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Well ladies, it's actually happened.

After weeks spent wondering if the X Factor team had lost their minds, Honey G has finally said goodbye to the UK show after weeks of non-stop controversy.

But if the aspiring rapper thought the speculation into her background might die down now that she's been eliminated, she was sorely mistaken as she discovered after taking a seat on the This Morning sofa earlier today.

Cutting straight to the chase, Phillip Schofield asked the former X Factor contestant if her entire act had been an elaborate hoax.

Suggesting she may actually be playing a character a lá Leigh Francis, Phillip asked: "Is it an act? Are you like… Keith Lemon?"

Unsurprisingly, Honey G stressed her authenticity, responding: "No! You know, I'm not fake, This isn't an act, you know."

"Obviously I've grown up, you know, on the underground scene, in the music scene. I've been a musician the whole of my life."

"I'm known to BBC Radio One Extra which is the UK's biggest black music station. I've been involved in the station since it was founded."

"My mum's a classical pianist, that's where I get my, you know, music from, she's also known to the BBC," she went on to stress.

"So, people saying, you know, 'this is an act' to someone like me. I've got a degree in music. I've been a musician the whole of my life."

Acknowledging her distinct act, she added: "I think I might have picked up street from being in the underground music scene and it's become part of my personality."

Yeah guys, it's just her personality…


While it might be remembered as the series that launched global sensation, One Direction, series seven of the X Factor actually had quite a number of stand-out contestants.

While Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson were pegged for stardom from the get-go, X Factor hopeful Mary Byrne also had the UK and Irish public eating out of the palm of her hand back in 2010.

An incredible singing voice coupled with a warm, down-to-earth personality made the Dubliner one of the most popular contestants in the long-running ITV show.

But after losing out to Matt Cardle six years ago, Mary’s star didn’t ascend quite as high as viewers and fans hoped, but that hasn’t stopped the former Tesco worker pursuing her dream.

Having released an album entitled Mine & Yours in 2011 followed by an autobiography called This Is My Life, Mary will now be performing alongside Cliff Richard on her upcoming Mediterranean Cruise ship performances.

And while Mary was known for her incredible on-stage persona – bejewelled gowns, ebony hair and show-stopping make-up – viewers were also given a sneak peek into the singer’s down-time get-up, and it endeared us to her even more.

Recently rocking flip-flops, cut-offs and a blonde bob, Mary smiled warmly for photographers outside Today FM studios after promoting her concerts with the one and only Sir Cliff.

And if the rumours are to be believed, Mary won’t be stopping there – Tesco’s most famous export is reportedly set to release a 60s-themed album in the not-too-distant future.

Yaaas Queen, yaaas.



Since she burst into our lives (and CD collections) in 2002, there's rarely been a dull moment in the life of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, and it doesn't look like it's about to get any quieter.

Amid rumours that she's giving up her position as a judge on The X Factor, the Geordie star has officially confirmed that her time on the long-running talent show has finally come to an end.

Speaking to the Mail Online, the 32-year-old, who is currently loved-up with 1D's Liam Payne, said that she made the decision in order to focus more attention on the solo career which has spawned numerous number one hits.

"I have had such an amazing experience being a judge on The X Factor. I have learnt so much and enjoyed nurturing talent, but I’ve missed making music and am excited to be recording again," she explained.

The star, who joined the show in 2008 and exited in 2010 after taking up an ill-fated and extremely short-lived position on the American version, said: "I want to thank everybody I have worked with along the way, especially Simon who I love to bits"

The Fight For This Love singer, who rejoined the UK judging panel in 2014 after resolving relations with Simon Cowell, sounded content with the decision, insisting: "I hope the show continues to produce stars and I wish them all the best."

Simon, who recently compared Cheryl and Liam's romance to that of loved-up chipmunks, wholeheartedly supports the star's decision, saying: "Cheryl and myself spoke about this. I totally understand her commitment to making more records."

"She has been amazing on the show and in the near future we will be working on other things together," he said of Cheryl's sad departure.

According to an official statement, Cheryl has BIG plans for the future, but promises to tune in every weekend on the show's return.

Sure Cheryl, sure!

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As Dermot O Leary has confirmed his comeback to The X Factor, we all have eyes on Louis Walsh.

The music manager admitted to the Herald that if the judging panel is right, he might consider stepping back onto the show.

However, he also revealed that he'd step away if Cheryl VF was asked back to this year's panel.

"She doesn’t give me the fun that Sharon Osbourne gives me or Nicole Scherzinger gives me,” he told the newspaper.

“For me, they’re the two best judges ever and I like Mel B. She was great fun. And Gary Barlow too.”

The 63-year-old recently sent rumours flying as he met with Simon Cowell for a lengthy dinner, so the possibility of Louis making a comeback looks pretty strong.

As the live auditions are taking place in Dublin next month, we're thinking the panel will have to be announced very soon. 



The X Factor certainly hit a big blunder last year, as ratings dropped lower than ever before.

But, now Dermot O'Leary has announced that he is making his way back to the singing competition, after Simon Cowell met with him to seal the deal last week.

Dermot has always been a fan favourite, but when he quit the show 12 months ago, the presenter had a few things to say about the TV series.

He agreed with many of the X Factor's fans, saying the the show has gone way over the top and needs to be brought back down to earth.

Well, it seems like Simon listened as there is going to be major changes for 2016, including bringing back the intimate room auditions.

“I’m very flattered to be asked back to The X Factor, and am currently dusting off my dancing shoes," Dermot told The Mirror.

"There is nothing more exciting than hosting live TV on a Saturday night.

“The show is naturally very close to my heart, after having hosted it for eight years. I’m really looking forward to it, and excited to be back.”

We're so excited he's back, too!


While many of us reckon that the X Factor is on it's last legs, former judge on the popular ITV show Gary Barlow has decided to try his hand at television talent competitions. 

After being a popular mentor on the X Factor, the Take That frontman has decided to create his own show on rival station the BBC. 

The show is scheduled to take the place of the Voice on the British state broadcaster after it sold it's red chairs to ITV in a multi-million euro deal at the end of last year.

"This is Gary’s own format that will be made by the BBC entertainment team," a source told the Sun. 

“If it is a success he could make hundreds of millions of pounds around the world like Cowell has with X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent."

While this all sounds very exciting and we can't wait to see Gazza back on our screens, it seems one music mogul is not impressed with the whole situation. 

"Cowell is going to be furious because he thinks it was X Factor that gave Gary the experience working on a show like this. Now he’s gone and set up a direct rival.

"He’s always been paranoid about Gary trying to set up a huge entertainment company incorporating music and TV, which seems to be happening."

Gary's show is said to replace the Voice this time next year. 


The latest series of the X Factor fell fowl of some harsh criticism from audiences last year and it seems that the big boss Simon Cowell took notice. 

Akin to drastically changing the format and layout of the talent competition, it seems that Simon has also got rid of a presenter and a judge. 

According to the Mirror, new judge Nick Grimshaw as well as one half of the presenting duo, Caroline Flack ,will not be returning for next year's show. 

The BBC Radio 1 DJ confirmed yesterday that he will not be making an appearance in another season of the show. 

"After careful consideration, Nick’s decided to rule himself out as a judge on this year’s X Factor," said a spokesperson for the star. 

"He loved working on last year’s series alongside Rita, Cheryl and Simon but it was very much a once-in-a-lifetime experience. He remains a massive fan of the show and is looking forward to watching it this year."

Meanwhile, Caroline Flack seems to have paid the price for the incessant criticism of her presenting skills alongside Olly Murs. 

Despite Olly making several cringe worthy blunders during the ITV competition last year, it's Caroline that seems to have got the axe. 

While rumours circulated last month that the show was to be removed from the air for a few years, ITV confirmed that the show will run until at least 2017. 

Simon's show faces competition from the Voice which was bought by ITV in a million-pound deal late last year. 


Her second marriage may have only lasted 18 months – but it appears newly single Cheryl Fernandez Versini is already looking for love again.

Indeed, it has now been reported that no fewer than three high-profile men have their romantic eye on the pop-starlet – and she's more than happy to court their attention. 

Given the English beauty's status of millionaire X Factor judge, it's no surprise that the trio of love-interests in question are comprised of a successful businessman, a music executive, and a sports star.

Cheryl, 32, was married to footballer Ashley Cole until 2010, while second husband Jean Bernard had several business interests in the restaurant and nightclub industry – meaning this time perhaps she'll be more inclined to try her luck with the music executive. 

The men have yet to be named, but Closer magazine quotes a source who says: "Cheryl is starting to feel like her old self again.

"She says she is being chased by three different men and the attention has really given her something to smile about after a horrible few months."

The source added: "She's being coy about revealing their identities – but her phone is constantly buzzing with messages from them.

"It's putting a spring in her step and she's laughed that she's spoilt for choice when it comes to offers for dates."

Cheryl and Jean Bernard – whom she affectionally called JB – are believed to have split last August. They married in May 2014 after just three months together.

"In the end Cheryl realised she had married too soon and had been swept away by a bit of a whirlwind romance," a friend told The Sunday Mirror.

"Over time it became clear to each of them that they were very different people and from very different worlds."



When we think of Jahmene Douglas on the X Factor back in 2012, we remember a very dapper and very talented soul singer.

Singing Etta James' At Last, his first audition gave us literal chills but we haven't heard much from him since he came second to James Arthur in the competition. 

But Jahmene is still very much active as a gospel singer though he seems to have embraced his diva side. 

The 24-year-old now looks very glamorous with chiselled good looks, a new set of pearly whites and a pout to die for. 

Despite completely changing up his look in the three years since leaving the show, we think he looks ten times more confident than the fumbling bag of nerves he was on the show. 

And he is still singing. So we say, it was a win for Jahmene. 


About my weekend … #lazyday #weekend #lazy #chill #chillin #snapchat #jahmeneofficial #jahmene #home #relax

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And the lucky singer still hangs with his X Factor coach, Nicole Scherzinger. 

Yeah, Jahmene is definitely still winning. 


Leon Jackson is one of those X Factor finalists that were unfortunately quickly forgotten after the show ended. 

And Leon is so forgotten, he didn't even make our list of X Factor contestants that have slipped off the radar and that's saying something. 

However, Leon has somehow stumbled back into the media spotlight because audiences can't get over his change of appearance since he won the talent show four years ago. 

While we reckon his new set of gnashers made a huge difference, Leon is simply looking well. 


Sundays at @melrosetradingpost

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And apparently the 27-year-old is still very much into music as he has been writing and performing having made his home in Los Angeles. 

"Leon is very much in the music industry, writing new material and performing shows across the pond after teaching himself to play piano and guitar," a source told Metro. 

The Scottish singer won the contest back in 2007.


What will we do with our Saturday nights from August to December?

Reports circulated yesterday that the X Factor would not be broadcasted for at least one year after the 2016 series has aired as pretty dismal ratings were seen for the talent competition in 2015. 

However, an ITV representative has since come out saying that the talent competition will air for at least two more years. 

Several publications claimed that there were no current negotiations in place to bring back Simon Cowell's two former hit shows, the X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, for 2017. 

Both of the contracts for Simon's shows on ITV expire in 2016 but it seems that the network is making room for the massive show it bought from the BBC. 

ITV bought the Voice UK from the state broadcaster in a multi-million pound deal last year.  

Ratings for the twelfth season of the X Factor reached a record low of 5.39 million 

"Particularly because the X Factor contract is coming to an end and it has been a disaster.

"If The Voice is a success it's unlikely they will bring back the X Factor but if The Voice is a disaster, they still have the X Factor."

So who knows folks! 


Caroline Flack admitted this week that her 2015 "started off the saddest and ended up the happiest."

It's certainly been twelve months of heightened emotions for the presenter, who broke up with music mogul Jack Street this time last year, and later scored her first major primetime hosting gig on The X Factor.

Speaking candidly to The Daily Mirror this week, Caroline admitted that she'd had a pretty rough year behind-the-scenes, but tried her best not to let it affect her public persona.

"I can have the worst day ever but I’ll post the happiest picture of myself. My life is like a sad film. 

"You can think social media is real life but you have to remember it’s not."

Olly Murs' co-host said her self-confidence took a big knock this year, as viewers of The X Factor took to Twitter and Instagram to mouth off about her appearance.

"I cried after the first live Sunday night.

"The reaction was quite overwhelming because I didn’t think people would be talking about how I look, how I stand, how I walk, or how I laugh."

Despite the ongoing negativity, Caroline says she's not going to give up on her chosen career path

"I’ve been in this industry for 12 years, and you get used to the criticism. I know how the game works.

"I put myself out there and can’t moan. I have a really good job, and a really good life. The good bits outweigh the bad by a mile.

"I don’t ever want to feel ungrateful. If I couldn’t handle any more, I would go home and get out of the media industry."