It's true, we love cake more than life itself (if you seen SHEmazing! HQ and our daily cake intake, you'd know what we're talking about).

So, it was a complete shocker when we found out that we've all been cutting cake wrong our whole lives.

As it turns out, experts believe that you shouldn't cut a circular cake into wedges as it exposes the sponge to air which makes it dry out quicker. 

According to The Mirror, IFLScience has revealed a more scientific way to cut our sponges.

First of all, you have to cut the cake into quarters. Next, you cut the number of slices you want, working from the middle and following the line up. 

Once you've cut the piece you want, then push back the cake together to prevent any moisture loss. 

So, there you go! Keeping your cake fresh and moist for longer just got a whole lot easier!