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New research suggests that social media is becoming a "common problem" in Irish marriages, according to The Independent.

Over 3,000 clients took part in a survey in Maynooth over two years which discovered that both men and women find social media and technology "behaviour" causes difficulties in marriages and relationships.

Accord Catholic Marriage Care Service maintains that constant access to technology and phones has taken away the "cooling off" period following an argument.

The Accord has commented that it will alter it's service to accommodate the issue following couples' feedback.

Bishop Denis Nulty, president of Accord and Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin, said: "Social media is a huge issue. Pope Francis spoke about this at Croke Park and we need to be digitally conscious."

He elaborated on why the results are vital for the organisation; "We're dictated by gadgets so being clued-in is important."

On the removal of the "cooling-off" period he said: "When you send a text, a tweet or a Whatsapp message, there's no way of pulling it back, and it causes huge heartache for everyone involved."

"As we shape our marriage preparation courses in the future, we'll be taking this into consideration," Bishop Nulty mused.

"We have a low divorce rate in Ireland, and I would like to keep it low. I have no doubt people in Ireland still take marriage very seriously."

16,048 individuals attended the Accord's marriage preparation courses across the nation in 2018, which was down almost 800 from 2017

Accord counsellors separately provided 24,180 counselling sessions to individuals and couples during 2018 throughout the whole island of Ireland, which was less than that of 2017.

The bishop attributes some of the drop in figures to couples attending different private counselling services.

Other "problem areas" included unresolved arguments, inappropriate behaviour during arguments and dissatisfaction with their sexual relationship.

75 per cent of clients who saw data reviewed claim that their relationship improved following counselling.


While some researchers believe that Instagram is a vortex of low self-esteem, other's are using it for body positivity.

A 21-year-old artist named Cinta Tort Cartró is the latest to make waves on the social media site, as she is turning period problems into works of art.

As well as that, she uses her account, @zinteta, to show case body 'flaws' in a different and beautiful way.

We absolutely adore her vivid and imaginative images, so we picked out a few of our favourites:


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There are plenty of problems going on in the world to focus on, but playing into the self-absorbed stereotype of a millennial, we've highlighted some of the most modern issues affecting young people today. 

While these are definitely giving us major "first world problem" vibes, they are still some of the more irritating day-to-day problems a millennial can have. 

1. Forgetting to take a pic of your food.

Image result for food

What a disaster, you ordered the most photogenic, beautiful brunch imaginable and tucked into it straight away, forgetting to snap a picture for Snapchat and Instagram. 

There is no going back from this one, the only option is to order another portion….

2. The parental friend request

Image result for parents funny

At what age is it no longer embarrassing to be friends with your parents on Facebook? Or was it ever even embarrassing in the first place and was that just a teenage hang up?

Either way, there are photo albums from a few years ago that we will definitely be setting to private. 

3. What filter though?

Image result for xx pro or valencia

The struggle is real when it comes to choosing the ultimate Instagram picture.

It can make the difference between a blazing, like-worthy sunset or a "meh" snap of the skyline. Choose wisely. 

4. The dreaded forgetting of the smartphone.

Image result for gossip girl texting

We all know one or two people who literally couldn't survive unless their iPhone was glued to their hand, and admittedly, those days where you forget your smart phone at home are pretty difficult.

Like what are you supposed to do at the bus stop if you can simultaneously listen to Spotify, swipe on Tinder and look up the bus times?

5. Cursing the housing crisis/ job market/ state of current affairs

Image result for womens march

Millennials get a lot of slack for being self absorbed and unaware of what's going on in their communities and the wider world, but with social media being such a vital part of sharing information, millennials actually get super involved in causes they care about.

Be it engaging with the Repeal Project, marching for women's rights, donating to Apollo House or highlighting the rental crisis and day to day struggle to secure full time employment, millennials are not afraid to be vocal about issues in their lives. 

6. That friend that snapchats everything

Image result for snapchat everything

In a world where Snapchat can propel you to super stardom, some of our pals can get a little too snap happy.

Fair enough, take a few snaps of your outfit, your night out or your holidays, but chatting to the camera for extended periods and snapping the intimate moments of your life can just be too much. 

7. Accidently liking your ex's new girlfriend's picture from 48 weeks ago

Image result for nooooooo funny

This is not a drill, being caught on a major creeping spree is never a good look.

One way to minimise the damage is to unlike the picture instantly and instead scroll back to the top and like the most recent picture.

Sure, they will still know you were on their page but you will definitely look like less of a stalker. 

8. That Tinder life

Image result for tinder funny

Tinder is the technological equivalent of speed dating, and if you're single, it's highly likely that you delete and then re download the app at least once a month. 

The struggle of swiping left for hours to uncover one gem is seriously real. 

9. Running out of data

Image result for not okay funny

You never realise how much you actually rely on those magical bars of data floating around in the air until you run out.

Then access to the bus times, listening to music, contacting your mates and looking up the necessary day-to-day stuff that needs Googling becomes a thing of the past.



First World problems can be defined as those mild inconveniences of modern life we all experience.

They're NOT be confused with genuine problems but may make you mildly irritated.

Let's face it; if your only problems are First World ones, then life isn't too bad. 

We can identify with all of these, can you?

When you find an exciting new show on Netflix but you haven't finished the one you're watching yet.

Can I commit to this?

Deciding what to get for lunch

You're surrounded by choice, and that choice makes you feel helpless.

Sushi, pasta or a sandwich?

Phone storage is full

Why do bad things happen to good people?!

The agony of trying to choose what to delete…

Intermittent WiFi on holiday

How can I make everyone jealous now?

Snapchat withdrawal is a real thing.

Getting up early to turn on hot water for your shower

The EFFORT…. a timer would be a good investment!

When your birthday falls within weeks of two other family members

Well, she got me an amazing birthday present, so now I have to get her something good. 

And, OMG what will I get for Mam?!

Forgetting to turn off your alarms at the weekend

NOOOOO! Whole weekend ruined already!

 Going on a exotic holiday but catching a cold on the plane

It could be a lot worse! Can you hear that violin playing? 




Life can throw us some serious curveballs and it’s not always easy to know the best way to deal with them.

Here are some of life’s awkward situations and how you can come out on top and stay classy.

Someone throws you shade on social media
Ooh, you have the perfect response but it’s important to think first; do you really NEED to reply to shade? The sender knows you’ve seen it, and so does everyone else… so sometimes saying nothing says absolutely everything.

You messed up…bad
You’ve made a massive boo-boo and your friend is really mad at you. What now? Apologise. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter why it happened or who else was involved – you need to own your mistake. All you can do is hope it’s good enough but at least you’ll have a clear conscience.

You send the message to the wrong person
Yes, you could try and convince them it wasn’t about them – but come on, let’s be realistic. The best thing to do is to actually talk to them in person. If it’s in work, go over to their desk, if not, then call.

Your ex starts kissing someone right in front of you
All you want to do is go over them and drag them apart because it hurts so badly, we get it. The best way to deal with this awful situation is to stand up tall, keep strong and go on with your night. Yes, easier said than done but better than making a scene and starting a screaming match in a night club where alcohol is a huge factor.

Your best friend kissed your ex
It happens – especially in smaller communities where everyone knows everyone. The first question you need to ask yourself is: do you actually care? Like, really, really care? Or is that just your pride hurting? If you’re think you may still have feelings for him then sit her down and explain how you feel and what you would like to happen. Don’t cut her off and refuse to speak to her – she’s your friend and things happen. If you don’t care then hey, they might be happy together and you will move on to someone even better (for you). 



We’ve all been there – in the middle of a great chat with your bestie about your relationship and all of a sudden you tell them something you really shouldn’t have. A frantic: “Don’t tell anyone I told you that!” may cover up the mistake, but in the effort of not having to cover anything up in the first place, here are some things you really shouldn’t tell your friends about your boyfriend:

His family stuff
So he has issues with his mother – that’s his business. And he trusted you enough to tell you, so you should keep it to yourself rather than telling all your friends about it. They don’t need to know, and if he wants them to know, he can tell them himself. But we doubt he will want them to know, so keep it between the two of you.

How much he earns
A lot of people are very private about how much they earn, as like it or not, people often judge other people based on their bank account. It’s not fair to tell all your friends how much or how little he earns. Again, if he has money problems, he’s not going to want all the girls knowing about it as it’s probably a sensitive issue. If you’re concerned and want to talk about his money problems, talk about them with him – not your friends.

Any bedroom kinks he may have
Though it was the number one topic of conversation on Sex and the City, it’s not really nice to discuss any quirks your boyfriend may have in bed. Imagine he told his friends the ins and outs of his sex life with you, and then you broke up, and all these random guys you don’t know anymore knew all about your bedroom activities?! Not cool, so it’s best not to put him in that situation either!

That time he cried
Maybe it was during a fight, or at the end of Marley and Me, but that time he cried was such a rare occasion that you may want to tell your friend about it.  Try not to though, as he may be embarrassed about it, and if he finds out your told your friend, he may be slightly annoyed!

Stuff he doesn’t know about
He may not even realise what he’s doing is annoying you, so give him a chance to fix it before you point out the error of his ways to your friends! It’s only fair, really.

Private texts or emails
That last text was so sweet you just want to shout it from the rooftops, don’t you? Well, maybe try to keep it to yourself rather than reading it out for all your friends – we imagine he’d be mortified if he knew they read all his private texts to you!

Every stupid fight you’ve ever had
It’s not a bad idea not to tell your friends about every single fight you’ve ever had, because while you may be able to forgive and forget because you love him, your friends won’t be as inclined. Each tale you tell them will just add to their resentment – so try to keep a ratio of about 3:1 for good and bad stories about your other half! Life is easier when your friends don’t hate your boyfriend!


When you go through something tough in life, or when you’re just feeling down, it can be hard to know whether the way you’re feeling is normal, or if you could benefit from seeing a professional. Here are five occasions when getting professional help is a really good idea:

If it’s affecting your daily life
If you just can’t concentrate any more, don’t want to socialise or you just can’t seem to muster up motivation for anything, then perhaps talking to a professional could help you get back on track.

You’ve tried everything else
If you’ve tried all the usual things such as talking to a friend, exercising or meditation, but nothing seems to have changed, then it’s a totally valid reason to go to see a therapist.

You can’t talk to your family anymore
It’s great to be able to talk to your family and friends, but if things are really bad, and you feel like you can’t tell them anymore, then you need to see someone whose job it is to listen, and who isn’t emotionally involved. The difference this makes is immense.

You start abusing some kind of substance
Whether it’s food or alcohol, or something entirely different, the minute you start abusing something is the minute you know it’s time to see a professional. Becoming dependent on something like this isn’t healthy, for your body or your mind.

People are starting to notice
If your friends have mentioned that you haven’t been yourself lately, then you know it’s gotten to a stage where you can’t hide it anymore. This is proof of the extent of your stress, so you should definitely seek out a good therapist.

Remember, the sooner you get help, the sooner you’ll feel like yourself again.



For those of you worried that Chris Martin and Rihanna were hooking up – fear not!

It would appear that the two met for dinner to discuss their mutual friend Jay-Z, who it would seem they are worried about.

Ever since rumours started to spread regarding the state of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s marriage, he has reportedly cut himself off from his friends, causing concern.

According to Grazia magazine, a source said: “Rihanna and Chris met up for dinner because they are worried about Jay. Apparently he hasn’t been in touch lately, ever since his marriage problems surfaced.”

Both Chris and Rihanna are known to be close to the rapper, collaborating on songs such as Homecoming and Run This Town respectively.

Hopefully Jay-Z will get it touch with his friends soon!