A pregnant Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter over the weekend to show off her home-schooling set-up ahead of the new school year and we are in awe!

“Everyone get ready for… Miss Chrissy. Pregnant and here for it (I really have always wanted to be a teacher!” the 34-year-old wrote. In the photos of Chrissy’s at-home preschool there are 2 tables with 4 small chairs around each one, with organised containers of stationary and craft supplies atop each.

Source: twitter.com/chrissyteigen

The spacious classroom is lined with huge glass windows, showing off the incredible scenic views which surround her and John Legend’s LA home. It features a cozy reading nook, a costume corner, musical instruments, all of the arts and crafts supplies you would need and actual cubbies for hanging up your coat and backpack.

The model and celebrity chef made sure to clarify that she won’t actually be the one doing the teaching though. “We are absolutely bringing in a professional but I’ve got cooking, John’s got music, Grandma has… day-drinking. It will be a great school year,” Chrissy explained.

Source: twitter.com/chrissyteigen

We think it’s fair to say that Chrissy’s at-home set-up is every school teacher and home-schooling parent’s dream. Chrissy, knowing how lucky she is to create such a wonderful space for her four-year-old daughter, Luna, and two-year-old son, Miles, decided to pay it forward.

“If you are a teacher in need of supplies for the upcoming school year, please drop your amazon wishlist here, I will do as many as I can!” Chrissy tweeted.

Source: twitter.com/chrissyteigen

The mom-of-two announced that she wants to help as many school teachers as she can, offering to pay for all of their school supplies for the upcoming year, wanting to pay particular attention to struggling districts and students with special needs. 

She revealed, “Today I cleared 50 entire lists and countless extra items were purchased from lovely people passing through. Will do more this week and would love to focus on struggling districts and special needs. Please keep posting in this thread!”.

Chrissy announced her surprise pregnancy with her husband, award-winning singer, John Legend, earlier in the month. It was revealed at the end of John’s latest music video for his song, Wild, where it showed John cradling Chrissy’s small baby bump, on the beach with their two children.