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We're all aware that Urban Decay have garnered an absolute CULT around their legendary make-up palettes. 

We can all remember the mass hysteria when their Naked palettes were released; we'd never seen the likes of it, and we all just HAD to acquire one.

Now the giant cosmetics brand are offering the chance to snatch a FREE Naked Reloaded palette worth €44 (£38), but you'll need to be prepared.


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They've just launched their Naked Reloaded palettes after the huge success of their debut Naked 1, 2 and 3 and have since added the Naked Cherry, Naked Smoky and Naked Fire Palettes.

Now Urban Decay have stated that they will gift the first 20 customers to walk through the doors of selected stores on Monday a FREE Naked Reloaded palette.

That's right, the claws will well and truly be out to play that day. You need to bring any other Urban Decay palette of yours to swap, however. Seems fair to us.


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The American brand removed the Naked palette from stores last August and effectively brought the beauty world into a state of grief.

The new take on their classic has since been offered, with 12 gorgeously glitter shades from warm browns to beige neutrals, rouge golds and sparkly whites.

Urban Decay are celebrating the first day of the Naked Reloaded palette hitting shelves officially with the giveaway, and we're expecting MAJOR queues to form from the break of dawn on Monday,

Get your EP tents ready for camping ladies, it's gonna be a bumpy ride when the doors open. 

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This may be the beauty product we've all been waiting for…What are our two favourite things? Pizza + glamorous eyeshadow = pure, unadulterated joy.

Yep, that's the truth. Glamlite Cosmetics have changed the make-up game by creating a pizza-themed vegan eyeshadow palette, and it's absolutely unreal.

The cruelty-free, vegan beauty giant have described the Pizza Palette as; The world’s most ‘delicious’ palette, fresh out of the oven and ready for delivery!”

My God.


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What's even cooler, if that's possible, is that the creator received hateful messages about her weight insinuating that she 'ate too many pizzas'. 

She then decided to carry out the greatest clap-back second only to anything Chrissy Teigen has ever done, by creating a PIZZA-themed palette which sold out in under 48 hours.

What an absolute QUEEN. We stan.


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The palette features 18 stunning 'toppings' to choose from, and colours to match. The names range from earthy emerald shades of 'Basil' to the shimmery gold of 'Pineapple', and even metallic purple 'Red Onions'.

This woman is a genius. The product has also been JEFFREE STAR APPROVED, which is no easy feat.

Gold star from the make-up Star himself;


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The packaging resembles a take-away pizza box, with highly pigmented colours achieving full coverage for any skin tone.

We're joining the masses and queueing up for one; it's unique and encompasses a badass clapback? We must have it. WE MUST.

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It would seem as though every week, we are introduced to a new (and usually fabulous) eyeshadow palette from our favourite brands. 

And as much as we adore setting eyes on gorgeous new cosmetics from International brands, we can't deny the fact that some are better than others. 

Whether we like it or not (but we do), Urban Decay are, without a doubt, the leaders of the pack when it comes to eyeshadow palettes. 

Back in 2010, Urban Decay changed the eyeshadow game forever, and frankly, they have been nailing it ever since. 


All I see is trouble. Troublemaker Mascara. #HereComesTrouble #UrbanDecay #regram: @ultabeauty

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I can safely say that I adore every single palette they release, from Naked 1 to their Alice In Wonderland collaboration – we simply cannot fault them! 

That brings us to our main point – Urban Decay are blessing us with a new eye shadow palette, and it is DIVINE. 

The Troublemaker palette is set to be released specifically to compliment the brands amazing Troublemaker mascara. 


10 shades and a mascara made for trouble. Troublemaker Eyeshadow Palette + Troublemaker Mascara.  #HereComesTrouble #UrbanDecay

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This palette features 10 GORGEOUS shades including a half-pan duo right in the middle of the tray. There is a shimmering burgundy and an olive green metallic shade that are the most autumnal and holiday-perfect colours we’ve ever seen!

The new Urban Decay Troublemaker palette will be available on November 16th for $39 (so roughly €35).

We'll be waiting with bated breath!



Is anyone else guilty of forking out fifty quid on an eyeshadow palette, because you just really like one or two shades? 

Well, same. 

But let's get serious for a momento – that is SUCH a waste of money (but we can't help it sometimes!)

Anyway, this got us thinking about palettes in general, and we began a hunt to find the best eyeshadow palettes out there – that we'd actually use.

Yep, we have found a wonderful edit of palettes that tick all the boxes – filled with colours we love, and actually want to use. 

 We will no longer be blinded by the excitement of a shiny new palette, only to find that the colours are actually not for us! 

Have a gawk, and let us know what you think:

1. Naked Heat by Urban Decay

Urban Decay, Naked Heat palette

2. Pro Eyes Tin in Glam by Profusion Cosmetics

3. BIG sexy eye kit by Benefit

4. I DIVINE Eyeshadow Palette in All Night Long by Sleek MakeUp.

Image result for I DIVINE Eyeshadow Palette in All Night Long

5. Eyeshadow X 9 in Burgundy by M.A.C.

6. Eyeshadow palette in 01 Nude by Yves Saint Lauren.

Image result for Yves Saint Laurent Eyeshadow palette 01 nude



Storybook Cosmetics have just announced the release of their new Roald Dahl inspired eyeshadows, and it's the stuff all our childhood dreams are made of.

The brand took to Instagram to give us a little speak peek at the new Charlie and The Chocolate Factory pallet, and although they haven't given too much away, they have said that the product is part of a collaboration with Roald Dahl Estate.

The packaging is made to look like a book and even features the original illustrations from the 1964 classic.

The exact contents of the package are yet to be revealed, but one teaser post has shown a highly pigmented shimmering gold, representing that all-important golden ticket.

Sticking with the theme, we can imagine a few chocolate, blueberry and possibly oompa-lumpa inspired shades might also make an appearance.

Although there is no official launch date, Storybook Cosmetics have told fans to Stay ''tuned for more sweet updates in the next few weeks.''


PRE-SALE IS NOW LIVE! Order yours through StorybookCosmetics.com

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In the past, the company have released collections inspired by a number of other fictional worlds including Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, and if they're anything to go by, this palette will open a world of pure imagination.   


Hands up if you remember the fantastic Japanese cartoon called Sailor Moon!

*throws two hands in the air enthusiastically*

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Well, if you were a fan of this iconic animated series, you are about to get really, really excited. 

Creer Beaute has just released an amazing Sailor Moon inspired eye shadow palette, and it has all the gems. 

This Sailor Moon Eye Shadow Palette Is More Swoon-Worthy Than Tuxedo Mask

The compact, which is gold and magical, contains four fabulous eyeshadow shades, one of which can double as a blusher.

The Sailor Moon Prism Compact will be available to purchase online as of March 2017, and will cost €33. 

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We need to add this baby to our growing collection.