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Warning: this article may be upsetting for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse, assault or harassment.

In case you've missed the drama surrounding R Kelly following the release of a six-hour length Lifetime documentary regarding his sexual predation, the explosive TV episodes have one again brought the dangerous rapper to light.

Horrifying allegations have been made against singer R Kelly for three decades, including an upsetting trial involving 21 counts of child pornography.

The six-part documentary made by Dream Hampton, Surviving R Kelly, retraced reports of the R&B artist's consistent manipulation and abuse of underage girls and sexual misconduct going back 30 years, for which he has never faced any consequences.

Lady Gaga is now being sufficiently ROASTED for declining to appear in the documentary, despite having collaborated with him back in 2013 on the (ironic) track Do What U Want.

Twitter users are calling her out on her debated hypocrisy, as she plays a large role in the #MeToo movement and declared that she has had her own abuser, though won't name him, yet works with known paedophiles.

Her silence in 2019 on the issue has allowed the public to instead retrace a damaging 2013 interview, where the Shallow singer DEFENDS him while in Japan; 

"R Kelly and I have sometimes, very untrue things written about us, so in a way this was a bond between us." Whoa, whoa, whoa. This doesn't look good for Gaga, we have to admit.

She is choosing to remain silent for the moment, though more than a dozen victims who claim to have been raped, enslaved and abused while underage by Kelly have spoken out in the documentary.

Gaga was one of many celebrities who declined to participate in the Surviving R Kelly series, as well as Jay-Z (another collaborator), Dave Chapelle and Mary J Blige.

The move has angered many Gaga fans, given her public history of supporting sexual assault victims.

The rage online is palpable, as numerous fans have pointed out that this exact silence is how Kelly has been left to his own enabled devices for years.

In reality, he has had a support system around him who helped him with his predation.

Despite his child pornography trial taking place in 2002, hundreds of high profile celebrities have collaborated with him since, and are potentially only appearing regretful now because it is damaging to their brand.

A conversation has also arisen surrounding the notion of sexual assault victims and race, with many pointing out that if these women had been black, their stories may have ended differently.

Chance the Rapper has apologised for collaborating with the singer, but upset many people by admitting that he didn't care about the women because they were, in fact, black.

"Making a song with R. Kelly was a mistake. I didn't value the accusers' stories because they were black."

His honesty may be important in continuing this important talk, but the words have understandably hurt millions of women of the black community, who face oppression daily in America.

He later apologised for the quotes, saying they were taken out of context and explaining that the focus should be on the fact that those young black victims were never cared for.

Jada Pinkett Smith is among the celebrities who are asking the same imperative question; Do young black women matter?

Dream Hampton, executive producer of the show, told the Detroit Free Press that;

“It was incredibly difficult to get people who had collaborated with Kelly to come forward." Heartbreakingly, even friends such as Questlove declined to appear, despite believing the accusers' words.

John Legend was the only high-profile person who appeared in the film, writing on Twitter that it was an "easy decision":

#MeToo founder Tarana Burke also appeared in the documentary, as well as talk show host Wendy Williams and R. Kelly's ex-wife Andrea Kelly.

R&B legend Ne-Yo has posted his support for the series, saying that music cannot matter more than the lives of young black women.

Separating the man from the art must be examined as problematic; ignoring the actions of one can harm so many others.

R. Kelly has continuously denied the allegations and was acquitted in 2002 of child pornography charges, yet the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming.

The documentary is massively upsetting to watch, with woman after woman telling stories with paralleling patterns of his behaviour.

Families of young women are still claiming that their daughters are being held captive by R. Kelly as 'sex slaves.'

Chicago reporter Jim DeRogatis made a report in July of 2017 in which he asserts that Kelly keeps his victims captive in Chicago and Atlanta, and two victims (Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary) remain in his captivity.

"When u say teenage, how old are we talking" #RKelly #muterkelly #survivingrkelly pic.twitter.com/888SaTEBXx

Human rights organisation BlackWomensBlueprint tweeted,

"The sad truth is survivors still face push-back from naysayers who question their stories or dismiss the crisis of sexual assault- especially against black women and girls. It's a terrible burden to have to endure."

Jerhonda Pace, a survivor of R.Kelly, said, “I felt like a prisoner. I didn’t have anyone to talk to. It was just me. I went into a depression. I was mentally drained, because he would break me down, then build me up, then make me feel like sh*t again, then do it all over again."

"He would really manipulate my mind. The breaking point for me was when Rob slapped me, and he choked me until I blacked out," she concluded.

Let's not forget that when the singer was 27-years-old, he forged then 15-year-old R&B sensation Aaliyah's documents to claim she was 18 in order to marry her. 

The Princess of Urban Pop later died in a plane crash in the Bahamas in 2001 after the unlicensed pilot had cocaine and alcohol in his system.

The documentary's film-maker Dream Hampton claims she hopes "Surviving R. Kelly" serves as a starter tool to "shift culture" and "talk about rape culture and organise against patriarchy, which harms us all."

Non-for-profit advocacy organisation Color of Change tweeted the "strength of black women & girls is determined by how much suffering we can endure. The women in #SurvivingRKelly are our heroes."

Let's hope the conversation will finally spark action and justice for these women.


For those of you who still need to catch up on your Netflix shows, don't miss the chilling new stalker series YOU.

The show stars Penn Badgley as a bookstore manager named Joe Goldbery, who meets an unsuspecting aspiring poet, Guinevere Beck, and gets a LITTLE too attached. To say the least.

He stalks the hell out of her, basically. Think Gossip Girl's Dan Humphries but way more creepy.


A post shared by YOU (@younetflix) on

It's now been announced super on the down-low on the You Instagram account that the thriller hit is getting a second series.

Since it was released, the show has been talked about non-stop online, both for the crazy plot and the chilling acting skills of Mr Badgley.

Anyone who has seen season one probably aren't surprised at the announcement, as it ends on a major cliffhanger.

YOU is based on the book of the same name by Caroline Kepnes.


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Pretty much everyone who has watched the show are debating deleting their social media accounts, as Joe stalks Beck entirely from her Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

He finds out LITERALLY everything about her from a single click; where she lives, her place of work, aspects of her personality, her interests, her book loves, you name it.

Once he gets his hands on her phone, he can access her emails, group chats and messages. Which is basically someone's entire life, these days.


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Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) also stars alongside Badgley and Elizabeth Lail, who plays Beck.

Listening to Joe narrate the entire show displays the weirdness and bizarre thought processes of stalkers.

Trust us, you won't be able to stop watching.

You'll also be looking over your shoulder a lot more…



There was a time when silky slips were confined to the bedroom, but thanks to some forward thinking fashionistas the simple slip dress is about to become this year’s fashion staple.

In recent months the slip dress seems to have been given a whole new lease of life as it’s been worn both over and under tees, with cowboy boots and leather jackets and even on the red carpet.

And this trend is only going to keep getting bigger and better as the new Autumn/Winter stock finally arrives in stores.

Check out some of our favourite slipspiration below.


Natalie Roser:

With more than half a million followers on Instagram model Natalie Roser knows a thing or two about fashion, so it’s little wonder the Aussie beauty pulled off the perfect casual slip-centred look by matching this yellow dress with a denim jacket and nude flats.


Alexa Chung:

Alexa went for a slip with a difference when she paired this leather-look LBD with plain black boots.


Rumi Neely:

American fashion blogger Rumi Neely showed everyone how good a plain slip can look when she was photographed wearing this strappy red dress at New York Fashion Week.


Selena Gomez: 

Last month Selena Gomez was spotted in New York wearing an eyecatching floor length red slip with a simple pair of strappy gold heels.


Rosie Huntington Whiteley:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stunned in this pale pink satin Galvan gown at the Opening Ceremony dinner back in January proving that slip dresses can be worked for casual and occasion wear. 



Never one to fear adventurous fashion, Rihanna wore this bronze slip out in November with a long fur coat, silver sandals and navy baseball cap.


Kendall Jenner:

Back in April reality TV star Kendall Jenner wore a champagne coloured slip over a white tee on a night out with her model bestie Gigi Hadid.  Kendall accessorised her slip with a chunky silver choker and nude thigh-high boots.


Hanne Gaby Odiele:

Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele proved that there’s a slip to suit everyone when she married her DJ boyfriend in boho style over the weekend.  Henne’s bridesmaids wore lilac slip dresses of various lengths and styles on the big day.


Images: Pinterest



The arrival of the autumn season is derided by some, and heralded by others.

But whatever camp you find yourself in, there’s no denying that the end of summer forces you to update your look.

Out are the flip-flops and flimsy skirts – you root around and rediscover scarves, jackets and hats that haven’t been seen since March.

Our diets are given something of an overhaul too… because no one wants to be munching on carrot batons and Caprese salad when there’s a chill in the air.

And it’s important that we don’t neglect our tresses either: in fact, September is just about the perfect month to update your hair.

It doesn’t have to be drastic, but a few tweaks will really tick you over into winter and through the festive party season.

SHEmazing! spoke to the experts at Toni&Guy in Dundrum Town Centre – which recently marked its 10th anniversary – for top tips and expert insight into hair trends for 2016.

The result is three key, achievable looks that have oodles of wow-factor. Better still, these are looks that you can try at home RIGHT now…


1) A twist on your lob: if your long bob of the summer has grown out to a medium length shape now all is not lost… Until you can make it in for your next cut create a Forties glamour feel with structured waves to bring you through to A/W.

You’ll need:   

  • Heat protection spray (we love Label.m’s Protein Spray, priced at €17.50)
  • Hair Spray
  • Volume mousse
  • A curling tongs or waver                         
  • A bristle brush (again, Label.m has a stellar offering for €16.40)
  1. Shampoo and condition your hair before gently towel drying. Next layer your heat protection spray through the hair followed by the volume mousse, carefully taking sections and distributing evenly. 
  2. Hair can now be blast dried. Using your fingers to brush through the hair, dry it roughly in the direction of where your parting will be. Hair needs to be 100 percent dry.
  3. Clip away the front sections and begin to wave your hair with waver, starting from the back, working forwards taking 10cm sections. The curler or waver will create an effortless effect.
  4. Once you're satisfied that the curls have cooled and set, tease the hair out into a more 'lived-in' feel.
  5. Secure hair on one side behind the ear for an asymmetric feel and finish with hair spray.


2) Beach braids be gone: The classic ponytail takes over from summer braids bringing a more groomed and glamorous feel for autumn/winter. Best done on day-old hair this is a time-saving, stand-out look.

You’ll need:   

  • Back-combing brush
  • Hair jewellery or accessories (Toni & Guy has a particularly cool range)
  • Volumising spray
  • Hairspray (Quick Dry by Redken, priced at €14.20, is a good bet)
  1. Part your hair to the left or right with a low exaggerated, side parting.
  2. Apply a volumising spray in crown area and tease/backcomb to create a low beehive.
  3. Secure into a ponytail at the nape of the neck.
  4. Adorn shape with a pretty hair jewel at the front or to the side.


3) Sleek and shine: Wet-look locks are still a fashion fix must-have. Make the style ultra-wearable by creating an edgy, sleeked-back look. 

You’ll need:  

  • Volume mousse
  • Extra strong gel (take a look at Label.m’s version for €13.90)
  • Hairspray
  • A length of black elastic
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Bristle brush
  1. Apply some extra strong gel from roots to ends on dry hair.
  2. With your comb make a spotless clean centre parting. Using your brush, slick and secure in to a low ponytail.
  3. Wrap the length of elastic along the ponytail.
  4. Finish with some hairspray. 


As well as on-trend hair and styling services, Toni&Guy Dundrum boasts lots of lovely added extras such as head massages and giant reclining chairs at its basins. Refreshments on offer include – hurrah! – herbal teas, red and white wine, and cold beers so you can REALLY relax.


Colds, headcolds and flus are just the WORST.

From annoying sniffles and a niggle at the back of your throat to a fever and sweats; colds and flus can really bring us way down.

However, there are some things you can do to help avoid getting sick this autumn and boost that immunity to the max!

1. “I work out”
That’s right, exercise can help keep those pesky sniffles at bay – just another reason to get those runners on! Studies show that people who exercise on a regular basis get sick less often than those who do not.

2. “You can totally make friends with salad”
Don’t listen to them – fruit and veggies are one of your best bets against the common cold! Fresh produce will boost your immune system and keep sickness away. Garlic is also an amazing way to help boost your immune system against colds and flus because it is antiviral and anti-fungal – basically it’s magic. So eat it.

3. “Rub-a-dub-dub”
Keep some anti-viral gel in your bag or at your desk during cold and flu season. Sure, you may seem like a germ-phobe putting it on every time someone shakes your hand – but isn’t it better than the alternative?

4. “Zzzzz”
Make sure your sleep pattern is up to scratch as disturbances in our sleeping can really affect our health. Aim for 8-10 hours and you should be feeling fresh and perky.

5. “You’re not going out in that”
Now, we don’t want to sound like your parents but if you feel a cold coming on, going out with bare legs and wet hair isn’t going to help, is it?! Invest in a good winter coat and wrap up warm and cosy against the wind and rain. 

If all else fails and you do come down with a cold…or even a cursed flu then grab that water bottle, a big blanket, a day off, lots of fluids and some Disney movies and you'll be right as rain as soon as you know it!



Summer is almost, if not already, over. You know what that means: woolly jumpers and hot water bottles are back baby! You may act sad, but deep, deep down, you are looking forward to clearer air and counting down the days till Christmas (125 days). Here are the 16 best things about autumn:

1. Less Sweat, More Success

Summer equals sweat. Simple as. Despite the fact that we live in a country where the highest temperature for the entire summer period is 20 degrees, there are some days when it gets a little muggy, also known as being ‘shockingly close’. Autumn brings with it cool breezes and less of a need for lashings of deodorant.

2. A Better Night's Sleep

Trying to sleep in sticky, warm weather isn’t that easy. Too warm with a duvet, too cold without it. Cool nights mean warm blankets, spooning and restful shut eye all round.

3. No More Hayfever

Hayfever, the very bane of many a persons summer. Which is why, come Autumn, noses all around the country clear up, along with the dampened spirits. Goodbye nasal spray, farewell and feck off.

4. Halloween

Halloween is the best. The costumes, the shameless inhalation of sugar, watching Hocus Pocus – it's magical. 

5. Blankets Everywhere

Goodbye sheet for a duvet and HELLO thick blankets, how we’ve missed you. Welcome back.

6. Less Grooming

In comes the temperature drop and with it, hair. Goodbye smooth legs, hello a warm layer of hairy insulation. That goes for the men too. Stubble and autumn go hand in hand.

7. Extra Weight Equals Insulation

The beach body is out and the inch to pinch is in. Cuddly is the height of sexy and practical. Hey, there’s only so many layers a person can wear externally, after all.

8. Decent TV Is Back

If you are sick to the back teeth of the same Friends re-runs (LOL, as if), then fear not, we have autumn scheduling to look forward to. The best of the best usually begins in and around September/October. Many nights in to look forward to.

9. The New Fashion Season

Tights, coats, jumpers, scarves, joy. Layering is caring, the more the merrier, nothing is too much, no layer too many. Pile them on and glow with warmth.

10. Oktoberfest

A festival renowned for and based around beer. Could there be anything better we ask you? Not unless you actually go to Germany for it, now there’s the dream.

11. Early Nights Are More Acceptable

When it’s bright until ten at night, going to bed early is a difficult task and by difficult. When, however, the depths of winter set in and it’s dark outside at 5pm, getting into your onesie and hitting the bed at 8pm is totally acceptable. Yes. 

12. Comfort Food

Soups, stews, anything that’s hot and warming hits the spot. Farewell salads, see you next May.

13. Hot Drinks

Is there anything better than coming in from the cold and straight into a steaming cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/hot whiskey? No, there isn't. 

14. Thick Socks

Following a summer of baring our ugly feet (everyone has ugly feet, it’s a scientific fact), letting them retreat to the fluffy depths of some woolly socks is a great moment in itself.

15. Tanning Is Out

16. Everything Is An Instagram Moment

From the leaves on the ground, to the shadows that appear everywhere, to the rich sunsets, everything around you looks ten times more beautiful in autumn. The autumn colour palette itself is enough to warrant those many Kodak moments.

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1. The post Leaving Cert posse
You’ll know the ones, they are usually either puking or passed out, overwhelmed by their new found sense of freedom.

2. The girly weekend
These groups of girls always stick together no matter what. Apart from the one who wanders of a lot that is…

giphy (1)3.  The drug crowd
This gang will be easy to spot. They will be very sweaty and pulling some seriously scary faces.

giphy (2)4. It’s all about the music guys
These guys don’t even drink at festivals, for fear it would take away from the music experience. They look disapprovingly at you as you scream towards the Prodigy stage. Whatevs.

67797-Krysten-Ritter-ugh-wtf-gif-han-FbuE5. The drunken festival goer
They latch on to your crowd and it takes a whole night to shake them off.

giphy (3)6. Parent trap
Parents seem to getting more and more adventurous when it comes to festivals.

giphy (4)7. The loner
They came on their own for some bizarre reason no one can work out.

giphy (5)8. The miserable one
No amount of fun can help this sad cookie!

giphy (6)9. The cigarette burner
People who spark up fags in a crowd should be banned.

giphy (8)10. The unnatural
Those girls that emerge from their tents looking like damn Miranda Kerr just rocked up. How the hell do they do it?!

giphy (9)via our content partner CT