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Any eagle-eyed fans of Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande MAY have noticed that the gals lost millions of Instagram followers overnight.

Jenner and Grande are two of the most followed people on the social media site, with Ari dropping from 145 million to 142, and Kylie dropping from 127 million to 124 million.

It probably isn't a major deal for them, but definitely is problematic for smaller influencers and YouTube creators. So what happened with Instagram, we ask?

Instagram is currently investigating an issue that is causing some of the biggest accounts to lose millions of followers overnight, and took to Twitter to elaborate:

“We’re aware of an issue that is causing a change in account follower numbers for some people right now. We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

James Charles and Zach Clayton, some of the larger names on the site, both tweeted about the issue, with MUA Charles saying; "Why did I just lose over half a million followers, Instagram. What you doing, sis?”

An original suggestion from Fast Company claimed that Instagram was taking action "to remove millions of accounts the company believed to be inauthentic." Translation: BOTS. 

A lot of companies undergo random sweeps of their user bases to get rid of inactive accounts or spam, with Insta announcing in November that it was hoping to remove more fake accounts on the platform/

“We will begin removing inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity. We’ve built machine learning tools to help identify accounts that use these services and remove the inauthentic activity.”

They later updated their status to say that the issue would be revolved by 9am today, Valentine's Day. The team "are hard at work to get things back to normal". Hmmm, suspish.

The site began removing locked accounts from Twitter since last July, so maybe they just cleared out the bots and the uproar over follower counts has them regretting it? 

Kensington Palace lost a massive 150,000 followers overnight, but the page recovered them today. It could be beneficial for influencers to have an awareness of what their 'real' follower count is, rather than just fake bots.

Some social media users got clever by suggesting you could unfollow anyone your heart desires for this one day and blame it on Instagram, which we have to say is pure genius.

The uproar is uniquely fascinating in pointing out the dependency of many on the website and their follower count. 

If anyone has any cool conspiracy theories on the matter, we'd love to hear them. Instagram are blaming it on a bug, but is it more than that? We do love a good mystery…


This is straight out of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, except if he was more into beauty and cosmetics…

For her Dazed Beauty magazine cover, Kylie Jenner had her game switched up when the publication used actual artificial intelligence created solely with a computer to create her new look.

It's INSANE. The whole idea was to put the most popular beauty trends into one lewk by using AI programme Beauty_GAN. The programme uses an algorithm to create beauty looks from Instagram trends…are we living in 3019?


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

In Kylie's case, 17,000 trends were used to achieve her cover image. Pastel-pink hair, eyeshadow colours fading into one another, overdrawn Cupid's bows and light matte pink lipstick. It's a lot…

The gal kind of looks like she's melting…but it's still pretty cool. We sense that MUAs and influencers will be trying to emulate this look through their makeup skills soon enough.

AI program Beauty_GAN digitally applied hair and makeup to Daniel Sannwald's photos of Jenner, and the results were shared in the editorial.

According to Dazed Beauty, Beauty_GAN is "first algorithm of its kind, trained to create its own beauty imagery based on what it sees on Instagram." Damn.


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Dazed Beauty's creative director Sebastian Zimmerhackl explained why the images of Jenner aren't picture perfect, despite the technology.

The computer had to learn exactly what "beauty" is, according to the 17,000 photos it was fed. The result “doesn’t look perfect because it’s an experiment," he said.

"But maybe in the future, it is the artistic mistakes that we will remember.” That's deep, Sebastian. What does beauty even mean nowadays, especially with editing and filters?


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Sannwald photographed the reality TV star with almost no makeup to serve as a blank canvas for Beauty_GAN, who recruited her due to her influence with trendsetting in the beauty industry.

She recently became a billionaire as a result of her company's success; Kylie Cosmetics.

Beauty_GAN's art director Lukas Rudig stated;

“It’s a collaboration: what the machine does to her is paint her face in the way it thinks it should be in a beauty selfie. To put it in a really easy metaphor, Beauty_GAN is like a mirror of popular culture, but the reflection staring back at you might not be what you expected."

"We teach a machine to see us and what it shows us back is not always what we see ourselves.”



If you like makeup, and especially makeup tutorials on YouTube, you must know and love Lisa Eldridge.

Currently global creative director of Lancôme, the British makeup artist have been producing the best videos and we swear by her universally chic makeup look and her acne covering makeup.

If you have been watching Lisa's videos, you must also have noticed the gorgeous rings she sports as she applies makeup. And you are not the only one. 

Designed by William Welstead, the rings that she stacks have been her signature and apparently, they have been inspiring countless copycats. 

“When I noticed companies were selling rings using my name, that was the moment I was like, ‘This is crazy,’ ” said Eldridge to Vogue.

Her passion for the gems has made her become a close friend of Welstead and the pair has collaborated to create the Lisa Eldridge Collection, launching tomorrow at London Dover Street Market.

Consisting of 25 gold and sterling silver rings, the collection is set with stone shades reminding the colour palette of an eye shadow box. All the stones have been sourced by Welstead in Bangkok and India. 

As for the price point, the collection will be more affordable than Welstead's namesake work, ranging from 400 to 750 euros. 




As makeup artistry has gotten more and more popular, the phenomenon of the self-taught MUA has become more visible. 

No longer is the title of makeup artist applied to seasoned, brand endorsed applicators, but anyone with a fully-stocked makeup kit and flair for a dramatic winged liner look can cash in on their beautifying talents.

Image result for makeup artist

This well-contoured revolution has let to an influx of MUA pages across social media, as people take to the sites to show off their skills and book clients.

However the MUA acronym has been secretly baffling the uninitiated for months now, who thought the three letters stood for something entirely different. 

To the less makeup savvy, the acronym seemed to spell out the word "mwah," a term once popularised through Bebo mails and scrawled at the bottom of 14-year-old birthday cards.

We can kind of see where they're coming from, despite the lack of "w."

Others believed that the makeup lovers were plotting to take over the world, and thought that the acronym represented the sound of a drawn-out, evil laugh. 

While some MUAs may be inspired by Disney villains for their dramatic Halloween looks, this isn't the case. 

Some even thought that Conor McGregor could be part of the MUA squad, as they believed that the letters represented a branch of MMA training.

A MUA's lip liner may kick ass, but the acronym doesn't quite stretch that far. 

So if you had no clue what the lash-loving MUA term stood for, you weren't alone. 



"You'd be so much prettier without all that gunk on your face" is something that only, I repeat, only our mothers can say to us, not trolls on instagram.

Some makeup artists get bombarded by haters telling them they wear too much make up, attempting to shame the maquillage mavericks into ditching their carefully crafted faces.


A photo posted by Amy (@agentsometime) on

One MUA, Miami-based Amy who shows off her unique makeup looks on Instagram at @agentsometime, defied the haters and proved to her followers that makeup shaming simply isn't ok.

Spelling out a very colourful message, the MUA posted a snap of some achingly sharp liquid liner, along with the word "NOPE" outlined above it. 

The makeup fan is clearly fed up of people pointing out that they prefer a natural look and she should tone it down. 


A photo posted by K i r a S e y m o u r  (@kizzabruh) on

Other makeup artists have followed Amy's example,a nd posted responses of their own to makeup shamers.

Making the most of the popular meme slogan "cash me outside, how bou dat," another MUA outlined the phrase on her eyelids as a reply to her highlight haters. 


A video posted by  Karen  (@glamntrashy_xo) on

Clapping back at people who shame the level of makeup others wear has become something of a movement in the makeup community, with hundreds of Twitter and Instagram posts on the subject.

Shaming for any reason really isn't nice behaviour, never mind over something as personal and creative as someone's makeup application. 

However, it seems like the hate is just one more reason to create spectacular makeup looks in the cosmetic community.

Keep doing you, girls.  



She already has quite the profile as a kick-ass MUA. But Dubliner Megan Burke is a woman of many talents, because she is also the MOST amazing singer. 

In fact, she has over the last couple of years compiled some pretty expert renditions of a load of hit songs, including Christina Aguliera's Fighter, James Brown's I Feel Good, and Maroon5's Sunday Morning.


A photo posted by Megan Burke (@megan_makeup_music) on

And now, Megan has teamed-up with her sister, Sallyanne, to record a stunning selection of Beyonce's hits.  

Posting the video to the Megan Burke Facebook page, it has already notched up some 55K views. 

"So myself and my sister decided to do a video together," the makeup artist wrote in the accompanying caption. "We obviously wanted to sing our favourite Beyonce songs."

During the five-minute long clip, the Swords-based duo nod to the likes of Crazy In Love, Soldier, and Hailo

Watch their incredible talent below:



Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram, looking for the perfect makeup inspiration? 

Well, your search ends here ladies, with the amazingly talented Iris makeup artist, Jade Mullet! 

Jade, who is a professional makeup artist and beauty blogger, can do pretty much anything with the sweep of a brush, but it's her witchy-inspired looks that we are crushing on. 

Giving us all the smokey-eye feels, Jade has produced some looks that would have the entire cast of American Horror Story: Coven drooling.  

Jade has also produced really amazing festival looks, and some Halloween faces that need to be seen to be believed.

With 21,000 followers on Instagram and 5,100 followers on Facebook, it's safe to say that Jade is one of the most popular artists around at the minute. 

She works with TV3, the LA College of Creative Arts and was even a finalist for Best Make-up Artist at the 2016 Irish Beauty Blog Awards.

That is one hell of a CV!

We are so excited to see more form this amazing MUA in 2017.



With Halloween officially behind us, we’ve been on a bit of a downward beauty buzz.

After weeks of creative offerings from makeup artists around the world, our Instagram feeds have been left looking a little dull as everyone retreats back to normality before the launch of Christmas.

Thankfully, we’ve come across the perfect beauty Instagram account to get you through the November hibernation.

Setareh Hosseini – aka Starlit Makeup – has created a full range of star sign themed makeup looks which are so impressive they would mesmerise even the most avid zodiac sceptic.

From shimmering collarbones to brilliant blue brows, check out what Setareh has in store for your sign below:



Considering MAC smash everything from lipstick lines to special collections it is no great surprise that the brand's cosmetic counters are always buzzing.  

But have you ever wondered what kind of juicy insider secrets you would learn while working for the makeup giant?

Buzzfeed Style recently rounded up a long list of MAC employee secrets, so we've picked out our favourite eight just for you:


1. MAC staff get a pretty decent discount:

As anyone who’s ever worked a retail job will know, people are always mad to know what kind of discount you get and for MAC employees, it’s pretty hefty indeed.  MAC staff can reportedly get up to 60 percent off the brand’s products as well as a monthly allowance to spend in store. 


2. And once a year they can get whatever they want for FREE:

MAC’s annual gratis is a time when staff members can order a selection of their favourite products for free.  The actual dream.


3. But in fairness you’d want a helping hand if you had to wear makeup ALL of the time.

There’s no taking a makeup free day if you work at MAC because the MAC MUA’s are expected to wear a full face of makeup all of the time.  If you’re working in-store and aren’t seen to be wearing enough product, you will be asked to apply more.


4.  So how do they keep themselves fresh faced on the floor all day?

A good spritz of Fix + is how.  MAC’s must have refreshing mist is a bit of a cult beauty product as this lightweight water-based spray helps keep the face hydrated while giving fading makeup the boost it needs. 


5. Which must have product is impossible to get hold of?


#lovethiscombination #macsoar #macbrave #mac #maccosmetics Snap: son_gulumm

A photo posted by Son (@son_gulumm) on

The brand's most in demand product is the Soar lip liner thanks to Kylie Jenner.  Back before Kylie Cosmetics began breaking the Internet on a daily basis the reality star also recommended MAC's Whirl liner. 


6. Six MAC empties do equal a free lipstick.



So be sure to hold on to those bad boys.


7. They know their stuff:


You can't just wander in off the street and land a job in MAC – you've got to earn those benefits.  While some staff members were trained by MAC and others learned their trade elsewhere, everyone working in MAC is a qualified makeup artist.


8. Oh, there is one more perk…


My new MAC chains  #rosegold #gold #mac #macnecklace #myartistcommunity #myartistcommunitymidatlantic #macchain  #MUA

A photo posted by SH△⃒⃘NN◍N (@shannnonnorris) on

When MAC artists move up the ranks they are awarded a MAC necklace to mark their achievements.  Nice!



We've seen a lot of incredible make-up transformations lately, but few are quite as mesmerising (or disturbing) as watching a five-year-old boy turn into Drake.

French-born make-up artist Magali Beauvue has been receiving a lot of attention this week after she successfully managed to transform one of her client's sons into the bearded R&B star using a powerful combination of extreme contouring and, well, beard painting.

Last weekend, Magali – who has been based in the Caribbean for the last eight years – posted a video to her Instagram account in which she shows her followers how she made bare-faced schoolboy Dylane look like the star.

Naturally enough the video has gone mega-viral with Dylane even being dubbed 'Lil' Drake'.

Speaking of the clip, Magali told Complex: "Dylane had so much fun doing it… he was looking at himself in the mirror and was saying 'Oh I really look like Drake now'."

"Something about [Drake] makes him seem so friendly despite his notoriety."

"People love him… that's why 'Little Drake' gets so much love."


Joyce Bonelli is the Kardashian/Jenner's go-to make-up artist. She is seen in nearly ALL of their behind-the-scenes Instagram posts and she's also featured in a lot of Kylie Jenner's make-up tutorials. 

So it's not that surprising when other celebrities want Joyce to work her make-up magic on them too.

And one star that wanted a glamover from Joyce was Jessica Alba. As we all know Jessica has her own make-up line, Honest Beauty, and with the help of Ms Bonelli, Jess totally upped her glam game.

In the IG posts, we can see Jessica looking notably more contoured that her usual self and her lips are very a lá Kylie.



A photo posted by jOYCEBONELLi™ (@joycebonelli) on

The actress and make-up artist were filming tutorials for Jessica's new eye-shadow collection, and if these snaps are anything to go by, the finished look is going to be flawless. 



A top Hollywood makeup artist has been found dead, with the high-profile names he worked with taking to social media in the aftermath to pay their respects.

Jake Bailey was found yesterday by his assistant slumped over the wheel of his SUV. He had taken his own life.

The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has already confirmed that 37-year-old Mr Bailey was found dead at 8.25am on Friday and that he appeared to have suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning in an apparent suicide.

A postmortem will confirm the cause of death later in the week.

Jake's talents were called upon for red-carpet events, shoots, and music videos by the likes of Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, and Selena Gomez.


Jake- My sweet, sensitive soul. What a wonderful journey and friendship we had together. What beautiful art we created together. We conquered the worlds biggest stages, together. I know you felt life so intensely and it created this incredible artistic passion in you that came out in everything you touched, from the amazing images you took to the ways you painted your muses, highlighting the beauty in everyone. You had the most otherworldly eye to detail… we would laugh about how you could take a nap in that eyelid crease you created (cause it was so deep) or Jake's 45 minute eyes… Which was such a precise lash that even Bambi couldn't rival. You essentially created my "look" ever since we met on the music video for Hot and Cold. We always confided in each other, rallied each other at our lows and pushed each other to be our best. We never got comfortable and I know that was why we did the best work together. My favorite moments of recent times is when we would meditate together during breaks on different jobs…tune all the noise out, forget about hollywood and the chaos that surrounds it, and look for a slice of peace, 20 minutes at a time. I know sometimes it was hard to find consistent happiness here on this earth, I understand you in that way. I want you to know now finally and forevermore that I appreciate you and all the lessons we traded each other in this life. I love you. No more work, no more searching, you are finally at peace. Every time I sit in that chair we shared, just know, no one holds a brush to you, friend. Be free now. My prayers are with the Bailey family.

A photo posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

He was particularly close to Ms Perry, who used him for several high-profile glossy magazine shoots – including her September 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan.

The 31-year-old musician earlier left a lengthy tribute to Jake's "sweet, sensitive soul" on her Instagram page.

She added: "My favorite moments of recent times is when we would meditate together during breaks on different jobs… tune all the noise out, forget about Hollywood and the chaos that surrounds it, and look for a slice of peace, 20 minutes at a time."

And Paris Hilton in her tribute had called him "an amazing person, an incredibly talented makeup artist and friend".

The 34-year-old added: "He was my makeup artist for the past 15 years. We travelled the world together, worked on so many beautiful projects and shared so many memories. Will miss him so much."

A neighbour who lived beside Jake on Holly Drive in Hollywood told Mail Online: "His assistant had showed up with coffee for him and then we heard yelling and screaming and a car alarm going off, so my wife ran out."

They added: "They had called 911 and did everything they could until help arrived, but it was too late. The assistant was really shaken up."