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You may be familiar with some of Robert Sheehan's earlier work… or you may have just been introduced to him via the thirst trap of Netflix.

The Umbrella Academy has us all binge-watching the show 24/7, but Sheehan's character provides some eye candy for Twitter users of the modern day, who adore Klaus Hargreeves in all his hilarious, flamboyant and substance-abusing glory.

The Irish actor garnered attention back in 2009 when he portrayed lovable trouble-maker Nathan Young in E4's hit show, Misfits. The memes of his character's funniest lines still live on…

A stint on Love/Hate as Darren cemented his rising star status, and he has recently hit America, playing Simon in The Mortal Instruments film.

Now he's catching more than his fair share of eyes in Gerard Way's new dark superhero show; The Umbrella Academy. My Chemical Romance's former frontman has some serious talents.

Klaus' power is that he can hear the dead, which partially explains his insanity. The lad is high or drunk in every scene, and it makes for VERY entertaining content altogether…

We decided to check out what Twitter had to say about our lust-worthy Irish export, and it's fairly hilarious. The thirst trap has caught it's prey, you might say…Here are our fave reactions from the general public. Enjoy…

1. We ADORE that this video found true meaning when related to Klaus' gift:

2. "Don't stan the crazy white boy": A novel.


4. "I only want happiness for him": 

5. THAT scene where he's jamming in his towel and Mary J. Blige rolls in:

6. Klaus and Ben together: the greatest combo of sass we didn't just need but deserved:

7. How oblivious Klaus is at ALL TIMES to any type of danger:

8. Lady Gaga-level of praise:

9. Official 'White Boy of the Month' category winner: 

10.  His phone calls to the dead aren't exactly eloquent:

11. Klaus + Ben = Our Heart

12. Some fans would even, dare we say it, DIE for him:

13. His self-care priorities are in order:

14. We're just so thankful to Gerard Way:

15. We CRAVE the crazy:

16.  The scene with his father's ashes had us whEEZING:

17. We just want to show our support:

18. His fear of ghosts is so damn pure:

19.  The resemblance to his old character of Nathan Young in Misfits is uncanny:

20.  Finally, the statement we all know to be true:

Is that all the Klaus Netflix can offer us? We won't rest until we see more of his beautiful face and hilarious quotes. 

netflix hargreeves GIF by The Umbrella Academy

Congrats on another winning role, Robert Sheehan. You've only gone and set another thirst trap, and we've all fallen into it head first.


OK so the sun may not quite be shining but it is July and it is pretty warm. And regardless of the ever-changing weather, we can't be the only ones to experience random, for-no-clear-reason-whatsoever THIRSTY days! 

Now, and after a little research with our lab coats on, we have discovered that our thirst is not merely dependent on what the temperature gauge says. 

Yup, there an absolute load of reasons why your body screams 'hydrate me PLEASE'. 

Here, we detail what to look out for…

1. Your diet

Well, yes if you're knocking back salty treats then you're going to be thirsty – but other, less obvious foods can have the same impact. Diuretic foods – so celery, asparagus, beets, lemons, ginger, and parsley – can make you thirsty because they cause you to urinate more. So while these foods have lots of health benefits, if you're continually parched after eating them, consider tucking into more fluid-rich foods such as porridge and brown rice.

2.  Pregnancy

All those lovely baby hormones, as well as the whole growing another human inside you thing inevitable makes you reach for a water bottle, chilled juice, or coconut water. And it's super important to stay hydrated at this time. So despite the fact that you will need to go to the toilet A LOT (that's another pregnancy thing) don't skip your hydration breaks.

3.  Dry mouth

If your mouth is dry you're going to feel thirsty (natch) – though this may not mean that your body is dehydrated. Other factors to consider include a course of medication such as antibiotics, as well as smoking or being in a smoky environment.

4. Your period

Hello there, homones! Estrogen and progesterone levels can both affect your body's fluid volume, while blood loss itself can also make you seriously thirsty. Make sure to stay refreshed with the likes of coconut water – a natural source of electrolytes including potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium – and filtered water.

5. Night-time breathing habits

You wake up with your cheek languishing on an unpleasantly damp pillow; a not-so delightful trail of night-time drool emerging from your lips. Yup – you're a mouth-breather – and it's a habit that can make you dehydrated. Using a humidifier can help ease mouth dryness, as can replenishing with lots of fluids when you wake-up.

6. Activity levels

It goes without saying if you're working up a sweat, then you're going to be thirsty. And for those in Dublin city centre tomorrow, Vita Coco is inviting all of us to Just Get Thirsty with their amazing and totally legendary coconut island obstacle courses. Balancing beams, basketball hoops and space hoppers will ALL be there. Hurrah! Because if you're going to work up a sweat, you NEED to make sure you're having fun doing it. 

Vita Coco is 100% natural coconut water from young green coconuts. It is full of naturally occurring potassium and essential electrolytes, it’s just like sticking a straw in a coconut.