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It seems our High School Musical heartthrob, Zac Efron, is going back to his Disney roots, starring in a remake of the 1980’s classic, Three Men and a Baby.

It was revealed on The Hollywood Reporter that the remake is intended for Disney+, the hugely popular, family-friendly streaming service, with Disney’s live-action division running point. Producing the film will be Gordon Gray, who’s best-known for his gripping sports dramas, such as The Rookie or more recently The Way Back, which starred Ben Afleck.

It has yet to be revealed which character Efron will be playing, or who his co-stars will be. One thing is certain though — whoever they are, they’ll have big shoes to fill. The original 1987 family-comedy brought together some of Hollywood’s best actors of the era, featuring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson. Directed by Leonard Nimoy, the film turned into a big success, becoming the first live-action Disney film to cross the $100 million mark in the US.

The film follows three men living in New York, as they unexpectedly find themselves caring for a little baby. Of course shenanigans ensue and mysteries unfold, resulting in a highly entertaining flick for the whole family to enjoy. Following the film's success,  a sequel was released in 1990, titled Three Men and a Little Lady

Zac's return to Disney will be a big change from some of the more serious projects which he's been involved with in recent years. Most recently, you can find Zac Efron on Netflix, in a documentary series, which he also executive produced, called Down to Earth, where he tours the world and explores methods sustainability.


Did anyone else feel like this week was never going to end? We have certainly got that Friday feeling but we honestly haven’t got the energy to do anything other than sprawl across the sofa for the foreseeable future.

We’ll be tuning into everyone’s favourite Corkman Graham Norton as a heap of Hollywood stars join him for a chat on his Friday night show.

As per usual, the presenter has mustered up quite the incredible lineup.

Actor Matthew Broderick joins Graham to discuss his new play The Starry Messenger as well as looking back on his career, including his iconic role as rebellious Ferris in John Hughes’s movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Image result for ferris bueller

Star of the Ted Bundy biopic Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, Zac Efron joins Graham to open up about tackling one of his most difficult roles to date.

Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron will also be there to discuss their new rom-com Long Shot.


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There will also be music from The Specials.

The Graham Norton Show airs on BBC1 on April 26 at 10: 35 pm.


First of all, Zac Efron is a human being and can dye his hair absolutely any colour we wants, defying public opinion.

zac efron GIF

That said, the internet is completely torn over the actor's new 'do, mainly because it's PLATINUM BLONDE. Yes, you heard that right. Like Draco Malfoy-style blonde.

He was everyone's childhood boyfriend after his stint in High School Musical, but it appears fans have become too used to his sweeping brown locks. They've lost their minds at this latest news, literally.

"I might be unstable," says one fan, just so you know that we weren't exaggerating when we said fans had certifiably forgotten their sanity. 

Acquaint yourself with the new Zac Efron, while you can. Get your glasses out, and examine it for yourself gals.

Here's the white-haired evidence in all its glory;


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See? We never lie to you.

Squint and you can spot him in this Tweet, a 'lil blonde Zac/Draco innocently ignoring all of the fan fever over a hair colour;

The actor is officially a member of the Bleach Blonde Boys Club, and we HAVE to show you fan reactions because they are absolutely hilarious and disturbing at the same time;

The lewk has been sported by Zayn Malik, Ansel Elgort and, em, Pete Davidson, so it's a trend now.

One Twitter user wrote; "Zac Efron dying his hair platinum blonde is something I didn't know that I needed" and we have to agree with her there. Especially with that beard growth.

Another social media member had to use Oprah's face as a reaction, understandably.

"Don't talk to me unless you have more photos of Zac Efron with his blonde hair," another wrote. Amen.

One woman wants the internet to forget about Trump's wall drama in order to focus on what's important; Zac's hairstyle. Logic level 9000;

Some just went straight in with a proposal, which we're not sure we endorse;

Ice blonde really does get a reaction, especially for Zac Efron fans, we have to say.

What do you think of his new Baywatch-style look, Yay-watch or Nay-watch? (We're the only ones laughing at that joke but we don't care)

sassy zac efron GIF


Zac Efron debuted a head full of dreadlocks in a recent Instagram post. 

The post is furthering the ongoing conversation society is having regarding cultural appropriation. 

Many people feel that as a white person, Efron should not wear dreadlocks as they do not belong to his personal culture. 

Others question why different cultures can not share their differences. 

The picture has already garnered 1.5 million likes an d almost 20,000 comments since it was posted. 

'I can’t believe that some of you are mad that he got dreads simply because he’s white,' reads one comment. 'That’s the same as a white person saying that a black girl can’t wear that long, blonde weave running down her back. Hair is hair, not something to classify into separate races.'

'Its cultural appropriation because when we wear it, we get fired from our jobs, suspended from schools, rejected offers etc whereas a white person can wear it, and it's considered cool. That's why we're mad about it,' reads another. 

Zac is not the first celebrity to be accused of cultural appropriation. 

Kim Kardashian has also been criticised for wearing braids and attributing them to Bo Derek, while her sister Khloe has faced backlash for donning Bantu knots. 


We know Christmas is six months away, but we can’t help but feel the tiniest bit excited about this upcoming Netflix movie.

Last Christmas, we were completely obsessed with the popular and incredibly cheesy Netflix film A Christmas Prince. We must admit we tuned into the film more than once over the festive period.

We’re sure you’re going to adore this year’s Netflix original Christmas flick The Princess Switch, starring High School Musical alum Vanessa Hudgens and Nashville star Sam Palladio.

The romantic comedy is all about a Duchess and a commoner who trade places when they realise the uncanny resemblance between them. It sounds like The Parent Trap sprinkled with Christmas cheer and set somewhere a lot more glamorous than a campsite.

However, things get complicated when they both fall in love with men who have no idea who they really are.

Vanessa treated fans to a glimpse of the movie on her Instagram account. She shared a photo with co-star Sam Palladio in full costume.


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She captioned the photo: “Did someone say a royal wedding? That’s a wrap on THE CHRISTMAS SWITCH. coming to you this holiday season on Netflix.”

The Spring Breakers actress added: “I’m so excited for you guys to see this one.”

Vanessa may have mixed up the title of the movie, but we cannot wait to see her in the Netflix festive flick.

The film may not be released for a couple of months but we’re already daydreaming of cosying up in front of the fire and tuning into The Princess Switch.



This is just so sad.

Zac Efron has said goodbye to his beloved pet dog, Puppy Efron.

The actor took to Instagram to share a picture of him and his dog playing together. Showing off his fury friend, Zac captioned the post: "Through thick and thin you've always been my best friend.

"I'll see you at the finish line, RIP Puppy Efron."

The actor then added lyrics from a Chance the Rapper track: "Felt hog tied ever since my dog died/ He lived to 84, damn, that's a long ride/ I know he up there he just sit and he wait/ I'll be racing up the stairs I'mma get to the gate singing."

We're shedding a tear.



He's made it well known that he's bad at dating and we were probably as surprised as him when we found out that nobody bothered to swipe right for him on Tinder.

But now it seems like Zac Efron has a beauty in his sights.

The actor has been cheering on the US women's gymnastics team since the Olympic games began, and we think he has a little crush for Simone Biles.

The gymnast was talking to NBC News recently, where she let slip that she has a little crush on the star (and even has life-size cut-out of Zac in her bedroom!).

However, it seems to be Zac making the first move as he wrote about his admiration of her on Twitter.

"So phenomenal a skill's named after her. Congrats on sticking the Biles and qualifying for the finals @simone_biles!"

And the tweet didn't go unnoticed, either. Simone replied to Mr Efron, saying: "Thanks Zac! I hope you can watch Team Final tomorrow night."

And of course, Zac listened to Simone and shared this picture:

We love the little winky face he threw in there.



It's rare – we'll admit it – but sometimes you come across someone on Tinder who actually looks and sounds too good to be true.

Amid the eejits offering dick pics and the gobsh*tes giving their best Blue Steel, you'll happen upon an individual who ticks all the boxes.

And while most of us would assume we'd swipe right at first glance, a worrying number of us would conclude we're being had before regretfully moving on to the next potential suitor.

And that ladies is why none of us are not dating Zac Efron right now.

Speaking to The Times, the High School Musical actor revealed that he – like millions others – had signed up to Tinder, but failed to pique the interest of a single woman on the app.

"Amazingly, when I signed up for Tinder, nobody swiped me!" he revealed. "They thought it was fake."

And given his lack of success in this regard, it's no real surprise that the star has decided to backtrack a little and has now insisted that dating simply isn't for him.

"Dating is something I'll never be able to do. As in the dictionary definition of dating, because one way or another I've impacted that person's life and they'll soon see it," he explained.

"A date has to be very long to dispel whatever people think about me," he added.

Well, considering that most Tinder dates last the length of one awkward drink before someone gets the classic fake phonecall, it sounds like he made the right decision to bow out gracefully.



It seems that Justin Bieber is a man of many talents, and one of them include 'life coach'.

According to Us Weekly, the singer dropped by Zac's LA home after partying in the famous Hollywood nightclub 1OAK, and while he was there he told Zac that he should be a bit more fussy when it comes to acting.

The source revealed that Justin told Zac to "be more selective about the roles he takes.

"Justin was very honest and kind of went in on Zac… but Zac appreciated it."

And apparently Mr Efron was so happy with JB's advice, he told his new BFF "to keep breaking boundaries.

"He was giving him life tips," the insider added.

I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd fancy Justin telling me which path to take in my career. He's not exactly the poster boy for great decisions…


Zac Efron has been taking part in a LOT of projects recently, and right now he's in Australia with Adam DeVine to promote their new movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

Since he seems so busy, we thought that might be the reason he's laying low on the relationship front – but as it turns out, he's not in a relationship because he's a "nerd."

His words, not mine, ladies!

While chatting to TheFIX, Zac was asked what's up with his love life, and the star insisted that he finds it hard to date:

"One thing I'm not great at is dating. I'm a nerd, dude. I love comic books, video games… I just love chilling," he said.


Work work work work work asasdfdfjfrgkjb der der der… w/ @andybovine @musicallyapp #mikeanddave

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Now, if you (like us) fancied him since the moment you saw him on High School Musical, you'll probably be thinking that you really don't mind him being a nerd.

And neither do we. Nerds are hot anyway… right?


As accents go, we have always been major fans of an Australian twang.

And what is hotter than an Australian accent you ask? Zac Efron doing an Australian accent – THAT'S WHAT. 

In a clip from his upcoming movie, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Zac is forced to imitate an Aussie in order to sell Tequila. 

Throw some shrimp on the barbie, and have a listen here…

The High School Musical heartthrob spoke to news.com.au, where he mentioned his concerns about his dodgy accent.

"Hopefully I didn’t screw up too bad. It’s a very difficult accent and I have a lot of respect for people that can do it well … and for Australia. So I don’t want to mess it up. But for the sake of comedy I will give it my best shot" the star said. 

Don't worry Zac, you were #flawless

Efron has already starred in two major comedies this year, Bad Neighbours 2 and Dirty Grandpa, which leads us to think he is trying his hand at a career as a professional funnyman.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is set for release this Thursday, the 7th, and it looks HILARIOUS. 



Zac Efron seriously went down in the hottie stakes this year when he appeared to sport Bieber-inspired blond streaks in his hair.

And while on Jimmy Kimmel this week, the presenter didn't shy away from asking Zac what on earth he was thinking.

The actor tried to play it cool by saying his two-tone hair do' was "having a moment."

However, not one to back down, Jimmy pushed him to get a straight answer, and Zac admitted that he actually had to do it for the new Baywatch movie which he stars in.

But, he further explained that he actually didn't have to have to hair do' at all since producers recently told him that re-shoots wouldn't be taking place for another year and he didn't need to commit to the style until 2017.

Oh well, at least there's an explanation!