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Former JLS star Oritsé Williams has spoken out for the first time about being "tormented" by a rape accusation for the past three years.

The 32-year-old was accused of raping a fan in 2016 after a show in Wolverhampton, and was charged with the offence in September 2018.

The singer was unanimously cleared of rape in May of this year by a jury in Wolverhampton Crown Court after two hours and 17 minutes of deliberation.


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The star spoke about his ordeal on Good Morning Britain today, revealing that he couldn't find work for the last three years;

"It's been horrific," digressed Oritsé. "I haven't been able to work for three years. I had this accusation hanging over my head every single day from when I woke up to when I went to sleep. It's just completely tormented me.

But I had two choices, let it drag me under and destroy me or stay strong and hope the truth would come out, which it eventually did," he continued.

"The worst moment has been the effect it's had on my family. I tried to protect my mother for the whole thing. When you’re in the public eye you can’t stop it."


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He added; "My family as so loving. I've had so much unconditional love and support from them all and my friends.

"Even now public and my fans have been amazing. Come out and openly supported me. It has been trial by social media."

Oritsé spoke about the sympathy he has for those who call for anonymity in rape trials, telling the GMB hosts;

"I absolutely would have wanted my name to get cleared as quickly a possible and move forward with my life with my family. We have to continue to encourage real victims to come forward. There has to be consideration on both sides."


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Oritsé has been working on his song-writing while hiding from the spotlight over the last three years;

"I’ve had a lot of time on my hands over the last few years. I've been reconnecting as a song writer and immersing myself in my music. I believe I've written some of the best songs of my life in this period.

"I’ve poured my heart out into these songs, bled all over them. At some point when the time is right I want to share them with people."

Oritsé’s £3 million mansion burned down in a suspected arson attack only days after his acquittal.

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He had handed over the house to his ex-girlfriend after their break-up, but was still devastated by the arson attack;

"I had so many amazing memories there with my family and friends. Seeing what happened to somewhere I once loved was devastating. There’s an ongoing police investigation so hopefully we will get some answers."

Oritsé’s bandmate Marvin Humes said his friend is “getting his confidence back” after his acquittal, and the three-year ordeal ended in the “right result".


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He told The Sunday Mirror: “He is working on himself at the minute and getting his confidence back. I have no doubt that whatever he goes into next, he will do great.

“He’s doing really well considering he has moved on from a terrible three years, a horrible three years, and he has come out the other side with the right result. He is getting on with his life and moving forward," Marvin added.

“One thing about us boys, everyone knows how close we are and we give each other support in any situation. We are like family.”

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It has been reported that former JLS member Oritse Williams has been cleared of rape. The jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court found the singer not guilty of raping a woman at a hotel.

The singer's tour manager Jamien Nagadhana was also found not guilty of sexual assault and assault by penetration.

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The former boyband member was accused of attacking a woman following a nightclub performance in December 2016. The 32-year-old singer stressed that they had consensual sex.

He previously stated that the allegations were "crazy" and that he was "bewildered" by the allegations.


In light of the serious allegations made against Oritsè Williams over the weekend, a number of JLS fans have taken to Twitter to defend him, and send him their support.

Fans have been showing their support for Oritsé, claiming that he should be treated like an "innocent until proven guilty".

A number of fans have also been complaining about the fact that Oritsé was named in the media, despite the fact that he has not yet been charged with a crime. 

Oritsé Williams' management released a statement today denying the allegations, where they added that "the matter is in the hands of the police and it would be totally wrong for us to comment any further."

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On Sunday, a woman reported that she had been raped by JLS star Oritsé ­Williams after a concert in Wolverhampton. 

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The woman told police that Oritsé, 30, invited her and her pal back to his hotel after the gig, and after a few drinks, the girls decided to call a taxi to take them home.

According to the woman's statement, one of the women had left a handbag in the hotel room that contained a purse, so she went to retrieve it, and it was at that time that the alleged rape occurred. 

Oritsé was arrested, but has since been bailed from jail, and is set to appear in court in February 2017.  


Let's be honest – one of the biggest moments in X Factor history was the duet between Beyoncé and Alexandra Burke back in 2008.

Between Bey's vocals and Alexandra's hilarious bawl-face, it was definitely a moment to remember…. but for all the wrong reasons for the lads from JLS.

According to a recent interview, the act, which went head to head against Alexandra before she was ultimately crowed the winner, were furious that their fellow contetant was paired with an international superstar in the finale.

Reflecting on the atmosphere backstage at the time, Aston Merrygold said: "I was baffled. I was so baffled. At the time, I was 19 and I was absolutely fuming – behind closed doors I was fuming. Like, Beyoncé – are you kidding?!"

Speaking on BUILD Series LDN, he continued: "I was fuming. Listen, Westlife were amazing at the time and we had one of the biggest songs ever, but we were like, ‘How’s she got Beyoncé?"

“No disrespect to Westlife at all, but we were like, ‘Why didn’t we get Beyoncé?’" he admitted.

Why aren't we surprised?!



When you look at One Direction you may think they're the band that have it all, but in fact, that is not the case.

Former JLS member Oritsé Williams has revealed that Zayn appeared to be unhappy in the band since over six months ago. And if that isn't bad enough, he has said that Niall Horan felt the same way.

He met the One Direction members on a trip to Las Vegas last September and had a personal chat with Zayn.

Oritsé said: "Zayn spoke to me when we were in Vegas together last year." 

Apparently, Zayn explained how he was no longer enjoying the experience and wanted to go his own way in life. 

He then added: "Niall did too. Zayn was talking to me in confidence. I told him he had a great run and to enjoy it. They are very, very blessed guys." 

"It’s a very special thing and not a lot of artists show gratitude for that. But I told him to be himself and to keep going." Awww, Oritsé, how sweet.

Several days ago we thought Harry Styles would be the next to walk, but now that this news has come out about Niall, we aren't so sure anymore.

As heartbreaking as it is for all the fans, at least Zayn is happier now. Is this the beginning of the end of One Direction?

We sure hope not. 



Former JLS star Oritsé has revealed that he will become a dad for the first time!

The singer took to Twitter to reveal the happy news that his girlfriend Aimee Jade is pregnant with the couple's first child.

Oritsé posted a photo of his girlfriend showing off her blossoming baby bump as she leans against him.

Aimee was quick to retweet the photo, adding, "@oritse and our lil legend!!!!! Words cant describe how I feel!!! Love u xxx".

The news comes not long after his former bandmate JB Gill revealed that he was to become a dad too.

JB and his new wife Chloe were thrilled to be expecting when they shared their joy on Twitter on May 31st. 

Is there something in the water over at the JLS camp?!

Congrats guys! 



JLS are getting back together!

But before you get too excited, the reunion is only a once-off.

Marvin, JB, Aston and Oritse are set to play at Frankie Sandford and Wayne Bridge’s wedding.

The lads’ performance will be the first since they announced their split following their farewell tour last year.

The Saturdays star Frankie is very close with all the boys and asked them to sing on her big day.

Marvin is also married to Frankie’s bandmate and pal Rochelle.

The couple are thought to be using Bentley’s ­Entertainment – the same planners who organised Victoria and David Beckham’s special day in 1999 – for their wedding next month.

Everybody in love, go on put your hands up!