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You may be familiar with some of Robert Sheehan's earlier work… or you may have just been introduced to him via the thirst trap of Netflix.

The Umbrella Academy has us all binge-watching the show 24/7, but Sheehan's character provides some eye candy for Twitter users of the modern day, who adore Klaus Hargreeves in all his hilarious, flamboyant and substance-abusing glory.

The Irish actor garnered attention back in 2009 when he portrayed lovable trouble-maker Nathan Young in E4's hit show, Misfits. The memes of his character's funniest lines still live on…

A stint on Love/Hate as Darren cemented his rising star status, and he has recently hit America, playing Simon in The Mortal Instruments film.

Now he's catching more than his fair share of eyes in Gerard Way's new dark superhero show; The Umbrella Academy. My Chemical Romance's former frontman has some serious talents.

Klaus' power is that he can hear the dead, which partially explains his insanity. The lad is high or drunk in every scene, and it makes for VERY entertaining content altogether…

We decided to check out what Twitter had to say about our lust-worthy Irish export, and it's fairly hilarious. The thirst trap has caught it's prey, you might say…Here are our fave reactions from the general public. Enjoy…

1. We ADORE that this video found true meaning when related to Klaus' gift:

2. "Don't stan the crazy white boy": A novel.


4. "I only want happiness for him": 

5. THAT scene where he's jamming in his towel and Mary J. Blige rolls in:

6. Klaus and Ben together: the greatest combo of sass we didn't just need but deserved:

7. How oblivious Klaus is at ALL TIMES to any type of danger:

8. Lady Gaga-level of praise:

9. Official 'White Boy of the Month' category winner: 

10.  His phone calls to the dead aren't exactly eloquent:

11. Klaus + Ben = Our Heart

12. Some fans would even, dare we say it, DIE for him:

13. His self-care priorities are in order:

14. We're just so thankful to Gerard Way:

15. We CRAVE the crazy:

16.  The scene with his father's ashes had us whEEZING:

17. We just want to show our support:

18. His fear of ghosts is so damn pure:

19.  The resemblance to his old character of Nathan Young in Misfits is uncanny:

20.  Finally, the statement we all know to be true:

Is that all the Klaus Netflix can offer us? We won't rest until we see more of his beautiful face and hilarious quotes. 

netflix hargreeves GIF by The Umbrella Academy

Congrats on another winning role, Robert Sheehan. You've only gone and set another thirst trap, and we've all fallen into it head first.


Richard Madden has had quite a year, and it's only getting bigger following his stint as David Budd in the worldwide TV thriller The Bodyguard.

News has just emerged that the 32-year-old Scottish actor has received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance By An Actor In A Television Series – Drama.

He visited Ellen DeGeneres on her veteran show to discuss the breakout BBC hit, which is now on US Netflix and has been streamed constantly, as predicted.

Ellen is never one to hide away the shirtless photos of her male guests, and she continued her tradition of embarrassing her talk show visitors by addressing Madden's naked scenes in the show.

She asked the actor how his parents feel about his nudity as the bodyguard of the Home Secretary of Britain, and he replied that his parents are less than impressed with seeing his rear end on screen:

"I've made a few mistakes I've made in my time, one of which is neglecting to tell my mother that there's going to be a sex scene in my show," he told Ellen.

Image result for richard madden shirtless

This would be fairly embarrassing TBH, most parents don't want to witness their loved ones wearing nothing on TV…and Richard's rents are no different:

"I get a hysterical phone call of "you must tell me and your father, I was watching it at the time with a cup of tea, I nearly spilled it!"", he laughed.

We're gonna throw in another Richard Madden gif for good measure:

Image result for richard madden shirtless

You're welcome.

His mum certainly sounds exactly like any Irish mother, cup of tea and slightly judgemental tone paired with the casual Catholic shame… classic.



Sun worshippers rejoice!

The glorious weather isn't going anywhere just yet.

Temperatures are expected to remain as high as 26 degrees in the first half of the week, making Ireland hotter than the Canaray Islands – bad news if you're off on your holliers.

All parts of the country will experience temperatures well above average for this time of year, however the best of the sunshine will be in Munster and Leinster.

Monday: A warm sunny day with top temperatures of 25 degrees.

Tuesday: Warm and humid with hazy sunshine and highs of 19 to 26 degrees. Isolated thunderstorms will develop in the south of the country towards evening and gradually spread northwards throughout the night. 

Wednesday: Top temperatures of 20 to 26 degrees. However the heat and humidity will set off a number of heavy thundery showers during the day and these will continue to occur into the evening time.

Thursday: Temperatures are set to drop slightly with highs of 17 to 21 degrees in southwesterly breezes. Mostly dry with spells of sunshine and some cloudier periods. 

Friday: Highs of 15 to 18 degrees.General increase in cloud with occasional patchy rain. 

It looks like temperature are set to drop back to average over the weekend, although Saturday is expected to be a mainly dry day. 

So, don't put the factor 50 anywhere just yet. You're gonna need it this week. 


It's been a gloriously hot few days, but sometimes your skin can take a turn for the worse after too much sun exposure.

Here are a few quick and easy remedies for sunburn that we'll be needing if this glorious weather continues. 

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a key ingredient when it comes to saving searingly hot skin. 

The plant is an herbal remedy that has been used for thousands of years in ancient and modern medicine for a variety of conditions, including sunburn. 

You can snap a stalk off the plant itself and apply the gel, or seek out an after sun product with the ingredient. 


6. Hydration station 

If you get really burnt, you need to replenish your body with liquids.

Water is your best friend at this point, 

5. Cool yoghurt

Applying cool (but not cold) yoghurt to red-hot skin causes a natural cooling sensation to bring some relief to your painful skin.

Rinse off with cool water and pat skin dry afterwards.

4. Cool teabags

Fell asleep in the sun and burnt your eyelids?

Try placing two cool, drained but moist teabags over them.

The tannic acid in black tea can reportedly help draw heat from sunburned skin, and aid in restoring the pH balance according to Medicine Net. 

3. Witch Hazel

Remember the stuff you used to dab on teenage spots?

Well witch hazel is said to have long-lasting anti-inflammatory relief, according to Fredric Haberman, MD. 

Apply little ad often for some sweet sweet relief. 

2. Avoid soap

While you're in your cool shower seeking some relief for your burnt skin, resist the urge to reach for the soap to cleanse your skin. 

The suds in the soap can cause further dryness in already scorched skin and lead to higher levels of irritation. 

1. After sun, after sun, after sun

If all else fails, then slathering yourself with some hydrating after sun is the only way to go. 

If you're not up for emptying the contents of your fridge in pursuit of a cure, then a handy bottle of after sun can be the only saviour.  

Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Hydrating Tan Maintainer


You're finally heading away on a summer holiday.

You've saved (or splurged) your money, bought all of your summer clothes; suncream, sandals, sarongs, the works. It's going to be great, right?

Until you take a step off the airplane and realise that you are indeed an Irish person and can't even deal with the heat.

beach, drinking, drinks

The sweat, the frizzy hair… the bikini rash. Here are seven things that will happen to you when you head away on a HOT summer holiday:

1. Your hair might as well be a blanket wrapped around your neck

Bets are, you just got your hair done before going on holiday. A new cut and colour. Fabulous.

Except 30 minutes in it feels like your dog came on holiday with you and you're carrying him around on your neck.

The sweat gathers, you become sticky and you give up. Goodbye freshly styled hair. Hello messy bun.

anonymous, anonymously, eyewear


2. Blisters, blisters everywhere

During your holiday shop, you probably bought an array of glitzy new sandals and flip flops.

And you probably think you look super chic while talking a stroll down the boardwalk on your first day.

But by the end of the day, your feet are red and throbbing. Then you wake up the next morning with a mighty blister on your heel. Not good.

Image result for sore feet gif


3. Sunburn

You've planned it all out. You'll wear factor 50 suncream for the first few days and then move down to factor 20 in the hopes of securing a nice tan.

Except that tan probably never comes. And your shoulders get burnt. And your scalp is red and flakey.

Then your bra straps rub against the burn on your shoulder… and just, ouch.

Image result for sunburn


4. Frizzy hair

Yep, back to the hair. Since you've had it up in a top knot for basically the entire holiday, you decide to wear it down one night.

You blow dry it and straighten it. Hell, you even put some serum in it to make it look super shiny.

Fast forward three hours later, you look in the mirror and resemble Chewbaca. Brilliant.

Image result for frizzy hair gif


5. The bikini rash

You've no doubt trimmed, or in some cases, totally got rid of your lady garden.

Since you had your hair done before the hol, you didn't have enough cash to head to the beauty salon too, so you shaved down there.

It looks fab for the first few days… and then it starts to grow and gets SUPER itchy. The rash forms… and shorts to the pool it is.


6. Damn bug bites

You don't notice ANY bugs near you for the entirety of your holiday. But hey, there's a bite on your leg…

Another pops up on your arm… oh, another one on your heel.

And let's be honest, you're going to scratch the life out of yourself because there is literally no itch like it.

Image result for baloo scratching gif


7. Sweaty Betty

You practically sprayed your whole body with extra-strong deodorant, but you still end up a gross, sweaty mess.

Your face is sweating your make-up off, you have dark patches under your armpits, and your T-shirt is stuck to you.

Yep, you thought you'd be super glam on this holiday, but the minute you got off that plane, the glam disappeared.

Image result for sweating


But still, no matter how much of a mess you look, it turns out to be the holiday of a lifetime.

Soak up the sun, drink all of the Sangria and eat all of the glorious food. Because they're the great things you'll remember when you look back.

Image result for summer holiday gif




In case you hadn't noticed, the sun is splitting the rocks today.

"Dry and mostly sunny this afternoon and evening with temperatures reaching 15 to 19 degrees in light to moderate southeasterly breezes," is the forecast, according to Met Éireann. 

As always when the sun is out, we can't help but take photos of the gorgeous little island we live on, and these photos from today prove just how beautiful the place is. 

12. Oh Galway, how we'd love to be at the Spanish Arch today. 


A post shared by Logan Mccutchan (@rikkyrescue) on

11. No filter needed is right. 


A post shared by @elisa.fantuzzi on


10. This picture of Temple Bar has us dreaming of pints in the sunshine.


A post shared by G R E G O R Y (@gregda) on

9. Howa'ya Howth, you beauty. 


A post shared by Sarah (@sarahmkde) on

8. These gorgeous cherry blossoms in Wicklow are giving us life.

7. We're loving how blue the sea is looking today.

6. It even looks good from the high-altitude angle. 


A post shared by Emilline  (@emilpe1) on

5. Even the bog is looking lovely. 

4. Artistic AF.

3. Barely a cloud in the sky in Dublin city centre.

2. And no clouds at all over the Botanic Gardens. 


A post shared by Silvia De Giorgi ✈ (@silvidegio) on

1. Completely breathtaking views in Donegal, TBH.


A post shared by @wonderful_ireland on

Feature image: Instagram / Adam Littlewood 



It's fierce heavy out there today. Met Éireann are politely calling it "warm and humid" (they're not wrong) – and there's also been a load of mist along the south coast. 

And while temperatures will hover around the low-to-mid 20s (that'll do nicely, September; that'll do), it's the CRAZY humidity that really caught our eye. 

Yup – in short there is about zero point in attempting to do anything with your gruaige until at least Thursday. 

Spare a particular thought for Cork: there, humidity has hit a MAD 98 percent. Waterford came in at 94 percent, with Galway hovering around the 90 percent mark. 

Dublin gets off lightly with a mere 77 percent humidity. Limerick and Belfast notch up an 88 percent and an 82 percent respectively. 

As for sleeping tonight, you won't be getting much of it. Met Éireann warn: "Tuesday night will be another close and humid night with widespread mist and with patches of drizzle and fog also."



Once again, Zayn Malik has sent his fans into an absolute frenzy.

The singer has just debuted his latest cover for Elle magazine, and we have to say, he is smouldering.

In the black and white shot, Zayn shows off his intricate hand tattoo and piercings, and his followers are totally loving it.

Some have even compared him to a Disney prince:

We'll admit, there is a hint of Prince Charming there.


It’s warm! No really – it’s proper warm out.

In fact, it’s a day to venture outside without so much as a hint of a geansai. And it’s time to wear your sandals with pride too. Yes, leave your sunnies on… there are no clouds in the sky (seriously – we just checked).

For many of us, it will be only right and proper to mark the occasion with a cool cocktail of sorts. It’s officially a school night, admittedly, but we have no idea when the weather will take a turn for the worse – so it’s probably best just to take action now.

Here, we’ve compiled three of our favourites…


Vodka-lemon slush:

  • 500mls lemonade
  • 500mls of orange juice
  • Three dessert spoons of sugar
  • 7UP or Sprite to top up with
  • 750mls vodka

Makes enough for an evening soiree

  1. Leaving the 7UP aside, in a large plastic container (eg a big lunchbox) combine all ingredients and mix well.
  2. Cover and freeze overnight.
  3. To serve, scrape a spoon across the top of the frozen mixture and then half fill a glass with the slush.
  4. Top it up with 7UP and enjoy.

Crushed berry gin:

  • 10/12 frozen mixed berries
  • One teaspoon of sugar
  • Ice
  • A squeeze of lime and lemon juice
  • Two fresh strawberries to serve (if you're feeling fancy)
  • 50mls gin

Makes one crushed berry gin

  1. You can make these for individuals or in smaller batches – ideal if you don’t plan on consuming an entire bottle of spirits (hardly advisable at the best of times).
  2. In a blender, combine the ice, sugar and frozen berries.
  3. Squeeze a dash of lime and lemon over the mixture, add your rum, and then top up with 7Up to taste.
  4. Blend again until smooth..
  5. Pour into a glass and serve – garnishing with sliced strawberry.

Classic mojito:

  • 8 mint leaves
  • Half a lime, chopped
  • Crushed ice
  • 15g of brown sugar
  • Soda water
  • 80mls white rum

Makes two classic mojitos

  1. Mash up mint, lime, and sugar in a cocktail shaker – or just stick in a sandwich bag and hammer with a rolling pin.
  2. If you’re using a shaker, next add a generous scoop of ice and then the rum. If you’ve gone down the sandwich bag route, transfer into a large bowl before adding the same.
  3. Shake/stir until well-mixed and then strain equally into two chilled glasses.
  4. Top up with soda water to taste.

A Texan football coach has become an Internet sensation for not only being super hot, but also for apparently bearing a striking resemblance to Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling!

The Texas Tech University coach Kliff Kingsbury (cool name, no?!) has been flooded with attention from fans from across the world.

A poolside snap of 34-year-old Kliff posing with two bikini clad women (whatevs) has gone viral, and the coach has even featured in ESPN’s SportsNation where he read out Twitter posts from adoring fans.

Yes, really!

Soooo…what do you think? The jury’s still out with us!




It’s not all sun, sea and sand people! There are some serious struggles related to summer and as we so rarely get one, it can be hard to adapt. Here are the 13 worst things about the summer months (especially when the weather is actually good!)

1. Flesh, flesh everywhere


Seriously, people think this is the best excuse to go around dressed in next to nothing…!

2. Sticky conditions


We love it for about a half hour, then we go inside saying how it is “fierce close” outside.

3. Sweaty Betty


Horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow. So our mothers tell us. This is not what happens and many tank top colours are now off-limits due to sweat marks – we’re looking at you, grey!

4. Sunburned Sally


PUT DOWN THE BABY OIL! Seriously ladies, let’s look after our skin, SPF 50 all the way!

5. Pollen problems


Ireland is the perfect breeding ground for hayfever. Too perfect, in fact. Going abroad for a week offers your poor, pollen infested body a chance to recover, only to land one week later back in Dublin to resume your fight against pollen. Excuse us please.

6. Wacky weather


You know when you leave your house in hot pants, a tank top and an umbrella (just in case, like) that Ireland has some seriously wacky weather.

7. Infestation issues


Flies, flies everywhere. Those gross sticky things your mum hung from the ceiling is really putting you off your lunch.

8. Bad BBQs

tumblr_mz8nak2smB1rlp95mo1_500 (1)

It’s all great until you wake up the next day smelling like a camp-fire and are violently sick from sausages that definitely needed more time on the grill.

9. So many children


It’s a Monday, it’s July and the clock has just gone seven. Why parents, why do you let your little darlings outside before we have had our morning bucket of tea? Put a few cartoons on for them. That always worked for us. Failing that, summer school?

10. Crappy summer jobs


Summer jobs are a special brand of fun. Whether you’re spending your sunny days in a shop dishing out chicken fillet rolls to hungover people that you wish you were or are pulling pints for tourists, you can be pretty much guaranteed that you’ll envy all of your customers. It is an unwritten rule that the customers will be having a great time and that you, well, won’t. But hey, at least you’re making €8.65 for every hour of fun you endure. WOO WOO.

11. Cans all over the shop


Teenagers off school for the summer hide in the bushes as piles of druids cans slowly build up.

12. Summer lovin’


Seriously, who do they think they are? Noah and Allie? Jeez…

13. Sleepless nights


Getting a decent nights sleep during the summer can be tricky. This is usually due to a number of factors: the fact that it’s still bright outside at ten o’clock, the screaming of little children and that damn humidity!

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World Cup fever is in full swing, and even though Ireland may not playing we can still enjoy the eh, ‘visuals’ of the game.

Here are our top 10 World Cup players – judged totally on their athletic skill, of course.

Christiano Ronaldo – Portugal


Age: 29 Height: 6’1

Yes please.

Neymar – Brazil

File photo of Brazilian soccer player Neymar arriving for the 2013 Laureus World Sports Awards in Rio de Janeiro

Age: 22 Height: 5’9

The man’s got style!

Claudio Marchisio – Italy


Age: 28 Height: 5’10

He’s working that sexy stare thing.

Mathew Ryan – Australia


Age: 22 Height: 6’0

You could definitely bring this fella home to your mammy.

Gerard Pique – Spain

Spain's national soccer player Pique smiles during an interview with Reuters media during the Euro 2012 soccer tournament in Gniewino

Age: 27 Height: 6’4

He just looks so happy!

Gabriel Achilier – Ecuador


Age: 29 Height 5’11

What a man, what a man, what a man, what a might good man!

Aleksandr Kerzhakov – Russia


Age: 31 Height: 5’9

We can’t say his last name, but we can say he’s lookin’ well!

Olivier Giroud – France


Age: 27 Height: 6’4

Ooh la la!

Joe Hart – England

joe hart

Age: 27 Height: 6’5

He looks VERY good in a suit!

 Javi Martínez – Spain


Age: 25 Height: 6’3

Look at that pout!