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Former JLS star Oritsé Williams has spoken out for the first time about being "tormented" by a rape accusation for the past three years.

The 32-year-old was accused of raping a fan in 2016 after a show in Wolverhampton, and was charged with the offence in September 2018.

The singer was unanimously cleared of rape in May of this year by a jury in Wolverhampton Crown Court after two hours and 17 minutes of deliberation.


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The star spoke about his ordeal on Good Morning Britain today, revealing that he couldn't find work for the last three years;

"It's been horrific," digressed Oritsé. "I haven't been able to work for three years. I had this accusation hanging over my head every single day from when I woke up to when I went to sleep. It's just completely tormented me.

But I had two choices, let it drag me under and destroy me or stay strong and hope the truth would come out, which it eventually did," he continued.

"The worst moment has been the effect it's had on my family. I tried to protect my mother for the whole thing. When you’re in the public eye you can’t stop it."


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He added; "My family as so loving. I've had so much unconditional love and support from them all and my friends.

"Even now public and my fans have been amazing. Come out and openly supported me. It has been trial by social media."

Oritsé spoke about the sympathy he has for those who call for anonymity in rape trials, telling the GMB hosts;

"I absolutely would have wanted my name to get cleared as quickly a possible and move forward with my life with my family. We have to continue to encourage real victims to come forward. There has to be consideration on both sides."


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Oritsé has been working on his song-writing while hiding from the spotlight over the last three years;

"I’ve had a lot of time on my hands over the last few years. I've been reconnecting as a song writer and immersing myself in my music. I believe I've written some of the best songs of my life in this period.

"I’ve poured my heart out into these songs, bled all over them. At some point when the time is right I want to share them with people."

Oritsé’s £3 million mansion burned down in a suspected arson attack only days after his acquittal.

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He had handed over the house to his ex-girlfriend after their break-up, but was still devastated by the arson attack;

"I had so many amazing memories there with my family and friends. Seeing what happened to somewhere I once loved was devastating. There’s an ongoing police investigation so hopefully we will get some answers."

Oritsé’s bandmate Marvin Humes said his friend is “getting his confidence back” after his acquittal, and the three-year ordeal ended in the “right result".


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He told The Sunday Mirror: “He is working on himself at the minute and getting his confidence back. I have no doubt that whatever he goes into next, he will do great.

“He’s doing really well considering he has moved on from a terrible three years, a horrible three years, and he has come out the other side with the right result. He is getting on with his life and moving forward," Marvin added.

“One thing about us boys, everyone knows how close we are and we give each other support in any situation. We are like family.”

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This morning, the ex-wife of singer R Kelly appeared on Good Morning Britain to speak about the allegations which have been brought against him. 

Andrea Kelly was joined dby her daughter, 21-year-old Joann Kelly on the show. 

Andrea was married to the singer for 13 years, and appears on the documentary series Surviving R Kelly. 


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'My truth is what I survived he was abusive to me verbally physically and sexually and now he is financially abusing me,' she told host Piers Morgan. 

'We’re dealing with it as best as possible I don’t think people have a clear understanding that we are dealing with two people R Kelly and then Robert the person.'

'Myself and my daughter are connected to Robert the person. It is very personal and it is difficult.'


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Andrea commented on the abuse that has been allegedly afflicted by R Kelly on others:

'He perpetrated so much misery on to so many young women and girls. I do not portray sympathy I portray understanding.'

'It is devastating. I sit here as a survivor and a mother to his children. It is a difficult position for me to be in but being a mother to his children I could not not say anything.'

'I am a firm believer that if you have being abused, it does not give you a free pass to be an abuser.'


Piers Morgan and Coronation Street star Beverley Callard have commented on the ‘trend’ of celebrities opening up about their mental health issues, claiming that they’re trying to make mental health disorders ‘fashionable’.

The ludicrous and disheartening beliefs of both the Good Morning Britain host and the soap star have unsurprisingly ruffled a few feathers.

More and more people are suffering from disorders like anxiety, bipolar and depression these days and the last thing we should be doing is dismissing the conversation.

We idolise celebrities. We put them on pedestals and are more than likely going to believe what they say as opposed to your regular joe.

Using their platforms to raise awareness about disorders that plague many of us is far from harmful. It’s quite possibly one of the beneficial things they can do online instead of boasting about their luxurious lifestyles and shockingly expensive holidays.

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is one of many celebrities who has been an advocate for mental health in recent years, so there’s no doubt Piers’ claims angered the 22-year-old actress.

Sophie took to Twitter to express her disgust and disappointment in a series of moving tweets.

She wrote: “People who think it’s okay to make jokes about mental illness, I feel you must be lucky, because surely you don’t understand or can’t comprehend what it is like to have or know someone with an illness like this.

“Depression is the second biggest killer in affluent Europe and America. One of the greatest reasons being, I believe, is because mental illness has so much stigma surrounding it,” Sophie stated.

People are so afraid to discuss their mental health issues because of that overwhelming and unnecessary stigma. They fear being judged, laughed at and worst of all, not being taken seriously if they do discuss their problems.

Sophie continued: “If we can just all speak out about our experiences or our loved ones experiences we can help other people who suffer with mental illness not feel so alone. Let’s keep this dialogue going.

“You are not alone, you can manage your illness, and people who make fun of it are the minority… not you. You are loved and supported,” she concluded.

Truer words have never been spoken.


Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg has melted hearts across the world after offering to adopt an abandoned doggo who was named after him.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, named Snoop, was left isolated in Stoke-On-Trent and was caught on CCTV after being cruelly deserted by the couple.

The poor little pet attempted to climb back into his owner's car but didn't succeed, and the heartbreaking footage caught the attention of Snoop Dogg himself.

He said he simply can't stand by, telling the Daily Star that there's "always room for another dog in Casa de Snoop."

The 47-year-old commented that;

"If he really needed a home then he has one with us. But I don’t think there is going to be any shortage of loving homes after all the exposure he has got."

The pooch could end up living in the Doggfather's Los Angeles mansion after the RSPCA shared the footage.

The Inspector of the RSPCA, Natalie Perehovsky, spoke to Good Morning Britain last week about the footage of the couple who unclipped his lead and ran away:

"This is heartbreaking, it’s the way he runs after the owner — he clearly loved who was there. He was obviously distressed," she commented on the ruthlessness of some owners.

She said: "I don’t know what was going through their mind when they did that. It could be the expense, it could be family changes, there’s hundreds of reasons."

"But there’s places that help people, you can take him to charities or dog homes. There’s no excuse."

Fair play Snoop, he even donates money to dog charities and has his own French Bulldog.



Amy Winehouse gave the world some incredible hits.

Back to Black was a mix of lyrical genius, raw emotion and jazzy pop.

Sadly, the singer lost her life in 2011 to alcohol poisoning at just 27-years-old.

Overshadowing her tragic and untimely death were articles surrounding her ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil and their 'drug-filled' marriage.


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At that time, many people criticised Blake for "cashing-in" on Amy's death by selling stories, but he soon faded from the public eye.

That's why we were surprised to see him on Good Morning Britain.

The 36-year-old defended himself about the stories he sold in 2011 and their drug-use.


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Blake said that their dependency on the substances had been exaggerated by the press.

"The drug thing has been attributed to me for years. Me and Amy only used drugs together maybe six months of our marriage. I did heroin maybe four or five times."

He also added that he felt he was the only one who has owned up in contributing to the star's death.

“I feel I am the only person who has ever taken responsibility. I feel that there has been a certain sort of shift in the blame to other parties, but I feel that I always took responsibility before that. Amy didn’t do anything Amy didn’t want to do," he said.


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Blake continued to defend his actions when Piers Morgan suggested that he had made money from Amy's death by selling the stories about their marriage.

“The story that I sold was more about me taking responsibility for Amy’s situation at the time," he explained.

“To call it cashing in is a bit misleading. I would have done it without any payment. The reasons that I ended up taking money was that I had been in a situation or through my own sort of doing, where I found it really hard to get a job for a long time. I couldn't really earn money any other way,” he added.


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Blake has moved on and is in a relationship, and has two children.

Although he admits that he still harbours feelings for the singer.

We don't really know how we feel about this one but we certainly do miss Amy.


As the jungle antics are well underway, favourites are starting to emerge.

However, things seem to have soured for Anne Hegerty's popularity.

The Chaser was accused of game playing for I'm A Celeb and she's been given special treatment. 

Anne, who has Asperger's was hit with backlash from fans of the ITV programme because she was ruled out of a number of Bush Tucker trials on medical grounds. 

Viewers also lashed out and cried that she was given special treatment when they suggested that she was given a soft drink to consume instead of fish-eye juice (YUCK) in a challenge earlier this week.

However, legend chaser Mark Labbett has come running to Anne's defence saying that she hasn't got a "game plan."

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, her co-star said: “She hasn’t got a game plan here."

“She’s the ultimate organiser. She’s the godmother to my son, she’s already got his birthday and Christmas presents and handed them on."

“But she reacts terribly to the unexpected, that’s just one of the things autistic and Asperger’s people do," he added.

The Chaser went onto explain that it's preparation which helped Anne during her second challenge.

“That’s why the first trial, she wasn’t expecting it and it threw her. But the Bushtucker trial, where she knew she had to do it, she prepared herself and absolutely bossed it,” he said.

It's a claim that Anne's manager, David Hahn is reiterating, and he said I'm A Celeb viewers are seeing the real version of the 60-year-old.

David described the camp mate as a "lovely lady" and added that her alter ego as The Governess is "an act."

 “She really is a wonderful human being, she’s an honest lady and wouldn’t do anything at all which is on the wrong side of anybody,” he said.

David also denied the accusation that Anne is given special treatment, stating that she went through the same medical checks as her other camp mates.  

“She’s 60 years old. The rigorous checks they go through are incredible… they don’t leave any stone unturned.

“They can’t take any risks. If they say she can’t do a trial for medical reasons, it has got nothing to do with her Asperger’s or autism,” he said.

We love Anne and think she's incredible for braving the jungle – and we are delighted that she's starting to enjoy herself Down Under.



During her time in the Love Island villa, Megan Barton-Hanson was judged for many things – her attitude to female friendships, her choice to have plastic surgery and her fashion choices were just a few we could mention. 

However, nothing drew more judgement and prejudice to her than the revelation that she had once worked as a stripper and the fact that she had sex in the Love Island house on camera – two things which speak to the discrimination women who enjoy their sexuality still face. 

The thing is, there is a huge double standard when it comes to judgement based on sexual history, as men as placed on a pedestal as skilful 'players' for engaging in high levels of sexual activity, while women are devalued and degraded, and told that their personal quality is based on their amount (or lack thereof) of sexual partners and a chaste detachment from sex. 

'I think it's really unfair and an old fashioned way to look at it' she told Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. 

'I slept with guys on TV and people think I should be ashamed of it. I'm not. If a guy done it…'

'It’s 2018, if women want to do whatever they want with their body we should empower each other – it shouldn’t be like a put down. ‘I slept with people on TV and I feel like people want me to be ashamed of it and I’m not.’

Megan's words will resonate with many who have faced dehumanisation based on their past, but the words on her statement t-shirt spoke volumes – Stop Valuing Women Based On Their Sexual History. 

The t-shirt is the creation of artist Florence Given , who uses her talent to create feminist print works which she posts to her popular Instagram account. 


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Posting about Megan wearing the t-shirt, Florence Given wrote: 'A feminist hero. I am in awe of her strength. Megan came out of the Love Island villa to find that the whole world had been ridiculing her not only for her experience as a stripper, but because of the procedures she has had to make herself feel comfortable in her own body.'

'‘Before’ pictures of Megan were circulating the internet to try and undermine her beauty, and were cruelly brought up full-screen on Good Morning Britain today. When will we let women just live and love themselves?

'We STILL bring up women’s sexual history in the media like it’s something they need to be ashamed of, forgetting that it takes TWO people to have sex. Where’s the shame for men?!'


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'Thank you @meganbartonhanson_ for sticking it to Piers so bravely and telling the world that there is NOTHING shameful about sex work. Oh…and for wearing my words.'

Megan's t-shirt is now available for pre-order at www.florencegiven.com. 


Piers Morgan is no stranger to online controversy, but it looks like he may have really overstepped the mark today following his interview with fitness guru Joe Wicks,

Joe, who rose to fame as the Body Coach on social media, joined Piers and Susanna Reid on the set of Good Morning Britain today, and the viewing public are far from happy with how it played out.

According to irate tweets currently filling the Twitosphere, viewers were stunned by Piers' approach to the interview, and wasted no time calling him on it.

Joe, who has made a name for himself all over the world with his 15-minute dishes and HIIT work-outs, looked pretty uncomfortable at numerous times throughout his appearance, and Twitter was having none of it.











It seems like there's one controversy after another in this year's X Factor, and the latest contestant to get on the wrong side of the public is Finnish contestant Saara Aalto.

Having had her performance dubbed 'ridiculous' by Simon Cowell on Sunday night, Saara probably didn't expect her weekend to get much worse, but it looks like she was mistaken.

Slamming the star and the production theme for her Japanese-inspired performance of Sound of the Underground by Girls Aloud, X Factor viewers wasted no time branding the singer 'racist'.

"Why have they styled Sound of the Underground into a weird racist parody of Japan? I thought it couldn't get any worse this week #XFactor." wrote one viewer on Twitter in the wake of the performance.

"OK I like Saara but why is she dressed like an offensively stereotypical Japanese woman singing Sound of the Underground?? #XFactor," added another.

Commenting on the backlash this morning, Saara told Good Morning Britain hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard she thoroughly enjoyed her performance, but insists the production team had a lot to do with the concept.

"I loved it, because I love Japanese culture – I've studied it for many years." she said earlier today. "We had a party in Tokyo with that song. I wanted to bring something new, so it was kind of my idea to bring something Asian to it."

"But then, it was mainly the intro of the song that I did in an Asian way, but then the costume, the staging… they were like woah, very produced!"

Something tells us that won't be enough to placate viewers…