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Codilia Gapare, a breast cancer survivor, has revolutionised the beauty industry by creating the first ever false lashes range for chemotherapy patients.

The mother-of-two was diagnosed with cancer in the UK in 2014 on the same day that she underwent an interview with the Manchester Metropolitan University.

While she was offered her dream place, she eventually had to drop out to focus on her chemotherapy treatment after struggling to balance her studies. She chose to use her spare time to create something truly special.

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She initially had tried to ignore the diagnosis, but later had to face the illness head on after losing all of her hair.

"The mental battle caused me to become drained. I had two kids, I was a single mum, working two jobs. And that was my reality. I was so upset with myself for being sick. I was supposed to be realising my dream but instead, I felt like a failure," she explained.

Through this intensely difficult time in her life, she realised that there were no fake eyelash options for cancer patients.

She transformed her idea into an actual product, 'C Lashes', and partnered with beauty brand Eylure. The company have since released the range in Boots stores, making the cosmetic industry more accessible for women with cancer.


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In an interview with metro.co.uk, she describes how the lashes are designed with a larger, more flexible adhesive band and a bigger surface area to help them stick to the eyelid, and this makes the whole process far easier for women with little-to-no eyelashes.

Colidia wanted to make something that would help cancer patients feel like themselves again, and recalled how hard it was for her to lose her hair;

"Being black, we always play with our hair. Losing my hair was a big deal. No one talks about how much hair you lose though. I lost my eyelashes, eyebrows, pubes, underarm hair."

Colidia came from Zimbabwe to the UK when she was 26-years-old to pursue her ultimate dream of becoming a lawyer, so a full-time business model wasn't exactly planned. Especially after spending years working and studying to apply for university.


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The 41-year-old Cheshire resident chose to drive three hours away to her law degree interview after being given her cancer diagnosis, and she NAILED it. What a woman.

She found a lump in her breast in July 2014, and confirmed the illness just a month later. "Mostly, I was in denial," she told Metro.co.uk.

"I really convinced myself I wasn’t ill, I was totally unprepared. I didn’t even tell anyone I was going to my interview but I didn’t even think about cancelling it. ‘For me going ahead with the interview was going ahead with my life."


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She continued; "But I wasn’t prepared to lose my lashes."

"When my lashes started to thin out, I bought fake ones, but I struggled because it took off all the remaining hair. I didn’t do it for attention, I just wanted to feel like myself. I just wanted to be me again."

Codilia's life has gone up and up since then; she was offered a scholarship through support network Women in Business to study a masters in Business Admin at the same university.

H​​​aving received the all-clear from the disease at her latest check-up, Codilia is now in the final year of her studies in Manchester. What an UNREAL gal.

The lashes come in three different styles including 'Naturals', 'Lengthening', and 'Volume', and can be bought on boots.ie for just €7.49 now.

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Fun fact of the day: if you put a unicorn on something, we will 100% buy it.

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That is why we are so incredibly excited about these groovy new fake eyelashes… they are being branded as unicorn lashes. 


Tomorrow at 12 PM PST

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Now, we genuinely couldn't tell you if these eyelashes are amazing quality, but we couldn't care less. 

Just look at how FUN they are! 

The magical creatures at Violet Voss Cosmetics created the "Eye believe in unicorns" kit, and we are so grateful. 


Our magical unicorn bags this weekend @imatsoffici Pic by @miss_aliicee

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For €26 you will receive three lovely pairs of faux mink lashes, all wrapped up in a unicorn box. 


These are @_anaiisgee_ fav Lashes #haul

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This trio of gorgeous lashes isa limited edition, so time is of the essence if you want to get your hands on them. 


Coming Soon  These will be available at @imatsofficial

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Remember ladies: unicorns are real… and so are mermaids. 



She already has a best-selling range of nail polishes, as well as a mega-hit contour palette.

And now – finally – Suzanne Jackson has released strip lashes, so (fingers crossed!) we can get the blogger’s gorgeously full look ourselves.

Yes, under the SOSU brand, the 31-year-old Dubliner has created not one but TWO lash collections – Human Hair Lashes, which boasts eight different varieties, and 3D Luxury Silk Lashes, of which there are four different types.  

The Human Hair lashes (€5.95 per set) are lightweight, of premium quality and enable beauty lovers to create quick and easy everyday looks.

While the 3D Luxury Silk Lashes are notably more costly at €19.95 a pair, they come in more dramatic designs and, once cared for, can be reused up to 20 times.

Speaking of her new venture, Suzanne said: “The initial SOSU Lash journey began three years ago but for me the range had to be perfect – a premium lash collection offering plenty of choice and catering for everyone.”

According to sosu.ie, the Ella, Gigi and Katie lashes – all of which are from the Human Hair collection – are already sold out.

Currently, the other nine lash styles are still available online.

SOSU Human Hair Lashes cost €5.95 and SOSU 3D Luxury Silk Lashes retail at €19.95.  SOSU Lashes are available from selected pharmacies nationwide and www.sosu.ie.



Us Irish girls are obvious fans of false lashes but even the satisfaction of a perfectly applied set can wear off when it comes to the pain of their removal.

So real-estate developer turned beauty guru Katy Stoka has come up with a new way of saving both your real and fake lashes from the dreaded eyelash glue with her innovative magnetic false lashes.

According to Allure, One Two Lash are the first lash sets to use magnets instead of glue and work by applying a short strip of falsies under and over the real lash before joining them together with the attached metal – essentially creating a false-real-false lash sandwich.

The benefits of magnetic lashes?  No glue – so no waiting 'til it’s sticky enough to apply, no ruining your eye makeup with glue while trying to get your lashes in place and no horrible eyelid pulling while trying to get them off.

The downside?  These lashes are pretty pricey at $59 a kit so you’d want to be getting a few wears out of them to make it worth the splurge.



We have to admit it, false lashes do look amazing and are perfect for creating a dramatic loo, but, unfortunately, they are pretty hard to apply. Not sure about you, but we need at least an hour to get them right…

Not only is it important you get them to stay on all night, but they also need to look right- who want’s lopsided lashes?!

Follow our step-by-step guide and you will have perfect falsies in no time:

1. Make sure the lash length actually fits your eye. You don’t want them so long that they touch your eyebrows.

2. Slightly bend the end of the lash to get rid of their straightness and to help them look more natural.

3. Spread the glue across the lash strip. Make sure you are using a really good glue which might not necessarily be what came with the packet. Apply a little extra to the end corners.

4. Give it a couple of seconds before you apply the lash to your eyelid. This will give it a chance to become a little less runny meaning it won’t slip as you place it on your lash line.

5. Don’t stick it o your eyelid, rather place it onto your own natural lash line.

6. Finish with a little black mascara  to combine your natural lashes to your fake ones.




MAC lovers will be very happy to hear that the much-adored False Lashes mascara will be hitting the shelves next month –  except this time around, you will be getting a bit of a twist.

Known for giving eyes a full and dramatic finish, this iconic mascara will lift your eyes with a bit of extra color.

Plum Reserve, Blue Cahrge Bright and newly added Counterfeit Brown and Artificial Aubergine will all be up for grabs from February 2014 – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

But don’t wait too long, because these there’s only a limited supply of these must-have mascaras.

Also new to the shelves is MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance gel. Targeted at those with oily and combination skin, it acts as a primer to set the perfect base for your foundation, while giving you a healthy and natural glow at the same time.

Not sure about you lot, but we’re counting the days until we can make our way to the nearest MAC counter and get our hands on these bad boys.