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This may be the beauty product we've all been waiting for…What are our two favourite things? Pizza + glamorous eyeshadow = pure, unadulterated joy.

Yep, that's the truth. Glamlite Cosmetics have changed the make-up game by creating a pizza-themed vegan eyeshadow palette, and it's absolutely unreal.

The cruelty-free, vegan beauty giant have described the Pizza Palette as; The world’s most ‘delicious’ palette, fresh out of the oven and ready for delivery!”

My God.


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What's even cooler, if that's possible, is that the creator received hateful messages about her weight insinuating that she 'ate too many pizzas'. 

She then decided to carry out the greatest clap-back second only to anything Chrissy Teigen has ever done, by creating a PIZZA-themed palette which sold out in under 48 hours.

What an absolute QUEEN. We stan.


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The palette features 18 stunning 'toppings' to choose from, and colours to match. The names range from earthy emerald shades of 'Basil' to the shimmery gold of 'Pineapple', and even metallic purple 'Red Onions'.

This woman is a genius. The product has also been JEFFREE STAR APPROVED, which is no easy feat.

Gold star from the make-up Star himself;


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The packaging resembles a take-away pizza box, with highly pigmented colours achieving full coverage for any skin tone.

We're joining the masses and queueing up for one; it's unique and encompasses a badass clapback? We must have it. WE MUST.

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Fun fact: pineapples are the international symbol for hospitality – and we love them. 

They represent all that is sweet in the world, which explains why we see them dotted across the Internet in terms of style and fashion. 

However, the pineapple trend has gone beyond clothing, and has made its way to home decor (YAY!)

We have done up an edit of gorgeous pineapple-related goodies that will add a bit of hospitality to your home – and make you feel like you live in the Caribbean. 

1.  These amazing pineapple fairy lights

2. This groovy pineapple print

3. This amazing pineapple drinking jar

Image result for Mimo Pineapple Drinking Jar

4. This adorable copper pineapple dish

5. These amazing pineapple wall decals

Pineapple Wall Decals - Detailed Vinyl Wall Decals, Unique Pineapple Decor, Gold Decals, Silver Decals, Metallic Wall Decor, Unique Gifts

6.  This fruity door stopper

7. This tropical coaster

8. This gorgeous pineapple cushion

9. This fabulous door mat

Aloha Beaches Pineapple Doormat / Pineapple Decor / Funny Welcome Mat / Custom, Personalized Doormat / Outdoor Doormat / Cute Doormat

10. These lovely bookends