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*WARNING: This piece contains plot spoilers*

The four-episode long debut of Striking Out concluded last night – and viewers are already crying out for a renewal of the hit series.

After a tumultuous few weeks, fans were left on a bit of a cliff hanger, with everything left very much hanging in the middle of things.

Amused viewers took to Twitter after noticing some rather interesting plot detail: Like who just has a random spare apartment lying empty? 

With four episodes was there really any time for even a quick suit change?

Finishing with a bang instead of everything getting all wrapped up, we couldn't agree with this expectant fan more:

So then, will we get a second series? Fans will just have to wait and see. 

Feature image Cast of 'Striking Out', Credit: RTE



A photographer’s adorable series of photos shows just how universally cute puppies are!

Photographer J Nichole Smith, who has been a professional pet photographer for 10 years, snapped portraits of 25 breeds of puppies for her book Puppyhood to show just how different – and adorable – each dog can be at the same age.

The photographer said the project, which took 30 days to complete, was the “single best assignment I’ve ever had!”

And we can see why!

“All the puppies in the book were photographed at six weeks of age,” she said. “This stipulation allowed us to use life-size images of each pup, we wanted all of the puppies to be the same age. This way, the drastic differences in size from breed to breed would be emphasized.”

The pictures show a combination of pure-bred pups and mixed-breed ones including Basset Hounds, French Bulldogs and Irish Settlers.

Altogether now… Awwwwwwww!



Pup 4



Be afraid, be very afraid.

Your favourite childhood book series and TV show, Goosebumps, is to be made into a feature length movie due to hit cinemas in 2016.

R.L. Stine’s book series terrified children everywhere for the majority of the 90s and consists of 62 books. Goosebumps is the second best selling book series coming in behind Harry Potter.

We’re not sure about you but we cannot wait to see what they do with this film!



This new series centres around six computer programmers who are all room-mates trying to make big money in Silicon Valley.

Our new The Big Bang Theory perhaps?!



The new Showtime series that will air in May is a pyschosexual horror TV show that brings terrifying characters of classic literature such as Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and Dracula to life in 1890’s London.

Some of the show was shot in Temple Bar recently and stars Josh Hartnett, Eva Green and Billie Piper.

This newly released featurette goes behind the scenes of the exciting series to discuss how the setting was created and all of the work that goes into a period drama such as this.