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Social media queen Chrissy Teigen has once again renewed her crown with her latest baby photo series on Instagram, featuring baby Miles and…not-so-baby John Legend.

There's no doubt in anyone's minds that their nine-month-old baby boy Miles is the SPITTING IMAGE of John Legend.

Seriously, it's uncanny. Chrissy posted an image of Miles celebrating nine months of life, and then posted an identical picture featuring a grown-up John in a onesie, and we're gasping.


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She captioned the initial picture on Instagram;"Nine months of this perfect", with a love heart and lion emoji. Cute.

She stepped it up in the next image, however, which shows John in a baby-gro celebrating a LOT more than nine months of life…

"Wow they grow up so fast," she wrote, with the hilarious post showing '482 months' old John in a matching position to Miles. 


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We learn a thing or two about John Legend in the post; his favourite bed-time lullaby is Say A Little Prayer, and his favourite bed-time story is the political news programme The Rachel Maddow Show. Very niche for a baby…

He doesn't like beets and bad grammar, and he loves music, peanut butter and his family. How pure.

Hilariously, Chrissy also included the amount of teeth he had, his height in inches, and his weight. The 40-year-old Ordinary People singer looks absolutely chuffed with himself either way, so that's a nice milestone right there.


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Meanwhile, mum-of-two Chrissy was GUSH-ing about the latest addition to her family as she posted Mile's extra cute chalkboard.

Little Miles sat on the floor and detailed his likes and dislikes, and it's just the cutest. The statistics included his love for his sister Luna, toys, music and bath time. 

Social media personality Chrissy and musician John welcomed their son Miles into the family last May, and also share two-year-old daughter Luna. What a fam, we aspire to be as legendary as this lot. 

Feature image: Instagram/@chrissyteigen


Chrissy Teigen, social media queen and recent mum to her second child is serving up yet another brilliant dose of parenting relatability in her latest Instagram post.

This weekend, Chrissy shared a photo of herself breastfeeding. But it wasn't just seven-week-old son Miles she had to contend with feeding, because Chrissy has a baby on each breast

How we love you Chrissy.

The other baby? One of Luna's dolls, because Chrissy is that kind of mum. The hands-on, multi-tasking mum (basically, ALL mums) who ensures her daughter doesn't feel left out of the attention her baby brother will receive.


Luna making me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now

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"Luna making me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now," Chrissy captioned the photo.

But more than just #ParentingGoals, the behaviour that Luna is displaying here is actually an important developmental milestone.   The Mayo Clinic recommends parents give kids Luna's age a doll when a new baby brother or sister enters the picture "so that he or she can be a caregiver, too".  And even though Luna isn't the one 'feeding' the baby here, studies suggest that toddlers of a similar age "were interested in 'real-world' materials and wanted to use those materials rather than toy items," and that "[If] They were able to distinguish between play and real materials, and they would choose the real items."

Most of her fans identified with the snap -and thanked her for continuing to use her huge social media following to normalise breastfeeding, but for those that took issue with it, she had this to say:

We couldn't agree more!


Losing a pet is utterly devastating. Those fluffy friends of ours become family, which makes saying goodbye so very painful.

Chrissy Teigen shared on Instagram yesterday that her and John's pooch Puddy has 'gone on to the pup heavens'.

The darling dog was named after David Puddy from Seinfeld because, in Chrissy's words, 'they both shared a love of sitting and staring at nothing'.


Today our baby, Puddy, has gone on to the pup heavens. John and I got Puddy in our first year of dating, when I convinced him half-birthday presents were a real thing. 10 years ago, on May 30th, I found the dog that would be there for us through every up, down, new house, new city, new tour, new travel. He welcomed new pups and loved on new babies and new bellies. He was there for everything. Every time I needed a taste tester, someone to kiss or needed to sob into his stinky rolls, he was there. It’s true what they say. We are their entire lives and it is the greatest shame that they can only bless us with a short spark of time in ours. I always knew I would lose a piece of me when he left us. I feel the hole now. I will love you forever, my boy. My heart aches. Thank you so much for everything, everything.

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"John and I got Puddy in our first year of dating, when I convinced him half-birthday presents were a real thing," the model wrote, "10 years ago, on May 30th, I found the dog that would be there for us through every up, down, new house, new city, new tour, new travel." 

Puddy truly was there for them throughout everything, Chrissy explained in her emotional post: "He welcomed new pups and loved on new babies and new bellies. He was there for everything. Every time I needed a taste tester, someone to kiss or needed to sob into his stinky rolls, he was there." 

Chrissy also shared an adorable photo of Puddy gussied up as a groom next to his blushing French bulldog bride, writing, "Not many people know this but Puddy is survived by his wife, Pippa. Yes, they were married." 

We couldn't help but tear up, especially looking at the tender video and photos of Puddy with newborn Luna. It's clear he was such a big-hearted pup.



The Parkland shooting survivors and the March for Our Lives movement are working to make the U.S. safer in the wake of the Florida school's tragedy.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen supported these brave teenagers recently by donating $25,000 (about €20,500) to their cause.

"We support the students. We're proud of the students," John told AP Entertainment, "We've already sent them money. We sent them $25,000 to help with whatever costs they have for organising, and we believe that our gun culture needs to change in America."

Considering that the couple are parents to Luna, 22 months, and are expecting another little one soon, it's no wonder they are so concerned about gun violence and its sad prevalence in U.S. schools.

"I don't want our kids to keep going to these shooter drills, and all these other things that I can't even believe kids are dealing with right now," the 39-year-old singer shared, "They shouldn't have to deal with that. But I'm glad these kids from Parkland are saying enough is enough, and we support them."

Indeed, the young survivors of the tragic shooting on February 14 are fighting for gun control with a vim and vigour that has inspired many in the States. They plan on holding a demonstration for their cause on March 24 called the March for Our Lives.


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In the interview, John lamented the fact that the U.S. experiences so many mass shootings, saying, "We stand out among other major countries in the world when it comes to these types of massacres, but also in the everyday gun violence that people have to deal with.

"I don't think that we should accept that as normal. I think we've decided that everyone having unfettered access to guns is more important than all of us being safe, and I think we need to reshape that balance a bit so that we're all more safe."

We commend John, Chrissy, and the multitudes of people who are using their voices to work towards keeping others safe.


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are one of the most adored celeb couples at the moment.

The loved up pair are constantly gushing over their daughter Luna (and each other) and it's honestly the cutest thing.

Keeping that in mind, it was no surprise that the internet went into complete melt down this week after Chrissy hinted that she might be pregnant with her second child.

The no-nonsene queen of Twitter has been open about her fertility struggles in the past, however, the stars latest series of Tweets have led fans to believe that that her and John are expecting, or at least trying for, baby number two.

In January, Chrissy told Extra TV that she was planning to have IVF again saying, "we have a boy on ice."

And in true Twitter style, the speculation followed… 

Whether it's sooner or later, we can not wait see Chrissy and John's family grow. 



Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are already couple goals, I mean, we've all seen that infamous pool side chicken wings picture.

But after last night's Grammy's party, the couple's Snapchats had us crying with laughter.

Chrissy got a teeny bit too tipsy at the party, and decided to document her post-Grammy adventures on the instant sharing app. 

“Okay, I’m home. We’re having ramen,” she declared in the first video, making us all feel a little bit better about our 4am food choices.

Next thing we knew, Chrissy was on the ground, removing her gorgeous jewellery with the help of her equally gorgeous husband. 

Channelling all of our inner drunk girls, she asked: "Are you mad at me?"

“Why would I be mad at you? …You’re perfect,” he replied, melting hearts the world over.

”Cause I got drunk,” she replied, cementing the couple's status as our official relationship goals.

However, the model turned TV presenter was feeling the effects of her night out the following day, as she tweeted about her hangover.

We feel you Chrissy, we feel you. 


Chrissy Teigan is renowned for dressing up daughter Luna in adorable ensembles, and posing for a family Christmas picture was no exception.

Baby Luna ticked a first year milestone off the list by meeting Santa for the very first time. 


A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

The mum-of-one shared some sweet snaps of the encounter across social media, showing 8-month-old Luna meeting Saint Nick at their local Macy’s department store Santaland.

Unfortunately, they had to fake a self portrait as dad John Legend was in Paris at the time. 

Employing the help of a mystery elf, Luna and Chrissy improvised by posing beside a cardboard cut-out of John's face.

The mum also shared photos of her baby sitting calmly on Santa's lap in a red and black plaid dress. Too cute!



Fergie is back, and the internet is loosing its mind. 

Fergie's new video for MILF, has resulted in a major internet debate on the empowerment of Mothers. 

The question on all our mind's is: is it offensive? 

In this steamy new vid, we see famous mothers Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigan and Ciara, wearing very little while pouring milk on themselves…no word of a lie! 


All my girls on Fleek. #milfpack #milfmoney @milf.money

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The video, which was officially released on Friday, has already racked up an astonishing 8 million views on Youtube, and a major online reaction. 


#MILFMONEY on @applemusic (link in bio) Just getting started, video coming sooner than you think…

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Fergalicious, 41,  shared a number of images of herself and fellow celebrity mums Alessandra Ambrosio, Kim Kardashian and Amber Valletta, with her 2.2 million followers on Instagram, in the lead up to the video's release. 


We didn’t mean to make you nervous… #milfpack #milfmoney @milf.money

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The reaction to the video has been mixed, with some people seeing it as degrading and others empowering. 

One anti-milf commented on the YouTube video saying 'All I see is women with NO self respect. "Milfs" can be sexy without acting like HOES.' 

On the pro side of the argument, we saw a number of very positive reactions to Fergie's concept.

One fan commented on the YouTube post saying 'I love that this song is empowering to mothers, that they are still sexy even though they've had kids! its also the first time they're sexualising moms who breast feed.' 


Beijos. #milfpack #milfmoney @milf.money

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The 1950s inspired music video, which is set in the town of Milfville, rivals Taylor Swift's Bad Blood video, with regards to celebrity cameos. 

The full line up of A list appearences in the MILF video includes Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Gemma Ward, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ciara, Tara Lynn, Devon Aoki, Angela Lindvall, Isabeli Fontana, Amber Valletta, and Natasha Poly.


Milfville. #milfpack #milfmoney @milf.money

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WOAH that is a lot of hot mamas! 

Fergie married actor Josh Duhamel in 2009 and gave birth to their son in 2013, officially entering the world of Milf-hood. 

Check out the full video here: 

What are your thoughts on this internet-famous new video?  



Chrissy Teigen has debuted a fabulous hair transformation just a few weeks before her pregnancy due date. 

It seems that the mom-to-be has decided to ditch the extensions and go for a choppy, long bob instead. 

Chrissy has dabbled in sporting shorter lengths before, but has been loving the length for all of last year. 


New cut!! Asked for the khloe-rosie, side of chrissy khlosey and @jenatkinhair knew exactly what I meant

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Sporting just her pregnancy underwear, the model looks absolutely stunning as she shows off the new length. 

The hair has been chopped up into long layers with a cute side fringe, a style very on trend for the summer months. 

Chrissy admitted in the caption that she took inspiration from the covetable long bobs of Khloe Kardashian and Rosie Huntington-Whitely when going for the look. 

We will now be adding her to our list of hairspo for the summer season. 

Chrissy and her partner John Legend are expecting the little bundle of joy in the next few weeks and recently enjoyed their super glam baby shower. 

The 30-year-old had to fight back against Twitter trolls who criticised her choice to choose the gender of her baby as part of her IVF treatment. 



Chrissy Teigen is defending herself against an onslaught of scrutiny following a candid interview in which she spoke openly about her pregnancy and conceiving through IVF. 

Chatting to People magazine, the 30-year-old revealed that she chose the sex of her baby while undergoing fertility treatment to become pregnant with partner John Legend. 

"I've made this decision. Not only am I having a girl, but I picked the girl from her little embryo. I picked her and I was like, 'Let's put in the girl.' 

"I think I was most excited and allured by the fact that John would be the best father to a little girl. That excited me," said the model in what would prove to be a controversial interview. 

"It excited me, just the thought of him with a little girl. I think he deserves a little girl. He deserves that bond. A boy will come along. And this girl is going to be so completely lucky to have John as her papa."

While the model assumed the interview would not garner much attention, it seems many were quick to criticise the couple's decision with one user posting: "I do think it's sad people would pick a specific gender / prefer a specific gender."

But Chrissy was not afraid to defend herself.


Happy Valentine's Day, my babies

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"What is that difference though? I've already created embryos with a doctor. Only after must it be random?" 

"What year is this?! And for the record I am always happy and open to speak on fertility. The more casual, the better. I don't mind. 

"I also picked the embryo with a taste for bacon, a knack for magic and size 7 feet so she can always find shoes," said the star, finishing on a lighter note. 

Chrissy has since taken to Twitter again today to apologise for her outburst, claiming that people simply don't understand the process. 


Stepping out for the first time since announcing that she is expecting her first child, Chrissy Teigen looked predictably gorgeous at a Hollywood event earlier this week.

And while we’ve examined the resulting pictures for even the tiniest hint of a baby bump – alas, we’ve found that one is lacking.

Yup, the 29-year-old model’s tum appears to be totally flat.

Married to singer John Legend for a little over two years, Chrissy wore a stunning, ankle-length dress with strappy silver shoes and a metallic clutch.

She kept her accessories simple, and wore her hair slicked back off her face.

Attending the swish Le Mer Celebration Of An Icon event – Chrissy was joined by the A-lister likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie.

Ms Teigen and Mr Legend announced she was pregnant via an adorable social media post earlier this week – delighting their many fans.

She has previously spoke about her struggles to conceive, admitting that she and John had “seen fertility doctors”.

Ms Teigen also explained how painful it was when people questioned her about their plans to start a family.

“I can't imagine being that nosy to be like,” she added. “Who knows what somebody's going through?”



Model and food blogger Chrissy Teigen is well known for her stunning red-carpet looks, her amazing dishes she whips up in the kitchen and being quite outspoken on social media. 

But her latest comment has gotten her in a little bit of trouble with fans who think she might be "promoting eating disorders". 

When speaking to Delish recently, Chrissy said "I lick off the nacho cheese seasoning and put the chips back in the bag, you still get all the flavour, not all the carbs!"

Fans immediately hit back for this comment and Chrissy really isn't happy about it the negative reaction. She took to Twitter to say, "I can't believe i have to address this but my quote about licking the seasoning off Doritos isn't 'promoting eating disorders' it's a hobby"

Her annoyance was extremely clear when she explained that she "wasn't honestly saying licking the seasoning off Doritos is my idea of diet, you morons. It was in the context of 'it's a gross thing i do and i am disgusting but hey it's low carb HA HA' man social media you are the death of me!"

But before she would face anymore fan backlash she set the record straight saying: "sorry. you all aren't morons. just the people who seriously think i go on doritos seasoning diets. the rest of you are my everything."

Chrissy was speaking to the Delish website about her eating habits and admitted that although she's a swimwear model, she eats fast food a few times a week. 

She said "when I cook everything is organic and very clean; I'm meticulous and kind of insane about it. But sometimes you just want a Doritos Locos Taco"


Queso fucking good

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