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Every now and again, we read the results of scientific surveys and our blood boils enough that the steam contributes to global warming. This latest survey has succeeded in causing such rage.

Apparently, men spend HOURS hiding in the toilet from 'nagging wives', kids and household chores and suffer from a lack of 'me-time'. Really? Like, in all seriousness?

Considering they don't have to put in tampons or sanitary pads, we often wondered what can take some men so long in the bathroom, but now we know the answers. 

Men are viewing bathrooms as their safe haven from the chaos of family life, retreating to the sanctuary to escape chores. 

The study was conducted back in 2018 and it focused on the reasons why men hastily run away from their responsibilities to such a strange (and unhygienic…) part of the home.

According to the study, which surveyed 1000 male participants, men rack up seven hours of time spent in bathroom per year.

The reasons? They ran away from nagging partners, house chores, noisy children and also wanted the chance to use their phones in peace. Funny how mums don't get the same opportunity.

The study was commissioned by bathroom expert Pebble Grey, and discovered that one-in-10 bathroom visits would be interrupted. This adds up to 171 interruptions every year.

45 percent of the study's male participants said they rarely get any 'me time'. Among these men, a quarter of them stated that their partners aren't understanding of how hectic their lives actually are.

Somehow, we don't have sympathy considering women get paid less for their time and still have zero moments of self-care in their lives…


The miserable weather has us itching to go home and get as cosy as possible. All we want to do is unwind with a good book and a glass of wine.

The freezing cold has also left our hair in an unruly state so a pamper night is well and truly on the cards.

We’re talking bubble bath, face masks, hair masks- the works.

One thing that is going to make bath time even more enjoyable is a bath tray and you can soon get your hands on one in Aldi for an absolute bargain.

Treat yourself to stylish interiors updates and indulgent home comforts this winter with a range of beautiful Specialbuys, on sale in 139 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, November 21.

The Bath Tray is on sale for a mere €12.99 and features slots for tealight, wine glass, iPad/Kindle tablet and a book. 

You can choose from extendable Bamboo Bath Tray with a bookstand or a solid Pinewood Bath Tray. 

What more could you ask for?

As well as the bath tray, Aldi are selling homeware delights that are bound to make your house feel super snug this winter.

Hotel Collection Extra Large Candles €9.99
Easel Photo Frame €5.99
Luxury Bedding from €24.99

The above products are available in 139 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, November 21.

For more information, see www.aldi.ie


Upcycling in every sense of the word is on the rise, what with climate breakdown becoming an apocalyptic-level problem and sustainability on everyone's minds.

New One4all research shows that Irish adults are finding creative ways to make homes their own, with 48 percent of Irish people having upcycled an item from their house.

65 percent of homeowners nationwide have renovated their home, with the kitchen being the most popular part of the property to remodel. Weirdly, April is the most coveted time for home improvements.

According to the survey carried out by One4all, safety of the property is the most important factor home-dwellers in Ireland, followed by the neighbourhood in which the property is located, and thirdly, having an outdoor area or garden space.

Seeing as the housing crisis has us all feeling especially glum, most of us are comfortable with sticking where we are currently. Nine in ten of those queried claimed they 'feel at home' where they live.

Is this because they can't accord to buy another home or rent in another spot, though? Either way, Irish people are making homes their own.

While the kitchen is the most common room to be remodelled, the bathroom came in second place and the garden came in third. 

December is the quietest month of the year for home updates, most likely because of all those parties being thrown during the festive season.

The renovations lasted between one and three months for 28 percent of people, but it took between six months to a year to complete the works for ten percent of people.

44 percent of those polled say they are ‘somewhat happy’ with their home at the moment, compared with 39 percent who say that they are ‘very happy’.

Overall, men in Ireland rate their current happiness with their home higher than women do, with 86 percent of them chuffed compared to 81 percent of women.

The research states that most women would change the interior of their home if money wasn't anything to worry about, but men would choose to increase the size of their house instead.

When it comes to D.I.Y, Ireland is a nifty nation with almost 1 in 2 (48 percent) revealing that they have upcycled an old item in their home.

For most of those polled, the purpose behind their upcycling project was to make something old look nicer and new. A One4all gift card to get a mate who's gaff needs a boost would be an unreal idea.

Making something more personal was the second most popular purpose for upcycling amongst respondents, with 95 percent of those who upcycled an item saying they enjoyed the project.


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Gardaí are currently investigating an incident at the 3Arena during a Shawn Mendes concert involving a teenage girl.

Allegedly, the young woman was 'sexually assaulted' in the bathroom at the Canadian pop singer's sold-out gig in Dublin.

The teenager took to social media to write about her experience, and confirmed that she had explained the situation to the Gardaí.

She wrote: "On Saturday 13th of April I attended a Shawn Mendes concert in a well known Dublin venue near the docks."

"During a visit to the toilets I was sexually assaulted by an unknown person. The venue is aware of this and so are the guards." she continued.

"This is a warning to anybody attending any event from now on not to go to the toilet on your own," she said, shedding light on the lack of safety even at public events.


A post shared by Shawn Mendes (@shawnmendes) on

"If this message and my experience can save one person from going through what I went through then my experience will not be totally negative."

A garda spokesman said: "Gardaí are investigating an alleged sexual assault of a female, that occurred at a venue on North Wall Quay, Dublin 1 on the April 13, 2019. Investigations are ongoing."

A spokesperson for the 3Arena has been contacted about the troubling allegation.

Feature image: Flickr/entertainment Dot IE


Say goodbye to your financial stability ladies; ASOS has launched their homewear range, and it's as fabulous and affordable as you'd imagine.

Everyone's fave online retailer has released ASOS SUPPLY, filled with an array of gorgeously patterned bedding and cushions, throw blankets, mirrors, kitchen bowls and even tie hangers. 

The three main trends of the collection are Cool Minimal (clean lines and brush stroke patterns), Eclectic Luxe (recycled glassware and animal print) and Global Traveller (bright colours and 70s-inspired rattans).


A post shared by Katie  (@katie_jilly) on

The prices are stunningly cheap; starting from just €9, grab the whole collection and have cash to spare for shopping their fierce clothing lines and accessories.

It's not the first fashion retailer to widen it's remits to interiors, but it's set to be hugely successful. We hope they expand the range ASAP, we've already shopped the entire thing.

With modern kitchen and bathroom accessories, as well as planting and bedroom goods, there's something for everyone.


A post shared by ASOS (@asos) on

While ASOS does in fact stock homewear products from brands like Sass & Belle, Chickidee, Typo and Paperchase, it's the first time that the company is launching it's own designs.

All of the prints in the collection are created exclusively by ASOS’ in-house design team, and were made to suit all types of living spaces.

Our personal fave items are definitely the elephant hook and eye patterned cushion cover with matching bedding. Iconic, how can we resist adding the entire collection to our baskets?

Feature image; ASOS



When we dream of our future homes, these little magical soaps are definitely on the cards.

Created by Carmen Iclodean, the person behind Earth's Raw Beauty, the soaps will liven up any bathroom.


A post shared by Carmen Iclodean (@earthsrawbeauty) on

But, they're not just there to look pretty. They're scented with a mixture of berries, peaches, nectarines, apples, and kumquats, so you're guaranteed to smell like a dream.


A post shared by Carmen Iclodean (@earthsrawbeauty) on

Earth's Raw Beauty also upload the process of making the soaps on social media, and we have to admit, it all looks pretty cool.

The soaps are currently not in stock due to such a high demand, but are about to be restocked, so keep an eye open if you want them to be a new feature in your bathroom.


A post shared by Carmen Iclodean (@earthsrawbeauty) on

We feel like basing our whole bathroom interior on this product.



Whether you're a mother yourself or you remember being an absolute pain in your mam's a*se, then you will probably relate to this sign.

If there's one time when you need two minutes to yourself, it's when you go to the bathroom. But once you have kids, privacy in the bathroom goes out the window.

From tormenting you about your toilet habits, to banging on the door and starting fights the second you lock the door, it's difficult to have a peaceful toilet break.

As for having a shower, well, it's almost impossible.

We found this amazing sign on the Mommas Helping Mommas Facebook page, and we think it's absolutely gas.

Every bathroom needs one of these!!

The post has had over a thousand shares already from people who can totally identify with this struggle.

We personally love rule number three.



Ah, another day in the life of Kylie J…

Kylie Jenner took to Instagram yesterday to share a bunch of selfies to promote her Kylie Lip Kit and phone cases.


A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

She went down the racy route and snapped pictures of her in her house wearing either only fur (we hope it's faux) and white lingerie.

However, in one of the snaps, Kylie is standing in front of her bathroom mirror, posing very á la Kimmy K.

But, WAIT. Who the Hell is that standing in her bath tub?!

Is it Tyga? A randomer? A man? A woman? Someone helping her get good light to take the shot? WHO?

What a weird picture to put up online…



Jason Derulo recently gave People a tour of his massive Calisfornia home, which includes 9 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and lot of bars.

“So when you walk in the door I wanted to make sure you’re taken care of,” he began with.


A photo posted by Jason (@jasonderulo) on

“There’s a lot of bars throughout the whole compound. It would suck to come all the way downstairs if I wanted a mojito. So I could have my mojito upstairs if I want, or I could have some wine. It’s just about convenience.”


A photo posted by Jason (@jasonderulo) on

Jason then headed to his master bathroom: “So this is the bar in my bathroom, you’ll notice the alligator marble.”

“I like to entertain."

We're sure you do, Jason.



For many of us, going to a spa is just not an option. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t relax in the same kind of atmosphere at home! Here are five ways to turn your bathroom into a spa retreat!

Towels and baskets
Hide all those worn out old towels in the hotpress and replace them with fluffy white towels – they may not be as good for drying yourself, but they look much prettier! Roll them up and put them in a nice wicker basket if you have one. Spas love their wicker baskets!

The colour scheme
If you’re giving your bathroom a complete make-over, paint it in neutral colours, so that your senses aren’t assaulted with a bright orange or pink when you’re trying to relax in the tub.

But of course! Every spa needs a few candles. Dot them around the room to create a truly relaxing atmosphere.

De-personalise your lotions and potions by storing them in simplistic containers like these. It looks nicer – and also means you can keep your miracle face cream a secret from nosey visitors!

Ahhh, the ultimate atmosphere creator. Get your hands on some relaxing instrumental music, lock the door, and let all the worries of the day fall away….

images via Pinterest



Bathrooms in rented apartments or houses often leave little to be desired: leftover, mismatched or eighties style tiles adorn the walls, not to mention the plastic bath and patchy paint. Fear not, while you may not be able to actually do any major redecorating, there are a few things you can do to make it a little more homely:

New shower curtain
Add a little colour to your bathroom by investing in a new bright coloured shower curtain. You can go as cheap or as expensive as you like, you can even pick one up in Dealz for €1.49.

Fabric skirt
While it might remind you of your granny’s bathroom, they will hide ugly pipes and drains coming from the sink. Simply secure some fabric underneath the basin and let it hang down from the sink like a dress.

Wall stickers
Wall stickers are great for updating any look or simply bringing a little inspiration into the home. You can get them online and they are great for rented places as they easily come off the walls without leaving a mark.

Flowers are a great way to spruce up any area. Head to IKEA or Dealz and pick up a cheap colourful vase, fill it with some flowers and pop them in the bathroom. If you have hayfever, fake flowers can look just as nice.



Queuing for the bathroom on a Saturday night around the country’s nightclubs can be a soul-destroying time for every girl. You can’t help thinking of all the fun you are missing out on back at the bar and you curse that Tequila Sunrise. Everyone knows OJ is a diuretic – how could you be so stupid!

So now, as you stand in the line of 30 other girls, fighting over the mirror and skipping the queue, you start to take it all in. Here are some things you are likely to hear:

1. “OMG look at the bloody queue!”
On entering the toilet you realise that you’re going to be there for a while.


2. “Sure feck it, we might as well have a Chupa Chups while we’re waiting”.

sexy lollipop3. Crouching tiger hidden naggin
The sound of Sellotape being ripped from the thigh as a girl removes her drinks for the evening.


4. “Where is my phone – have you seen my phone?”
This girl only realises she’s lost her iPhone as soon as she gets into the bathroom . “Try ringing it” is literally the stupidest thing you can say at this point.

giphy5. “Can I borrow your foundation? Does anyone have any make up?”
Drunk girls can’t match their shade properly… ‘Sure you’ve got the same skin type of me’ No sweetie, no she doesn’t.

gagabadmakeup36. Sound of someone puking her ring in the stall
Someone get a bouncer! This chick needs a taxi.


7. “SOMEBODY IS IN HERE” – That awkward moment when the lock doesn’t work

giphy (2)

8. Two girls fighting about something neither of them will remember in the morning
“Your extensions look like pubes.”

giphy (3)9. “Hold my drink! DON’T drink any.”

giphy (4)

10. “Where is Lucy? LUCY ?!?” *Frantically knocks on every door in the club*
Ah, what’s a night out without a 50 minute search for a friend who’s probably getting with someone in a random corner of the club.

where-is-she11. Some girl crying by herself in the club toilet
Whether you comfort her all depends on how drunk you are.


Jam13. The middle-aged bitching about ‘young wans’

giphy-914. The declarations of love
“Oh my god, I love you – you’re my best friend ever, ever, ever!”

giphy-415. Does anyone have lipstick … lipgloss … lipbalm?
Anything moist that I can put on my lips so I can get the shift?

Miley-Cyrus-Putting-on-Lipstick-in-the-mirror16. “Ehhhhhh sorry??”
When some girl rushes into the toilet before you


17. SELFIE!!!!!


18. “Let’s get shots!“


19. “WHY DOESN’T HE LIKE ME ?? What’s wrong with me?”


20. Hearing a door unlock and a toilet cubicle becoming available

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