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We were already obsessed with Bleach London before they rebranded their packaging as 100 percent recycled cardboard and eco-friendly materials.

Honestly, their vegan formulas give us the best colours in hair as well as makeup, while maintaining a conscience.

Every since their sustainably-focused packaging rebrand, we've become unhealthily addicted to the energetic cosmetic company, and you will be too.


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Co-founders of the brand, Alex Brownsell and Sam Campbell, made absolutely sure that their relaunched packaging was made from environmentally sound materials.

In our humble opinion, every makeup, skincare and cosmetics brand needs to follow suit. The vast amount of waste and plastic in landfill coming from the industry is mind-blowing.

The lads and their waste-not attitude led to the brand's customisation palettes.


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These palettes come in a magnetic box and allow you to buy individual eyeshadow colours and collect them. The boxes come in a larger size for home use and a smaller one for on-the-go.

We're all guilty of only using one or two eyeshadow colours out of an entire palette, so why not curate your own kit and simply refill it when it runs out? Simples.

Bleach London 'Metallic Louder Powder', €5.60 (£5)

This translates to less waste, and a more sustainable beauty regimen. Bleach London's incredible hair range has also been totally vegan since 2017.

The company have a strictly cruelty-free ethos and are PETA-approved as part of their Beauty Without Bunnies programme. They're essentially magicians of beauty.

'Metallic Louder Powders' by Bleach London are available online for the affordable price of €5.60.

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This week, Joanne Larby, otherwise known as The Makeup Fairy, came under fire once again from Blogger's Unveiled, after the influencer told her followers that her new product releases with Glam Fam Cosmetics were cruelty free and PETA approved. 

The products were not listed on PETA's prescribed list of companies which are cruelty free. PETA also told Evoke.ie that the products we're not in fact PETA approved. 

Joanne posted to Instagram today to respond to the criticism, after BU used their 170k platform to call her out. 


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'It saddens me greatly to have loyal fans think I would collaborate on something that involved testing on animals. I’m happy to clear a few things up to give some of you piece of mind so there’s no confusion. 

'@glamfamcosmetics_ is an Irish brand that I have collaborated with on two products so far. It is not my brand, it’s a brand I’m heavily involved with. Therefore any additional products outside of my Illuminating Drops and Intense Cream Shadows are not my products, they are part of an expanding line. The brand is made in the EU where it is illegal to produce anything that is not cruelty free.'

'We (I work with a team) applied for PETA approval to obtain a certified listing and hoped to have it in time for when we reach shelves; the process is lengthy, and please bare in mind we are not on shelves yet.'


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'I was under the assumption that you could obtain immediate PETA listing when you are cruelty free hence mentioning, and for that I’m very sorry if there was any misunderstanding.'

'It’s more prevalent than ever in this industry that something quite simple can be manipulated to look worse than it is. The main thing here is animals were not harmed in any way when creating my products, bar unicorns who willingly gave me their magic dust,' she finished.

Justice for unicorns, we guess?


There are many reasons in this life to pledge your love to Drake. 

Be it his rapping skills, his dashing looks or his God's Plan video (if you didn't cry, deem yourself heartless). 

Now, Drake has gone a step further to acquire our love by going veggie. 


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The Passionfruit singer revealed on a gaming live stream with game streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins that he has opted out of a carnivorous lifestyle. 

'Man, honestly, I'm usually eating healthy but I had pizza tonight because it's so late,' he said. 

'I feel like chicken and pineapple pizza could work, but I don't eat meat anymore. But I enjoy pineapple on pizza though.'


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Animal rights group PETA has praised the rappers move, as it may encourage others to consider ditch meat.

The group sent Drake a vegan gift basket, including a (punny) passionfruit. 

With more and more celebs opting for a vegan and veggie lifestyle, and veganism gaining popularity every year, maybe the future is herbivorous? 



Norway has taken a major step to protect animal welfare by banning fur farms.

The country has pledged to eliminate all fur farms by the year 2025.

The country is estimated to have around 300 fur farms currently in operation.

According to PETA, these establishments kill 700,000 minks and 110,000 foxes every year.

Animal rights activists in Norway have been campaigning for a ban for many years.

The final details of the ban have yet to be finalised.

Currently, fur farming is legal in Ireland.


Noah Cyrus has leant her support to PETA's latest campaign against SeaWorld. 

The songstress appears in a new campaign image, which shows her trapped in a display tank, much like the animals held in captivity.

SeaWorld has been the target of multiple animal rights activists and organisations for many years. 


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According to PETA, SeaWorld should release their orca population into sanctuaries. 

'In the wild, orcas have sophisticated social relationships, working cooperatively to find food and travelling up to 140 miles in the ocean every day,' reads a statement on PETA's website.  

'But at SeaWorld, they’re often trapped in incompatible groups.'

'The tiny tanks they’re confined to leave them with nothing to do but float listlessly or swim in endless circles while enduring stress, frustration, and depression as well as the blazing-hot sun.'


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'They gnaw on the metal tank bars, often breaking their teeth, and are given drugs to manage stress-induced aggressive and psychotic behaviour.' 

'I love animals so much,' Noah said, in a video posted to PETA's YouTube page.

'To think that any animal would be trapped makes me so sad. It's like living in  your own bedroom your entire life and never being able to go outside,' 

Noah has previously appeared in an anti-dissection campaign for PETA, which lashed out against the experimentation of animals in classrooms. 

Feature image: PETA


After meeting at New York fashion week, Pamela Anderson has slammed Kim Kardashian's decision to wear fur and is urging the reality star to “do the right thing.”

The former Baywatch star and passionate animal rights activist made the plea in an open letter posted to her website on Saturday September 16, in which she asked Kim to omit fur from her wardrobe this winter.

The letter began: “Dear Kim. It was lovely seeing you at New York Fashion Week.”

“I've had the pleasure of getting to know you over the years, and I can tell you're a good person with a big, beautiful heart."

"I'm writing to ask you to extend your compassion to real fashion victims — the animals who are violently killed in the fur trade — by swearing off fur this winter.”

As a longtime vegetarian, Pamela is an avid supporter of animal rights organisation PETA and has spent years campaigning to end various types of animal abuse.

She then went on to educate Kim on the dangers of fur farms.

"I think you'd be horrified to learn that every single fur farm that PETA has exposed has been beyond cruel."

“ Just last month, video footage from a fur farm in Poland revealed that foxes are being kept inside filthy, cramped, dark cages…”

She also cited Gisele Bundchen as model who has spoken out about the cruel fur industry and encouraged Kim to follow in her footsteps.

“Time are changing, though: Gisele Bundchen made a bold statement against fur on the cover of Vogue Paris earlier this summer, and Austria, Croatia, the Netherlands, Slovenia and the U.K, and ohter nations have taken a stand agianst cruelty by abolishing all fur farms.”

Pamela finished the letter by reminding the relaity star about the example she is setting for her followers around the world.

"You know I love you, and you can be a hero for animals as well as a great example to all your beautiful followers by swearing off fur.”

"Please do the right thing."

Kim has yet to respond to the letter, though we can't imagine she'll be clearing the fur from her wardrobe any time soon.


So, if you've ever used Tinder you'll know there are certain types of pictures that pop up time and time again.

The classic mirror snap, posing with friends in front of the Iamsterdam sign, oh and of course, the dreaded tiger selfie.

Well, prepare to see a notable absence of endangered species on your next swipe session, because Tinder are finally cracking down on displays of animal cruelty.

In a new message posted to their website, Tinder wrote:

“Posing next to a king of the jungle doesn’t make you one.”

“It’s time for the tiger selfies to go. More often than not, these photos take advantage of beautiful creatures that have been torn from their natural environment.”

And honestly, we couldn't agree more.

The move comes following pressure from animal rights campaigners at PETA who wrote an open letter to Tinder owner, Sean Rad.

“While most of us are on Tinder to find a soulmate or a date, appearing on the app isn’t fun for everyone,” they wrote.

“What might, at first swipe, look like a harmless picture actually means that someone was caged, dominated, and tied down or drugged before their photo was taken and uploaded online.”

“If this happened to one of your users on a Tinder date, you’d block the profile of the person responsible immediately. Unfortunately, this is the reality for tigers, lions, and other big cats who are featured in an alarming number of Tinder profile photos.”

The dating app are now insisting that all users remove their tiger selfies and have donated $10,000 to Project Cat, a charity working to protect endangered tigers.

G'wan Tinder!

Now if you guys could put a ban on those cringe-worthy “here for a good time, not a long time” bios, we'll be golden.



Blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson had been dedicating her life to animal welfare, and promotes a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle. 

The Baywatch star has written an open letter to our Taoiseach, asking him to consider supporting a nationwide ban on wild animal circuses.

As an added incentive, she stated that she'd she'd share a pint of Guinness with him if he took action amd implemented the ban. 

"I was excited to learn from my friends at PETA that a bill has been put forward to ban wild animal circuses in Ireland. As a longtime animal advocate, I give the bill my full support—and I hope it has yours, too," reads the letter, addressed to the Taoiseach. 

"Animals in circuses never benefit from "the luck of the Irish." Instead, they're denied everything that is natural and important to them."

"They spend their lonely lives constantly on the move, transported in cramped conditions, and shackled or caged for hours on end. And they don't perform tricks such as jumping through rings of fire or dancing on their hind legs for fun—but out of fear of punishment."

"Today, most decent people see animal circuses for what they are: cruelty. Consequently—as I was pleased to hear—towns and cities across Ireland are overwhelmingly passing motions to ban them from public land."

"I truly hope Ireland seizes this opportunity to implement a national ban and joins the ever-growing list of countries that have banished this archaic form of so-called 'entertainment.'"

"I would love nothing more than to visit your beautiful country and raise a glass of Guinness (I hear it's vegan now!) with you when that day arrives. Sincerely yours, Pamela Anderson."

The ISPCA has also previously backed the ban.

"The ISPCA is completely opposed to the use of wild animals in circuses as by their very nature, circuses cannot provide sufficient space and appropriate conditions to guarantee the physical and psychological well-being of their animals, especially social species like elephants," reads a statement on their site. 

We're pretty sure most people would hop to it if it meant having a drink with Pammy, but we think Enda should do it for the sake of the animals. 



A video showing a man lowering a struggling dog into fast flowing water has surfaced and since gone viral online this week. 

The video was shot on the set of A Dogs Purpose, a film about a dog who is reincarnated and searches for purpose through his multiple lives. 

The uncomfortable scene shows the stressed German Shepherd, named Hercules, being forced to perform in artificial rapids.

The video has casued outrage online, with animal rights activist organisations such as PRTA calling for a boycott of the film. 

In the midst of the controversy, Universal and Amblin who are producing the film, called off this weekend's planned premier. 

"Because Amblin’s review into the edited video released yesterday is still ongoing, distributor Universal Pictures has decided it is in the best interest of A Dog’s Purpose to cancel this weekend’s premiere and press junket," the Hollywood company told Time. 

"Amblin and Universal do not want anything to overshadow this film that celebrates the relationship between humans and animals." 

 PETA started a hashtag on Twitter called #BoycottADogsPurpose.

The hashtag has spawned hundreds of tweets from shocked animal lovers. 

"Watching that poor dog being forced in water, so scared he has to cling on the wall makes me cry and sick to my stomach," said one concerned viewer. 

"I couldn't be more excited to see this movie until I saw the horrible truth behind it. Stop animal cruelty," said another. 

Amblin and Universal have since stated that Hercules was not harmed in the filming of the movie. 

"Since the emergence of the footage, Amblin has engaged with many associated with the production of the film, including safety personnel, trainers and stunt coordinators as part of their in-depth review."

"While we are all disheartened by the appearance of an animal in distress, everyone has assured us that Hercules the German Shepherd was not harmed throughout the filmmaking.”


If you made your way down O'Connell Street this morning, then you were in for quite an… unusual sight.

PETA protested on the busy Dublin street today by having a woman lie down dressed in only her knickers (yep, no bra), on a giant plate, and had fake blood dripped all over her.

An interesting way to protest, yes, but my God, the woman must have been freezing.

The aim of the protest was to encourage people to not eat meat at Christmas dinner… but honestly, mostly everyone was perplexed by the situation:

We're just wondering how long she had to lie there for…



The Kardashian family are known for their penchant for luxurious designer goods, and real furs are a staple in the famous family' collective wardrobe.

Kourtney, Khloe and momager Kris were targeted by an anti-fur rally as they attended the Angel ball in New York last night.

The reality TV super stars have regularly been criticised by anti-fur lobbyists and animal rights group PETA in the past. 

The protesters shouted "how many animals have to die you pieces of s***," and particularly targeted Khloe, as they screamed "shame on you Khloe Kardashian."

Protesters also held up signs that read: "Kardashian fur scum," "'F*** fur" and "stop wearing fur! Fur = violence."

This is not the first time the Kardashian family have been the focus of an animal rights group.


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Back in 2015, Kim was confronted by a group of protesters in New York at a book signing for her pictorial tome, Selfish.

In 2012, Kim was flour bombed on the red carpet by a suspected PETA activist. 

Khloe publicly withdrew her support for PETA back in 2012, citing at the time that she could no longer support an organisation that condoned "bullying." 



*Some users may find these images distressing*

A warning has now been issued to pet owners in the Cork area, after a family dog was attacked seemingly for no reason while he lay in his own back-garden.

In a heart-wrenching post on an animal charity's Facebook page, images of the injured pet were afterwards posted – prompting an outraged response from hundreds of people. 

Shared via ArcAnimal Rescue Cobh – it read: "Word of caution to any dog owners in Cobh – it's a fright to God when you can't even keep your own family dog out in the back garden without him being abused.

"Our family dog who wouldn't hurt a fly has been minding his own business in the back garden when some lowlife poured some sort something over him which has been described by the vet as a sort of chemical.

"The holes in his back are from someone poking him with an iron through the fence.

"So everyone please keep an eye on your dogs and if you see any suspicious activity around a house please report to the Gardai! We are absolutely devastated that someone would do this to our dog."

In response, Peta Ireland has also offered up a €2,000 reward for information that leads to the discovery of the perpetrators of the vicious attack.

"It's imperative that any community faced with a cruel and callous act such as this take measures to find the culprit and bring him or her to justice," Peta's Elisa Allen said.

"Animal abusers are a danger to everyone – they take their issues out on whoever is available to them, human or non-human – and must be caught before they act again."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Garda Confidential Line on 1800-666-111.