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We have officially reached 'believing in conspiracy theories' section of Kylie Jenner's phantom pregnancy. 

On the one hand, we have all those grainy photos which appear to show the 20-year-old lip kit mogul heavily with child, that covered up Calvin Klein ad and the numerous 'quotes' from 'sources close to the family, and on the other we have approximately nothing from the Kardashian clan themselves. 

However, if we know Kris Jenner like we wish we did, we would think that the momager wouldn't let a little thing like a pregnancy announcement go buy without a sufficient amount of monetisation. 

So, if it was to be announced on KUWTK like Kim's, we wouldn't be surprised. 

Well, this nifty little hypothesis is backed up by some information about the episode titles of the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians. 

Wikipedia shows that the season finale could be called We're Expecting. 


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Seeing as both Kim and Khloe have already announced their pregnancy news in the season, this led one Twitter account, Tabloid Art Culture, to point out that the season finale could be Kylie's time to shine. 

Obviously Wikipedia is not the most reliable source for information, but the site has been right about the season's episode titles so far. 

However, the account also speculates that the episode could actually be about big sister Khloe's pregnancy. 

With an updated synopsis being added for episode 18 which details the fact that Khloe is trying to keep her pregnancy secret from the public, it would be that episode 19 focuses on the Good American designer's Instagram announcement. 

The episode doesn't air on E! until February 25, so we still have a few weeks until we find out for sure. 

Seriously, we're cracking up here Kylie, we NEED to know. 


IKEA's latest advert might just be its most creative, albeit completely bonkers, marketing strategy to date.

In a bizarre yet oddly clever attempt to promote the sale of baby cribs, the Swedish furniture retailer is asking its female customers to pee on its latest print ad.

Sounds pretty disgusting, we know – but hear us out.

The flyer, designed by advertising agency Åkestam Holst, actually contains chemicals similar to those found in home pregnancy tests.

The idea is that when a pregnant women urinates on the ad, the positive result will reveal a discount code for the advertised crib.

The unique ad was published in the latest edition of Amelia – one of Sweden's most influential female-focused magazines.

Speaking to AdWeek, the agency behind the campaign said: “In order to make the interactive functions of this ad work in reality, we had to make several technical advancements.”

“The pregnancy test strip was used as a starting point… Careful selection of materials, together with a controlled capillary flow have been crucial for the success of this project. Technical advancements made during the work with this campaign have the potential to improve medical diagnostics.”

So, what do you reckon? Absolutely gross or utterly genius?


Discovering you're pregnant can be one of the most exciting moments in a person's life. 

Khloé Kardashian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to share how that special event played out.

'Tristan kept saying 'You're pregnant' and I was like: 'Be quiet. I'm not pregnant,'the 33-year-old told the talk show host.


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'I was nauseous, not feeling well and then he had to leave the country and I took a pregnancy test… I was like, screaming. It's so weird and surreal,' she said excitedly.

Khloé can hardly walk down a street without being photographed, so getting her hands on a pregnancy test was a task in and of itself.

The mum-to-be sent out her 'trusty assistant' Alexa to get the test. For weeks on end, only Alexa and Tristan knew the good news.


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The couple refrained from telling the rest of the Kardashian clan until Tristan was back in the States, as they wanted to spill the beans together.

The happy moment was captured Keeping Up With The Kardashians, of course. 

The show's crew actually knew that Khloé was pregnant before her own family. In a way, though, the crew are family as well.

'I've known the crew since 2007. We've had pretty much, essentially, the same crew. And they've been involved in so much of the best and the worst of our lives. And they keep quiet," the reality star shared.

Jimmy asked the TV personality if she's received any advice from her sisters or mum since they found out she's pregnant. Khloé said yes, but that 'a lot of it is, you know, unwanted'.

'Kourtney gives a lot of advice, and I think it's so sweet, but I don't want to do some of that stuff…It's either her way or no way,' she admitted.

Khloé said she and Kourtney been fighting a lot lately as a result, and that usually they 'never fight'. One point of contention was Khloé's desire to have a TV in her nursery.


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She said her big sister thinks Khloé is 'the worst person ever for wanting a TV'.

Hopefully, though, they'll patch things up, as Kourtney and the rest of the fam are expected to be in the delivery room in Cleveland with Tristan and Khloé on the big day.

'I've been in the delivery room for all of their babies…I even witnessed Kylie being born from my mom,' the expecting mum shares.

She was only 13 years old at the time, and she said the experience was 'horrifying'.


If you're anything like us, the mystery of Kylie Jenner' pregnancy has been driving you up the walls for weeks. 

We felt sure that Kylie would reveal her baby news in the wake of big sister Khloe's amazing baby news, but alas, the wait for Kylie confirmation continues.

As Kylie has taken a side step out of the spotlight, and has refrained from sharing any snaps of herself on social media, it's boyfriend Travis Scott who has been fending off many of the pregnancy queries. 


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The rapper has refused to comment on the matter and has remained seriously tight-lipped, but said more than usual in a recent interview with Billboard. 

When discussing family, Scott was asked if he had spoken to his father about becoming a father.

His elusive response? 'Uh… for what?'


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Now, that's not exactly the response we were looking for, but much like his gf, he's clearly playing hard-to-get on the baby revelation front. 

'There are these rumours that you’re dating Kylie and having a child with her…' the Billboard interviewer then asked. 

'I don’t want to talk about that,' responded Scott.


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'They’re just guesses. Let them keep fishing.'

From Travis Scott's answers it would seem that the rumours arent true, but we've all seen those baby bump pictures…


America Ferrera has taken to Instagram to share with fans that she is expecting. 

This will bve the Ugly Betty actress' first child. 

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants star used the New Year celebrations to make her announcement. 


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Uploading a picture of herself and her husband Ryan Piers Williams.

America can be seen holding up a tiny grey baby grow in the picture, which carries the phrase:

'Más Besos por favor' -more kisses, please. 


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America captioned the post: 'We’re welcoming one more face to kiss in 2018.'

Her husband uploaded the same snap to his own Instagram. 

Wishing them the best of luck with their new arrival. 


Another day, another Kardashian / Jenner rumour.

With Kylie Jenner disappointing countless fans and followers by failing to confirm her reported pregnancy over Christmas, it seems social media users have turned their attention to her older sister, Kendall.

Following her decision to share a fairly low-key selfie on Instagram in recent days, Kendall has found herself the subject of intense speculation as Instagrammers debate the existence of a baby bump.

No, seriously.


loner life

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Focussing on Kendall's midriff, fans of the 22-year-old suggested that she may follow in her older sister Khloe's footsteps by becoming the latest member of the reality TV family to announce a pregnancy.

And Kendall isn't having it.

Taking to Twitter to dismiss the rumours, Kendall insisted that the speculation surrounding her frankly non-existent tum was born of a food baby, writing: "I just like bagels OK!"

The tweet, which has amassed more than 130,000 likes, was inundated with responses from fans praising the speed with which Kendall responded to the speculation.

"It’s like they’ve never heard of a “food baby”. People need to calm down," wrote one.

"If you’re pregnant than I’m having twins…." added another.

We're with them on that.



Huge congratulations are in order as Jamie Lynn Spears has announced that she is expecting her second baby.

The mum shared the heart-warming news with her 1.4 million Instagram followers on Christmas Eve.

The former Zoey 101 star posted a family photo alongside the sweetest message, 'Looks like we are starting off 2018 with another big milestone…sooo happy to announce that Maddie is FINALLY going to be a big sister.'


Looks like we are starting off 2018 with another big milestone…sooo happy to announce that Maddie is FINALLY going to be a big sister2017 was filled with some of the biggest challenges of my life, as well as some of the biggest blessings, so I made a choice to lay low this year to focus on truly becoming my best self as a person and as an artist. During that time, I continued working on my music and telling my story, which has created some of my most honest work and I CANT wait to share that with you all very soon. 2018 is going to be filled with many milestones both personally and professionally. I appreciate each of you for your patience and support through it­ all. 2018 has a lot coming, so GET READY…….. #12DaysofJLS

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Jamie reflected on the past year in her monumental post, '2017 was filled with some of the biggest challenges of my life, as well as some of the biggest blessings.'

I made a choice to lay low this year to focus on truly becoming my best self as a person and as an artist.'

She added, '2018 is going to be filled with many milestones both personally and professionally. I appreciate each of you for your patience and support through it­ all. 2018 has a lot coming, so GET READY…'

Fans were quick to congratulate Jamie on her joyous news.

'I’ve literally been waiting for this post! Had a feeling it was coming soon! Congratulations!' said onbe. 


New research from scientists at McGill University in Quebec, Canada shows that a large number of childless women tend to have been born to older mothers.

The data analysed came from 43,000 women. 

Strangely enough, the Human Reproduction-published study found fathers' ages had no significant effect on whether or not their daughters had children.

One important point to note, though, is the fact that scientists cannot prove if this correlation is due to whether these women struggled to conceive or if they consciously chose not to start a family.

"We had no knowledge of whether childlessness was intentional," the researchers noted, though they said that this link between childlessness and being born to an older mother was 'consistent'. 

However, the authors of the study still noted that 'evaluating the influence of maternal age at birth on offspring fertility is a public health priority'.

Peter Nagy, from the Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta, told the Guardian that age is something women planning to conceive should keep in mind, saying: "A mother’s reproductive age is important not only for herself but it will determine to a certain extent the chances of her daughter or daughters being infertile.

"When we are treating patients close to the age of 40, we are helping them get babies but, at the same time, these children will have a higher risk of becoming infertility patients."

The idea that a woman's fertility is related to her mother's health is not new.

Past studies have suggested that a woman's fertility can be predicted by the age at which her mother went through menopause. 

A 2012 study published in Human Reproduction found that levels of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) and antral follicle count (AFC), both positive predictors for ovarian reserves, dropped faster in women whose mums experienced menopause earlier. 

This means that women whose mothers had menopause at an earlier age may struggle to conceive.


At this stage, KUWTK fans have reached a peak of desperation in their thirst for knowledge regarding Kylie Jenner's alleged pregnancy. 

The only person who can put us out of our misery is the woman herself (or Kris) and it doesn't seem like we'll be getting any answers any time soon. 

Fans have taken to analysing every detail of Ky's social media posts, searching for meaning and symbolism like we're back in Leaving Cert English Paper 1. 


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The reality TV star hosted Thanksgiving dinner for her family last week, and over the weekend, theories regarding one particular Snapchat post began to circulate. 

Kourtney Kardashian uploaded a snap of Kylie's Thanksgiving cookies to her Snapchat that had fans in a frenzy. 

The rice krispy treats were made to resemble turkeys, but one turkey in particular caught our eye (thanks to Kourt's handy arrow). 

One turkey seems to have a pregnancy belly, unlike the rest. 

Fans are seeing this an a sign that Kylie really is with child. 

However, others think that perhaps the pregnant turkey is in homage to big sister Kim, who is expecting a baby via surrogate early next year. 


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Another theory is that Kylie has been consistently hinting at the sex of her imminent arrival thought the prolific use of pink on her social media.

Thanksgiving was no different, with a pink theme for the decorations. 

Could they just tell us already?



Miley Cyrus took to her Instagram last night to put to bed some rumours which have been plaguing her social media streams. 

The Malibu singer recently posted a snap of herself preparing for her birthday, in which she posed in front of some balloons donning an oversized t-shirt.

The snap sent fans into a frenzy as they speculated that the star was pregnant. 


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However, Miley took to her Instagram story to clarify a few things. 

Letting down the pregnancy hopefuls, she confirmed that the little tummy displayed in the picture was in fact a food baby. 

'Not pregnant, just eating a s*** ton of Tofurky… RUDE!!!' she said.


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Miley had even mentioned in the post caption that she had been partaking in some hearty healthy eating that day. 

Now, if only Kylie Jenner would answer her own pregnancy rumours so quickly…


Kim Kardashian has taken to Instagram to give fans an insight into her preparation for her third child. 

Baby number three's imminent arrival was marked by a lavish and certainly stunning baby shower thrown by his or her mum. 

Kim and Kanye's third child is expected to arrive via surrogate. 

'Okay guys my baby shower for baby number three, it's just a tea for three with a cherry blossom forest. It is so pretty,' she told her fans.

'We're still setting up but it's a beautiful tea in a cherry blossom forest.' 

The home was decked out in pink and purple cherry blossom trees, with a carpet of cherry blossom petals scattered on the floor.

Little sister Kylie Jenner also took to Snapchat to share the occasion with her followers.

Kim also used the event as opportunity to promote her new fragrance line, giving away the collection as party favours. 

Sister Khloe Kardashian also arrived to the party (seemingly without a baby bump of her own, if those rumours are still doing the rounds) and looked amazing in a blue mini dress. 


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Kim donned a matching grey bodycon skirt and bandeau top for the occasion. 

Kim previously revealed her pregnancy to Khloe in an episode of KUTWTK.

'What happens every time I say guess what?' Kim asked Khloe over the phone, who responds that it means someone's pregnant.

'We're having a baby!' Kim replied. 


Kylie Jenner has tongues wagging once again, after the reality TV star failed to showcase her Halloween ensemble in it's entirety. 

Usually one to showcase her figure on Snapchat and Instagram, the 20-year-old only posted head shots this Halloween, as rumours of her alleged pregnancy continue to circulate. 

The star donned what appeared to be a figure hugging angel costume, which complimented the devil costume worn by bestie Jordyn Woods. 


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Kylie completed the look with white lashes and an icy blonde wig. 

When sharing snaps online, the star only shared pictures from the décolletage up, despite the dramatic wings she sported on her back.

The social media sharing is a far cry from last year's Halloween, when the makeup mogul flaunted her enviable abs in an epic Christina Aguilera homage costume.


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Her new social media habits have buoyed rumours of her alleged pregnancy, but one image on Snapchat had fans questioning the alleged pregnancy. 

The star recently shared a picture of a hearty plate of food, which sat on the table beside a full glass of wine, leading fans to speculate that the beauty guru isn't pregnant. 

Can we just get a confirmation already? The suspense is killing us.