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You may be familiar with some of Robert Sheehan's earlier work… or you may have just been introduced to him via the thirst trap of Netflix.

The Umbrella Academy has us all binge-watching the show 24/7, but Sheehan's character provides some eye candy for Twitter users of the modern day, who adore Klaus Hargreeves in all his hilarious, flamboyant and substance-abusing glory.

The Irish actor garnered attention back in 2009 when he portrayed lovable trouble-maker Nathan Young in E4's hit show, Misfits. The memes of his character's funniest lines still live on…

A stint on Love/Hate as Darren cemented his rising star status, and he has recently hit America, playing Simon in The Mortal Instruments film.

Now he's catching more than his fair share of eyes in Gerard Way's new dark superhero show; The Umbrella Academy. My Chemical Romance's former frontman has some serious talents.

Klaus' power is that he can hear the dead, which partially explains his insanity. The lad is high or drunk in every scene, and it makes for VERY entertaining content altogether…

We decided to check out what Twitter had to say about our lust-worthy Irish export, and it's fairly hilarious. The thirst trap has caught it's prey, you might say…Here are our fave reactions from the general public. Enjoy…

1. We ADORE that this video found true meaning when related to Klaus' gift:

2. "Don't stan the crazy white boy": A novel.


4. "I only want happiness for him": 

5. THAT scene where he's jamming in his towel and Mary J. Blige rolls in:

6. Klaus and Ben together: the greatest combo of sass we didn't just need but deserved:

7. How oblivious Klaus is at ALL TIMES to any type of danger:

8. Lady Gaga-level of praise:

9. Official 'White Boy of the Month' category winner: 

10.  His phone calls to the dead aren't exactly eloquent:

11. Klaus + Ben = Our Heart

12. Some fans would even, dare we say it, DIE for him:

13. His self-care priorities are in order:

14. We're just so thankful to Gerard Way:

15. We CRAVE the crazy:

16.  The scene with his father's ashes had us whEEZING:

17. We just want to show our support:

18. His fear of ghosts is so damn pure:

19.  The resemblance to his old character of Nathan Young in Misfits is uncanny:

20.  Finally, the statement we all know to be true:

Is that all the Klaus Netflix can offer us? We won't rest until we see more of his beautiful face and hilarious quotes. 

netflix hargreeves GIF by The Umbrella Academy

Congrats on another winning role, Robert Sheehan. You've only gone and set another thirst trap, and we've all fallen into it head first.



When rumours began circulating this week that noughties emo heartthrobs, My Chemical Romance, might possibly be reforming, we're guessing sales in eyeliner and wristbands went through the absolute roof.

But it looks like impromptu splurging (again, we're just guessing) on the part of die-hard emos may have been in vain, as the band has taken to social media to dismiss the reports and express their gratitude for the public's enthusiasm.

"We've been really touched and blown away by the response to the teaser trailer," they began in a post last night.

"We are not touring and there is no reunion planned – only a release for the anniversary of The Black Parade," they continued. "Thanks so much for continuing to keep MCR in your minds and in your hearts."

While the post was captioned 'Thank you so much for the love' MCR fans really weren't feeling it after clapping eyes on the band's post.

"I love you to bits but I just wanna ask, why would u play it out like this when surely you'd've known the response you'd get," slammed one. "You just brought us up only to let us down."

"Sure I am excited for this, but I think the drama you created around it, only hurt people this time thank you for being so theatrical, and for being what you have been over the years, but right now I think it was unnecessary."

Determined Gerard Way and the lads would see the implications of their decision, another peaced out, saying: "BRB gonna drown in my own emo tears."

Oh, look what you've done now, guys.