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We finally have an excuse – not that we need one – to unleash our emotional mess on our other halves, as it turns out – he LOVES it. 

Blessed are those couple of months that your partner hasn't discovered your inner crazy yet.

But embrace the mood swings as he may dig it, particularly between the sheets.

According to a German study, men prefer getting frisky with women who are emotionally unstable.

A possible explanation for this? An image of a knight on the white horse coming to save the day, springs to mind.

On the other hand, us gals enjoy men who won’t give us our own way. (Sounds about accurate, and a plausible reason for why we fall for f*ck boys…)

Additionally, attention to detail is a big turn on for us ladies, according to the findings of this study.

Lead researcher Julia Velten and her team investigated volunteer’s sex lives, sexual function and their personality.

Research into personality traits and sex is an area that has been neglected, according to the experts.

A thousand people took part in the sexy survey.

The team concluded that "men whose partners had less emotional stability reported better sexual function."

Meanwhile "lower agreeableness of a sexual partner was predictive of better sexual function in women".

The study was published in the Journal Of Sex Research, and the average age of the volunteers were 51, with the majority being in their current relationships for 24 years. – so they know a thing or two about a lifetime of sex.

For the women, topics of sexual desire, arousal, satisfaction and orgasm were examined.

For our male counterparts, it was erectile function, satisfaction, orgasm and desire.

Their findings revealed that men enjoyed sex more with a partner who had similar traits, in particular being easily stimulated.

"In men who are easily aroused by erotic fantasies or visual stimuli, having a partner who responds in a similar way may facilitate sexual function," the researchers explained.

An attentive man is one to keep around, as sex tends to be better with them.

The team said: "men who are thorough and dutiful may feel the need to satisfy their partner sexually, which may in turn lead to better sexual function of their partners".

The German scientists also put to the bed the misconception that being in a long-term relationship means you’re not gonna get your bit.

"This finding implies that a healthy sexual life is possible even in long relationships," the researchers said.

And, remember – consensual, safe sexy time is always the best. 

Happy humping!


Queen of social media, Chrissy Teigen, has raised a vitally valuable question about the differences of interviewing men and women.

The world has a pop culture fascination with Chrissy and her husband John Legend's relationship; they're both witty, socially aware and created ADORABLE children.

However, there's taking an interest in their family life, because they do share quite a lot with their following, but there's also taking questions way too far.

Chrissy revealed this week that John constantly gets asked, "How do you deal with your wife", and we are not happy. 

She tweeted a thread about the type of questions her husband gets asked in interviews, and it just seems like some MAD double standards to us; 

"I feel like a very common question when interviewing john is basically “how do you deal with your wife” and … I don’t love it." We wouldn't love it either, because she would never get asked how she deals with John.

She elaborated on the question and how she feels about it, and it's relatable as always. 

"It happens a lot. “Does she ask you if certain things are okay to say?” …it’s just very weird to me," she said. 

"No. He doesn’t. I don’t care. and he doesn’t care. End of question." she tweeted, continuing the thread. Shut that sh*t down, Chrissy. Asking how you "deal" with your wife implies that she's difficult to live with, and causes hassle in his career.

Chrissy has her own illustrious career, and yet never gets asked the same question about her husband.

"He usually does the standard “No…she knows what she’s doing…” but it’s not even that. It’s just that I am a different human than him? It is the most common question with him. Please stop."

Rightfully so, Chrissy said John usually shuts the question down fairly easily, but emphasised that she's actually a different person than him with her own life and goals, who isn't just tied to him while he goes out and earns.

She concluded;

"I’m not mad at anyone who has asked this. I get that we are very different. It happens a lot though and I’m just not very into it. You don’t ask me how I deal with watching MSNBC every night or what I do while he’s silent for a week."

Damn straight, Chrissy. They're basically implying that she's mouthy and loud and controls the voice in the household, and how does he COPE with that as a husband?

Teigen isn't afraid of using her social media platform and sharing her opinions on mum-shaming, body-shaming, IVF, postpartum depression and the political situation in America right now.


By asking John Legend but not Teigen about his coping mechanisms when it comes to his partner, the basic tone of the question is that it must be a hardship to be married to an outspoken woman, we think.

*Eye roll* The man has an EGOT (An Emmy, several Grammys, an Oscar and a Tony) and THAT'S the most common question he gets asked? How does it feel being married to an opinionated and thoughtful lady?

We can think of far more complex things to ask the hugely successful musician, to be honest, that don't involve the notion of a woman using her voice for empowerment. They're separate humans with separate careers, people.

Feature image: Instagram/@johnandchrissy



So, they say the eyes are the window to the soul and while it's true that they can play a big part in how we physically express emotion , it seems that our eye colour may reveal a lot more about us than we originally thought.

According to a recent study, published in Current Biology, the colour of our eyes can actually reveal a lot about certain personality traits.

It seems that people with lighter eyes are more likely to be egocentric, competitive and sceptical, while those on the other end of the scale tend to be more sympathetic and altruistic.

A team of researchers analysed over 400 people of Northern European ancestry, comparing iris colour and personality traits for each individual.

Results found that a link exists between eye colour and the same genes that form our frontal lobes, meaning that people who share similar irises are likely to share similar behaviours.

What's more, it seems that blue eyed females are more likely to be noticed by their male counterparts – but hey, Van Morrisson didn't write a song called Blue Eyed Girl, did he?

The authors explained that there was an evolutionary explanation for this:

“The rare-colour advantage of light eyed females, is likely to increase the chance of being noticed by a male.”

“Moreover, competitive personality traits (such as wanting to beat others and being sceptical of others’ intentions) secure the long-term commitment necessary for self and offspring survival.”

So, what do you reckon? Is there any truth behind these finding or should we file it under the same nonsensical notion that blondes have more fun?


Our one saving grace after a heavy night on the sesh is being able to tell ourselves that the carry-on we exhibited the night before has absolutely no connection to the person we are the following morning.

But if blaming questionable behaviour on 'drunk you' is your go-to response, findings from a study conducted by researchers at the Missouri Institute of Mental Health may leave you feeling a little cold this afternoon.

According to those in the know, alcohol doesn't impact that heavily on an individual's personality.

While we have home footage which seriously begs to differ, findings, which were published in the journal of Clinical Psychological Science, have concluded that the individual will identify internal changes to their personalities when intoxicated which aren't actually evident to an observer.

So, how did they go about studying this theory?

Researchers surveyed 156 people, and focussed their attention on alcohol consumption as well as the participants' perception of their own typical sober and drunk personalities.

15 minutes after giving half the group a soft drink and the other half vodka, which brought their blood alcohol level to .09, researchers then provided both groups with a range of activities which involved social interaction.

Following this, outside observers and those who had consumed alcohol were asked to watch footage of the exchanges  in order to identify shifts in personality, and interestingly, the supposed changes were barely recognisable.

The study suggests that the intoxicated person believes their personality to be different following the consumption of alcohol when the changes are actually only very minor

"The participants experienced internal changes that were real to them but imperceptible to observers," asserted the study’s lead scientist Rachel Winograd

Far be it from us to question science, but 15 minutes? We imagine the findings would be very different after a good two hours on the lash.


You know when you go to a restaurant, the way your dinner arrives on the plate speaks volumes about the restaurant and the chef. 

Well, as it turns out the way you plate food for yourself can say a lot about your personality too. 

Behavioural food scientist, Juliet Boghossian, spoke to Cosmopolitan about the connection between eating habits and personality. She believes people aren't what they eat, but how they eat. 

1, You give equal space to each food

You're a planner but you don't take on anymore than you can handle. You're also a very disciplined person and always have your goals in mind, which you will never give up on. 


2. You have a messy, over-lapping plate

You are a free spirit and take on anything that comes your way, which turns you into quite the multi-tasker. You are eager to experience everything you possible can but still have an easy going attitude. 


3. You pile your food into a bowl

You are the creative type and seek to be unique in everything you do. You always think outside of the box and love to add a personal touch to your things. 


4. You eat food off you partner's plate

You like to maintain close relationships with family and friends but sometimes you over-step boundaries. You like to feel a connection with people and love the simple things in life. 


5. You stack food on top of each other

You are a predictable person and your friends and family can always count on you. You have a nurturing personality and like to take care of people.



When you're faced with a whole wall of colours at your local nail salon, and finally pick the shade you want, you're not just making a style choice – you're making a personal statement. 

As it turns out. the hue you go for represents your personality, without you even knowing it. 

Essie's celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders spoke to Cosmopolitan and she gave us a complete polish personality breakdown:


"A crimson manicure is classic and timeless, and wearing a scarlet mani means you're elegant and effortlessly chic," said Michelle. 



"Equal parts edgy and complex, a black mani exudes confidence. Consider it a #GirlBoss must."



"Because neon lacquer is so bright and bold, there's no denying it will get you noticed. If you're wearing it, chances are you're outgoing and adventurous," Michelle explained.



"Wearing an of-the-moment white manicure adds a youthful and modern element to your look. On your nails, it signals that you're trendy and cool."



"With so many varying depths, blue is super-versatile and experimental, and suggests that you're creative and forward-thinking."



"Barely there nudes are perfect for every occasion and the colour is super-forgiving when it comes to DIY applications. A nude mani reads low-maintence and unfussy."



"If your go-to hue is pink, you're fun, flirty, ultra-feminine, and love being a girly-girl," said Michelle. 


You can think twice if you think your love for grilled cheese is just a random quirk!

Apparently, our food habits say a lot about who we are, with subtle differences in taste dictated by our upbringing. 

Scientists are increasingly linking our food preferences with our personality traits, so if you want to find out what your love for chocolate means, read on:

If you love grilled cheese…

You're seductive, charitable and worldly. 

Research carried out by dating site, Skout, quizzed 4,600 people on their diet, bedroom habits and lifestyle and what they found out was quite interesting.

The survey found that 81 percent of cheese lovers donate time, money or food to those in need. And 84 percent enjoy travelling compared to only 78 percent of people who don't like cheese. 

And if you love a cheddar toastie in the evening, it also means you have a good time in the bedroom! They discovered that 73 percent of cheesy people have sex at least once a month, compared to only 63 percent of non-cheese lovers. 


If you love chocolate…

You're selfless and good-natured.

A study carried out by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that people with a sweet tooth tend to have sweeter dispositions.

The research found that those who like chocolate are more likely to volunteer to help another person. They're also more agreeable and even-tempered than those without a sweet tooth.


If you love pepperoni pizza…

You're extroverted and argumentative

A survey from the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation tested 500 adults on their preferred pizza topping. 

The results found that people who like pepperoni on their pizza thrive when they're the centre of attention and are more likely to be extrovert than those who like other toppings.

They are also more likely to be argumentative and procrastinators, while those who like chicken as a topping are likely to be driven, assertive and competitive. 


If you love curry…

You're a risk-taker.

Research by the University of Grenoble found that people who like spicy food are more likely to be financial, sexual and behavioural risk-takers. 

Spice-lovers are also seen to be daring and adventurous and prove to work better in intense situations. 


If you love ice-cream…

You're impulsive and idealistic.

If you're partial to vanilla ice-cream, you're likely to be dynamic and idealistic.

Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation used various tests to determine that ice-cream lovers are impulsive and rely on intuition more than logic. They are also seen as more emotionally expressive and work better in close relationships. 


If you swear that all Taureans are stubborn, or all Aquarians are intellectual, you might not be as off the mark as some people might think! 

A new study has shown that our season of birth could have an impact on our personality traits and how other people react to us. The research, which was carried out in Hungary, could help scientists figure out why some people are more prone to mood disorders than others.

Here's the breakdown – see if you fit!

Born in spring:
Extremely positive and optimistic, sometimes excessively so. Maybe you always look on the bright side, or maybe you can't bear to see the bad side of those around you.

Born in summer:
Again, you have a lot of positivity, but you're also more likely to have mood swings than autumn and winter babies. You're no stranger to stress or anxiety.

Born in autumn:
Compared to winter kids, you're not as prone to depression, so you'll probably adapt better to significant life changes and move on from things quickly.

Born in winter:
Winter babies are calm, cool and collected – they're far less likely to get irritable than those born at other times of the year. So while the driver in front of you is frantically beeping his horn during that traffic jam, you're happily bopping along to the new Taylor Swift song and enjoying a few minutes' break from driving.


If you thought the only thing your coffee did was wake you up in the morning, then think again. A survey of 1,000 people by the Irish Coffee Council has found that the kind of coffee you choose, can actually reveal a lot about your personality.

In a general sense, coffee drinkers were found to be more extroverted than non-coffee drinkers, meaning they enjoy being around other people, which could explain why coffee houses are always so packed! But if you want to get down to the nitty gritty of specific coffees, the read on:

Americano drinkers: crowd-pleasers who are generally considered out-going and sociable. They actively seek out new personal engagements and thrive in groups. However, they are more likely than others to be somewhat moody and unpredictable with their emotions, so watch out!  

Cappuccino: the people who drink this style of coffee are full of life, energy and positivity. Cappuccino drinkers are likely to be seen as kind and considerate.

Latte: more reserved than others, preferring to create close personal relationships in intimate settings rather than socialising in larger groups. They are also seen as helpful and generous with their time.

Coffee with a sprinkle of chocolate: these people seek out new experiences and love to meet new people. They tend to be spontaneous and prefer to take the world as it comes!

Espresso: disorganised and spontaneous. They enjoy their own company and enjoy thinking, exploring their thoughts and feelings. They are introverted but they have no difficulty speaking with others, they just prefer their own company.

So, does your coffee choice match your personality?


It looks like checking your BMI and blood pressure isn’t the only thing that determines your health because according to American researchers, personality is as important as family history.

They think that personality determines how well someone looks after themselves and that conscientious people are much less likely to develop a health problem than those who are careless.

Dr Norman Anderson of Duke University in North Carolina said:

“The best health care is one that treats the whole person including how their personality traits impact their attitudes and behaviours vis-à-vis their health.”

He said that his research showed that people who are more sensible at the age of 26 are in much better health  at 38 than those who aren’t sensible in their 20s.

Looks like we’ll be passing on the booze this weekend!



You might think you’re choosing a certain shade of lipstick to co-ordinate it with your outfit, but your choice of lipstick has more to do with your personality than it does with your clothes – for the most part anyway.

Bright and Red
If you find yourself always going for red shades it means you’re a passionate gal who isn’t afraid to draw attention to your lips.

As dark as night, women who like black lipstick are generally less approachable. People who don’t know you might even find you intimidating.

Clear and nude
You’re a confident gal with a cool and calm personality. With nude lovers, what you see is what you get.

Feeling pink
Pink lovers are usually sweet and have a kind heart.

Brown and mauves
If you’re a fan of deep mauves and browns, it means you like to take a slightly different path. You’re also no stranger to adventures.



How can I tell if he loves me so?

When it comes to kissing, it’s not just their kissing style we discover – we also get an insight into their personality.

Here are some of the most popular kissing styles and what they mean:

Closed-mouth kiss
If you’re not dealing with a shy one, you could have someone who wants to take things slow. Either way, both are admirable!

French kissing
He isn’t exactly the shyest person around, is he? Lip locking usually means he’s into you.  Be careful though, you might find yourself falling for him too.

There’s no doubt this fella knows exactly what he wants. Don’t be afraid to tell him you’d like to slow things down……even if you are enjoying the neck kissing.

Peck on the forehead
If all other signs point to the fact he’s interested, this intimate touch usually means you have a romantic one. Don’t be surprised if you answer the door to a bouquet of flowers.