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It's no secret that over the past few years Penneys has made a name for itself as one of the big players in the budget beauty industry.

The pocket-friendly make-up range punches well above its weight when it comes to quality and with most products coming in at under €10, its easy to over indulge from time to time.

But of course, as our make-up collections begin to grow, so to does our need for a proper place to store the goods.

Say no more.


Limited stock #9am #penneys #liffey

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The good folk over at Penneys have provided the perfect solution with the launch of its expanding, portable make-up trolley.

Just look at this bad boy.


Just got word that the #makeupcase I was looking at in @primark London is in Irish stores. €55! #primark #penneys #makeup

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The cases are priced at €55 and are available for a limited time only, so you better get your skates on.

Ready, set, GO!


It's safe to say the whole world and their mother is obsessed with Kate Middleton.

From her wardrobe to her kids, we all love seeing what she's up to as well as what she wears on a daily basis.

The mum-of-two touched down in Poland this week, and to no surprise, her adoring fans met her the minute she stepped off the plane.

A number of young Polish students all gathered to see their "idol" visit their country, and even got a few words from Kate herself.

Speaking th the Mirror Online, Polish student Magda Mordaka said: "We are fans of the British monarchy. We have a Facebook group.

"We love [Kate Middleton's] style, and her contact with people. We were waiting for this visit from the beginning. What would she wear? Would she bring her children?

"We were telling her that she is beautiful and perfect," Magda said.

However, Kate had a quick comeback to that comment, and told Magda and her friends, "[That's] not true… it's just good make-up."

What an absolute queen. We don't think we could love K Middy any more than we do now.

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OK, OK, we get it.

If we find the perfect lipstick or mascara, we keep it until the very last swipe.

Plus, if our lipstick is still half-full, we're not going to throw it out, are we?

Well, it turns out that we probably should, because expired make-up is pretty gross.

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One Redditor called Semicolon_Expected tested a few products that were lying around at the bottom of her make-up bag, knowing that they were definitely out-of-date.

And while the mascara she tested proved to be pretty rank, it was the lipstick that shocked us.

"So I swabbed my old Revlon Colorstay on a petri dish, the colour on one side and the clear on the other side and left it out for 3 days," she wrote on a beauty thread.

And after three days it was FULL of gross, bacterial colonies.

"I was surprised it grew so much since other cultures I swabbed had more spotty growth and not such big colonies in such a short time with no incubation." 

After looking at the results of the tests, Glamour spoke to microbiologist Jason Tetro, and he said "when you're constantly dipping into beauty products, you're introducing bacteria."

This can happen to expensive and budget beauty products, so that's another thing to think about when buying that Chanel lippy.

We're definitely going to keep track of when we bought our make-up from now on.



When it comes into the summer season, we feel like we need a complete overhaul of our make-up bags.

Our usual foundation and contour palette is now too heavy, our mascara has gone clumpy, and our fave lipsticks are now at the bottom of their barrels.

We want to look super fresh and dewy every dayum day, OK?

Thankfully, there is a new high summer makeup collection on the shelves to make us feel like we have an Instagram Story filter on us at all times.

When it comes to contouring, we want something handy to pop in our handbags, and wet n wild®'s new contour compact is exactly what the doctor ordered.

This summer is absolutely jam-packed with festivals, and we're predicting that a handy little compact like this will fit perfectly in our festival handbags. 

The complementary contouring powders define your bone structure and highlights your best features, without making you looked caked, so it's pretty much a win win. 

We all know that mascara is the key to a perfectly defined eye makeup look, but we're not down with breaking the bank when it comes to experimenting with eye products. 

Keeping with wet n wild®'s new high summer collection, we're pretty intrigued by their new Cat Eye mascara.

The fan brush is tapered to avoid clumps, but promises to add a dramatic edge to any look. The non-stick formula ensures that lashes stay separate, as well as helping to strengthen your lashes.

We know we've already mentioned festival makeup, but chipped nails at a three-day music haven with no access to your nail technician is a beauty blunder we'd rather avoid. 

The wet n wild® Wondergel nail polish promises to last up to two weeks, so it's perfect if you have a few events on at the same time over the summer months.

When it comes to shades, the selection doesn't disappoint either. (We have our colour on for the past week, and there's not a chip in sight, FYI.)

Some days, we're ALL for leaving our face bare and just heading out with a touch of lipstick on to add a little flush of colour to a pared-back look. 

Thankfully, another of wet n wild®'s high summer products are helping us maintain or summer makeup goals with their curated selection of Mega Last lip colours.

The semi-matte finish is super soft on the lips, and its new polymer complex means your smackers will stay super soft and hydrated.

The colours are gorgeous too, with everything from a light coral hue to deep purple. 

Whether you're hitting the town, or hitting the beach, or heading to any of the Irish festivals, affordable makeup is always a winner.

Stashing a few of these bits in your bag to top up your fresh summer look is a complete no-brainer.

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The glorious weather has finally hit us which means it's well and truly summer time.

So, whether you have festival plans or a holiday on the horizon, here are seven cheap and cheerful beauty buys you need for summer:

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

Make sure your glow is on point no matter where you go with Wet n Wild's MegaGlo Highlighting Powder. It's a total bargain at €5.29.


Kiss imPRESS Gel Manicure Nails

If you're running out of time to head to your nail salon, these press-ons will come in handy. And at €10, they'll save you some cash too.


CND Creative Play Collection

If stick-on nails aren't your thang, be sure to try CND's new summer collection. The colours are fab and come in at under a tenner.


L.O.V's Colour Correcting Stick

If you've had one too many nights out, this correcting stick will banish the dark circles under your eyes. At €10.99 it'll last you all summer long.


Wet n Wild's Cheek and Lip Tint

If you don't want to sweat all of your make-up off during the warmer months, just dap a bit of this on your cheeks and lips. It's only €5.99 so it's a win-win.


Kiss Blooming Lashes

Ensure your lashes are fluttering all summer long with these multi-angle layers of lashes. They're a total steal at only €7.95 too.


Wet n Wild's ColorIcon Eye Shadow Trio

At only €3.99, this trio comes with a sparkling gold, a soft brown and a fab sea green. It even tells you where to put each colour, which is super handy.




A mother has written an open letter to a Sephora salesperson to thank them for their help in giving confidence to her teenage daughter.

The letter, which has gone viral, explained how her daughter struggles with her appearance, and is bullied for her looks.

So, the mum brought her daughter to Sephora one day to buy her some make-up to help her feel more "comfortable" in school.

The woman, who is unnamed, was so taken aback by the kindness of the salesperson, that she wrote an open letter thanking her for giving her daughter a confidence boost.


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As seen on Spotted in Windsor, the letter begins: “My daughter is 15 years old and is having a very hard time with her self-esteem.

“She has been relentlessly ridiculed by many of the ‘young ladies’ (trying to be delicate with my wording) she now goes to school with – they pick on her for her clothing, her skin, her voice, her hair, her eyebrows, the list goes on…

“It breaks my heart to say that this bullying has convinced my beautiful daughter that she is ugly.”

The mother then goes on to explain that she felt a bit intimidated when she first entered the store, as all of the sales people "exuded confidence."


A post shared by Sephora (@sephora) on

"We were helped with products of course, but more than anything her kindness towards my daughter was what stunned me,” she wrote.

“I feel as though she somehow caught onto my daughters struggles with self-esteem during our conversation, and she went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable in her own skin.

“She pointed out the areas that my daughter has been most insecure about lately (like her full brows, her curly hair.. the things I've been trying to convince her not to change about herself) and expressed how beautiful she thought they were – SERIOUSLY girl, are you psychic???” the mum wrote. 


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“I saw my daughter light up and act silly for the first time in MONTHS,” she added. 

The mum ended her letter with: “A sincere and heartfelt thank you for your beautiful spirit.”

You can read the full post below, but we thought that this was so lovely to hear.



We all know that sense of absolute terror and dread when our make-up falls on the ground and smashes all over the place.

Bear in mind it's probably only an Essence bronzer, or a Penneys Pro blush, but the devastation is gut-wrenching nonetheless.

And no matter how many videos we watch showing you how to bring your make up back from the cosmetics cemetery, we just can't seem to put it all back together again.

But, what we've noticed is that the devastation only hits when it's your make-up, but if it's somebody elses, well, we actually get a bit of enjoyment from seeing it all smashed to pieces.

And that's where this Youtube series comes in. The Makeup Breakup is a new video series hosted by two Australian beauty vloggers, and we love it.

For them, nothing is off limits, whether it's Chanel, Kylie Cosmetics or Lancome – everything gets smashed.

So, if you're in a particularly fragile state today after a night out, sit back in your jammies and let the smashing commence.

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Kylie Jenner being Kylie Jenner just dropped some major news over on her Instagram page…

Yep, she's teaming up with her big sis Kim to launch a very exciting collaboration, and we're not even going to hide it – we're super excited.

In the video the youngest clan member posted, the sisters appear to be getting their make-up done while looking like actual twins.


COMING SOON @kyliecosmetics #KKW

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They're seen getting highlighter and lipstick on their fab faces – so that could be a hint in itself.

The upcoming KKW x Kylie is actually the second collab Kyl's has done with a sister.

Last year, she released a limited collection with Khloe, which was named the Koko Collection.

However, with Kim's haute couture style at the mo, we can see this collab being very fashion-forward indeed.

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Kylie Jenner is expanding her beauty empire like there's no tomorrow, and the next thing on her list? Kylighters.

Yep, her lipsticks and eyeshadows are old news, because it's time to make way for some highlightin' magic.

Debuting the line on Snapchat, Kylie gave her fans a glimpse of the new product and said it was a "very yellow fun true gold."

Whatever that means…


SHE DOES IT AGAIN!  KYLIGHTERS LAUNCHING FEB.28th AT 3pm pst!!! Tune into Kylie's Snapchat right now!

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She has a whole range of gorgeous hues, going from soft golds, to bronze and rosé tones.

To be fair, it looks dreamy and we can't wait to try it.



On a blustery Tuesday morning a few weeks ago, I received an invitation from L.O.V Cosmetics to "star as an icon" in my own "personal beauty cover shoot."

For years, I worked alongside stylists in Dublin and took part in everything from commercial photoshoots, to fashion shows and TV styling.

I was always the one on the floor, pinning the models' clothes, taping the bottoms of their shoes and quickly fixing their hair if it went askew, so when I read the invitation, my first reaction was uncontrollable laughter followed by, 'eh, noooo'.

But, after a bit of thought (and a lot of encouragement from my colleagues), I said 'why not?' and confirmed the beauty shoot.

Now, I'm no model. I'm barely 5ft, my skin has scars from years of horrid spots and I can only take a good picture in selfie-mode, so to say I was a little bit apprehensive on the morning of the shoot was an understatement.

I knew various other journalists would be joining me on the day, and some have been in the industry for years, so walking into Bond Street Studios with my red face and choppy hair was a tad scary.

But, that anxiety soon disappeared as I met the team I would be working with that day. From the make-up artists, the photographer, the hairstylists and the PRs, I felt extremely comfortable in my own skin, and chatted away as if I had been doing this thang for years.

My make-up artist, Sarah Lanagan, eased me into the morning, and along with doing a stellar job on my face, she also gave me some great advice about which L.O.V make-up would best suit my skin, how to use it properly (don't just lash foundation onto your skin), and how to achieve the ultimate glam look. 


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My next port-of-call was the hair station, where I met two lovely hair stylists from Kazumi Hair Salon. When I was an assistant stylist, this was usually the time I would scramble to get everything together, bombing around the studio to make sure all was set up and good to go for when the model's gruiage was set and ready.

But on that day, I wasn't the one running around. And that was weird.

I was chatting and having a laugh with the ladies… which strangely made me feel uneasy because I knew it was coming close to photoshoot time.

And once my soft curls were firmly hairsprayed down, that is when I started to feel anxious.

It was time for the camera.


Beauty shoot this morning with L.O.V make up #thenewlov @lovcosmetics @olearypr

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I hopped in front of the lens and bright lights, with a queasy feeling in my tummy, and smiled.


I didn't know how to pose. I didn't know what direction to turn my head. My cheeks were getting jitters from trying to keep a smile on my face. I felt awkward and as if I was an imposter.

But, as the photoshoot went on, I eased into it. With direction from Kip Carroll, the man behind the picture, I was able to figure out what angle works well and how to get a killer jaw-line.

Being behind the camera is fun, but hard work. Being in front of the camera, felt extremely glamorous and I ended up becoming giddy with excitement as the shoot went on.

When we finished, Kip gave me a little sneak peek at the photos, and I was actually happy. I thought I'd look like the awkward kid I used to be in my school photographs – but what I was looking at was the exact opposite. I looked confident.

Leaving Bond Street Studios, I felt good – completely reversed to how I felt walking in.

I met fabulous professionals, learned an abundance of beauty tips, and all in all, heightened my self-esteem – even if it was just for that morning.

That day, I learned that being behind the camera is my place to be, but I'm glad I went in front of it for once. And to say I'm happy with the outcome is an understatement.



It’s staring us in the face, day in and day out, but it’s the last thing on our mind when it comes to cleaning.

The thoughts of sorting out the contents of our prized make-up bag, or washing brushes is just a painful thought; and, as our good friend Kimberly "Sweet Brown" Wilkins saidain’t nobody got time for that.

Even with the glorious brush cleaning devices that have swept the market, we still find the task as off-putting as any other chore.

But, spring is in the air, so perhaps it’s time to clean out that make-up bag sooner, rather than later.

Think of all those facial oils that absorb into the bristles of our much-loved brushes, and then think of all the bacteria that is now breeding on them – EUGH!

Taking into account their daily use, your make-up bag and applicators should at least get a weekly clean, or a wipe at the very least.

What you will need:

Brush cleanser

Cleansing shampoo

Hand towel or kitchen roll

Cleaning mitt or rubber gloves (optional)

1. The bag

You cart that bad boy everywhere, it lurks at the bottom of your handbag and your dirty brushes live in it, so washing it once a month will keep it in pristine condition.

Handwash it, or throw it in the machine if machine washable. You could use face wipes or baby wipes in-between to give it an extra spruce.

2. The Brushes

You slather, set, contour and make your face glow with these babies so treat them with a bit of TLC.

To keep them in good condition, your brushes and sponges should ideally be washed once a week.

Wash them individually using warm water and a cleansing shampoo. Don’t soak the brushes as this loosens the bristles, causing it to fall out over time.

Rinse well, pat dry with the towel, and leave to air dry on the hand towel or kitchen roll.

3. The Make-Up

Firstly, get rid of any out-of-date make-up or make-up you never use.

Mascara needs to be changed every three months, while lipsticks should ideally be changed every 6 months – anything over a year old is just bad.

Powder and eyeshadow containers get grubby too so, get a wipe or clean damp cloth, and wipe inside and out.

We all have our favourite shades of eye shadow or lipstick, but make up trends are forever changing and they also change with the season.

Updating your make-up colours with the seasons will keep you looking radiant all year round for example, bronzer looks great in the summer but out-of-place in the winter.


Go forth and clean, ladies


Feature image make-up brushes, credit Pinterest



A cosmetics line has become the hallmark of success for reality TV stars like Kylie Jenner, Megan McKenna and Chloe Ferry, and now Charlotte Crosby is jumping on the beauty bandwagon. 

Charlotte Crosby has never been shy about her beauty routine, sharing stories of her cosmetic surgery and giving tutorials to help us achieve her look.

Charlotte has established a pretty lucrative career for herself as an original Geordie Shore cast member, and now the reality TV star is branching out into cosmetics.

The 26-year-old has created cosmetics line called Flique which has just launched on the Easilocks website. 

The star described the collection as "luxurious, affordable and cruelty-free" in an interview with the Daily Mail.

The collection includes a contour palette, a highlighter kit and two bright and beautiful eye shadow palettes. 

Charlotte, who is a big fan of the Kardashian-Jenners, has priced her eye shadow kits at €41.07, even pricer than King Kylie's which go for about €38. 

However, Charlotte fans are not put off by the price tag, with comments on the Flique Instagram page saying "need to get my hands on these" and "amazing!"

Others aren't quite as convinced, with one Twitter user questioning the amount of reality TV stars who have expanded into the beauty business.