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Any eagle-eyed fans of Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande MAY have noticed that the gals lost millions of Instagram followers overnight.

Jenner and Grande are two of the most followed people on the social media site, with Ari dropping from 145 million to 142, and Kylie dropping from 127 million to 124 million.

It probably isn't a major deal for them, but definitely is problematic for smaller influencers and YouTube creators. So what happened with Instagram, we ask?

Instagram is currently investigating an issue that is causing some of the biggest accounts to lose millions of followers overnight, and took to Twitter to elaborate:

“We’re aware of an issue that is causing a change in account follower numbers for some people right now. We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

James Charles and Zach Clayton, some of the larger names on the site, both tweeted about the issue, with MUA Charles saying; "Why did I just lose over half a million followers, Instagram. What you doing, sis?”

An original suggestion from Fast Company claimed that Instagram was taking action "to remove millions of accounts the company believed to be inauthentic." Translation: BOTS. 

A lot of companies undergo random sweeps of their user bases to get rid of inactive accounts or spam, with Insta announcing in November that it was hoping to remove more fake accounts on the platform/

“We will begin removing inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity. We’ve built machine learning tools to help identify accounts that use these services and remove the inauthentic activity.”

They later updated their status to say that the issue would be revolved by 9am today, Valentine's Day. The team "are hard at work to get things back to normal". Hmmm, suspish.

The site began removing locked accounts from Twitter since last July, so maybe they just cleared out the bots and the uproar over follower counts has them regretting it? 

Kensington Palace lost a massive 150,000 followers overnight, but the page recovered them today. It could be beneficial for influencers to have an awareness of what their 'real' follower count is, rather than just fake bots.

Some social media users got clever by suggesting you could unfollow anyone your heart desires for this one day and blame it on Instagram, which we have to say is pure genius.

The uproar is uniquely fascinating in pointing out the dependency of many on the website and their follower count. 

If anyone has any cool conspiracy theories on the matter, we'd love to hear them. Instagram are blaming it on a bug, but is it more than that? We do love a good mystery…


Irish YouTuber Seán McLoughlin, who has almost 21 MILLION subscribers, has now become one of the video platform's highest paid stars, according to Forbes.

The 28-year-old, who is known to his many followers as Jacksepticeye, earned a whopping €14 million from mid-2017 until May 2018. 

This means that the star is number eight in the publication's top 10 highest earners.


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Hailing from Athlone, Seán McLoughlin has been uploading reviews and commentaries on video games for nearly seven years, and in total his videos have been viewed over 10 billion times.

He refers to his own videos as  an “assault on the senses” that people “either love or hate”, and says using curse words is a major key to his success, weirdly enough.

“The more you swear the better. People react very positively to that, apparently.” Strange… but very Irish.

McLoughlin has made a Disney series despite the dodgy bad language, and is developing content for the live-streaming platform Twitch.

He has also launched Cloak, a a “high-end athleisure and lifestyle line for gamers”, with Mark Fischbach (YouTube name Markiplier), who is number six on Forbes' list.

Pre-sale items in the range sold out in 48 hours, but our question is why do gamers need sporty clothing?


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The tob earning Youtube channels currently are Ryan ToysReview, Jake Paul, Dude Perfect, DanTDM, Jeffree Star, VanossGaming, VanossGaming and Logan Paul. Yep, the one who filmed a dead body.

Ryan, of Ryan ToysReview, has over 17 million followers and almost 26 billion views. Oh, and he’s also seven years old. The child millionaire earned most of his money from adverts shown before his videos.

Wow…2018 is a wild ride. Baby millionaires, people who film dead bodies earning a fortune and video-gamers forking in €14 million from their laptops. 



We're in two minds about this because, honestly, if five million quid ended up in your bank account, what would you do?

Christine Jiaxin Lee, a student from Malaysia but living in Australia, checked her bank account one day to find she had an added $4.6m in her available funds… and let's just say she went all out.

The mix-up, which was on the bank's part, meant that the 21-year-old could go on a wild shopping spree… and boy, did she.

The engineering student bought a very fancy apartment in Sydney as well as an abundance of designer handbags.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, this went on for a YEAR before the bank noticed and in that time she spent $3.3m.

However, when the bank copped on to Christine, she was arrested. Hours later she was released on bail but now has to report to her local police station twice per day, as well as give up her passport.

And she has to pay ALL of the money back.

Christine claimed that she thought the money was put in by her parents, which at first sounds like a long shot, but further reports say that her mother and father are paying the whole amount back to the bank as soon as, so their daughter won't be in debt.

She told the paper that her parents "are not very happy with me."

Well… obviously.



From the beginning of the year there has been so much drama with the Kardashians/Jenners that we don't even know where to start.

But one person certainly in the middle of it all is Blac Chyna.

From being Kardashian enemy No.1, to dating Rob, the former exotic dancer certainly wiggled her way into the reality family's life – and it doesn't look like she's going anywhere soon.

According to TMZ, the mother-of-one wants a cameo appearance on the show (and let's be real, it would be so juicy) but she's not going cheap.

Blac has asked for $1 MILLION for her short appearances, which seems like a helluva' lot – but the money isn't all she wants.

The website claims that as well as the cash, Ms Chyna wants a non-exclusive contract because she wants her own reality show with Rob in the future.

We can't see that happening anytime soon, especially with Kris Jenner practically running E!, but only time will tell on this one.