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Queen of social media, Chrissy Teigen, has raised a vitally valuable question about the differences of interviewing men and women.

The world has a pop culture fascination with Chrissy and her husband John Legend's relationship; they're both witty, socially aware and created ADORABLE children.

However, there's taking an interest in their family life, because they do share quite a lot with their following, but there's also taking questions way too far.

Chrissy revealed this week that John constantly gets asked, "How do you deal with your wife", and we are not happy. 

She tweeted a thread about the type of questions her husband gets asked in interviews, and it just seems like some MAD double standards to us; 

"I feel like a very common question when interviewing john is basically “how do you deal with your wife” and … I don’t love it." We wouldn't love it either, because she would never get asked how she deals with John.

She elaborated on the question and how she feels about it, and it's relatable as always. 

"It happens a lot. “Does she ask you if certain things are okay to say?” …it’s just very weird to me," she said. 

"No. He doesn’t. I don’t care. and he doesn’t care. End of question." she tweeted, continuing the thread. Shut that sh*t down, Chrissy. Asking how you "deal" with your wife implies that she's difficult to live with, and causes hassle in his career.

Chrissy has her own illustrious career, and yet never gets asked the same question about her husband.

"He usually does the standard “No…she knows what she’s doing…” but it’s not even that. It’s just that I am a different human than him? It is the most common question with him. Please stop."

Rightfully so, Chrissy said John usually shuts the question down fairly easily, but emphasised that she's actually a different person than him with her own life and goals, who isn't just tied to him while he goes out and earns.

She concluded;

"I’m not mad at anyone who has asked this. I get that we are very different. It happens a lot though and I’m just not very into it. You don’t ask me how I deal with watching MSNBC every night or what I do while he’s silent for a week."

Damn straight, Chrissy. They're basically implying that she's mouthy and loud and controls the voice in the household, and how does he COPE with that as a husband?

Teigen isn't afraid of using her social media platform and sharing her opinions on mum-shaming, body-shaming, IVF, postpartum depression and the political situation in America right now.


By asking John Legend but not Teigen about his coping mechanisms when it comes to his partner, the basic tone of the question is that it must be a hardship to be married to an outspoken woman, we think.

*Eye roll* The man has an EGOT (An Emmy, several Grammys, an Oscar and a Tony) and THAT'S the most common question he gets asked? How does it feel being married to an opinionated and thoughtful lady?

We can think of far more complex things to ask the hugely successful musician, to be honest, that don't involve the notion of a woman using her voice for empowerment. They're separate humans with separate careers, people.

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The X-Factor isn't on many of our 'To Watch' lists anymore, despite the fact that it used to be one of the most influential shows on ITV.

An old clip from the show has resurfaced and is causing a LOT of drama , mainly because of Simon Cowell's fat-shaming contestants.

The video went viral after one Twitter user found a clip from the show's early days which highlights the RELENTLESSLY harsh comments given by the judges.

In the clip, a newlywed named Samantha auditions for a place on the star search show, and faces absolute abuse from the judges at the time; Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne.

Sharon says; "I think you have a lovely face and a lovely voice," after Louis refers to the singer as "mission impossible."

Though Samantha is eventually voted through to the next round of The X-Factor, Sharon tells her to "go on a diet" after Simon wonders what she's "willing to do." WHAT?

Another Twitter user reminded the internet of how ruthless the music industry was during those years, claiming "Adele wouldn't have stood a chance of making it even with her amazing voice."

(That's just plain nonsense, Adele could change the WORLD with one single note.)

Other social media users reacted with outrage at the clip, claiming to be "shaken" by the harsh comments, which Simon earned fame for.

We think Samantha is gorgeous inside and out, we hope she's happy and confident wherever she is.

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For some baffling reason, a lot of artists, writers, programmers and graphic designers (to name a few) are often asked to work for nothing.

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Especially in the world of social media, companies promise 'exposure' if you work for them, however as we all know, 'exposure' doesn't put food on the table (or buy you a G&T on a night out).

Well, one programmer seemed to be fed up of people asking him to work for free, so he declined the job – and the employer wasn't happy at all.

In fact, he acted like a total d*ck.

Here's the exchange of messages that the programmer received – and subsequently posted on Twitter:

It starts out pretty boring and simple, just talking about what the job would entail:

But then the employer seems quite shocked that he's asking to be paid for the work that he does.

Zach, the programmer, is very polite, and explains that his rate is very reasonable for the amount of work that needs to be done:

Zach offers a lower price, and well… you can read the reply for yourself:

And then the employer is rude AF:

So, Zach shared the entire exchange online, and has so far gotten 21,000 retweets and 69,000 likes.




Every group of friends has that one mate who's a tad bit rude; or, then there comes that f*ckboy who doesn't treat you as well as he should be.

And your dog knows it.

Yep, new research has revealed that dogs can sense when someone is being rude to you, and acts accordingly because of it.

Image result for dog gifs

Scientists from Kyoto University conducted their research on 54 dogs and their owners. The owners were given a bottle and they had to pretend to struggle to open it while their dog was watching.

Then, an actor would come in and either help the owner open the bottle – or ignore them and walk out of the room.

After this, the owner and the actor offered the dog a treat, and you can probably guess what happened next… if the actor helped the owner, the dog would go to them for the treat, but if they hadn't helped, the dog would ignore them and take the treat from the other person.

All of the pet pooches were able to judge each individual based on observed behaviour.

Related image

So, that friend who stole your last chocolate biscuit, and that guy who slagged you off; they're probably both hated by your dog.

The research, which was published in Neuroscience & Biobehavioural Reviews, was actually an extension from the 2011 study which saw dogs be more open to people who gave food to the homeless.

See? Dogs are just the best.


While many people suffer from an actual gluten intolerance, others have been clinging onto a gluten-free diet as their current health fad.

With an increase of gluten-free food in demand, many cafes and restaurants have had to update or add on to their menus, but one particular cafe is having none if it anymore.

The White Moose Cafe in Dublin posted on their Facebook wall this morning, saying that they now require you to show a doctor's note if you ask for a gluten free meal.

It read: "This morning a girl asked us if we did gluten-free pancakes and when we asked her if she was a coeliac, she didn’t even know what the word meant and then proceeded to order regular, gluten-rich pancakes anyway.

"From now on, guests who demand gluten-free food are required to produce a doctor’s note which states that you suffer from coeliac disease. Guests following a gluten-free fad, who don’t even know what gluten is, can cop the f*ck on and eat regular food like everybody else."

However, it's making a lot of people angry. BUT WAIT UNTIL YOU READ THE COMMENTS! We don't like to bad mouth but the cafe is being SO rude:

Holy ham!



We love Justin Bieber, and 2015 was definitely the year we all became Beliebers, but my God, he acts like such a grumpy child sometimes.

In a new video uploaded to theshaderoominc, Justin is seen looking out the window of his car to a flurry of excited fans – however, he looks less than impressed.

And while all of the girls are going wild, someone throws a present into his (wide open) car window.

Clearly not bothered with the lovely gesture, he flips the present out the window and tells his driver to move on while pulling his window up all the way.


A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on

Watch the video and you'll see a blue-wrapped pressie being flung out.

We think he just needs to learn some manners. 



Sometimes it is necessary to be a little bit, well, rude and sarcastic. There are some of life's moment that just require it. End of. 

1. Any Time You Happen To Be Around Your Siblings

Siblings provided the perfect platform for you to practice your sarcasm on as you were growing up. You see, your siblings are one of a very select few people that no matter how many times you insult them, will always forgive and forget, making them ideal testing candidates.

2. When Receiving Exam Results

“Oh did you do well?” everyone will inquire, to which you should answer, “oh yeah, amazingly.” Either they’ll believe you and you’ll now be a semi genius in their eyes, or they’ll understand that you’re being totally sarcastic and will back off. You’ll win either way.

3. When Your Parents Are Asking Where Your Life Is Going

The wilder and more vivid your answer the better. Really go to town on it and shock them. Something along the lines of quitting college, joining a circus and moving to Argentina should do it.

4. When People Appear To Have Lost Their Manners

Nothing infuriates us more than holding a door open for someone who breezes on through as though you’re there firstly to serve them. The same goes for rude customers. You’re actually SO WELCOME.

5. To Undercut Your Sworn Enemy

It can be hard to think of good comeback on the spot, so if one comes to you at the time, by all means indulge. 

6. When Someone Asks You An Awkward Personal Question

Generally relating to the state of your love life and nine times out of ten, asked by an older family member. There’s no way out of this trap other than to blast them with sarcasm from every which angle and then charge. Because they’re old (no offence) they won’t really understand.  Whatever keeps them happy.

7. At Any Period Before 9am

Oh good morning. Great morning, in fact. Could all of the shiny, happy morning people out there just take a running jump and then feck off because mornings are not good for anyone and if you try and talk to me we will have no choice but to be very sarcastic to you. Apologies in advance.

8. At Airport Security

It's the actual worst. 

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You’ve heard your parents say that there’s ‘no such thing as manners any more!’

Well, maybe they have a point.

Check out the five rudest things you do every day without even knowing it.

1.  Not looking up from your phone while you’re ordering food. That Facebook post isn’t going to ‘like’ itself, just bring me a BLT with a side of manners please.

2.  Walking in a group that takes over the whole footpath. You can’t split up from the girls to let someone past – you might miss a crucial bit of gossip!

3.  Tagging people in pictures without asking them. OK, so they’ve got 10 chins in this photo, but your new haircut looks amazing!

4.  Leaving your phone on the table during dinner. Are you expecting a really important call? Oh no, you just don’t want to miss any Facebook updates as opposed to actually engaging in normal human conversation.

5.  Holding your phone up at a concert to take pictures. No one behind you can see, your pictures are terrible and no one will actually want to see them when forced to look at them. Is that Justin Bieber or Beyoncé? Who knows!