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The Umbrella Academy is undoubtedly Netflix's break-out hit of 2019. 

The series is based on My Chemical Romance’s former frontman Gerard Way’s comic book of the same name, and the supernatural dystopian series focuses on a selection of individuals who have superpowers, who were collected by an eccentric mogul to attend his special school to hone their skills.

The Academy was disbanded, but following his death, the students returned as adults to fight to save the world from the apocalypse. 


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Featuring time travel, romance and some very dark humour, the show was an instant hit with fans who already loved Netflix content such a Stranger Things, The Mist, and IO. 

The original series only arrived on Netflix in February, but thanks to our binge-watching ways, many people finished the series in days – and fans were already clamouring for more.

Despite previous claims by the cast to the contrary, it now seems that Netflix is reassembling the Academy for season 2.


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There will be 10 one-hour episodes in the second season, and Irish actor Robert Sheehan has been confirmed to return to his role for act 2.

Last month, while fans begged for a confirmation of season two, 15-year-old actor Aidan Gallagher, who plays the role of Number 5, was unable to say whether or not the Umbrella Academy would be returning.

'While I have no doubts because I've been to the future (it sucks by the way) — no word from Netflix on a 2nd season has been given to anyone yet,' he replied to a tweet.

'When it comes they will make it loud and headline clear to all.'

The announcement was made via social media, as the show's Instagram page posted a large image of the number 2 to their 1.1 million followers, which then plays a video of the final scene of season 1.


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Aidan has since posted a similar video to his page, saying: 'We’re back! Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy has been OFFICIALLY announced by Netflix!'

Robert Sheehan also reacted to the news over on Twitter, remarking: 'Yeaaarrrr babay, dia dhuit agus slán go fóill'

Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman and Justin H. Min are also set to return to their roles.

Ellen celebrate the news of a second season by sharing some fan art to her Instagram page by a very talented illustrator.


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The illustration also pays homage to season 1's famously dramatic and cliff-hanging end. 

There is no word yet on when we can expect the new season, but Netflix has been accelerating their production of follow up seasons for Original content, so hopefully we wont be waiting too long.


It's only been a few weeks since Netflix released The Umbrella Academy, but already the show has garnered a fanbase of millions.

My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way's brainchild involves a group of children with special powers who must save the world from the apocalypse when they grow up, after their billionaire father dies.

Sir Reginald Hargreeves raised the kids, but they separated as time passed and they desired their freedom. His mysterious death reunites the strange family, and the plot thickens. 

43 babies were born where the women hadn't been pregnant when the day had begun, and an eccentric elderly billionaire buys seven of them. Of course, they've got the coolest POWERZ ever…

The acting is top notch, Gerard Way's comic book is brought to life with an emotional roller-coaster and some excellent stars such as Mary J. Blige and Ellen Page stealing scenes.

Fans are asking the right questions about the possibility of a season two;

We've officially fallen in love with the entire cast of quirky characters, but Klaus stole our hearts. Ireland's own Robert Sheehan plays the character, who can converse with the dead but numbs himself with alcohol and drugs to cope.

Another absolute LEGEND in the show is number five, played by Aidan Gallagher. The 15-year-old stunned audiences with his acting and maturity, playing a character who jumps through time and space.

Unfortunately, Gallagher shut down rumours about season two today, and we're more than upset.

He tweeted;

"While I have no doubts because I've been to the future (it sucks by the way)- no word from Netflix on a second season has been given to anyone yet. When it comes they will make it loud and headline clear to all."

However, GWW reported that the second season of The Umbrella Academy will be going into production at the end of 2019 in Toronto, so we're confused.

The publication are stating that Peter Hoar has signed on to direct the first episode. Hoar directed the pilot as well as episode 10 of the first season. We trust Aidan more than GWW, the kid has been to the future.


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Aidan is the UN's youngest ever ambassador, and he campaigns for environmental and climate change action in politics as well as recording music, acting and going to school. He's literally the coolest 15-year-old ever.

Let's just rewatch the first season again and again while we wait for the announcement:

Meanwhile, here is an image of us staring into the abyss until we get confirmation of season two:

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Feature image: IGN.com/Netflix 


You may be familiar with some of Robert Sheehan's earlier work… or you may have just been introduced to him via the thirst trap of Netflix.

The Umbrella Academy has us all binge-watching the show 24/7, but Sheehan's character provides some eye candy for Twitter users of the modern day, who adore Klaus Hargreeves in all his hilarious, flamboyant and substance-abusing glory.

The Irish actor garnered attention back in 2009 when he portrayed lovable trouble-maker Nathan Young in E4's hit show, Misfits. The memes of his character's funniest lines still live on…

A stint on Love/Hate as Darren cemented his rising star status, and he has recently hit America, playing Simon in The Mortal Instruments film.

Now he's catching more than his fair share of eyes in Gerard Way's new dark superhero show; The Umbrella Academy. My Chemical Romance's former frontman has some serious talents.

Klaus' power is that he can hear the dead, which partially explains his insanity. The lad is high or drunk in every scene, and it makes for VERY entertaining content altogether…

We decided to check out what Twitter had to say about our lust-worthy Irish export, and it's fairly hilarious. The thirst trap has caught it's prey, you might say…Here are our fave reactions from the general public. Enjoy…

1. We ADORE that this video found true meaning when related to Klaus' gift:

2. "Don't stan the crazy white boy": A novel.


4. "I only want happiness for him": 

5. THAT scene where he's jamming in his towel and Mary J. Blige rolls in:

6. Klaus and Ben together: the greatest combo of sass we didn't just need but deserved:

7. How oblivious Klaus is at ALL TIMES to any type of danger:

8. Lady Gaga-level of praise:

9. Official 'White Boy of the Month' category winner: 

10.  His phone calls to the dead aren't exactly eloquent:

11. Klaus + Ben = Our Heart

12. Some fans would even, dare we say it, DIE for him:

13. His self-care priorities are in order:

14. We're just so thankful to Gerard Way:

15. We CRAVE the crazy:

16.  The scene with his father's ashes had us whEEZING:

17. We just want to show our support:

18. His fear of ghosts is so damn pure:

19.  The resemblance to his old character of Nathan Young in Misfits is uncanny:

20.  Finally, the statement we all know to be true:

Is that all the Klaus Netflix can offer us? We won't rest until we see more of his beautiful face and hilarious quotes. 

netflix hargreeves GIF by The Umbrella Academy

Congrats on another winning role, Robert Sheehan. You've only gone and set another thirst trap, and we've all fallen into it head first.


OK, we'll be honest, our hearts still flutter at the mere mention of Gerard Way, and if you ever went through an emo phase as a teenager, you'll know exactly what we're talking about.

Ever since the band parted ways in 2013, the My Chemical Romance frontman has focussed more on his second love in life – comic books.

The Umbrella Academy, a comic book series he co-created with illustrator, Gabriel Ba, tells the story of a dysfunctional family of superheroes who adopted by a mysterious millionaire.

The comic was set for the silver screen back in 2009, but now Netflix have confirmed that they will adapt the comic for a 10-part live-action series, due to hit screens some time in 2018.

In a statement of his official wedsite, Gerard wrote: “It’s really happening!”

“Gabriel and I can’t wait to dive in and help make this a very memorable series with the team that is forming right now!”

He later added: “I am thrilled that The Umbrella Academy has found a home at Netflix. I couldn’t think of a better place for the vision Gabriel Ba and myself had when creating the comic, and cannot wait for people to experience that world as a live action show.”

The show is still in the pre-production stages, but according to Geek.com, Gerard looks set for the role of co-executive producer.

And as for the script, the pilot episode was adapted and written by Jeremy Slater, who created last year’s Exorcist TV series, so naturally, we're expecting good things.

Noughties kids keep your eyes peeled!