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Netflix has released the full trailer for season two of You and it looks creepier than ever. The series returns to Netflix on December 26, with Joe now laying low and hiding from his ex in LA.

When we last saw Joe (Penn Badgley) his heart was tragically broken and his past just caught up with him in the form of long-lost ex-girlfriend Candace (Ambyr Childers) — a woman now hell-bent on teaching him a lesson. 

Season two finds him on the run from Candace — leaving New York City for his own personal hell: Los Angeles. He’s fresh out of an intense relationship that ended in murder. The last thing he expects is to meet an incredible new woman but he’s falling in love again — with a woman named Love (Victoria Pedretti). Is history repeating? Or will this time be the real thing? Joe’s just crazy enough to risk finding out.

Showrunner Sarah Gamble revealed that the audience will learn much more about Joe's past in the next season, including how he became an obsessive stalker and serial killer.

“There's a lot more to explore about Joe from earlier in his life. Those are the things we're starting to get into for season two,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

You airs on Netflix on December 26.


You showrunner Sera Gamble has revealed how the character of Joe Goldberg was crafted to make him the ultimate leading romantic, until you see his darker side.

A huge number of the show's fans professed their love for the stalker/murderer, but the creator insists that that's exactly what was meant to happen.

The Netflix series was adapted from the books by Caroline Kepnes, and Goldberg was designed to romanticise his creepy obsession with specific women, leading to their deaths:


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Gamble spoke to The Hollywood Reporter during their drama roundtable about the love for Joe which so many fans seem to possess:

"There's a very vocal contingent of fans of Caroline Kepnes' book who were like, 'I heart Joe.' Essentially what she's done is taken the classic romantic hero and just peeled back the gloss and sheen and John Cusack with the boom box and she followed it to its logical conclusion.

"I mean, if you turn off the sappy music and turn on a David Fincher score, romantic comedies are stalker movies."

She's got a good point here. Mute all the music from movies like Pretty Woman and it starts to seem pretty creepy very fast. Try watching You without Joe's narration and it's deeply unsettling:

The showrunner continued; "Romantic comedy behaviour in real life is criminal! That was basically the starting place for the show."

"The plot of pretty much everyone I can think of- and we have watched all of them many times in the writers' room- is contingent on the guy…well first of all, he has to do a certain amount of fucking up so she can forgive him.

And he has to get over some of her shortcomings," Gamble says. "I mean, that's love, right?" 

Penn Badgley has been more than vocal with fans who adore his character, and was openly worried: 

Sera Gamble claims that she constantly had to have a conversation with Badgley over the script, and how they could transition him into the villain subtly.

"For Penn, when Greg Berlanti and I were talking about the casting, we talked about how we needed an actor who really felt like Joe Goldberg was on paper.

"And Penn is all of that great stuff: He's thoughtful, he's a reader, he's a humanitarian, he's a feminist, he's extremely disturbed by Joe's behaviour," Gamble explained.

"A lot of our conversations throughout making season one were largely about his level of discomfort with each thing I was sending him.

"Penn's never like, 'That feels weird, I'm not going to do it.' He's like, 'We're going to do it, let's just talk it through, and by the way, I have never been more uncomfortable in my life.'" 

The opening episode begins with Joe's narration and the start of his obsession with Beck, but it's not immediately obvious that he's a killer. The light stalking was intended to be red flags.


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"In order to make the structure of the episode work for the television show, that first scene needs to positively function as a pure romantic comedy scene. It's a meet-cute and it shouldn't feel creepy," Gamble told Variety

"We even got some early notes that in the first five minutes of the show you can't really tell where it's going," she added. "But to me, that was the thesis of the whole show: You can't really tell.

"So if this feels like a romantic comedy to you, let's look at other things that look like a romantic comedy to you and non-judgmentally admit to one another that we enjoy stories about men who transgress and take away agency and save the day by maybe even killing people.


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Gamble also spoke about the lingering shots of Badgley's eyes;

"It was really, really important to us to preserve the idea that this was two young, good-looking people in a bookstore who maybe have some stuff in common- until you push into his eyes at the end of that scene and you're like, ‘Wait a minute…'"

The showrunner also said that, when she adapted the book to the screen, she changed aspects of Joe's character to hide his true nature.  She wanted to hide that he "looks at every woman and judges her as a virgin or a slut."

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There was one scene which Sara was afraid to shoot, and displays the intensity of Joe's creepiness;

"The scene that actually made me nervous, though, was in the pilot. Very early in the first episode, a character masturbates on the street in shadow," referring to Joe in front of Beck's window.

"I was watching it at a screening and i was like, 'Oh, we're going to lose them and they're never coming back.' Then the next scene came and everyone was on board, and that was the moment I knew the show would work. I was really doing it on faith until that point." 

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The show has been a runaway success since it landed on Netflix after originally premiering on Lifetime, and the second season is currently in pre-production.

It will star Badgley once again as Joe and Victoria Pedretti as his new love interest; Love Quinn.

The murderer moves to Los Angeles for the next season, time will tell if Love Quinn can survive.

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We need to talk about the absurd behaviour of Joe from Love Island, which is starting to give us MAJOR Joe Goldberg from You vibes.

Reminder: Joe Goldberg is the infamous stalker/murderer who narrated the Netflix show involving his obsession with Guinevere Beck, a poetry major.

It begins with a few hundred red flags, and escalates with terrible consequences. Love Island's Joe Garratt seems to believe that he has some type of claim on Lucie, despite knowing her 24 HOURS.

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What if Joe Garrett ends up trapping Lucie in a glass box and murdering her so that she doesn't end up with boxer Tommy Fury?

Lucie is now coupled with Tommy despite herself and Joe getting on extremely well, with flanter flying.

Tommy had to choose a lady, and chose the 21-year-old surfer/model, because all the boys are addicted to her. Joe's reaction was that of a borderline possessive psycho boyfriend.

Mr Garratt, future stalker, is now acting as if Lucie should have something to feel guilty about, and we're THIS CLOSE to cancelling him forever.

We've seen his type before, the jealous guy who loses his cool when he even sees you speaking to another man.

Then he acts as if it's your fault, rather than realising it's his own lack of self-worth driving these jealous and damaging emotions. We see you, Joe. 

The chap is seriously about to propose to a girl he's known one day, and is clearly just in lust with the gorgeous Lucie and sees winning her as a competition, as all the other boys want her too.

The sandwich seller has become ridiculously attached to the surfer in a short space of time, and viewers of the show were deeply concerned about his attitude.

Joe told Lucie that he "didn't know if he could trust her" with absolutely zero evidence that she isn't a loyal or compassionate person. Poor Lucie was left in tears as she was forced to choose between Tommy and Joe.

Amy and Curtis rightfully pointed out to the blonde beauty that it's WAY too early to cut off her options, and Joe seems keen to lock her down like she's a prize-winning horse or something. 

Rather than choose who to sleep in a bed with, Lucie ended up on the couch. She can't even sleep in a damn BED without guilt because of Joe.

She then told Tommy that she's swaying towards Garratt, who was manipulating her the entire time.

While the caterer isn't yet in the same league as Joe Goldberg, played too well by Penn Badgley, they both have similar behaviours after meeting the girl of their dreams.

Joe Goldberg comes across as endlessly charming and caring, which the Islander has been trying with Lucie to win her heart, but they take down anyone who stands in their way.

Of course, Joe Garratt isn't a serial killer, but it's important to spot the red flags early on in relationships like this. 

Twitter was aflame with viewers slamming Joe's behaviour and comparing him to darker characters from film and screen.

While Twitter are showing a sense of humour about it, the point is to remain aware of the traits of obsessive people. as red flags are (sometimes!) a precursor for more serious actions.

Who knows how Joe would react, but we're guessing very very very badly. He has the emotional capacity of a two-year-old, and it's tantrum o'clock.

Lucie has still got a few days left to choose her man to couple up with, and plenty more twists and turns are due to come. 

The first dumping will come at the end of the week, and stunning model Molly-Mae Hague has landed in the villa to stir things up.

Time will tell what drama will happen between the love triangle of Joe, Lucie and Tommy. Maybe we'll find out tonight?

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I think most of us agree that Joe Goldberg's character in Netflix' surprise hit stalker series You is one of the creepiest protagonists EVER.

The wildly popular psycho-thriller show follows Goldberg, a bookstore manager, as he obsesses over Guinevere Beck, a poetry major.

Things grow increasingly insane as he becomes further embroiled with his love for her, and Penn Badgley's acting skills plus the script giving us Joe's inner monologue allows some of his actions to be veiled as justified.


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Viewers become so enraptured by what's going on inside Joe's stalker-brain that it's too easy to forget his actions, and get wrapped up in his thoughts instead.

Penn Badgley even had to tweet to the show's fans about the dangers of falling for a man like Joe, who is inherently psychopathic and abusive, yet women are sucked into his mind.

Netflix uploaded a two-minute clip to their official YouTube channel on Tuesday to highlight just how creepy he is without his internal monologue narration and the result is CHILLING AF.

The clips shows an awkward scene between Beck and Joe in bed together, as well as a scene of the couple reading books, in total silence. If Joe was so consumed with his relationship, why was he so damn silent all the time?

The video also shows a minor interaction with Peach Salinger, Becks BFF and the only one who sees Joe for exactly what he is. 

You season two will see Joe find a new love interest, Love Quinn (weird name…). The next series is set to premiere on Netflix sometime this autumn, so take some time to get sufficiently repulsed by Silent Joe before then.


We've been addicted to You since Netflix released it back in December, and pretty much binged the ten episodes in a row without so much as a toilet break. It was unhealthy.

The show follows the narrative of bookstore manager Joe, and his infatuation with poetry writer Beck. Beginning as an online stalker, Joe gradually becomes more sinister as his obsession escalates throughout.

Starring Penn Badgley, otherwise known as Dan Humphries from Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars' Shay Mitchell, the show had us seriously addicted.

News broke that the show is getting a season two, and we want DETAILS, OKAY?

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Warning: Spoilers incoming

The show is based on the book by Caroline Kepnes, which means that avid readers can discover the future of You. Anyone who is already a fan of the novel will know that season two will be based in Los Angeles.

Rather than remain in New York City's urban jungle setting, Joe relocates to LA for a change.

Elizabeth Lail confirmed in a recent interview that the next season will see major alterations, including the progression away from Beck's character.

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"I think they’re shooting it in LA, and so nothing will be the same. Hardly anything. It’ll be a whole other story,” she told Radio Times.about the sequel, Hidden Bodies.

Writer Sera Gamble also told Metro.co.uk, "We are prepping to shoot season two now, in Los Angeles. Which is also where the second book of the series takes place."

Not all of the book's plot will be explored, however. Gamble also said;

"We’ve got lots of great stuff from the books, and also some new things that have come about as a result of changing the story for TV, like that (spoiler alert) Candace is alive and kicking and not pleased with Joe.” 

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Showrunner Sarah Gamble also revealed that the audience will learn much more about Joe's past in the next season, including how he became an obsessive stalker and serial killer…

"There's a lot more to explore about Joe from earlier in his life. Those are the things we're starting to get into for season two,” she told The Hollywood Reporter

As anyone who watched season one will know, Beck and Peach probably won’t return (maybe as ghosts?) but we may get to see some flashbacks, judging by Candace's role.

As of right now, there is yet to be a set air date for season two, but we'll be keeping our eyes peeled.

A bit like Joe…but significantly more normal…

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For those of you who still need to catch up on your Netflix shows, don't miss the chilling new stalker series YOU.

The show stars Penn Badgley as a bookstore manager named Joe Goldbery, who meets an unsuspecting aspiring poet, Guinevere Beck, and gets a LITTLE too attached. To say the least.

He stalks the hell out of her, basically. Think Gossip Girl's Dan Humphries but way more creepy.


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It's now been announced super on the down-low on the You Instagram account that the thriller hit is getting a second series.

Since it was released, the show has been talked about non-stop online, both for the crazy plot and the chilling acting skills of Mr Badgley.

Anyone who has seen season one probably aren't surprised at the announcement, as it ends on a major cliffhanger.

YOU is based on the book of the same name by Caroline Kepnes.


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Pretty much everyone who has watched the show are debating deleting their social media accounts, as Joe stalks Beck entirely from her Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

He finds out LITERALLY everything about her from a single click; where she lives, her place of work, aspects of her personality, her interests, her book loves, you name it.

Once he gets his hands on her phone, he can access her emails, group chats and messages. Which is basically someone's entire life, these days.


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Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) also stars alongside Badgley and Elizabeth Lail, who plays Beck.

Listening to Joe narrate the entire show displays the weirdness and bizarre thought processes of stalkers.

Trust us, you won't be able to stop watching.

You'll also be looking over your shoulder a lot more…



Serena-and-Dan fans, look away!

Penn Badgley, who found fame on the hit TV show Gossip Girl, just tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend in a surprise ceremony in Manhattan. 

The actor-turned-musician married Domino Kirke, who he has been dating for three years. 


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Domino uploaded a snap to Instagram to announce their nuptials. 

Domino wore a lace sheath dress to the courthouse ceremony.

Girls star Jemima Kirke, who is Domino's sister, shared her congratulations to the couple on Twitter, while their other sister Lola shared a snap to Instagram, poking fun at the families fashion choices on the day. 

The sisters both dressed down on the day, as did Domino's son from a previous relationship, Caassius.


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 "When someone gets married in a courthouse, it's really an open invitation to everyone but the beautiful bride to explore all that fashion has to offer," Lola captioned the snap.

"Here, I try a look simply called 'Pants,' as Cassius goes for 'That Dude from #incubus' and Jemima experiments with 'Off to Therapy!' Congratulations @dominokirke. We love you."

We wish the couple all the best in the future. 


Gossip Girl is still one of those shows that we hold dear to our hearts, and many fans of the show were also fans of Lonely Boy a.k.a. Penn Badgley.

But in his most recent appearance, the actor turned musician looks nothing like his GG days.

Instead of his usual brown curly locks, Penn rocked a new blonde do and beard while playing with his band Mothxr last night at Miami's Art Basel.

We totally love his new look, but then again, it seems like he can pull of any hairstyle.

After finishing up with GG, Penn has mainly concentrated on his band, however he recently told Huffington Post that he hasn't said goodbye to acting just yet.

We're looking forward to seeing him on our TV screens again.

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It has been over two years since Gossip Girl ended, and Penn Badgley has certainly left his Dan Humphrey days behind.

Badgley now serves as frontman to his new band MOTHXR

He started the band with friends, Simon Ocroft, Darren Will and Jimmy Giannopolous but the sound is far from what lonely boy would have listened to. 

Penn's musical love-child has mixed sounds of indie rock and electronica. You can't really put a finger on their sound but MOTHXR fuses classic vibes with their own unique edge through the mix of each member's raw, undeniable talent. 

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Penn said: “The second we sat down, it just immediately became that band."

“We worked in an incredibly fluid and spontaneous process. It was purely electronic, and also purely organic.”

When asked if he is now an actor or a rock star Penn told EW: “I’m both.”  

“I kind of hate using the word ‘artist’ because I certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to consider me as such at this point. I enjoy making all kinds of different things and different creative projects."

"I’ve continued acting — I’ve been in three films since the show ended that have all been strange, rewarding independent experiences.

"None of them were big, but I’m going to keep doing my thing.”

We hope Penn's new band has every success and if you want a listen, here is their first single, Easy: