are also constantly featured on the account, including from Calvin Harris, Shawn Mendes and James Blunt. We're cackling.

He even went and trolled Ed's Perfect video, and we can't top it. We desperately tried to lower ourselves to this level of troll, but it's just not possible:


What the perfect video should’ve been

A post shared by Kevin Myers (@securitykev) on

He got CHERRY, Ed's fiancé, to help him troll the video. It's….ART. Carry on with your business, Kev. #PAtothestar

6. Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively being Blake Lively

Words aren't even needed for his hilarious "Happy Birthday to my amazing wife" post. It's piping hot tea. Consider us scalded.


Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on

Of course, what makes Ryan Reynolds the best troll is his ability to take a good trolling himself, courtesy of Wolverine and Jake Gyllenhaal.


These fucking assholes said it was a sweater party. 

A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on

7. Trisha Paytas being the Queen of Trolls day-in and day-out

The woman is relentless. It never ends.

The YouTube star has been around since 2010, and has acquired over 4.5 MILLION subscribers, specifically to witness her troll the hell out of everyone.

Her shallow personality has us hooked, we're full-blown addicts at this stage. God knows how or why. We don't question it.

There you have it, the greatest trolling moments on the 'net we can find.

They're petty, they're absurd, they're glorious. Art just doesn't get much better than this.

Keep them coming, we LIVE for this sprinkling of bitter, bitter salt.

hilarious salt bae GIF



With so many varieties to choose from and such wonderfully comforting properties, if any food is BAE, it’s got to be bread.

And if you’ve ever wondered which type of bread best represents your personality, an online quiz now exists which could help you find the answer.

Earlier this year, 25-year-old college admissions employee Liz White used a quiet day at the office to develop the bread personality quiz which is now dominating the Internet.

The quirky personality test – which links humorous human traits to different categories of bread – has been shared tens of thousands of times in recent weeks and has caused a major stir on Twitter.

The test makes a connection between people who love wholegrain bread and those who suffer from the dreaded Resting Bitch Face.

It also claims that those of us who enjoy a bit of French stick always feel cold and have a strong liking for tequila.

Since the quiz is based on the personalities of its creator’s friends, it can’t exactly be called scientific.

But for those who love bread, it certainly is a lot of fun.

Feat image: 100ita.com

GIFs: giphy.com



The Irish Blog Awards shortlist was announced recently and there a number of items which grabbed out attention very quickly.

This year the awards received a huge response with the number of nominations being up in the thousands. Judges will now be tasked with reading, reviewing and scoring all of the blogs which on the shortlist.

With close to 20 different categories, there is plenty to choose from. We are all about the bloggers here at SHEmazing and we’re always excited to find some new blogs to start obsessing over.

We put together a list of some of our favourites that cover everything from laugh-out-loud posts, serious (and realistic) fitness inspiration and more interesting takes on Irish life.

Health & Wellbeing:

The girls behind Kettlebelle.ie are committed to keeping it seriously real on their fitness journey. This is not the place to find a 'lose 5lbs before 5pm' type of post. Instead they write: "This is not a blog for elite athletes or bikini models (although we do look at photos and think one day that will be me!!) It is for us everyday girls that often need some help, tips, motivation or a swift kick up the arse to get ourselves on the road to being the HEALTHIEST, FITTEST, STRONGEST VERSION OF OURSELVES." You can find them on Instagram too and trust us, this is where some of the finest #fitspo is to be found.

Best Blog Post Nominee:


A photo posted by Dublin Girlo (@dublin_girlo) on

Dublin Girlo already has us laughing on a daily basis with her accounts of just what it takes to the sassiest stun-hun Dublin's southside has ever seen. Her blog post 'The 5 stages of getting over an arsehole' is no different. A highlight: "You and your girlos plaster every night out all over every social media site there is. You upload a selfie every day of you looking hunreal. Your clothes are stunning, you’ve probably dyed your hair (He obviously didn’t love you because of the colour of your hair)." Have a read of the whole post here. Be warned, it is fairly NSFW.

Food Blog:

The Little Green Spoon is hard to not read without feeling hungry. Seriously. If you can get to the 'Sweet Treats' section without raiding your presses then we salute you because we tend to only make it as far as the homepage before needing some snacks. There are countless recipes on this site to keep you occupied well through the winter. You can find some here.


With All the Finesse of a Badger is the place to go if you're feeling a little disillusioned with our modern society. Alvy is a writer who "dabbled in a bit of everything" and was recently at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Her retelling of 'the most impressively disastrous job interview there ever was' still has us laughing at our desks. You can find it, and more here


Eat Sleep Chic is more than just a fashion and beauty blog. If you're looking for some weekend activity inspiration then look no further because this where all the best picks are going to be. We had no idea what Football golf was until we saw read this blog, and now we honestly can't to get out and try it. Oh, and another thing we love about this blog: all of the food! So much foodie goodness for your entertainment. 



Humans of New York is the hugely popular website that has shared the countless inspiring, and often funny, stories of the cities’ citizens with the world.

Founded by photographer Brandon Stanton, the site has inspired many replicas and has been recently been credited with raising almost €2 million for an activist group in Pakistan.

“I’ve fallen in love with literature. I try to read for one or two hours every day. I only have one life to live. But in books I can live one thousand lives.”(Anzali, Iran)

Posted by Humans of New York on Thursday, 20 August 2015

Thanks to social media the website has changed the lives of many and it’s been one of our favourites for a long time.

However, a new parody of the site has also been making us laugh recently.

Millennials of New York is a new Facebook page created by Alec McDonald and Connor Toole, both writers at the popular site Elite Daily.

Elite Daily is a site which is dedicated to millennials everywhere and if often not afraid to take itself too seriously, despite what others may say, apparently.

Proving that the generation is not afraid to poke fun at itself, the pair have come up with a hilarious take on the HONY approach to street photography.

Just some of the millennial lifestyle trends they’ve had a laugh at:

The social media obsession:

Interesting ideas on 'essentials':


If you use social media at all these days you have more than likely come across a few common trends. It’s very easy to jump on the bandwagon, we’re probably all a little guilty of one or more (or all) of these little quirks.

You have to admit that are a couple of these trends, mostly found crowding our Instagram feeds that might just bit a touch overdone.

These were just some of the trends that we think could everyone could take a break from every now and then.

The less-than stellar foodie snap.
We would actually prefer to see your sock collection again instead of another box of detox teas, thanks.

The 'candid' moment
Do you have a triple jointed wrist or does your iced latte actually levitate? Amazing.

The selfies
We love when people are confident and not afraid to show it, but we wouldn't mind seeing your actual outfit instead of 60 different versions of your contouring. 

The legs POV photos
So you went to the Bahamas? It's hard to know when your sunkissed knees are taking up most of the frame…

We want to see all your excellent style we really do, but when you make a collage with 7 or more images that means we have to zoom. Instagram does not have a zoom feature!




Almost all dog owners will be familiar with the struggle that is getting your four-legged pal through a trip to the vet’s office with ease.

Even if your canine companion takes it all in their stride, you’re bound to have seen another unfortunate soul who just can’t convince their pup that it’s really not a big deal.

Social media users have long been documenting their pets hilarious, and sometimes emotional, reactions to being forced into a routine doctor’s visit. Here’s just a few of the best, but there are many more to be found we are most certain. 


They will use their charm to try and get as from you as possible:

This guy is just going for the cold shoulder technique:

Or they just let their heartache show:

Going from happiness to despair in 5 seconds:

They turn to older and wiser friends for support:

Sometimes it takes a while for the realisation to dawn on them, but it does:



It goes without saying that any of the main presenters of the Six One news on RTÉ tend to be watched with something of a close eye. This is never truer than when somebody decides to make a unique fashion choice.

Exhibit A:

It can sometimes seem as if the entire nation comes to a standstill if one our most famous faces is spotted making what would appear to be a scandalous sartorial choice. For example, last night’s evening news was causing a bit of a stir for exactly that reason.

Sharon Ní Bheoláin appeared dressed wearing on outfit so shocking we were surprised the national wasn’t moved into an official state of crisis.

The issue: she wore jeans.

No, we’re deadly serious. Some viewers were really not alright with her wardrobe last night.

Though this wouldn’t be the first time she’s come under the gaze of the Irish fashion police. This has been going on for years now. 

Well, we honestly didn’t think that denim still wielded so much power but it would seem that your go-to for casual evenings can be enough to shock the Irish people on a Thursday evening.

Thankfully, many more Twitter users came to the conclusion that Sharon can pretty much wear whatever she likes while presenting us with the evening’s headlines.


We do love a good pair of heels around these parts, we can’t even try and deny that. There’s something about slipping a pair on and feeling like you really pulled together an outfit that’s a bit addictive.

Or when you find your favourite pair under the bed, put them on and know your look is really finished. That’s nice before you walk out the door.

However, one issue, they can be so painful. While there are many reasons why we love heels, sometimes we actually can’t stand them. We concluded these are just some reasons why high heels are actually the worst.

Running, jumping, dancing or just general activity doing is not that easy in heels

Men say they love them.Then why are they always wearing runners?

There are many surfaces completely off-limits in heels, including stairs.

It’s hard to look professional when you’re totally off balance

They don’t actually make you look that much taller, which is just ridiculous

They are SO uncomfortable, so eventually you just:



“Let me just put on eyeliner and then we can leave- oh wait…”

Nope, no eyeliner for you today, or mascara, or blusher or concealer for that matter. The unthinkable has happened: You lost your makeup bag.

Commence complete meltdown. It happens, whether you’re a cosmetic junkie or you’re just out here trying to have a good time with a great contour, it can happen to you. There is nothing worse than the frantic scramble you do when you realise your beloved makeup bag is missing.

It can be an emotionally draining experience, we feel your pain.

First there's the panic:

Then there's accepting meaningless sympathies from your friends:

"Thanks Emily but you're NW25 and I'm NW30." Wtf Emily? Get it together gal.

So you try some quick DIY tricks, it works for internet people, right?


So you just have to admit defeat

You will get through this, we believe in you! Stay strong and hey, now you can re-stock your make-up collection, hurrah!


We thought that normal Oreos were pretty great all by themselves. But then they introduced not just double stuffed, but mega stuffed versions. Oh, and the red velvet cake flavour, and the peanut butter flavour.

Any new type of Oreo announcement is generally enough to whip any snack food enthusiasts into a frenzy.

However, their latest announcement has got people reacting for all the wrong reasons. They’re maker Oreos smaller. Why!?

Speaking to the Associated Press, a senior director for the Mondelez International company said:

“They’re for adults, Oreo says they weren’t designed to be twisted open or dunked. That’s even though about half of customers pull apart regular Oreos before eating them, according to the company.”

So, not only are they taking away all of our fun, but they’re also making our snack time go-to smaller? Wtf Oreos? We are displeased. As are many others on the internet apparently.Some going to so far as to say Oreo Thins are promoting unrealistic standards for biscuit body image. We're not even kidding, this is a very serious issue.

It got us thinking about some of the changers our favourite foods have undergone, and how these changes have upset us, such as:

The great Freddo price increase.

The travesty that was reduced size Dairy Milk

The tearful goodbye to Big Time bars

The Fat Frog disappearance. 

The fact that penny sweets are simply no more. 5c for a fried egg? No thank you!

The short-lived joy that was entire bowls of food colouring and sugar for breakfast before Lucky Charms were ripped from us.

Why must they take everything we love!?



We’re probably not the only ones who can admit that we don’t mind indulging in some serious make up time every now and then. Who hasn’t devoted a solid 15 minutes nailing that perfect winged eyeliner before a big night out?

So, it kind of gets on our nerves when some people just can’t help but comment on our dedication to all things beauty product related. The cheek! We rounded up some of the one-liners we could really do with not hearing again any time soon.

“How long does it take you to get ready though?”


“You spent how much on that new Naked palette?”

“All those shades of red lipstick look the same.”

“I prefer a no makeup look.”

“Does anyone even wear purple eyeshadow?”

“What’s a beauty blogger anyway?”




Twitter was all a flutter yesterday when the hashtag #singlebecause started trending in Ireland.

To be honest, some of the reasons people come up with for their relationship status are hilarious at the best of times, but yesterday Irish Twitter users really pulled out all the stops.

While some people would rather pretend they have bird flu than explain to their granny one more time why they didn’t bring an S.O to the family BBQ, others were more than happy to explain their single status with the world.

So we read them, and we rounded up just a few of our favourites. It was pretty difficult to narrow these down, there were some absolute gems.

We knew this would catch up with u

It was all downhill from there.


Even fictional characters struggle.

This man has a lot to answer for.

You can't deny your true feelings.