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A 26-year-old man has been found guilty of stalking Harry Styles. The Lights Up singer said Pablo Tarazaga-Orero camped outside of his home for several months.

Styles revealed that he felt scared and uncomfortable inside his own home. He reported Pablo’s “erratic and frightening behaviour” to the police, however, Pablo continued to cause distress.

Harry said the Spanish national posted letters and money through his letterbox, followed him to the pub and while he was out jogging.

The Sweet Creature singer appeared in court on Monday and gave evidence to the court.

He said, “Pablo was sleeping outside of my residence; I first became aware of him in March. I thought it was sad that someone so young was sleeping rough at a bus stop when it was cold."

On March 10, Styles offered the homeless man money for food or a hotel but he denied. The following day, the singer gave him sandwiches, salads and two muffins and decided to stop speaking to Pablo.

Harry told the court, “He asked me if I wanted to go to a restaurant to eat. I told him I was on my way to work. I found it a little odd. His facial expression made me feel a little uneasy. It was like a smirk.

"Until that point, I never felt unsafe or uneasy in my own home,” the singer stressed.

Pablo continued to stalk the singer, despite Harry’s best effort to cut off contact.

“I never really encountered this kind of behaviour before. I've employed a night guard. I continue to lock my bedroom door at night."

Pablo stressed that he wasn’t stalking the singer, but just wanted the money he originally offered him.

“I don't have any interest in him. I don't have any feelings for him. I'm not in love with him,” he said.

Pablo Tarazaga-Orero will be sentenced on October 21.


I think most of us agree that Joe Goldberg's character in Netflix' surprise hit stalker series You is one of the creepiest protagonists EVER.

The wildly popular psycho-thriller show follows Goldberg, a bookstore manager, as he obsesses over Guinevere Beck, a poetry major.

Things grow increasingly insane as he becomes further embroiled with his love for her, and Penn Badgley's acting skills plus the script giving us Joe's inner monologue allows some of his actions to be veiled as justified.


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Viewers become so enraptured by what's going on inside Joe's stalker-brain that it's too easy to forget his actions, and get wrapped up in his thoughts instead.

Penn Badgley even had to tweet to the show's fans about the dangers of falling for a man like Joe, who is inherently psychopathic and abusive, yet women are sucked into his mind.

Netflix uploaded a two-minute clip to their official YouTube channel on Tuesday to highlight just how creepy he is without his internal monologue narration and the result is CHILLING AF.

The clips shows an awkward scene between Beck and Joe in bed together, as well as a scene of the couple reading books, in total silence. If Joe was so consumed with his relationship, why was he so damn silent all the time?

The video also shows a minor interaction with Peach Salinger, Becks BFF and the only one who sees Joe for exactly what he is. 

You season two will see Joe find a new love interest, Love Quinn (weird name…). The next series is set to premiere on Netflix sometime this autumn, so take some time to get sufficiently repulsed by Silent Joe before then.


Iconic singer Kylie Minogue has been left 'very shaken' after a man refused to leave her London home, and launched 'sustained campaign' of harassment, The Sun reported.  

Following a complaint by the singer, the man has been issued with a harassment warning. Police were called to a house in Chelsea and Kensington on January 23, according to the Metropolitan Police.

The mystery man reportedly asked her neighbours where the 50-year-old singer lived, and then pressed the intercom, refusing to leave. Security has since been increased at her West London house as a result.


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The man, who is in his 40s, was lurking around her home for days, and her neighbours spotted him a number of times requesting to know where Kylie lives.

A nearby resident in West London said: "It came to a head when the man repeatedly pressed the intercom button to her home for hours on end last week and refused to leave." 

The resident continued; "Kylie was quite upset and called in police. They spoke to Kylie, and also the suspect in the street for quite a while." She has taken 'sensible steps' to stop this from happening again.


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Another neighbour said: "A weirdo guy was lurking around. He went door to door asking people where Kylie lived."  The man repeated the singer's name again and again, in a disturbing manner.

The apparent stalker was described as wearing a raincoat and possessing a European accent.

The star suffered another security issue a few months ago when a man made threats against her before her German performance in November.

She was then guarded by 20 police officers who were armed at her next concert in Belgium. Images of the suspect were plastered around the venue and all male concert-goers were frisked heavily.


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Kylie as been seen enjoying her West London neighbourhood with her boyfriend, Paul Solomons. The 43-year-old is the creative director at British GQ and GQ Style magazine, and the pair went public last summer.

The singer was previously engaged to British actor Joshua Sasse, but they parted ways in February 2017. Kylie achieved her sixth UK number one last year when Golden reached the number one spot.

A number of celebrities have been plagued by stalkers and have been forced to hire extra protection or relocate, such as Tom Hardy and his wife Charlotte Riley, Noel Edmonds and Christine Lampard.


We've been addicted to You since Netflix released it back in December, and pretty much binged the ten episodes in a row without so much as a toilet break. It was unhealthy.

The show follows the narrative of bookstore manager Joe, and his infatuation with poetry writer Beck. Beginning as an online stalker, Joe gradually becomes more sinister as his obsession escalates throughout.

Starring Penn Badgley, otherwise known as Dan Humphries from Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars' Shay Mitchell, the show had us seriously addicted.

News broke that the show is getting a season two, and we want DETAILS, OKAY?

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Warning: Spoilers incoming

The show is based on the book by Caroline Kepnes, which means that avid readers can discover the future of You. Anyone who is already a fan of the novel will know that season two will be based in Los Angeles.

Rather than remain in New York City's urban jungle setting, Joe relocates to LA for a change.

Elizabeth Lail confirmed in a recent interview that the next season will see major alterations, including the progression away from Beck's character.

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"I think they’re shooting it in LA, and so nothing will be the same. Hardly anything. It’ll be a whole other story,” she told Radio Times.about the sequel, Hidden Bodies.

Writer Sera Gamble also told Metro.co.uk, "We are prepping to shoot season two now, in Los Angeles. Which is also where the second book of the series takes place."

Not all of the book's plot will be explored, however. Gamble also said;

"We’ve got lots of great stuff from the books, and also some new things that have come about as a result of changing the story for TV, like that (spoiler alert) Candace is alive and kicking and not pleased with Joe.” 

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Showrunner Sarah Gamble also revealed that the audience will learn much more about Joe's past in the next season, including how he became an obsessive stalker and serial killer…

"There's a lot more to explore about Joe from earlier in his life. Those are the things we're starting to get into for season two,” she told The Hollywood Reporter

As anyone who watched season one will know, Beck and Peach probably won’t return (maybe as ghosts?) but we may get to see some flashbacks, judging by Candace's role.

As of right now, there is yet to be a set air date for season two, but we'll be keeping our eyes peeled.

A bit like Joe…but significantly more normal…

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For those of you who still need to catch up on your Netflix shows, don't miss the chilling new stalker series YOU.

The show stars Penn Badgley as a bookstore manager named Joe Goldbery, who meets an unsuspecting aspiring poet, Guinevere Beck, and gets a LITTLE too attached. To say the least.

He stalks the hell out of her, basically. Think Gossip Girl's Dan Humphries but way more creepy.


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It's now been announced super on the down-low on the You Instagram account that the thriller hit is getting a second series.

Since it was released, the show has been talked about non-stop online, both for the crazy plot and the chilling acting skills of Mr Badgley.

Anyone who has seen season one probably aren't surprised at the announcement, as it ends on a major cliffhanger.

YOU is based on the book of the same name by Caroline Kepnes.


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Pretty much everyone who has watched the show are debating deleting their social media accounts, as Joe stalks Beck entirely from her Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

He finds out LITERALLY everything about her from a single click; where she lives, her place of work, aspects of her personality, her interests, her book loves, you name it.

Once he gets his hands on her phone, he can access her emails, group chats and messages. Which is basically someone's entire life, these days.


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Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) also stars alongside Badgley and Elizabeth Lail, who plays Beck.

Listening to Joe narrate the entire show displays the weirdness and bizarre thought processes of stalkers.

Trust us, you won't be able to stop watching.

You'll also be looking over your shoulder a lot more…


Taylor Swift is one of pop's biggest superstars, and has a rake of security on her team whose sole job is to protect the Reputation songstress.

Her tour has attracted millions of people, and after the attack on Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester last year, the use of facial recognition technology is on the rise at stadiums and areas.

It has now emerged that Tay Tay uses special software to detect stalkers at her ground-breaking shows, and that fans who were mesmerised by her May 18 Rose Bowl rehearsal clips were unaware of this detail.

The Rose Bowl is an annual college football event, and used hidden cameras to capture images of guests in order to transfer them to a command post based in Nashville.

These snaps were later cross-referenced with a database of the musician's well-known stalkers, of which there are HUNDREDS.

According to chief security officer of Oak View Group, the advisory board for concert venues; “Everybody who went by would stop and stare at it, and the software would start working,” 


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A man who had broken into Swift's New York townhouse and stopped by for an actual NAP made a plea deal last week and as a result, he will only serve a mere six months in prison.

The stalker, full name Roger Alvarado, gained entry when he  “allegedly climbed up a ladder and smashed a window with his hand”

While Taylor needs to make sure she is safe at all times, whether in concert or in her home, there are clear privacy concerns of the photographs.

Issues of ownership and the length of time for which they can be kept on file are the obvious queries…we wonder if Taylor ever has a sneaky peak at them? 

More and more arenas and stadiums are turning to facial-recognition technology; this year, Ticketmaster invested in a start-up named Blink Identity.

This company claims that its sensors can identify anyone walking past its cameras at full speed in just half a second… whoa.

The veteran ticketing corporation intends to use the technology to help fans pass through the turnstiles faster and in a more practical way.

Ticketmaster’s chief product officer Justin Burleigh commented that: "It holds a lot of promise. We’re just being very careful about where and how we implement it."

We want our snake-obsessed icon to be safe, but does anyone else think it's a tad 1984


We hear a lot about people who have been the victims of the trickery of online catfish, lured into online relationships under false pretences.

But what about the people who have their identities stolen by these online phonies?

The people who have their images, and sometimes the details of their entire lives, stolen and re-purposed for use by a potential predator are at risk.

People who have their images stolen online are put in an awkward and also very dangerous situation.

Accounts using their faces could have been used for anything without their knowledge, from tweeting embarrassing or even defamatory things, to luring people into online relationships. 

This happened to one victim, who wishes to remain anonymous.

The model went viral earlier this year, after the catfish who had virtually stalked her for years photoshopped her face onto the body of popular Instagram model Jessica Hunt. 

She began receiving torrents of abuse and ridicule as people assumed she was the one behind the catfish stunt.

The attractive Irish model noticed that her pictures were being stolen for use on dating sites under the false name Amy Roberts years ago, but the problem quickly spread across all social media platforms. 

"The first I was aware of this user was a few of my followers on twitter and Instagram around two years ago sending me pics of various fake profiles on Tinder and Plenty Of Fish using my pics and the name Amy," she told SHEmazing!. 

"At first I didn't think much of it as they weren't the first to do it and they usually move on and use someone else's images after a while."

However, she later realised that this optimism was sadly misplaced. 

A number of months later, she discovered that multiple Snapchat accounts were stealing her stories and re-uploading them to catfish accounts, which she quickly managed to have deleted.

Then came Twitter, where she discovered an account using her images, which was soon shut down by Twitter moderators as well.

However, Instagram was where the real issues began. 

"I was made aware by so many followers of so many Instagram accounts of this Amy person, all of which when I was notified of I got Instagram to take down."

"The user has gotten smarter over the years, blocking me from their fake accounts and keeping their profile private."

"I now put my social media handles on my images to try to prevent them from taking my images but they just remove them from the images and in doing so blur half the image out or blur the whole of my ear which makes the image look odd but it still doesn't stop naive people believing that it is them."

She has even had someone recognise her in real life, thinking that she is the elusive Amy. 

"I've had DMs from minor celebs trying to talk to me like they know me because this catfish Amy sent them a DM with my image in it and had chats with them pretending to be me."

"I have even had one talk to me in a club like they knew me and called me Amy because they had been fooled by the catfish, they were pretty sheepish once I explained they were duped."

While these ordeals are creepy enough, the worst moment came when the catfish tried to flirt with a famous Youtuber, who posted the messages from the catfish but naming the real woman as the culprit, leading to her being mocked and shamed online. 

"I asked the user to remove it or tell me the account it came from but unfortunately my humiliation was their gain. That image still goes around the internet today with me getting abuse for it while the catfish gets away with their actions," she said. 

This incident was soon followed by the viral snap of her face photoshopped onto online personality Jessica Hunt's body. 

"Each morning when I check social media now it makes me feel sick to find out whether or not I'll be the victim of yet another viral post. I refuse to quit social media because not only do they win but people will never be able to find the original source of the images."

Not only has Amy made a mockery of the girl she pretends to be online, but other people are impacted by the situation, as the Amy persona lures people into false relationships.

"One girl told me how she met 'Amy' on an online lesbian chat room and had fallen for her and was going to move across the world for her only for her to find my account and feel betrayed."

"I've also heard from people who have given this Amy person money only to find out that they are fake. I hate to think that someone could use my image and identity to treat others so horribly and also to think that if they saw me on the street that they would assume that I did this to them and took their money."

"I have no idea to this day who they are, why they are stalking me or what their motives are with their actions on social media," she said. 

"They clearly know I get a lot of abuse for what they do so I personally think it's gone from catfishing to them enjoying setting me up for trouble then deleting their account and watching it all fall onto me. The worst part is that I can't control their actions or what they say online all while pretending to be me."

"I hope one day this Amy person gets bored and moves onto someone else but I feel that this hell they put me through will never end, " she finished. 

While this story may be extreme, it is not an isolated incident. 

For every online catfish out there using someone's photos and identity, there is a victim who is being put at risk through the actions of the catfish. 


Taylor Swift takes a lot of heat for simply just being Taylor Swift, but when public attention takes a scary turn and affects those closest to you, it's a reminder of the darker aspects of celebrity life.

Last weekend it was reported that police were trying to warn the pop star about an obsessed fan who claimed he was her boyfriend and needed a gun to 'protect her.'

And now, a stalker that Taylor has taken legal action against before is facing new charges after prosecutors found more emails he sent threatening not just her, but her family as well.


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TMZ reported that prosecutors uncovered new emails from a man named Frank Andrew Hoover, who's reportedly sent frightening messages to Taylor and her family before.

These new emails were reportedly sent in batches between May 2015 and October 2016, and are apparently full of frightening language, including death threats.

One threatened to 'end all the Swifts on one day,' referring to them as a 'family of devils.' 

The emails are chilling, to say the least.


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In 2016, the man was arrested in Austin in Texas, for following Taylor when there was a restraining order already out against him.

His fresh charges now include violating a restraining order and stalking.

While it's harrowing enough dealing with incidents like these yourself – the Shake It Off singer has had at least four stalkers over the past two years – she will at least surround herself with top-notch security, so she undoubtedly feels another level of fear when this affects her family.


When you have all the fame anf=d fortune the world can offer you, the high life is bound to come with some downsides. 

Celebrities in the public eye are regular targets for stalkers, with the likes of The Kardashians, Madonna and Justin Timberlake all having to take action against super fans who definitely cross the line of admiration and into obsession. 

Katy Perry is the latest pop sensation to have to deal with a stalker of her own. 

According to E! News, Katy Perry superfan named Pawel Jurski appeared in court today.

The 37-year-old faced felony charges of aggravated stalking.

According to the celeb outlet, the man reportedly said: 'I will do whatever it takes to be with Katy Perry.'

Jurski has pursued the singer during her Witness tour, attending multiple concerts of hers. 

He also attempted to access the star by infiltrating the stage during her performances.


Jennifer Lopez was granted a temporary restraining order against a “violent” stalker on Wednesday.

According to TMZ, the singer was forced to apply for the legal document against Timothy McLanahan after he repeatedly showed up at her home uninvited.

The 47-year-old has lived in fear of the “transient” who has repeatedly sent her unwanted letters and flowers.

J Lo’s bodyguard stated that the man has previously been convicted with firearm charges and making threats.

Timothy has repeatedly been seen at Lopez residency shows in Las Vegas.

The mother-of-two has said she is afraid for the safety of her two children Max and Emme, and herself.

The judge ruled that McLanahan must not come within 100 meters of the singer and her family.



While fans of former TOWIE star, Lauren Pope, are still obsessing over her burgeoning romance with Geordie Shore star, Aaron Chalmers, it sounds like public speculation over her new relationship is the least of Lauren's concerns.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the 24-year-old revealed she has been the target of online harassment, and despite seeking the advice and protection of the police, she is no closer to learning the identity of her stalker.

‘I’m basically being stalked. I’ve been to the police and they’re not doing anything," she claimed.

Outlining the lengths this individual has gone to in order to unsettle the reality star, she continued: "This guy has posted pictures outside my house, they’ve posted my parents’ address, my family’s names, they’ve threatened to stab me and the police do nothing."

Worryingly, Lauren doesn''t appear to be his only victim as Lauren told the publication in a candid interview.

"I had about four or five different glamour girls that DM’d me saying, ‘I think I’m being trolled by the same person.’ We all kind of chatted on WhatsApp and sent each other screen grabs and it’s definitely the same guy because it’s the same grammar and words."

Despite contacting Twitter to report the harassment, the social media site have reportedly done little to help her.

"The last few times Twitter has come back and said that the person hasn’t violated the terms and conditions and bearing in mind this person is calling me horrific things. It’s a joke."

Acknowledging that it costs the police force approximately £10,000 to track an individual accused of stalking, Lauren has resigned herself to the notion that the budget simply isn't there.

And she sure as hell isn't gong to fork out the funds herself, she insists.

"You can go and do it yourself but as if I’m going to pay £10,000 to find out who some loser is who’s probably sat in his lounge masturbating and listening to nothing. He’s a weirdo."



Yesterday, Kendall Jenner's long-time stalker appeared in court to face his charges.

Shavaughn McKenzie followed the model up and in to her driveway last August before police intervened.

And Kendall recalled that story in court to testify against the man. She claims that she first discovered Shavaughn sitting in front of her driveway, and proceeded to drive around him. Then, after closing the gate, Kenny saw Mr McKenzie in her side mirror, where she began telling him to leave.



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As he wouldn't exit her home, Kendall began to shout, at which point Shavaughn started to bang on her car windows.

"I’ve never been so scared in my life," she said, according to The Associated Press.

"I was crying, I was screaming, I was freaking out. I didn’t know what his intentions were. I was freaking out. I was frightened for sure.


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"I never got out of my car," she continued. "I was terrified. I was literally traumatised. I started honking at him and I just wanted to make sure I saw wherever he went. He got out of the gate and I drove down the hill."

After driving around the block, Kendall called a friend for help, and the police soon arrived at the scene where Shavaughn was arrested for stalking and trespassing.

According to TMZ, the judge granted Kenny a 5-year restraining order, and Shavaughn must be 100 yards away from her at all times.