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It’s Week 3 of Aldi’s Secret Six Offers, which will take place in Aldi stores nationwide until Sunday, December 22.

Each Monday, Aldi will release details of the week’s Secret Six Offer, and each Thursday, when you buy one of these amazing products, you will get a second one, FOR FREE!

We have to admit, this week's product is going to be a life saver over the holidays, especially if you're hosting a festive get together!

This week’s Secret Six Product is a 24 Pack of Pepsi Max 330ml Cans €10.00. This offer is available this Thursday, November 28– Sunday, December 1 only (while stocks last)

So head to your nearest Aldi store every Thursday between now and Christmas to avail of this amazing offer! 

Terms and conditions for Secret Six:

  • The Secret Six promotion is available in all Republic of Ireland Aldi stores, commencing on Thursday, 14th November to Sunday, 22nd December.
  • Offers are available from the Thursday they launch to the Sunday, 3 days later, while stocks last.
  • Availability is limited, and customers can only receive one offer/purchase per transaction.
  • The promotion is a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ promotion on a selected weekly product.
  • This promotion is subject to availability and stock quantities will vary from store to store.
  • Offer is available only while stocks last.
  • Any alcohol offer will only be available to people over 18 years and from 10.30am.
  • Aldi reserves the right to withdraw the promotion at any time or to vary the elements of the promotion.
  • Prices are correct at time of dispatch and are subject to change.
  • A cash alternative in lieu of the second free product is not available for this promotion.

For more information see www.aldi.ie  


We decided to investigate Harry Styles' net worth, instead of focusing on our own empty bank balance. It's somewhat cathartic.

The former star of One Direction has made a crazy amount of cash, and we decided to do some digging. For research purposes…

His infamous hair is earned him numerous endorsements, and the band itself made most of their earnings from their Pepsi days and touring.


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While they may be on a very extended 'break', Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson became millionares after chugging out album after album in a short space of time.

First of all, 1D sales are beyond insane. According to RIAA, One Direction has sold $13.5 million in digital singles, which is basically in downloaded singles alone.

Their album sales are also on the high end of the spectrum; 2013’s Midnight Memories was that year’s best-selling album, selling a whopping 4 million copies worldwide.


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Let's not forget the merch, shall we? Piles of cash came in from their 2014 Where We Are Tour in particular. It became the highest-grossing tour of the year with $290.2 million.

Their 2013 Take Me Home tour also made $114 million, and 2015’s On the Road Again Tour made $208 million. So they've got plenty to brag about.

Bear in mind, the money had to be divided in five as well as siphoned off to their management and those who worked on set and on tour with them. STILL, it's cold hard cash.



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Their merch strategy was out of this world; they could have sold a dirty old sock and fans would pay millions for it. You can still find merch of the bands actually..might get some more?

Their This Is Us movie earned a casual $8.9 million on its opening day alone, so there's that too. We confess, we went to see it, Twice.

One Direction also made sure to work with brands to get endorsements, such as Toyota and Pepsi.

Apart from all that coin he made in the infamous boy band, Harry also had his self-titled debut album and movie roles as part of his earnings.

His self-titled musical offering sold well, with one million copies being bought to be exact, and his solo tour making $62 million

His role in Dunkirk presumably paid well, and his modelling for GUCCI tailoring also gave him a handsome salary.

His L.A. home was only recently put on the market for $7.495 million, so he's got some money tied up in real estate property, and a $6.8 million NYC apartment, as well as his $3 million London home.

Which means…according to Celebrity Net Worth, our boy Harry has a total of $75 million to his name.

We just shed a single tear for the state of our financial independence…

Feature image; Instagram/@harrystylessvids



Kendall Jenner and Pepsi came under fire 10 days ago with the release of the soft drink company's new ad, showing Kendall participating in a protest.

The ad was pulled 24 hours later after major backlash.

Pepsi released an apology following the response to the ad, but Kendall has been silent ever since the commercial aired. 

Now, the model is facing a second round of hate, after she posted her first tweets since the campaign.

Sharing her latest magazine cover, the reality TV teen failed to address the Pepsi ad. 

People were not too happy about this fact, and flooded the model's feed with hate over her lack of response.

"No word about #Pepsi ad huh Kendall, Really?!?!You disgust me," said one. 

"Good for u entitled rich one. Reappropriating resistance & capitalising on vulnerable communities who fight injustice is disgraceful," said another.

According to TMZ, Kendall will be making he first public appearance since the commercial aired at Coachella this week, but the press have been warned not to mention Pepsi while interviewing the star.

Kendall clearly isn't having the best week…

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Pepsi have pulled their controversial ad featuring Kendall Jenner, and now celebs are weighing in on the issue.

The commercial, which was protest-themed, received a lot of online backlash, and last night, the brand apologised to consumers, saying they "clearly missed that mark."

Now, pop icon Madonna has weighed in on the drama. 


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Taking to Instagram, Madge posted a clip of the commercial. 

"When you wake up and realise that s**t just really doesn't make sense!" said the singer, captioning the post.

"Side note: my Pepsi commercial was pulled 30 years ago because I was kissing a black saint. #Ironic"


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She then threw further shade by posting a throwback picture of herself carrying a can of Coke, the main rival of Pepsi. 

Madonna's sentiments are reflected in the public outcry that followed the advert, as some social media users felt that Pepsi was attempting to capitalise on activism. 



Pepsi's latest campaign advert has been pulled.

The ad, which was protest-themed, received a lot of online backlash, and last night, the brand apologised to its consumers and said that they "clearly missed that mark."

However, after the apology was delivered, social media was none the happier.

Many were confused as to why Pepsi apologised to Kendall, and some were just flat-out unhappy about the whole situation.

Here are some of best the reactions on Twitter:



It looks like people are pretty angry with Pepsi and Kendall Jenner today.

The company released a new campaign yesterday, called Live For Now Moments Anthem, which starred the 20-year-old going from a photoshoot to a protest.

The two and a half minute video sees the reality star in a blonde wig while being photographed, only for her to notice a protest taking place on the street nearby.

Kendall removes her wig, takes off her dark lippy and joins the crowd of protestors. She then hands a can of Pepsi to a police officer, while the protestors cheer and applaud.

However, it's not going down well on Twitter:


In a move that no one in the world saw coming, Pepsi is trying to get funding to release its own smartphone. Sounds a but strange, right?

The soft drink giant is currently trying to raise money on Crowdfunding and have already launched a campaign to promote the Android phone.

So far, Pepsi are only planning to release the smartphone in China and are calling it the P1. There is also a P1s going up on the market, but the only difference between the two is an extra sim card slot.

The device is a standard budget smartphone and comes with a 5.5-inch screen, a 1.7 GHz octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a 13MP rear and 5MP front end camera and a fingerprint scanner.

Pepsi is taking pre-orders through a Chinese Crowdfunding side, where it plans to raise 3 million yuan (€440,000) by December 3.

It’s going to produce 4,000 phones to start and the first thousand who pledge can purchase the P1 for 499 yuan (€73).

The next thousand can purchase the P1s for 699 yuan (€102). After that, the prices increases to 999 yuan (€146) for the next thousand backers while the final thousand will have to pay 1,299 yuan (€190) if they want to get their hands on the Pepsi phone.

The phone looks like any regular smartphone, but has Pepsi engraved on the back. 


Fresh claims for the deceased popstar. What will Michael Jackson’s family make of it all?