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What are your V-Day plans, gals? 

For many of us, it's pretty much the usual shebang of perusing ice-cream flavours in Tesco, and wallowing on the couch while feeling guilty as a feminist for wallowing on Valentine's Day. 

Ariana Grande is turning the single life into a trend, at least that's one comforting thing. Plus our pets give us more love than we even deserve.

Meanwhile, in Billionaire Boujee-land, Kylie Jenner is prepping for a new Kylie Cosmetics launch:

She appears to have gotten a red lady makeover, and we have to admit she's looking pure Poison Ivy-level glamour; serving Jessica Rabbit realness 24/7 just became her new niche.

We're assuming that this isn't Kylie's natural hair, seeing as the Kardashians can afford wigs, extensions, photoshop, stylists, fashion designers, celebrity hairdressers, etc.

Kylie's emanating Kim's Valentine's Day vibe form 2017, because the photographer responsible for this Kylie Cosmetics shoot also shot Kim's viral candy hearts campaign in 2018.

Image: Instagram/@kimkardashian

While Kim's hairdo is a lighter shade of pastel-coloured pink, Kylie has gone all-out pillarbox red.

Which do you prefer? We're feelin' Kylie's wavy, short hair because it's Moulin Rouge vibes to the max.

She'll be releasing the new collection on February 1, stay tuned.


While we all know the occasional Grinch, by and large Christmas tends to bring out the best in people.

This observation is as applicable to celebrities as it is lay people, as The Killers have just released a new holiday album to help raise funds for Bono’s charity (RED), an organisation which aims to eradicate AIDS in Africa.

According to Rolling Stone, Don’t Waste Your Wishes features songs which the band previously released in support of (RED) as well as a newly recorded cover of Bing Crosby’s I’ll be Home for Christmas.

The album – which is exclusively available on iTunes and Apple Music – features Elton John, Jimmy Kimmel and a former teacher of band frontman Brandon Flowers who taught the musician the meaning of Crosby’s famed Christmas track.

A limited edition Don’t Waste Your Wishes CD will also be sold online from December 9.


Vanessa Hudgens is certainly one of our fave ladies for style. Her look is totally chill and casual, and if I tried to pull it off I'd probably look like I just got out of bed…

However, the leading lady has gone through TWO major hair changes in the space of a day.

She told InStyle last week: "I actually just texted my hair stylist saying I want to do something fun… So we'll what happens."

Well, what happened is that one day her hair was RED and long:


Via (@ gypsybanessa) #vanessahudgens

A photo posted by Vanessa Hudgens Snapchats (@vanessahudgenssnapchats) on

And the next day is was short and blonder:


New hair thanks to @riawnacapri @ninezeroone #bronzey

A photo posted by Vanessa Hudgens (@vanessahudgens) on

Which one do you prefer? We have to say we're digging the red! But of course, Vanessa can pull off anything.


Let's be honest, when Rihanna dyed her hair red back in the day, we ALL followed suit and either went full-on red head or got pretty little scarlet tips.

It's a time in our past we'd like to forget forever (well, my pasty Irish skin didn't suit it anyway), however, it looks like the trend might be on its way back in.


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie Jenner shared a picture of her new hair colour last night, and we just don't know how to feel about it.

Has this colour been done? Can she out-red Rihanna? Or is she on point?

Each to their own, but we're looking forward to seeing it all glammed up.



We love red all year round but we like to go a little overboard with this festive colour at Christmas. 

Red accessories are ideal to elevate any outfit from mundane to magical and seeing as us Irish love a LOT of black, having a wardrobe equipped with red bits and pieces is definitely a plus. 

So whether you are looking to incorporate some festive cheer into your outfits or are just looking for any excuse to shop, here is our pick of red pieces that are in the shops RIGHT NOW! 

New Look Red Velvet Chelsea Boots, €29.99 
Bonmarchè Cardigan, €22.96, hobbs.co.uk
Hobbs Aylesbury Belt, €24, hobbs.co.uk
Penneys Glitter Heart Clutch, €8
Butterly by John Williamson Gold Stud Clutch, €20.25, Debenhams
Penneys Slippers, €4
Hobbs Red Tassel Keyring, €25.50, hobbs.co.uk
Wallis Drop Earrings, €xx 
New Look 3D Flower Clutch, €29.99
Dorothy Perkins Red Pom Pom, €4
Penneys Red Tassel Sandals, €18
White Stuff Faye Flower Necklace, €35.95, whitestuff.com 




Taylor Swift has spoken of the love, she has for her fans in the past. But the 24-year-old singer decided to prove just how much she really loves them, when she turned up to a fan’s bridal shower.

Swift turned up to Gena Gabrielle’s pre-bridal celebrations on Sunday and definitely gave the bride-to-be a shock.

“I had no idea it was going to happen. Taylor said she planned it with her management and her mom. She said it was all worth it because my face was priceless.”

It was not the first time the Red singer and super fan have met, as Gena met Swift at a meet and greet in 2007.

Gena said it was an unforgettable moment and Taylor even said a few words about the occasion: “This is my first bridal shower, and Gena’s last.”

And Taylor didn’t come empty handed either and gave Gena a KitchenAid stand mixer, as a bridal shower gift.

“I will never forget she did this for me. She is truly an incredible, special person.”



It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has a big effect on the boys. So it’s not surprising that The Vamps singer, James McVey has developed a bit of a crush on the 24-year-old singer.

It seems James began to fancy Taylor after the band was supporting Swift during her Red tour in February. I Knew You Were Trouble singer liked the boys so much that she invited them back to one of her US shows where she played hostess and cooked the boys dinner.

When speaking of 24-year-old beauty, James said: “We played all her London dates with her, we just chilled and when she had her hair cut we were there. It was cool! Then she invited us round [to her L.A. home] and we just chilled.”

James’ fellow band mate Conor revealed that James does have a bit of a crush on Swift but tried to play it down saying that everyone in the band likes Taylor.

When James was questioned on whether romance was blossoming between him and Taylor he went on to to say “We’re just friends” and that Swift never came onto him.

Well, you never know James.



It would appear that the rise of the nude lip is here once again.

For the first time in three years, nude and natural coloured lipsticks are outselling red shaded lipsticks.

Debenhams have reported a 62% rise in the sales of natural, softer shades of recent.

But is there a bigger picture to this story than simply a beauty trend?

Studies show that during a recession, shades of red lipstick sell far more than nude, and the opposite applies when there is a more favourable economic climate.

This “lipstick index” (named in 2001) was first realised during the Depression of the 1930s and seems to have been proved a stable point since then!

Many celebrities chose nude shades for this year’s award season such as Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock.



You might think you’re choosing a certain shade of lipstick to co-ordinate it with your outfit, but your choice of lipstick has more to do with your personality than it does with your clothes – for the most part anyway.

Bright and Red
If you find yourself always going for red shades it means you’re a passionate gal who isn’t afraid to draw attention to your lips.

As dark as night, women who like black lipstick are generally less approachable. People who don’t know you might even find you intimidating.

Clear and nude
You’re a confident gal with a cool and calm personality. With nude lovers, what you see is what you get.

Feeling pink
Pink lovers are usually sweet and have a kind heart.

Brown and mauves
If you’re a fan of deep mauves and browns, it means you like to take a slightly different path. You’re also no stranger to adventures.



Like the color, neon chicks are usually very bright and full of energy. They like to be noticed and can light up a room – not just with their nails.

If you find yourself addicted to blue nail varnish, it could mean you’re a spiritual gal. Blue girls are usually no-fuss  by nature

Red, as we know, is associated with passion. If red is your calling, it means you’re passionate about life and full of purpose. Not only are you a thinker, but you’re also a doer.

The color of explorers! Not only do green gals like a good adventure, they have an earthy nature and are always on the lookout for new experiences.

You’re comfortable in your own skin and are generally very easy going.

You’re never afraid to show your true self – takes a real woman to be authentic, you know.