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Foodies assemble! Dublin's Vegfest is back.

In it's third year, this vegan festival is looking oh-so tasty.

Whether you're a vegan, plant-based b*tch or just nosey AF about the lifestyle, Griffith College is where you want to be this weekend.


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The two-day event will be bursting with famous speakers, informative talks and most importantly – our biggest joy in life, food.

The Food Village will be jammers with cuisines from around the globe, divine sweet treats and all those sought-after vegan products. 

If you're headed to this holy grail, I recommend bringing your fat trousers, cash as not all vendors take card and gorging on the fried chick'n that will make you question your entire life.


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As for the speakers, you may know a few familiar faces.

Grab a seat and listen to best-selling cookbook author Áine Carlin ( RTE's The Afternoon Show), Holly White (The Six O Clock Show) and Paul Knapp ( Ireland AM's Fire Fighting Chef). 

And for all you health and fitness junkies, German' strongest man Patrik Baboumian is there to talk all thing plant-powered protein. 


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Dublin Vegfest organiser, Pears Hussey gave SHEmazing the low-down on all the other elements of the festival – and be prepared to get your hands dirty. 

"We've packed the schedule with cooking and skin care demonstrations. People can feel the burn at the hot sauce competition, and get a vegan themed tattoo at the Tattoo Parlour (temporary only)." 

"If you work out or aspire to you can meet the Athletes panel. The Art of Compassion Gallery will exhibit Vegan Poster Art. Amy True will share conscious hip hop tunes," said Pears.

Bringing the Vegfest to close on Saturday, there will be an after-party, which is a great way to socialise and possibly find a vegan boyfriend – haha jokes, they're impossible to find and if you do stumble upon one they're usually already taken. – No vegan love for you.

But Kiruu will be supplying the tunes and it should be a fab way to end your day.


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Veganism seems to be popping up all over the place, so we put the question to Pears about the lifestyle growing in Ireland.

"The growth of really good vegan food producers across the Island has taken off. Demand for information on eating and living vegan across social media is making traditional media outlets take interest. That's a good thing. Restaurants and shops increase their vegan options almost weekly," he said.

"There is a need to embrace people that are curious or passionate about making lifestyle changes and eating vegan. To gently support and say "Hey look at all this really tasty foods and things we can do to live healthier, happier lives." That's where we and our partners come in providing that experience in a fun way over the two days. It's an exciting time," he added.

The Dublin Vegfest will be held in Griffith College on September 22 and 23. 

You can get your tickets here.


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The beautiful people at Iceland have heard the hungry cries of the vegans.

The supermarket has just announced an exciting new range of meat-replicating’ plant-based foods, following the success of It’s No Bull Burger. 

If you don't know what a No Bull Burger is – YOU HAVEN'T LIVED. 


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The news keeps getting better, as Iceland has rolled out the 13 new vegan products in 24 stores around Ireland, today. 

Our mouths are already watering at the sounds of No Porkies Chorizo (the first meat-replicating chorizo, I'll have you know). 

No Chick Chunks, and No Bull Asian Burgers are also on the menu, which includes wheat protein seasoned with Asian spices – for all those vegan gains, baby!


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Iceland's plan behind this new line was to give people an option to cook like they would meat, but to get in all those plant-based foods without sacrificing the taste or texture.

This new vegan range is a part of Iceland’s innovative pledge, which will see the removal of palm oil from their own food labels by the end of this year. 

It's a serious win-win!


The new series of The Great British Bake Off kicks off next week, and while we're still not over the fact that Mary Berry is no longer part of it, we're pretty excited about this year's series. 

That's because they're bringing in a new addition to the show, one which, we're sure, plenty of people will be living for: vegan week. 


Meet our new batch of bakers #starts28th

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Explaining the reason for it, judge Paul Hollywood said that they wanted something a little different for the new series, and considering the huge growth in veganism in recent times, vegan week was just a natural fit.

"We wanted something different and something to represent what was happening in this country. Veganism was something that seems to be growing, and we wanted to represent it on the Bake Off this year, and that's why it's in," the baker said at a press event. 

Neither Paul nor fellow judge Prue Leith are vegans, and have said that the vegan bakes were judged just as they would "something conventional". 

"You can't judge it and say, 'It's okay for a vegan'. It has to be good. Period. And that's how we judged it – we were surprised."


Morning x

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The judges encouraged vegans or anyone thinking of becoming a vegan to watch the show, insisting that it is a week not to be missed. 

"If you're a vegan, or you're thinking about it, and just worried about how it's going to change your life, watch it and see."

The Great British Bake Off returns to Channel 4 on Tuesday, 28th August at 8pm. 


We're often told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we believe it. 

We'd all love to have a healthier breakfast, but most days we're lucky if we manage to gulp down a coffee and snatch a slice of toast out of the toaster on our way out the door. (Bonus points if you drop the toast in a puddle while running for the bus.)

One vegan Instagrammer is putting us all to shame with her version of the now classic smoothie bowl. 

Smoothie bowls have become more and more popular over the years, and every healthy lifestyle enthusiast worth their salt has been meticulously arranging chia seeds and slicing strawberries to create picturesque pools of pureed fruit for months now. 

While we can rustle up a pretty decent looking one on the weekends, ours are nothing compared to Rachel Lorton. 

Rachel has been posting her delicious and very Instagrammable bowls since 2015, so the Texan native was definitely a trailblazer when it came to this foodie trend. 

Rachel also has her very own cookbook full of vegan recipes for those who want to embark on a plant-based lifestyle. 

We're seriously contemplating getting up 20 minutes earlier to make a few of these beautiful bowls: 



You don't have to be vegan to buy or support cruelty-free cosmetics. 

Every euro you spend sends a powerful message.

That's why supporting brands that don't test on animals like bunnies and puppies is clearly the way to go!

We have 11 products you can buy guilt-free, and that won't compromise you looking fabulous. (You can thank us later).

1. The Prince of Darkness – Lush

Kicking off the list, we are going to the dark side.

Lush has created an activated charcoal face mask called the Prince of Darkness.

The product often sells out and it's easy to understand why. It's infused with lavender oil and fine sea salt to clean the depths of your skin (and possibly your soul). It will have your face feeling soft and refreshed after it works its magic.

They will have to pry it out of my lifeless hand before I stop using it. 

2. 'Tattoo Liner' – Kat Von D 

This eyeliner is one that just doesn't budge.

Crying your eyes out after being dumped? Don't worry because your eyeliner will still look unreal. 

Being attacked by hayfever season? This eyeliner has you covered as your eyes and nose may run, but this ain't going anywhere.

End up in a CAR accident? Once again, the liner comes through to have those cat eyes looking sharp. 

The queen of tattooing had us covered when she was designing the product.

3. Yes, Please! Pressed Powder Shadow Palette – ColourPop

Yes, Please! – Just take our money. This eyeshadow palette is stunning, practical and pigmented. 

Hitting their best selling list, the shades give you a subtle pop of colour.

Perfect for a night out in town or a dinner date catch up, this cruelty-free palette is an absolute steal. 

4.  Soft Neutral Wine Matte Lipstick – Charlotte Tilbury 

The matte revolution is a limited edition, so you better act fast if you want to paint the town red with this lippy. 

Inspired by our favourite Friday night hobby (WINE), this lipstick is a luscious red that will make your lips stand out from the crowd.

On the slightly dear side of life, the dazzling colour and smooth application makes it worth every penny.

5.  Brazilian Cupacu Scrub-In-Oil – The Body Shop

The secret to why this body scrub is unbelievable is nut oil. When they made oils, they didn't make them equal.

This scrub contains the cupuaçu nut which is responsible for Amazonian's enviously beautiful skin. 

It's a tag team as the magical oil is mixed with fine salt crystals.

The combo means the scrub is much more effective at penetrating and exfoliating the skin. 

The Body Shop is also massively against animal testing and you will currently receive a fiver off your purchase if you sign their petition in store. It's really a no-brainer.

6. Nail Polish – Catrice 

You don't have to lose your sparkle when shopping cruelty-free. 

This stunning nail polish is a combination of Shake & Seal Top Coat ‘01 Ocean Drive’ over ICONails Gel Lacquer ‘55 All Roads Lead To The Ocean’.

For those eagle-eyed beauty lovers, you might have already guessed that the range is available in Pennys.

It's the shop that just keeps on giving!

7.  Superdrug Extracts Shampoo & Conditioner – Superdrug

Don't compromise your haircare, these shampoos and conditioners from the Superdrug range will have you in hair heaven. 

They're also PERFECT for a student budget.

The creamy conditioner coats your locks to leave them strong and healthy. An added bonus is both the shampoo and conditioner smell incredibly fruity. 

You get a lot for your buck here as their haircare line is extensive and affordable.

8. Purifying Body Ritual Travel Set – Urban Veda

Our jobs and plans to travel the world means that we have to make selective choices about the cosmetics we pop into our suitcase.

Whether you're taking a car, plane or train, this travel set will be one you shouldn't leave the house without.

Parabens are banished from this range, so they respect and work gently incoordination with your skin. 

If that wasn't enough, it does a solid for the environment by being 100% recyclable! 

It's a win-win.

9. Stay Matte & Beautiful Brush Collection, 5 Piece Set – Eco-tools

A sister duo founded Eco-tools with the mission to make us feel beautiful inside and out.

A staple in my makeup bag, this is a brand to get behind.

They're environmentally friendly, high-quality, and affordable too.

The range uses only recycled materials, renewable bamboo and a high standard of manufacturing processes. 

Their care and attention are very much reflected in their products.

The brushes are soft, long-lasting with such a smooth application you'll be feeling like a MUA. 

10. Instant Lift Brow Pencil – E.L.F

It's hard to imagine the time when big brows weren't in.

We only have our cringe-worthy photos as evidence of the crimes committed against our eyebrows. 

This instant lift brow pencil comes in three shades and it's a hot favourite amongst E.L.F lovers.

E.L.F has listened to our cries for good quality makeup at affordable prices.

They're so good that it's almost hard not to get carried away with buying EVERYTHING.

11. Huangjisoo Pure Foaming Cleanser Deep Cleansing (Peppermint) –  The Konjac Sponge Co

To complete our listicle is the Konjac Sponge company.

They know how to look after your skin by taking Korean beauty secrets and applying them to their skincare line.

The deep cleanser combines peppermint, cucumber and chrysanthemum extracts which calms, expels dirt and refines the skin.

You'll be given a healthy gorgeous glow every time you go to take off your makeup, thanks to this incredible product. 

It's hypoallergenic and made with 98 percent of natural ingredients, so even those with the most complex and sensitive skin can enjoy this cleanser.


Veganism has become pretty popular these days, with the number of vegans in the UK rising by 360 per cent in the last 10 years, according to a recent study by The Vegan Society.

With this in mind, we're sure there are plenty of Irish people willing to try the vegan lifestyle, which strictly prohibits the consumption of any animal by-products. 

Veganism has been cited to improve the health, aid weight loss and be better for the environment than a carnivorous diet according to its followers. 

Here are a few tips to get started if you want to give it a try: 

8. Watch a few documentaries.

There are plenty of documentaries out there about the reasons for going vegan, and plenty of videos about how to do it efficiently.

Films like Earthlings, Cowspiricy and Vegucated have been credited for turning many people on to the vegan lifestyle. 

A warning though, these flicks expose the grim realities of the meat and animal by-product business and may be a bit much for squeamish folk. 

7. Order PETA's free vegan guide

Animal rights organisation PETA is a huge promoter of the vegan lifestyle.

They have a free Vegan Starter Kit for those interested, all you have to do is head to the website and give your address, and the kit will be sent out to you anywhere in the world, completely free. 

6. Make small swaps

Making small steps like swapping cow's milk for soy or oat milk and switching crisp flavours can take your diet from carnivorous to vegan. 

There are tonnes of options to try when it comes to milk and cheese alternatives. 

5. Try new things

Speaking of these alternatives, don't be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone and try some new taste experiences.

While almond butter and hemp seeds may not sound the most appetising, trying vegan alternatives is so important in order to maintain a balanced plant-based diet. It's not just about eating salad!


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4. Consider why you're doing it.

There are people who move to veganism for ethical reasons, those who do it for health reasons and those who do it to lose weight.

Having a clear motive for your transition will make sticking to it so much easier. 

3. Ditch dairy. 

People cite the amazing benefits of minimising their dairy intake. 

Ditching dairy is a prerequisite for the vegan diet, but it can also help clear the skin and put an end to bloating. 


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2. Consider your non-food choices.

A lot of people who choose veganism for ethical reasons look further than their diet when it comes to incorporating the message into their everyday lives. 

Some avoid leather or products made at the expense of any animal, and actively avoid beauty products that test on animals or include animal by-products. 

1. Keep an eye on the carbs.

When going vegan or even vegetarian, it can be easy to rely on pure carbs to keep yourself going if you haven't taken the time to look into new food choices. 

This can leave your plates looking pretty beige, so make sure you're getting plenty of variety into your diet. 

Feature image: Instagram/ Vegan Food Spot/ Lumadeline


If you have committed to going vegan, or if you are just trying to introduce more plant-based food to your diet, you may have noticed that eliminating animal produce isn't THAT hard. 

But while you can make some delicious curries, pies and pasta dishes without missing meat or dairy, baking is a whole other story. 

How do you replace cream cheese in a cheesecake? How do you bake without eggs? Luckily, a lot of vegan bakers have answers these questions and come up with the most delicious vegan versions of your favourite cakes. 

You are welcome!

1. Apple caramel cheesecake

2. One-bowl chocolate cake

3. Chocolate chip cookie cheesecake

4. Lemon cake

5. Gluten-free carrot cake

6. Vanilla and berry layer cake

7. Coconut chocolate cake with vanilla coconut frosting

8. Plum and polenta upside-down cake

9. Snickerdoodle cupcakes

10. Chocolate peanut butter mugcake



So, in case you haven't noticed, whole food and plant-based diets have become somewhat of a trend over the past few years

From smashed avocados to açai bowls, Instagram feeds are overflowing with delicious recipes that put our sub-standard culinary skills to shame.

With so many dishes to choose from, it can be hard to keep up with the latest foodie trends. However, there is one dish that looks like it could be sticking around – sweet potato toast.

This vegan breakfast alternative has been doing the rounds on social for about a year now, but incase you're unfamiliar with the concept, it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

Pieces of thinly sliced sweet potato, toasted to perfection and loaded with ingredients of your choice.


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It's a quick, simple and healthy alternative to bread, and with a endless array of toppings to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

The Insta-worty dish can be enjoyed sweet or savoury and we have a funny feeling we may have found out new go-to breakfast.

Alyssia Sheikh from the Mind Over Munch YouTube channel has some really tasty versions to try:

Feature Image: Instagram 


Being a vegetarian or even – god forbid! – a vegan is thankfully getting easier in Ireland, but there are still a few niggling little annoyances that those committed to the cause have to endure. 

1. Strangely concerned strangers

Image result for protein

When you tell people you're a veggie, they suddenly get really, really concerned about your protein levels. Note to meat eaters: vegetarianism does not make you shrivel up from lack of protein. 

And anytime you get sick? "You're probably not getting enough protein!"

2. The great bacon debate

Image result for bacon

Hearing "but bacon though!" every other time you tell people you're a vegetarian.

3. Wanting to be vegan…

Image result for cheese pizza food porn

But not quite having the will power to give up cheese and eggs yet. Maybe one day. Maybe.

4. People never understanding why you cant eat jellies

Image result for haribo

Having to explain what gelatin is and where it comes from every time someone breaks out a bag of Haribo isn't fun. 

5. Barbecues

Image result for hungry

Not that we usually get the weather for them, but these meat feasts inevitably roll around every summer, and for vegetarians the BYOB usually means bring your own burgers. Of the veggie variety. 

6. Tapas

Image result for hungry

Sharing tapas with a table of meat eaters never works out well. They two or three token vegetarian tapas get snapped up as sides for the meat dishes and you inevitable leave hungry. And you still had to split the bill equally. 

7. It's a phase

Image result for phase mom

Parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents will probably use this phase to describe your new found vegetarianism at some point or another.

Even after a decade or two. 

8. "So what DO you eat?"

Image result for vegetarian phase

Everything that meat eaters do. Sans meat. 

9. People thinking you're out to convert them

Image result for vegetarian phase

This is not the church of chick pea curries and chicken-less nuggets. There is no Quorn Quran. 

10. Overly relying on carbs

Image result for carbs

When making the first foray into vegetarianism, things can seem pretty simple. Pizza, pasta, noodles, bread and their equally carb-laden cohorts are the initial go-to foods. 

Luckily vegetarianism is an excuse to experiment with new foods, so turning a beige palette into a rainbow doesn't take long. 

11. Excessive label reading

Image result for grocery shopping

Fortunately at least half of all supermarket items are vegetarian these days.

Unfortunately at least half of that half are mysteriously not marked with the comforting green V label veggies are reliant on, leading to excessive label reading and quick scientific equations (via google) to figure out if the triglycerides in those biscuits are derived from animal fats. 

12. Tofu troubles

Image result for tofu

Unless you have been specifically trained in the art of preparing and cooking tofu, it can be a bit of a bother.

Seriously. how long does tofu need to marinate? Does anyone know?  

13. Having notions

Image result for notions

Even if you hail from the glittering metropolis that is Dublin city, being opposed to eating meat can still be placed in the "notions" category. 

It's up there with drinking almond milk, preferring ciabatta to good old fashioned Brennans and wearing hats for fashion as opposed to function. 


David and Steven Flynn know a thing or two about healthy eating and with the summer basically already here, we kinda need a bit of help to feel good in our skimpy festival clothes… 

As they were celebrating the 5 years of The Food Academy, a programme designed to help small businesses getting their products on SuperValu shelves, the famous twins answered our questions, from their ultimate tip to get that beach bod to why they want to step away from the vegan labelling. 


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What is the dish that your children always ask you to cook?

Pancakes! We make them every Saturday morning. My daughter Elsie is 7 and she can make them. They are dairy-free pancakes that are much higher in fibre than the regular ones. I’m happy for them to eat them because they are really good for them. It’s a great recipe and we serve it with this healthier Nutella that we make ourselves – it’s got 60% hazelnut. 

What is their favourite treat?

They are like all kids, they like sugar! They will take any form of sweets or chocolates. When they are with me they have kombucha which is a fermented tea that is very good for the digestion and the immune system, or else they might have a treat from our cafe, which would have a high fibre content.


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Do you believe that eating a vegan diet is sustainable for everyone?

I don’t think the message is about being vegan or vegetarian, I think it’s about eating more fruits and vegs. I think people get caught up thinking “I need to be a vegan or a vegetarian” but I really think it’s back to basics. We all want to be happy, healthy, wholesome humans and every leading science says you that eating more fruits and vegs makes your body healthier and therefore much more likely to be happier. I think the vegan label puts people off because it is too black and white. At the end of the day we are all going to die and what’s important is to be as healthy and happy as we can while we are here. 

What was your favourite dish growing up?

Porridge was always my favourite. We would add bran flakes on top, we kept it very simple. Mam would never allow us to have sugary cereals like Coco Pops as kids.

What about your favourite treat?

On Friday night, Dad would come home from work and bring back a selection of chocolate bars as treats. I think my favourites were the caramel ones.

Has cooking always been a family affair for you guys?

No it really wasn’t! As kids, we saw food as fuel, our mam is one of the few people who eats to live, it was never a pleasure for her so it wasn’t until we changed our own diet that we really got into food. It’s good to see that for our kids now, they find it normal for their fathers to be extraordinary passionate about food, always be cooking and always be around food. They find it normal to be going to market and experiment with baking breads and making their own chocolate bars or kombucha, that's just life for them. 

What measures should the government take to people eat better and healthier on a daily basis? 

We need to go back to basics, to get more people involved into growing fruits and vegs. When kids are involved with growing it or spending time in a farm, it’s just going to get to the root of things. We were asked before what we’d do if we were in charge and Steven said it would be great if, when they leave school, every person could spend a year working on an organic farm because then you’d immediately know where your food came from. It would create an association with nature and the soil and then we’d have a different food culture in Ireland. 

What dish do you particularly enjoy cooking at the moment?

Personally I’m very into mushrooms, I am experimenting growing oyster mushrooms. I am also experimenting a lot with fermentation, making kimchi and kombucha. A recent study said that by 2020 Korean women will be living until 90 years of age. They’ll be the longest living women in the world and one of the factors is that they eat so much fermented food, so I am big into that at the moment. We have a large section about fermentation in our last book, we are passionate about it. 

How important is it for you to eat local and seasonally?

Obviously there is the ideal and the reality. For me, I really strive to eat organic and eat as local as I can but then I do realise that I live in Ireland and we are not the best at growing vegetables in this country, we are much better at growing animals and producing dairy. It’s not to beat ourselves up but just to try and eat more fruits and veg in whatever form it is. The more it should be local, seasonal and organic but if you get too caught up on it or stressed about it you might just end up eating burgers and chips all the time.

What are your tips to shed a few pounds before the summer holidays?

One of the best thing you can do is up your fibre intake. 8 out of 10 Irish people don’t get enough fibre. Fibre is so important for weight loss because your stomach is made of density receptors and fibre fills you up. It’s low in calories and you only get them in fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Eating more of those foods will fill you up and therefore you will eat less; it’s sustainable way of losing weight.

I hate cooking. How do I make sure I can eat healthily?

We have a range of great dinners in SuperValu! We got recipe books for people to cook but if they don't want to cook we have products available all around Ireland so we are trying our best to get people to eat healthier. 

Do you think it’s getting easier to find healthy food everywhere?

There is a massive shift in demand, many people are moving towards veganism and getting much more interested in healthy food so as a result companies are catching on and investing in healthier products. In supermarkets, coffee shops, even in Starbucks you can now find almond lattes! Next month we are going to start selling products in the UK with Waitrose and they didn't want any vegetarian products, then only wanted vegan because they see it as a huge growth area in customer demand. 

You became famous through social media. What’s your relationship with these platforms nowadays?

Our message is to get people to eat more fruits and vegs and to try and inspire people to live a healthier, happier life. Social media are incredible platforms to help us share this message. We use our accounts as business accounts, we don’t share anything personal, but we find it so useful. Two weeks ago, for the launch of our new book we organised a public swim rise – we swim in the sea every morning – and we invited everyone, we told them to meet us at 5.15am on Sunday May 6th and about 700 people showed up. The power of social media is incredible in bringing people together, building a tribe and trying to inspire people.


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What is your proudest achievement in your career so far?

It’s the sense of community. In Greystones, where we live, being able to walk down the street and know so many people because we have been in business in the heart of the town for so long, and the messages we get from people on social media every day, thanking us for our books and our products because we have helped making them feel healthier, or people following us on Instagram stories telling us they felt depressed and watching our stories makes them feel better, all these things make me feel so proud. 

Your new book “Recipes for Happiness” is just out, what’s next for you guys?

So as I said the expansion on the UK market is coming up soon, we have spent two and a half years working on it, we were invited to be a part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube to work closely with him in the UK. We have shot 400 recipe videos and as a result of that, on YouTube you get direct feedback about what people like and what they are looking for. We have learnt so much with the process about how to make food really accessible for people and we have put that in our book, so we feel it’s our best book yet. Our work for the next six months will be to get in as many people’s hands as possible because we really think it’s a great tool to help people eat healthier and be happier. 

Since the programme’s inception in 2013, Food Academy graduates, supported by their Local Enterprise Offices, have sold €78 million worth of produce in SuperValu stores and the 329 suppliers involved have grown to provide approximately 1,500 jobs.


Farmers in the UK claim they fear for their well-being after receiving death threats from abusive vegan activists.

The Telegraph reports that meat industry groups have made contact with anti-terrorism police to discuss how to manage the growing problem, which is said to have become more intense over the last few months.

Norman Bagley, of the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers, said: “The activists over the past 18 months have become much more violent.”

"We've had situations of activists lying down in front of lorries, holding their children up to pig wagons, which is irresponsible whichever way you look at it."

According to the paper, many farmers have reported feeling "distressed" after activists broke into their yards to film their animals during the night.

Alison Waugh, a trainee farmer in Northumberland accused some animal-rights campaigners of "overstepping the mark". 

"When you're being called murderers and rapists, that is overstepping the mark, for fairly obvious reasons," she said.

Lead activist Joey Carbstron, who denies being an extremist, says there is “no evidence” to suggest farmers are being threatened.

Speaking to The Independent, he insisted that farmers were "playing the victim".

“The farmers are playing the victim in this scenario, they are completely disregarding the fact that they have animals on the land that are being sent to the slaughterhouse,” he told The Independent.

“I bet the pigs can’t sleep at night either in their overcrowded conditions, after their piglets have been forcibly removed and facing death inside a gas chamber.”

Veganism has seen an unprecedented growth in popularity over the past few years, and those figures are only expected to rise throughout the coming years.


It looks like veganism and vegetarianism are about to be a lot more common than they already are.

With veganism topping the charts as the biggest upcoming food trend of 2018, it's no wonder that people are easing themselves into the healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle by trying their hand at vegetarianism and flexitarianism. 

According to Just Eat, the demand for vegetarian options has risen by a 'ridiculous' 987pc. 

With meatless Monday's and education on the source of our food products becoming increasingly popular, it's no wonder the demand has risen.

Demand for healthy choices also grew by 94pc in 2017, and gluten free options increased by 72pc, according to Hospitality Ireland.

'The results from this year are a good insight into the future consumer trends and while convenience will continue to be key for consumers next year and beyond, we know that they are increasingly looking for more diverse, healthy, gluten free and plant based Vegan options,' Just Eat Marketing Director, Edel Kinane told The Buzz.

33pc of all Just Eat Restaurant Partners now provide vegan and vegetarian options on their menus to make it all the easier to ditch meat for good. 

'Already proven to be a major hit in 2017 with the increased availability and variety of vegetarian and vegan meal options in restaurants, diners are slowly embracing animal-free diets as a health-conscious effort,'said  International Taste Solution in their 2018 trend chart. 

It's good news all round for those of planning to go vegan or veggie for 2018.