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Gabby Allen hasn't had it easy over the last month, confirming that she has broken up with her boyfriend Myles Stephenson after she caught him sending flirty DMs to other women.

The 26-year-old was spotted crying while walking down the street yesterday afternoon after receiving a huge bunch of apology red roses from the 27-year-old Rak-Su singer.

The former Love Island star gave the flowers to a shopkeeper rather than keep them, determined not to take Myles back after his treatment of her.


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Dressed casually in a khaki crop top and denim shorts that she'd left unbuttoned, the blonde beauty looked downcast as she walked down the street with her friend in North London.

Photos have appeared in The Sun and The Mirror of her tears, but it's an invasion of privacy to show them. Would paparazzi maybe leave a crying woman alone?!

A source told The Sun : "Myles sent Gabby a big bunch of roses but she wasn't impressed. It was too little too late so she decided to get rid of them.

"She left them outside a corner shop for someone else to take – she doesn't want any reminder of him around."


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Gabby confirmed the break-up over the weekend, saying that the rumours that she'd caught him sexting other women were true. 

She said in a statement on Instagram : "The news paper articles are true. I am no longer in a relationship. I hope you have all had a better week than me.

"If anyone else has anything they need to tell me, please do x."  Gabby and Myles started dating last September and were inseparable at first, moving in together within months.


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Friends say that Gabby had begun to grow suspicious of Myles' behaviour in recent months after he'd moved into her North London flat.

The singer, who won X Factor in 2016, is reported to have moved back in with his mum to give Gabby space. What a gent. 

Gabby's Love Island ex-flame Marcel Somerville also cheated on her after they came out of the villa, so her luck with men is pretty woeful. These f*ckboys, we need a purge to get rid of them.

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The Islanders are in for major shock tonight, as two couples are dumped from the villa just days before the finale.

A source has confirmed to the Mirror Online that two couples will be kicked out of the house this evening following the public vote.

The news comes after Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames' relationship had a complete meltdown last night which escalated into a full villa row.

Jordan stupidly decided to pull India Reynolds aside for a chat to let her know that his head has been turned by her, and that he wanted to pursue something romantically.

Oh, despite the fact that he has a GIRLFRIEND who was sitting metres away from them. Jordan only just asked Anna to be his "chick", which makes it even worse.

India insisted that her love remains for Ovie, after Jordan told her; "Over the past couple of days I've found myself gravitating towards you.

"I feel, like, over the past couple of days I've found myself gravitating towards you and looking forward to bumping into you in the kitchen, washing up and stuff."

Despite his dashing confession (LOL), India wasn't having any of it; "Obviously I talk to Ovie and I talk to some of the other girls. But other than that, you're my mate," she replied.

He repeated the word: "Mate?" and viewers were CACKLING. The rest of the villa discovered what was going on after Curtis dropped the bomb on Maura, who was understandably fuming and told Anna immediately.

Anna furiously branded him a "game player" as Amber leaped in to support her mate. The girls had Anna's back, and Jordan has been exposed as the f*ckboy he always was.

As Anna said; "No wonder you've only had one relationship when you've f*cked over 100 girls." Savage, but deserved. We're off to join a convent, as men have disappointed us yet again.

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As the age-old saying goes, breaking up is hard to do.

Or is it? 

The action of breaking up is actually pretty easy thanks to technology because we can now get dumped via text, Snapchat or even email, but we've never seen anyone get dumped by Spotify.

Until now that is.

One proud sister took to Twitter to show of her genius sibling's method of bae disbandment. 

After dating one guy named Wyatt for a while, the sister soon realised that she had feelings for someone new.  

Rather than ghosting the guy, Erika's sister took to Spotify to make her feelings known.

Using a series of song names, she managed to spell out the message: "Do you still want to kiss me because I am kinda lovin someone else but we can still be friends." (sic). 

Admittedly, this is a rather mean albeit creative way to dump someone, so we weren't too surprised when the break up message recipient made a playlist of his own.

Rather than spelling it out, Wyatt simply added one song to the list, called STFU, or shut the f*** up. 

Kudos to both of them for creativity, though maybe not for their sensitivity skills. 

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Chantelle Connelly of Geordie Shore fame has just been dumped on Facebook.

The former stripper left the reality show because she wanted to concentrate on her new relationship with Tommy Sayers, but it has just ended – badly.

Just days ago she had 'Tommy' tattooed on her neck, and after wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger, rumours went flying that she was engaged, however that's far from the truth.

In a massive rant on Facebook, Tommy blasts the reality star as being a "low life selfish coward" and says she cares about nothing but fame.

"I normally take this on the chin but not this time.

"The whole fact that we went for a meal last night and bumped into the lasses from housewives of chesser (sic), so she never leaves there side but leaves me standing like a mug (sic) so [I] left.

“Then [she] rings that off [her] head, blames it all on me, am not a one for these mug statuses but am getting me point across that this time it wasn't my fault, and I deserve a lot better!!

“Enjoy ya come down Chantelle you low life selfish coward, never felt so devastated and mugged off in all my life."

OUCH. He certainly didn't hold back.


It seems like they were the perfect pair, but Vicky Pattison and Spencer Matthew's relationship is now over.

According to The Sun, Vicky didn't want to be hurt by his infamous Lothario reputation.

Spencer told the paper: "Vicky has friend-zoned me.

"She sat me down at the end of Monaco and expressed her concerns that being in a full-blown relationship with me could be a little bit dangerous. My track record is not ideal."

No Spencer, it's not at all.

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As well as tracking movement, FitBits can also monitor our pulse and heartrate, showing us dips and spikes throughout the day. 

And when Israeli FitBit owner Koby Sato got dumped last week, he noticed some pretty interesting stats for his heart rate at the end of the day.

Koby's heart rate normally rests at around 72 beats per minute (bpm), but when he got an unexpected call from his boyfriend to end their relationship, that heart rate jumped right up to 88 bpm.

His heart rate remained high for the rest of the day, once even spiking to 118 bpm – we're guessing that was the standard "OH GOD I'M GOING TO BE ALONE FOREVER" moment we've all experienced at one point or another.

Speaking about the results, Koby said he thought it was a cool way to prove that heart break really does affect how we feel.

friends phoebe heartbreak break up breaking up

"Everyone understands heartbreak, right? Everyone’s felt it. When you have this, it’s interesting – you have something to show."

We'd like to see Koby's ex-boyfriend's heart rate when he realises his break-up's just gone viral…



Dane Bowers has reportedly been dumped by his fiancée after she found X-rated photos of glamour models on their shared media. The photos were discovered by Sophia Cahill as she was updating her phone through their shared iCloud account. 

Sophia angrily tweeted a message about the photos, writing: “When you want to mess about, make sure ur iPhone arnt linked to the same account!…” She later confirmed the break-up, telling The Sun: “Dane and I have separated. I don’t want to comment any further.”

Dane and Sophia began dating back in 2012 and became engaged in December of last year. 

The singer is currently part of The Big Reunion and is with band 5th Story alongside Gareth Gates, Kavana, Adam Rickitt and Kenzie. 



There are some way you should not react when you get rejected. Yes, it feels awful and yes your confidence is knocked. Doing the following won't help with any of that: 

1. Wallow
There’s no pity like self pity. You are the only person in the world who has ever felt like this. Not for too long though…

2. Never Leave Your House Ever Again
Darkness is now your only friend. Put down the Gossip Girl DVD boxset and go for a walk. You have yet to meet your Chuck and he may be too out for a walk…

3. Creep on Them
You are never going to see something you want to see, so why bother? 

4. Change Your Whole Outlook on Life
You do believe in true love…you do. 

5. Become A Cynical Arse
Loathing couples and anyone who actually seems to be happy will not make you happy. 

6.Take it Personally
One single person didn't want you, big deal. 

7. Comfort Yourself in the Arms of Another
Do you reeeeaaallly want to do that? 

8. Plot Revenge
Time to drop it now, leave them alone….


9. Stop Taking Care of Yourself
Take off the sweatpants, it's 1pm. What would Karl Lagerfeld say? 


10. Rehearse What You Will Say To Them When They Eventually Come Crawling Back
You don't need to rehearse it because if it should happen, you know better than to say anything at all…All you need is one move:

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We all want to be there for our friends, but there are just some things you don’t say to your friends, especially if they’ve just been dumped. Here is what not to say to someone who’s just been dumped:

You’ll get over it
Harsh. Yes, they will eventually move on, but that’s not what they want to hear so soon after being dumped.

You’re better off without him
Although that might be true, and your only trying to help by saying this – stating this fact will not make their heartache any easier.

But he seemed so nice!
It’s probably best to take your friend’s judgement on her boyfriend, considering she knew him better and spent more time with him.

Maybe he’ll come back to you
Even though this may be a last result to reassure your upset friend, it’s best not to encourage ideas that may not become a reality.

Plenty more fish in the sea!
A cliché and probably one we’re all sick of hearing. Even though a new man might cheer her up initially it might be a good idea for your friend to be on their own for a little while.