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Any eagle-eyed fans of Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande MAY have noticed that the gals lost millions of Instagram followers overnight.

Jenner and Grande are two of the most followed people on the social media site, with Ari dropping from 145 million to 142, and Kylie dropping from 127 million to 124 million.

It probably isn't a major deal for them, but definitely is problematic for smaller influencers and YouTube creators. So what happened with Instagram, we ask?

Instagram is currently investigating an issue that is causing some of the biggest accounts to lose millions of followers overnight, and took to Twitter to elaborate:

“We’re aware of an issue that is causing a change in account follower numbers for some people right now. We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

James Charles and Zach Clayton, some of the larger names on the site, both tweeted about the issue, with MUA Charles saying; "Why did I just lose over half a million followers, Instagram. What you doing, sis?”

An original suggestion from Fast Company claimed that Instagram was taking action "to remove millions of accounts the company believed to be inauthentic." Translation: BOTS. 

A lot of companies undergo random sweeps of their user bases to get rid of inactive accounts or spam, with Insta announcing in November that it was hoping to remove more fake accounts on the platform/

“We will begin removing inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity. We’ve built machine learning tools to help identify accounts that use these services and remove the inauthentic activity.”

They later updated their status to say that the issue would be revolved by 9am today, Valentine's Day. The team "are hard at work to get things back to normal". Hmmm, suspish.

The site began removing locked accounts from Twitter since last July, so maybe they just cleared out the bots and the uproar over follower counts has them regretting it? 

Kensington Palace lost a massive 150,000 followers overnight, but the page recovered them today. It could be beneficial for influencers to have an awareness of what their 'real' follower count is, rather than just fake bots.

Some social media users got clever by suggesting you could unfollow anyone your heart desires for this one day and blame it on Instagram, which we have to say is pure genius.

The uproar is uniquely fascinating in pointing out the dependency of many on the website and their follower count. 

If anyone has any cool conspiracy theories on the matter, we'd love to hear them. Instagram are blaming it on a bug, but is it more than that? We do love a good mystery…


This week, a Whatsapp voice note detailing an alleged dinner date between at 28-year-old woman and former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has been forwarded around the messaging app. 

Passing from group chat to group chat, the messaged claimed that the Taoiseach had catfished a woman on Tinder by using photos of a different person and claiming to be 35 years of age. 

The narrator alleged that an agreement was made to meet up for a date in a Dublin restaurant, believed by the message recorder to be 'Chapter One or Pichet.'

The voice note said that following the arrangement, the Tinder match revealed that he was a well-known public figure and was not the person in the photos. The woman agreed to still meet with him, at which time the unidentified female discovered that her date was the former Taoiseach, claims the note. 

The voice note was passed off as a mere joke by many (after all, would a 67-year-old former leader of the country really be on Tinder posing as a 35-year-old) but has appeared on various social media platforms in the days following it's release. 

The former Taoiseach has been forced to deny the allegations.


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A spokesperson for Mr Ahern told The Independent that the recording is 'complete rubbish' and '100pc untrue.'

'It is unfair that anyone would be subjected to this in any walk of life either political or otherwise.' 

'Something should be done to protect people from this sort of thing,'

The narrator of the note detailed that she had secretly hoped the secret match was Ryan Tubridy. 


Okay, I'll be the first to admit I don't really get football. 

Like sure it's entertaining to watch people go wild when their team scores or watch the hilarious injuries (10/10 for dramatic deleivery), but it still doesn't hold a huge appeal. 

However, I would DEFINITELY watch if this gal was the commentator. Meet  Alison Finlay, a student from London and our new hero. 

Her boyfriend was delayed on his commute home, so instead of missing the FIFA World Cup game between England and Tunisia, he asked Alison to give him a play-by-play of the action. 

“He had to work late and hoped he’d make it back (for the game) but didn't, so asked me to fill him in. I kindly obliged!” Alison told the Press Association

After England won the match 2-1, Alison uploaded her texts to the Internet, which went wild for her. 

Our personal favourite is: 

"A Tunisian man is on the floor [sic]. Looks like he got hit in the hair. The referee is uninterested. the man with the injured hair is not pleased." 

 She also takes the piss out of soccer player's hair, which at half an hour into the game she observes that "everyone's hair is holding up well."

Oh as for the injures? She's calling BS on them. 

"This time and Englishman received a light tap and fell down violently." LOL. 

 Thanks to the popularity of her original tweet, she uploaded the rest of the conversation which was equally as hilarious. 

Twitter is loving it, with many begging her to live tweet the rest of the World Cup. 

Can she just narrate our lives please? 


If you've ever been part of a WhatsApp group chat, you'll know what a roller-coaster of emotions they can be.

From inside jokes to endless bickering, they're nothing if not dramatic. But hey, we wouldn't have it any other way.

There are certain perks that come along with being a group chat administrator – namely the capability to add and dismiss other members as you please – but as always, with great power comes great responsibility.

We all know one admin that takes their role a little too seriously, though unfortunately there's nothing us mere second-grade members can do about it – until now.

The messaging app has announced it is testing a new feature that allows user to overthrow their group chat leader should their regime become too much to handle.

According to WABetaInfo, at the moment, "WhatsApp is developing this feature for iOS and it will be available soon for all users.

"It is already enabled by default in the newest WhatsApp Google Play beta for Android 2.18.12."

So, soon you'll be able to claim all the glory for yourself!



Aldi Ireland have used their Twitter platform to warn the public about a WhatsApp message which is currently circulating under their name.

The message claims to offer customers a €150 Aldi voucher – an offer which is wholly fraudulent and cannot be redeemed at any Aldi branch.

"ALERT: There's a hoax €150 Aldi voucher offer circulating through messaging services including WhatsApp," they wrote in the post earlier today.

"This offer is FRAUDULENT and CANNOT be redeemed in our stores. Please do not click the link. We're investigating," the post finished.

Aldi customers responded to the tweet, admitting that they almost fell victim to the hoax.

"Can't believe I fell for it. I do know better but got a WhatsApp from someone who I thought should know better," wrote one.

Ladies, you have been warned.


OK, so it's safe to say we're all on WhatsApp, yes?

It's our main point of contact with our BFFs, work buddies, parents and far-off friends, so you know… we like it a lot.

And if you've ever encountered any problems with the app then you'll know that there's no support team in Dublin.

Image result for whatsapp

Well, that's about to change because the social app is opening up an office in Dublin.

Speaking to The Irish Times, a spokesperson for the company said that they're looking to start small, and will initially set up the office with only six people.

The spokesperson said: "WhatsApp intends to build a small support team in Dublin to better serve our growing community of users around the world.

Image result for whatsapp

"We've recently introduced a variety of new features, with more on the way, and expanding our support team to Dublin allows us to better assist the people who use WhatsApp to stay in touch with those they care about."

So, now's your chance to work with the company!



Another day, another scam, right?

With the world still reeling from the effects of the WannaCry malware virus last week, experts are now reaching out to WhatsApp users to ensure they don't fall victim to a similar virus.

According to numerous reports, a message is currently making its way through the WhatsApp world inviting users to change the colour theme of their messaging app.

Clicking on the link contained within the message will bring you a site which reads: "New colours for WhatsApp, now you can change your WhatsApp and leave it your favourite colours" before advising that it's available for 'iOS, Windows, Apple, and Blackberry'.

Following this, the site visitor is asked to share the link with 12 of their friends as a means of 'verification' only to be then informed that the feature is solely available through desktop.

This means that in order to avail of it, the user needs to install an extension called 'BlackWhats' from the Chrome Web Store.

And if you do install it?

Hey presto, you have given yourself and your 12 chosen friends a nasty dose of malware all in order to switch up your WhatsApp colours.

Let's all stick with green, shall we?



Whether you're cooking dinner, getting ready for a night out or trying to leave the house for work, we all know the struggle of trying to keep up with a Whatsapp conversation when you're on the go.

And if it's a group convo, you might as well cancel all of your plans because those things can go on forever.

If you have a serious case of FOMO every time you miss out on a conversation, then you will love the latest Whatsapp feature.

Image result for whatsapp group chat gif

Your phone can now read the messages out loud for you, to make sure you never miss out again.

Unfortunately, it will only work via Siri, and you have to have the latest iPhone update and iOS 10.3 to use it.

When you have everything updated, all you need to do is go into your settings within the app and request that Siri read out your texts.



Whatsapp has just brought in a new feature, and it's pretty much the same as Snapchat.

The messaging app is now letting its users to share photos, videos and gifs that will vanish from their timeline within 24 hours.

Image result for whatsapp gif

You will also be able to write on your images and decorate them. Sound familiar?

The new feature is called Status and according to the Mail Online, it was introduced because Whatsapp wants to move away from traditional texting methods.

Image result for snapchat

But, Whatsapp isn't the only app to welcome this feature. In the past year alone, Facebook and Instagram has offered its users similar components to its services, with rumours that Twitter is going to follow suit.

Is it just us, or are all the social media networks morphing into one?



Ladies, our prayers have been answered.

In a move which will majorly revolutionise our messaging experience (and let's face it, lower our blood pressure), WhatsApp are currently developing a feature which will allow us to revoke, recall or edit our messages AFTER they've been sent.

So if you've ever sent a message by accident or seriously regretted its tone after pressing send, the good folk behind the service are now giving us the opportunity to turn back time and pretend it never even happened.

That's right ladies, in much the same way you are given the option to copy or forward a message by pressing down on the screen, you will soon be offered the option to edit, recall or revoke.

And frankly, we are reeling with relief and excitement.

The feature, which will only work if the recipient hasn't read the message, is currently being trialled on iPhone beta software, and users who have access to the early beta release have explained that the function must be enabled by users as it will not automatically appear as a feature.

And if you're an Android user? Well, reports have yet to be confirmed whether you guys will have access to the new feature, but fingers crossed!



Whatsapp is easily the messenger of choice for us Millennials, but is its new feature going a bit backwards?

The texting app has introduced video calling, and say it's just like Skype and FaceTime.

sad upset phone nene leakes

Now, in this day and age, many of us are guilty of ignoring a text or blocking a call, but along with the apps new tagging feature, it looks like our phones are constantly going to be buzzing away.

In a statement, the app's rep said, "We know that sometimes voice and text just aren't enough," but aren't they? Isn't that why Whatsapp became so popular?!

television phone iphone share texting

It could be handy for many people, but when we're sitting on the couch in our jammies and have Sudocrem all over our faces, we certainly won't be answering any video calls.

Do you think you'll use it?



Group chats. We both love them and hate them.

Love them because it's a place where we can connect with all of our friends in one go and organise nights out where nobody gets left out.

Hate them…. because, well, getting 50 notifications all at once is a pain in the arse, especially when you just want to switch off and ignore the rest of the world.

Well, those days of ignorance may soon be over as Whatsapp are now adding a tagging feature to its group chats – even if you have you convos muted.

It works by using the @ symbol – just like Twitter and Instagram – so you can't pretend you just never saw the message.

We can see a lot of pointless checking our phones in the future.