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Domino’s is celebrating the official opening of its latest store in Newbridge by giving away five bespoke Newbridge Silverware pizza platters, designed and commissioned by local talent, Aisling Mahon. 

Creating a unique dining experience, on Thursday, June 6, a “Domi-Butler” will be on hand to serve five lucky winners with freshly handmade pizza on 14-inch, perfect pizza sized, silver-plated platters.  

Sharing Domino’s passion for quality craftsmanship, Newbridge Silverware has been designing and creating stylish tableware for the last 80 years. The new store commissioned 27-year-old local designer, Aisling Mahon, who has created several designs for Newbridge Silverware, to make the customised platters to mark the official launch. Presented in stylish boxes, they also have a 55-year guarantee, promising many happy years of fancy pizza parties.   

All pizza fans who visit Domino’s Newbridge between Monday, May 27 to Sunday, June 2 can enter the competition by completing a simple form to be entered into a draw.  The five winners, who will be selected at random, will join the Domi-Butler in store on Thursday, June 6 at 12 noon to win a large pizza of their choice and the iconic Newbridge Silverware pizza platter. 

Paul Dupuy, Ireland Marketing Manager said, “There’s a great sense of pride in Newbridge and it’s brilliant to work with home-grown talent and businesses at the heart of the community to create something special with Domino’s.  The unique pizza platters are ideal for entertaining family and friends at home and will make any pizza occasion a very special one that will be sure to impress guests. 

"For one day only, the dashing Domi-Butler will be on hand to deliver pizza to these dine in winners.  Customers need only lift a finger to eat their pizzas as the Domi-Butler waits on them and delivers their heart’s desire; freshly handmade pizza!  We’ve recruited nearly 30 new jobs for local people and have spent weeks training them to make our famously delicious pizzas. We’ve also introduced our environmentally friendly electric bikes and we look forward to many years delivering pizza to the neighbourhood.”

The new store is located at Unit 12 Newbridge Retail Park, Athgarvan Road, Co Kildare.  Order online or by phone on 045 444 600 for collection or delivery from 12 noon to 2am. 


Honestly, thank God. This isn't just the news we needed, it's the news we deserved.

Domino's has officially launched GPS delivery tracking in the Republic of Ireland with 'Domi-Pin', and are giving away 400 Catalan Chicken & Chorizo pizzas to celebrate. The newest pizza style is a rich, hearty full-flavoured meal starring a Mediterranean-inspired flavour combination that’s tried and tested.

The tracking shows the location of your driver from store to door, and the pizzamakers are touring Ireland with a giant GPS pin as well as handing out hundreds of pizzas this week. Nom.

This week, from today until Friday, 1 March, people who spot the Domi-Pin will win one of the new Catalan Chicken and Chorizo pizzas on the spot…life just can't get any better. 

The four-foot-high Domi-Pin is set to appear all around Ireland, with the Domino's team giving away delicious treats to pizza lovers nationwide. 

The Domino’s GPS team can be found at Domino’s stores in Citywest, Athlone, Letterkenny, and Galway respectively this week at 2pm to 4pm. Get yerselves down there ASAP.

The first 100 pizza fans at each location only have to spot the giant Domi-Pin and say hi to the team to win a personal Catalan Chicken and Chorizo Pizza.

Eagle-eyed pizza fans who spot and share or repost a picture on Twitter using the #DominosGPS hashtag and tag @Dominos_ROI will also be in with a chance to win. 

Adam Levine Pizza GIF by NBC'S The Voice

The GPS tracker is the first of its kind in Ireland, and gives you the ability to track your pizzas all the way from the oven to your gaff. The tracker opens to a live map at the delivery stage so you can track the progress of your driver.

There's even a countdown, so anyone on a time limit can prepare for the tasty arrival. We are ridiculously excited to try and test the new technology, is anyone else suddenly starving?

To order, check out the Domino's website or head into your local store. Those stunning Catalan Chicken and Chorizo pizzas are just €22 for a large, in case anyone's wondering. We know we were…


Get yourselves ready ladies, because Domino's is about to blow our minds but not our healthy January food habits.

Not that we were sticking to them very well anyway, but now there's ZERO guilt for bingeing on delicious pizza, because Domino's are releasing a brand new LOW-CALORIE range.

Thank the tomato sauce and mozarella gods for this beautiful and heavenly gift.

The pizzamaker launched their brand new Delight range by floating massive inflatable slices in the Irish sky to beat those January blues, and are generously giving away 1,000 FREE pizzas to spot the balloons.

Anyone who spots, snaps and shares photos around Dublin's Grand Canal of a Domino's special Floating Slices of Delight using the #SliceOfDelight hashtag will have any remaining January Blues lightened with some delish doughy goodness.

You can also retweet or repost @Dominos_ROI #SliceOfDelight snap to be included in the 1,000. 

The initiative emphasises the introduction of the Domino’s Delight range, developed to contain less than 650kcal per small pizza and around 100kcal for one small but life-changing slice.

The Delight Chicken and Delight Vegi options make sure to use Domino’s signature fresh dough hand-stretched thinner and reduced fat mozzarella. WE NEED IT.

i love you GIF

Luckily for us, the Delight range is available to buy on the Domino’s app, on www.dominos.ie or in store from €16 for a medium pizza and €20 for a large. Get 'em while they're hot, folks.



This may be the beauty product we've all been waiting for…What are our two favourite things? Pizza + glamorous eyeshadow = pure, unadulterated joy.

Yep, that's the truth. Glamlite Cosmetics have changed the make-up game by creating a pizza-themed vegan eyeshadow palette, and it's absolutely unreal.

The cruelty-free, vegan beauty giant have described the Pizza Palette as; The world’s most ‘delicious’ palette, fresh out of the oven and ready for delivery!”

My God.


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What's even cooler, if that's possible, is that the creator received hateful messages about her weight insinuating that she 'ate too many pizzas'. 

She then decided to carry out the greatest clap-back second only to anything Chrissy Teigen has ever done, by creating a PIZZA-themed palette which sold out in under 48 hours.

What an absolute QUEEN. We stan.


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The palette features 18 stunning 'toppings' to choose from, and colours to match. The names range from earthy emerald shades of 'Basil' to the shimmery gold of 'Pineapple', and even metallic purple 'Red Onions'.

This woman is a genius. The product has also been JEFFREE STAR APPROVED, which is no easy feat.

Gold star from the make-up Star himself;


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The packaging resembles a take-away pizza box, with highly pigmented colours achieving full coverage for any skin tone.

We're joining the masses and queueing up for one; it's unique and encompasses a badass clapback? We must have it. WE MUST.

Feature image: Insider


If you are coeliac or gluten-intolerant, pizza is usually off the menu, unfortunately.

This is why in her cookbook Finn's World, author Finn Ní Fhaoláin, suffering from the condition herself, has come up with a gluten-free pizza that you can make at home. 

The recipe is actually quite easy, so don't hesitate to give it a go!

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cardboard – Thick Crust Pizza

Makes enough for 4 mini (15cm) pizzas 

1 cup (120g) GF self-raising flour, plus extra for rolling – Doves Farm Organic is tip top: great ingredients and no chemicals!
pinch of salt
1 cup (250g) Greek yogurt 
2 tbsp olive oil


big handful (30g grated or ½ ball sliced) mozzarella for each mini pizza
1 cup (225g) tomato frito – a wonderful Spanish invention where they have already added the garlic and seasoning to the tomato; if your local supermarket doesn’t have it, passata with some oregano, garlic powder and salt will do
2 chestnut mushrooms
2 pineapple rings in juice – not syrup, no need for that nastaay sugar
2 slices Serrano or Parma ham

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line 2 baking trays with baking parchment – this stops the pizzas from sticking and makes them easier to move. 

Chuck the flour and salt in a big bowl. Make a well in the middle of the flour and pour in the yogurt and olive oil. Mix the lot together with a wooden spoon to make a sticky dough.

Now the fancy looking bit. Pour about ⅓ cup of flour on a big chopping board and smooth it out a bit. For non-gluey hands, quickly dust your hands with flour. I love doing this as it reminds me of ‘chalking up’ for weight lifting. Time to show this dough who’s boss!

Working with ¼ of your dough at a time, grab a chunk and drop it on the floured board. Roll it around till you have a floury ball – if the dough feels too wet just add more flour. Warning: this GF version will never be as gluey as regular pizza dough and will feel softer than you’d expect, so none of that fancy swinging it around the place! 

Next, pop a ball of dough onto on side of your papered-up baking tray (you should fit two small pizzas on an average tray). Cover your rolling pin in flour to stop the dough sticking. Roll the pizza base out by moving the dough a quarter turn clockwise after each roll. This stops the dough from breaking and keeps the nice round shape. Using your hands, flatten the dough in the centre and squish the edges to create a thick-crust pizza. 

Repeat till you have 2 mini pizzas for each tray. Pop the trays in the oven for 10 minutes to partially cook the dough.

For the toppings, thinly slice the mushrooms and chop the pineapple into chunks. I love Serrano ham for a little twist on the classic Hawaiian – it adds such a great flavour and you can cut thin strips using a scissors.

Take the pizza bases out of the oven, and now it’s time to customise! Do you like loads of sauce? Not too much cheese? I like a good dollop of sauce, but plenty of space for plain crust that I can use for dippies later.
Spoon on your sauce, spread it out then grab a good handful of cheese and sprinkle over each pizza. Pop the bases back in the oven for 5–10 mins to let the cheese melt. After this take them out, arrange your mushrooms, pineapple and ham and pop back in for another 10–15mins till the cheese is golden brown.

To Serve: For a healthier dinner, this pizza goes great with salads and some sweet potato fries. For naughty nights, scoff two of the mini pizzas, wash down with a GF beer or a nice cider and keep your crusts for dipping in a creamy garlic mayo – 4 tbsp mayo, ½ tsp garlic powder and ½ tsp oregano.

This base works brilliantly with any combo of toppings and sauces you can dream up – think salsa instead of tomato sauce, or if cow’s milk doesn’t agree with you, try goat’s yogurt in the base and melty goat’s cheese with sundried tomatoes and artichokes as a topping. 




We ALL know that feeling well on a Friday night; feeling so worn out with exhaustion that the mere thought of cooking a meal for yourself makes you want to shed a tear. "I didn't work all week to deal with this," you think, wearingly. That is where the 'backup plan' comes into place. The backup plan being, having something on hand that is restaurant quality delicious, that you can prepare at home, requiring minimal effort from you.

That let's be honest, that 'something' is always pizza – at least when it's this close to the weekend. Unfollow anyone on social who is willing to dispute that – you don't need that kind of negativity in your life, tbh.   

Thankfully, Milanos are here to bring you that Friday feeling with their newest additions to their supermarket (and very budget-friendly) pizza range (why yes, you can buy Milano goodness to cook at home), including an out-of-this-world American pizza (€5.69). It originates from a signature restaurant recipe (so you know it's going to taste GOOD), made with pepperoni, mozzarella and Milano’s famous passata. In one word: heavenly. 

You can also get their Pollo Ad astra (€5.69), a classic pizza base topped with chicken, Peppadew™ peppers, Cajun spice and mozzarella. Did you know that this one is already a staple on the Milano restaurant menu? This recipe has been perfectly crafted so you can love and enjoy it when you're just too tired to leave the house. 

Their supermarket range now also has more products should you want a little something on the side (so to speak), including three new salad dressings, House, House Light and Caesar, all at €3 each. This will be additions to the fan-favourites in the range, from the scrumptious dough balls which we always need more of (€2.99) and Milano classic pizzas, Margherita and Sloppy Giuseppe. 

Milano’s new (and very tasty) retail product range is now available selected Tesco stores nationwide.

Why not treat yo-self? You deserve it.   


Have you ever wanted a good excuse to have to avoid cooking? Well, thanks to Deliveroo your prayers have been answered.

The last thing you want to do on the weekend is slave away in the kitchen like Cinderella. We can't help but daydream about going out for brunch or dining at that fancy new Italian restaurant your colleague has been raving about, but sadly our bank accounts won’t allow it.

Luckily, Deliveroo is offering free delivery across all restaurants this Friday and Saturday.


Every restaurant on Deliveroo in Ireland will be taking part in this special free delivery deal across Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Belfast over the two days.

Liam Cox, General Manager of Deliveroo Ireland shared: “We’re thrilled to be able to give our loyal customers the opportunity to take advantage of our free delivery offer."

He hopes this offer will encourage people to try new food: “I'm hoping this will encourage more people to want to try out some of their favourite local delicacies, so there’s no reason not to indulge!”

We will certainly be treating ourselves this weekend thanks to Deliveroo.

Why not make the most of this offer and gather up your friends for a night-in. You could all order your favourite dish and share with one another, that way everyone can try something different, whether that’s a gourmet burger or some salmon and avocado sushi.


Among the many exciting European cities I have been lucky enough to visit, Rome holds a special place in my heart.

Aesthetically, it is one of the most beautiful places you will ever get to see; culturally, you can discover some truly incredible artwork, feeling like you are walking in an open air museum; foodwise, it offers some of the best food you could dream of.

While the offer is overabundant and overall quite affordable, here are some tried and tested places we seriously recommend if you are planning a trip to the Italian capital this summer.

1. Matricianella


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A few steps from the Borghese Palace, Matricianella is an old trattoria with checked tablecloths, black-and-white-dressed waiters and a menu that will make you drool.

Go for the Taglioni al tartuffo (the truffle pasta), they are a proper masterpiece.

2. Trattoria Da Teo


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Located in the gorgeous neighbourhood of Trastevere, this small eatery offers the most typically Roman experience.

Get a table outside and order some pasta, it will probably be the best ones you have ever tasted – we particularly recommend the Spaghetti alle Vongole. 

3. Pizzeria Ostiense

Roman pizzas are quite different to the thick doughy Neapolitan-style pizza we are mostly used to. Paper-thin, with simple yet tasty topping, it makes for a whole new pizza experience.

In the hip neighbourhood of Testaccio, we recommend Pizzeria Ostiense, loved by the locals. You are in for a treat!

4. Giolitti


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Open since 1900, this gelateria can be considered a landmark at that stage and some consider it the best one in Rome. 

Don't be repelled by the queue and the absolute mayhem inside the shop. Your ice-cream will be 100% worth it.

5. Al Moro


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Located near the Trevi Fountain, Al Moro is a high-end, 1920s wood-paneled restaurant with a classic Roman menu.

Offering excellent traditional and seasonal dishes, this historic eatery will provide a fabulous Roman experience. 

6. Pasticceria Regoli


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This family run pastry shop has been serving sweet delicacies since 1916 and is a highly popular shop among the Romans.

Get a selection of pastries and unapologetically make a meal out of it, you won't regret it!

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Nothing beats chilling in your back garden, a cold cider in one hand and some tunes on a speaker in the other. 

On June 15th-16th, Kopparberg is taking over a hidden backyard just off Camden Street throwing the buzziest garden party of the summer.

The Camden Backyard is celebrating all things Dublin with local musicians, comedians and classic fruity cider. 

On Thursday evening,  Alison Spittle and special guests James Kavanagh will record a live podcast to launch the event. 

On Friday and Saturday night, the garden will come alive with hip hop and RnB music from local talent, artists, and DJs including Tara Stewart, Super Silly, Handsome Paddy, JYellowL, Mona Lxsa, Soft Boy DJs, UNQ and more. 

As for the food line up, expect wood fired pizza by The Original Food Junkie and Hawaiian street food from Shaka Poké. 

For those with a sweet tooth, Arctic Stone will be serving up rolled ice cream doused in Kopparberg Raspberry infused syrup. 

For those with a thirst to quench, Kopparberg slushies, and Koppar-cocktails are available, along with two free Kopparbergs included with your ticket. 

You can nab tickets right here for the event, which come in at €10.00 each. 


This is not a drill!

An actual nutritionist said we can have pizza for breakfast and it's like all our childhood dreams have come true at once.

Speaking to The Daily Meal, registered dietician, Chelsey Amer, explained that when it comes to nutritional value, the take-away favourite actually trumps a number of more traditional breakfast dishes.

“You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories,” she said.

“However, pizza packs a much larger protein punch, which will keep you full and boost satiety throughout the morning.”

“Plus, a slice of pizza contains more fat and much less sugar than most cold cereals, so you will not experience a quick sugar crash.”

It just gets better and better!

However, it's worth noting that these stats apply to a single slice; and let's be real, no one ever stops at just one slice.

Chelsey also admits that while it may have some nutritional benefits, pizza isn't exactly what you'd call a healthy food and should not be considered a regular alternative.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what types of pizzas/ cereals you're consuming.

Obviously, a bowl full of added sugar and E numbers isn't exactly the healthiest choice, but neither is a fat-filled cheese fest – it's all about finding the right balance.

Speaking to The Independent, Harley Street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert explained:

“If we’re talking about a big greasy pizza ordered online then it’s probably not the most well balanced meal to eat for breakfast,” explains Lambert, who has a healthy pizza alternative in her book Re-Nourish: A Simple Way To Eat Well. 

“However, as mentioned, pizzas can be a healthy balance of carbs, fats and protein so as long as it doesn't contain unhealthy additives, who’s to say we can’t eat pizza for breakfast?”

Best news we've heard all year!


Sometimes, the greatest gift is the one you didn't even realise you needed. 

That brings us to the latest Internet offering in the form of a sex toy… that can order you PIZZA. 

Seriously though, this snazzy new vibrator, made by CamSoda, which is primarily a webcam and XXX VR company, is called the RubGrub. V good, yes. 

The RubGrub is a vibrator that will order you a pizza from Domino’s after you…get busy. 

Pizza in Bed Photo Ideas

According to a press release by CamSoda, the RubGrub has “an Internet connected button that is affixed on the end of the vibrator. The button has payment/delivery and order information, which is programmed into it at the time of purchase and connects to Domino’s through its pizza-ordering API.

"When a user is done ‘using’ the vibrator, they push the button, which places a delivery order for a large cheese pizza.”

The company also mentioned that it plans to add more restaurant chains in the next few months, so if you crave Indian food or pasta – you'll soon have your wish.

Singer Niykee Heaton eating pizza in bed after a concert

The RubGrub does require that you set up your billing and delivery information one time on their app, naturally. 

After that though, pepperoni with extra cheese is just the push of a button away. 

This groundbreaking device is currently only available in the U.S (for just $19.95, we might add) but hopefully something like this will make its way across pond pronto. 


Today is National Pizza Day – one of the most important holidays of the year in our opinion.

Anyway, in celebration of this fine, fine day – we hit the streets of Dublin to sample the best of the best. 

5 restaurants, 12 pizzas and a SERIOUS food coma later – and here we are! 

Let us know what you think! 

1. Big Blue Bus

The Big Blue Bus is a 1979 double decker bus converted into a pizza restaurant based at the Bernard Shaw, 11-12 Richmond Street, Dublin. The Big Blue Bus is open 7 days a week.

The Big Blue Bus bakes delicious gourmet stone pizza, garlic bread, bruschetta, desserts, Moroccan teas and more. The Big Blue Bus also offers shisha pipes for that little something different.

The Bus is available to book for private parties where you can book the whole top deck for you and your friends. The Bus is also available to book for dinner any night of the week.


Happy #nationalbestfriendday to my #1

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2. Moss & Gray

Dating back to pre war times of 1931, Moss & Gray started their business of purveyors of fine tea, sugars, wines, coffees along with other speciality foods. They supplied the hotel industry along with the aristocracy society of Dublin and surrounding areas. Moss & Gray were the first in the area to deliver their products by motorcar, while everyone else used horse and cart.

Located in the heart of Temple Bar, this brand new pizza joint continues the tradition of supplying wonderful food and drinks to the public.

Having only opened it's doors in recent months, Moss & Gray is still somewhat of a hidden gem – but seriously worth a visit! 

We strongly recommend you get yourself one of their signature hazelnut espresso martinis along with your pizza… a winning combination. 


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3. Aperitivo

Bringing some Milanese style to the heart of Dublin, Aperitivo serve up pizzas whole or by the slice, New York style. Try their array of vegan pizzas, with a handmade vegan pesto base, or build your own from a choice of toppings.

4. The Back Page

Bringing chill and pizza to a new level. Their menu is designed to represent the greats… and they see it only fitting to use great ingredients to do them justice. 


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5. Milano

You just cannot go wrong with a pizza from Milano. With locations dotted across the country, there is no excuse not to indulge in some classic Italian deliciousness! 



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