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We suppose this is a little early Christmas present for Honey G fans.

Yep, the X Factor rapper has just released her debut single, The Honey G Show, just in time for Christmas.

In the video, the aspiring star references herself to big-time performers such as Kanye West and Snoop Dogg, and then even compares herself to Muhammad Ali.

Oh, and of course the track includes THAT call and response chorus (that we all love so much).

Even though Honey didn't win the X Factor this year, she's still hoping to bag a number one with this song.



Well ladies, it's actually happened.

After weeks spent wondering if the X Factor team had lost their minds, Honey G has finally said goodbye to the UK show after weeks of non-stop controversy.

But if the aspiring rapper thought the speculation into her background might die down now that she's been eliminated, she was sorely mistaken as she discovered after taking a seat on the This Morning sofa earlier today.

Cutting straight to the chase, Phillip Schofield asked the former X Factor contestant if her entire act had been an elaborate hoax.

Suggesting she may actually be playing a character a lá Leigh Francis, Phillip asked: "Is it an act? Are you like… Keith Lemon?"

Unsurprisingly, Honey G stressed her authenticity, responding: "No! You know, I'm not fake, This isn't an act, you know."

"Obviously I've grown up, you know, on the underground scene, in the music scene. I've been a musician the whole of my life."

"I'm known to BBC Radio One Extra which is the UK's biggest black music station. I've been involved in the station since it was founded."

"My mum's a classical pianist, that's where I get my, you know, music from, she's also known to the BBC," she went on to stress.

"So, people saying, you know, 'this is an act' to someone like me. I've got a degree in music. I've been a musician the whole of my life."

Acknowledging her distinct act, she added: "I think I might have picked up street from being in the underground music scene and it's become part of my personality."

Yeah guys, it's just her personality…



Honey G has encountered her fair share of criticism since rapping her way onto our screens this summer.

And while the aspiring star may have expected pushback from the viewing public, she probably didn't expect to hear herself compared to Brexit… by an actual member of the X Factor team.

While chatting to The Express at the ITV Gala event last night, Matt Edmondson, host of The Xtra Factor, reflected on how far Honey G had come in the process.

And it sounds like he's as baffled as the rest of us.

Trying to sound as diplomatic as possible, Matt said: "It would be an amazing thing for her and a huge deal for the show as we've never had a rapper win."

"In a way, you've got to go with what the public say, but then we said that about Brexit and Trump." Matt added.

Yep that's right, Honey G has just been compared to the two of the biggest controversies of the year.

"I don't think she regards herself as a novelty act, but instead offering something different." Matt reasoned.

Nope Matt, too late now, You've said it.


With countless X Factor viewers fuming over the fact aspiring rapper, Honey G, is still in the running to win this year's show, Simon Cowell has weighed in on the controversy.

Responding to criticism that the judging panel voted for Honey G over Ryan Lawrie in order to create further buzz around the show's novelty act last weekend, the music mogul insisted that the judge's decision had nothing to do with favouritism.

In fact, Simon appeared to suggest that when it comes to voting acts off, the four-strong judging panel are actually playing the long-game.

"You know what, you have to make a call in the moment," Simon explained.

"And I think, if we’re being honest with each other, watching the show last night, I can see a clear… three or four people who’ve got a real shot."

Suggesting that Ryan didn't have what it takes to make it to the final, Simon continued: ""I don’t think Ryan would have gone further."

"We do the sing-off to see A) who’s best and B) who wants it the most. Whatever you do, you’re gonna be unpopular."

But if you think Simon sees Honey G wearing the X Factor crown this year, you'd be wrong.

Like the rest of us, he doesn't imagine Honey G will clinch it despite her success thus far.

"But the truth is, unless Honey performs a miracle, she’s not gonna win this show. I don’t think she can."

Tell that to Ryan, Simon.


While X Factor viewers took to social media in their droves to slam the show's reliance on novelty acts this weekend, the latest contestant to leave the show is much more matter-of-fact about the whole thing.

After losing out on a place in next week's show, Ryan Lawrie appeared to suggest that he knew he'd be heading home if he was to go up against controversial act, Honey G.

Appearing on both This Morning and Lorraine earlier today, the aspiring star took the results in his stride and suggested that the judging panel are more interested in the entertainment value of the show rather than the search for a star.

"I knew when I was with Honey G, I was going home," he admitted while reflecting on his time on the long-running ITV show.

Sounding unperturbed by the results, he added: "I just feel like the whole entertainment production vibe, that was what the judges wanted than me."

Unsurprisingly, when Ryan was asked his opinion of the aspiring rapper, he attempted to be diplomatic, but it sounds like he's as baffled by her success as the rest of us.

"Sometimes she’'ll be really posh and then she’ll be street talk," he revealed. "The accents change. She’s really smart and it's working really well."

"I personally think Honey G… Well, I like to use Keith Lemon as a good example. I think it's a character she has."

Admitting that he was sad to go but grateful to have taken part, he added: "It was a bit frustrating when you’re trying your hardest but I’m happy I got the opportunity."

So, Honey lives to rap another week…


When it comes to penning top-notch tracks, music industry moguls know they don't come much better than Ed Sheeran these days.

So, it's no real surprise that the folk behind the X Factor have earmarked the 25-year-old for this year's winner's single.

With tracks like Thinking Out Loud, Photograph and The A Team under his belt, Ed has undoubtedly made his mark on the charts over the last few years, and X Factor bosses want to give their winner a taste of the same success.

“Everything Ed does turns to gold,” a source told The Sun newspaper. “To have him write the winner’s song is huge and amazing news for this year’s winner."

Like the show's bosses, this year's aspiring stars know affiliation with Ed will do wonders for the song's chart position, with the insider adding: "All the remaining contestants have heard the track and it works for the majority."

"They can’t believe potentially their first ever single will be written by Ed.”

But if you can't quite get your head around the idea of Honey G belting out an Ed Sheeran original, don't worry because you're not alone.

Acknowledging that Ed's style and lyrics won't work for every potential winner, bosses know Ed isn't a viable option for the likes of Honey G.

"The only chance his song won’t get used is if 5Am or Honey G pull off a shock win. Then bosses might need to consider another one of their options.”

Honey G doing an Ed Sheeran tearjerker? No, thanks.


If anyone has had a crash course in the downsides of fame, it's X Factor contestant Honey G.

In the spotlight only mere months, the aspiring rapper has had to deal with her fair share of criticism, and it looks like it's only served to make her more determined to smash it in the charts.

Countless viewers have been vocal in their disbelief over Honey G's progress in the ITV show, and now heavy-hitters in the music industry have added to the backlash against her.

When asked her opinion of the contestant, Lily Allen responded: "I find it offensive. So wrong on so many levels, I can’t even start to talk about it.”

Similarly, rapper Professor Green was far from impressed with her performances thus far, saying: "I just don’t think she’s a very credible representation."

Hitting back at the criticism, Honey G reminded her haters that she has an extensive background in music and has the support of two major global stars.

"Lily Allen said she finds it offensive but she needs to get her facts right. Professor Green said I’m taking the mickey out of rap music," Honey G confirmed.

"My mum is a pianist and I’ve followed in her footsteps. Her music is classical and mine is rap. I come from a musical background. People haven’t done their homework on me." she insisted.

Suggesting Professor Green might need a big ol' serving of humble pie, she added: "But then Snoop Dogg has talked about doing a record with me and 50 Cent has backed me."

Hmm, we wonder what they'll make of that…


Let's be honest, dropping to your knees and sliding across a floor is a move generally reserved for hyper seven-year-old boys at weddings.

That, however, didn't stop aspiring rapper, Honey G, going for it at the weekend after learning she had made it through to X Factor's next live show.

But unfortunately for the 35-year-old contestant, she didn't quite pull it off, and ended up almost face-plating in front of millions of viewers.

While Honey G played it cool in the wake of the facepalm moment, Twitter had absolutely no chill.

Twitosphere, you can take it from here.








Let's have one more quick look and then move on with our lives…



While the X Factor is no stranger to novelty acts (Wagner, Stevie Ritchie and Jedward to name but three), it's not often you hear they receive special treatment from the production team, right?

In all fairness, most novelty acts have been used to stir up debate among viewers until they're eventually booted out and the contest can really get started.

But it looks like Honey G is the exception to the rule, with rumours flying that the aspiring rapper is being treated like royalty by members of the show's production team.

"Honey G‘s ego is out of control at the moment, she is the only contestant who gets her own dressing room and anything the G wants, the G gets," admitted a source.

Unsurprisingly, fellow contestants are feeling pretty put-out by the dynamic – something which Honey G apparently couldn't care less about.

"There is such an atmosphere backstage with Honey G going from being a really popular member of the team to the token favourite, and the other contestants are getting angry," the insider added.

Confirming the rumours, Honey G told radio presenter Scott Mills that she's the only contestant to be given her own private space in the multi-million pound house which the contestants share over the course of the show.

"I have my own room because I'm special like that. Hip hop stars who are rich and famous who've made it probably don't sleep in bunk beds," she reasoned during the interview.

Unlike other years when novelty acts were wheeled out and subjected to a barrage of criticism from the judges week in week out, Honey is the star of the show right now, and her treatment confirms that.

"She only has to click her fingers for water and the production assistants are all over her. Everyone else has to fend for themselves," the show's source added.

Imagine what it'll be like when she actually hits the big-time… ahem.


Another day, another X Factor scandal.

This time round, Honey G has found herself amid the controversy after a Scottish nightclub revealed she's scheduled to perform there on the same night as the X Factor final.

Kittys & Kandy nightclub claimed that the reality star will appear on December 10, yet fans were quick to spot that that's the same night of the final results show.

Writing on their FB wall, the club said: "We’ve just confirmed the most talked about act in Britain at the moment! Get down to Kittys on December 10th where we have.. HONEY G !!!”

Fans responded with remarks such as, "X Factor final is this date this mean the shows a fix lol," and "X Factor final is the 10th December who’s to say she won’t be there.”

After the fix claims spread, Kittys & Kandy told The Sun that they have "secured the date providing Honey G is eliminated from the show".

Do you think this means the series is a fix or is it just a simple mistake?


When Honey G popped onto the scene we *hoped* she'd be a one hit wonder on the show and might get booted off after the audition phase of the show.

But as she remains in the live finals, fans and celebrities alike have been slamming the rapper, saying that she doesn't deserve to go any futher.

And the latest star to bash her is Boy George.

Georgie appeared on Good Morning Britain and told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that Honey G is "ridiculous."

"I think she would be a great BGT contestant but I think for a singing show it's ridiculous.

"The fact Freddy got sent home, it's a joke."

Freddy Parker found himself booted off the show last weekend after the competition went to deadlock and Freddy received the least number of public votes.


Usually, former X Factor contestants are all praise for the latest series, but it looks like Little Mix aren't big fans.

The girlband have hit out at this year's rapper Honey G, branding her "fake" and a "joke."

While speaking to The Sun, Jade shared her opinion: "I think it's a joke. I don't believe she's real. She's blatantly an actress. Let's just say, I've heard she's an actress."

Then, Leigh-Anne gave her two cents: "I'm all for entertainment, but I'm also all for real talent as well."

Honey G continues on the X Factor and you can catch her tonight at 8pm, where the theme this week is Motown.