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Westlife have announced a massive gig in Wembley Stadium, with the boys set to play the iconic venue for the first time ever in their 20-year career.

Mirror Online reports that the Irish boyband announced the once-in-a-lifetime show this morning, following the success of their Twenty Tour celebrating their two decades in the music industry.

Mark Feehily, Kian Egan, Nicky Byrne and Shane Filan sold out shows in 13 different countries and 27 cities. 


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The momentous concert will take place on Saturday, August 22, 2020 and will see the global pop stars perform their greatest hits.

Swear It Again, Flying Without Wings and You Raise Me Up are on the setlist, as well as brilliant new songs from their upciming album Spectrum, such as Hello My Love, Better Man and Dynamite.

James Morrison and All Saints will support the boys, who have achieved phenomenal success during their comeback.


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Mark Fehily exclusively told Mirror Online: "Wembley Stadium will be the biggest show of our lives.

"Twenty years after we started, it is unbelievable that the demand is still there for us to put on a huge show at Wembley. It is going to be absolutely fantastic."

Mark is expecting his first child with fiancé Cailean O'Neill, mentioning: "Cailean and I will have our baby with us then. It is likely it will be her first Westlife show.

"That will make it even more special. 2020 is a big year in so many ways. Wembley will be the icing on the cake as we celebrate starting a family and 21 years in music."


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Manager Louis Walsh says he's over the moon with the achievements of the band;

"All of the big music greats have played Wembley Stadium so it is a proud moment to announce this news today.

"I'll be proud of the boys when they take to that giant stage next August. It will be the biggest and best concert of their careers."

The rest of the band told the Irish Mirror: "Headlining Wembley Stadium is a dream come true for all of us."


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"This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we’re incredibly excited for a show which will be different and more spectacular than anything we’ve ever done before," they added.

"This will be our biggest ever concert in the UK." Westlife's new album, Spectrum, will be released on November 15.

Tickets for the Wembley Stadium gig go on sale on Friday, September 20 at 9am at LiveNation.co.uk

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Westlife have officially made their long-awaited return to our lives, thank the gods, but it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows back in the day for the boyband.

The band stopped by The Graham Norton Show last week to perform their brand new single, Hello My Love, but Nicky Byrne revealed some spicy drama.

According to the radio DJ and member of the group, Liam Gallagher told the band to "f*ck off" the first time they met. Ouch, someone take the lads to the burns unit STAT.

The 40-year-old singer claimed the band flew to London in 1998 after signing a record deal, with Louis Walsh as their manager.

Byrne told Graham Norton; “So they were having a drink in a circle of people so me and one of the boys walked over and tipped them on the shoulder."

“Liam turned around and we said, 'Liam we're Louis Walsh's new band and he just went "f*** off”. So we just f****d off." The salt, it's just too real.


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The group's new single is their first release in almost a decade, and it was penned by pop legend Ed Sheeran. 

Hello My Love went straight to number one on the iTunes on Thursday evening, and Westlife even got a congratulatory message from ex-band member Brian McFadden, despite rumours of bad blood.

Hello My Love has been popular with fans, but frequently compared to Sheeran’s hit Castle On A Hill as opposed to “your typical Westlife song”.

Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily and Shane Filan will embark on their Twenty Tour this summer, playing two huge gigs in Croke Park in July.

Kian reiterated his opinion that their fans would be “taken aback” by their new sound, according to Metro UK“Good songs are good songs, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Westlife song or not.”

The Twenty Tour is their fastest-selling ever, selling a whopper 400,000 tickets within 48 hours of release. 


The X-Factor isn't on many of our 'To Watch' lists anymore, despite the fact that it used to be one of the most influential shows on ITV.

An old clip from the show has resurfaced and is causing a LOT of drama , mainly because of Simon Cowell's fat-shaming contestants.

The video went viral after one Twitter user found a clip from the show's early days which highlights the RELENTLESSLY harsh comments given by the judges.

In the clip, a newlywed named Samantha auditions for a place on the star search show, and faces absolute abuse from the judges at the time; Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne.

Sharon says; "I think you have a lovely face and a lovely voice," after Louis refers to the singer as "mission impossible."

Though Samantha is eventually voted through to the next round of The X-Factor, Sharon tells her to "go on a diet" after Simon wonders what she's "willing to do." WHAT?

Another Twitter user reminded the internet of how ruthless the music industry was during those years, claiming "Adele wouldn't have stood a chance of making it even with her amazing voice."

(That's just plain nonsense, Adele could change the WORLD with one single note.)

Other social media users reacted with outrage at the clip, claiming to be "shaken" by the harsh comments, which Simon earned fame for.

We think Samantha is gorgeous inside and out, we hope she's happy and confident wherever she is.

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By Sarah Murphy

Irelands Got Talent hit Irish TV screens in early February, with guest judges such as Michelle Visage, Jason Byrne, Denise Van Outen and Louis Walsh.

While the judges sparkled in their own right, we had a look at the person behind all the glamorous outfits the judges wore throughout the show. Laura Mullett, a Dublin based stylist, originally from Wexford, had the primary responsibility of styling presenter Lucy Kennedy and two judges, reality show star Louis Walsh and comedian Jason Byrne.

'It was fantastic, I’ve worked in the industry for almost nine years now and I love it. I’ve worked on a lot of different TV shows, like Ireland Am, Xpose, Pat Kenny Tonight, but I found with a show of that magnitude everything is heightened, it’s very exciting to be part of it,” she told SHEmazing. 


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Funny man Jason Byrne was styled in Moss Bros suits in a variety of colours from maroon to more subtle tones such as light blues and greys.

Speaking of Jason’s personal style, Laura said: “I found Jason’s style would be more casual kind of, t-shirts and jeans for gigs and a real kind of cool, chilled style, so he wasn’t used to wearing suits.

'Initially, we set up our consultation and had a coffee and stuff but I suppose from his perspective he was going to be dressed up in a penguin suit but it was so fun.” “I think with Jason especially, he never had that suit experience before, with him his wardrobe would have been more kind of gig clothes and then maybe he was wearing a suit to a wedding.'

'It was amazing to have that trust and make some friends along the way. He looked fantastic.”


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While Jason’s outfits were on point thanks to Laura, the comedian was also adored on the show with his quick wit and humorous comments throughout. “I find with a really good comedian it brings that real Irish element to the show,' said Laura. 

'Even from the side perspective of the stage, you’re soaking it all in, you’re watching the acts, you become so invested in it.

'But his comments had everyone laughing and I think then the chemistry between himself and the likes of Michelle Visage who brings such an experience, like sophisticated glamorous but yet really warm element to it, I think they really bounced off each other.”

Judge Louis Walsh described guest Judge Michelle visage as loud and American, but honest and brilliant.

The reality star, best known for her appearance as a judge on Ru Paul’s Drag Race certainly did not disappoint with her vibrant, extravagant accessories and outfits during the show.

“My attitude has always been more is more. I think it’s really fun for people to showcase their personalities and their quirks. I actually spent most of the series ogling all of Michelle Visages glasses because I am a spectacle wearer myself, her glasses are gold.”

“I followed Michelle Visage, I loved her kind of sassy quirkiness. She brings such a cool element into Rupaul’s Dragrace and for her to come over we were all so excited, even to get to meet her and see her style in person because it’s very authentic in herself.

'I think she is ridiculously fabulous, I wouldn’t cringe at all [at Michelle’s outfits], if anything I would be looking for tips.”

Laura opted for bright colours when styling presenter Lucy Kennedy. She was dressed in a pink jumpsuit from Umit Kutluk, a navy off shoulder look created by Pheonix V Ireland and she was dressed in Mint Velvet for auditions.

The pair had a great relationship on the show, Lucy along with Jason Byrne took to Instagram to praise Laura’s taste and style. “I would have spent a lot of time with Lucy, I would have been side of stage for her all the time so when she came off I’d always be fussing at her and picking at her, she was like Cinderella.'

'She’s such a lovely person, what I found at the side of stage is when Lucy would come off we would be kind of pottering and chatting, I think it’s just such an exciting experience to work with people in such close contact and you get to see their process and how they do what they do. And that sort of unique Irish sense of humour was so prevalent throughout the whole show.”

And of course, we can’t forget about the main man himself, Louis Walsh. With plenty of experience in the reality TV industry, Louis stayed cool, calmed and collected with a smile on his face at all times.

“Louis Walsh is one of the funniest people I’ve met. Every time I was dressing him, I would be fixing his dickey bow and he’d go- I can’t believe you’re from Wexford, he just couldn’t get over it, it was so funny.'

'I tried explain to him that there wasn't much of a fashion industry in Wexford and that people do have to move from the country side, we had great fun.” “Louis has been working on shows that big for so many years that its second nature, he’s quite chilled and relaxed. He would always come in with a big smile on his face. We had a right laugh, we really did.'


So, it's a well know fact that when Ed Sheeran isn't recording and touring his own chart topping albums, he's actually helping to write hit songs for other artists. 

With a client base the includes the likes of  One Direction, Rudimental, Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, the 26-year-old has made a name for himself as one of the most sought after songwriters in the music business. 

Everyone want a piece of the Ed Sheeran pie – even Louis Walsh. 

Speaking to The Sun, the music manger explained how he was eager for Westlife to reform and was confident he could make their music popular once again. 

In an effort to bring the boy band up to speed with today's trends, Louis revealed that he had enlisted the help of two very famous writers – Ed Sheeran and James Arthur. 

 "I've already spoken to people about writing songs for them. Two in particular are Ed Sheeran and James Arthur. I've talked to both of them already," he said. 

''I want to give them notice to write some really good songs.''

And while a Westlife reunion is definitely in the cards, the X Factor judge admitted that no date had been set. 

"A Westlife reunion is definitely going to happen – but I have no idea when," he said.

"I'm still really good friends with all of the lads. I was chatting to Mark Feehily last night about the Christmas album he's bringing out, and its amazing. I'd forgotten how talented he is."

"I think the reunion will be great, but it's up to them to decide when they will do it."

Can Ed put a modern twist on these 90s boys? Only time will tell. 


If there's one thing we can always get behind here at SHEmazing HQ, it's a boy band comeback.

And if that boy band just happens to be the one that brought us corkers like Flying Without Wings, My Love and When You're Looking Like That, we move swiftly into meltdown territory.

Sending every noughties teen into a tailspin this week, Louis Walsh confirmed that Westlife would, indeed, be making a comeback.

"A Westlife reunion is definitely going to happen – but I have no idea when," he admitted while speaking to RSVP magazine.

"I'm still really good friends with all of the lads," he added.

Paying tribute to individual members, the Mayo-native told the publication: "I was chatting to Mark Feehily last night about the Christmas album he's bringing out, and its amazing. I'd forgotten how talented he is."

And while Louis is adamant that the lads will be returning to the stage in the near future, he admits that the timeline is down to them.

"I think the reunion will be great, but its up to them to decide when they will do it."

Ladies, we're ironing our World Of Our Own Tour T-shirts, as we speak.


Ah, Louis, you never fail to bemuse us.

Mr Walsh has revealed that he's sending Hometown member Brendan Murray over to the Eurovision in 2017.

The music manager revealed on the Late Late Show last night that he's taken control of the Eurovision for Ireland for next year and wants Brendan to represent us.

The X Factor judge said: "Brendan is prefect for Eurovision. He has a distinctive voice and a look that I think will really appeal to audiences across Europe."

However, now that Louis has the performer, he still needs a song.

Image result for brendan murray hometown late late show

"I want to find the best song for Brendan to perform on that Eurovision stage. I'm going to use my own contacts in the business and I want to hear songs from Irish songwriters or songwriters abroad until I find the best song.

"I won't rest until I do," he added.

If you want to enter a song, you can do so here



Well, it looks like Liam Payne and Louis Walsh are at each other's throats with a new celeb feud.

Louis was interviewed by Huffington Post UK, and when asked if Cheryl will ever come back to the X Factor, Louis said: “Well Simon wouldn’t invite Cheryl back because we have Nicole.

 “We have Nicole and Sharon, we don’t need another girl. So go and f**k off now! No silly questions, seriously. It’s not about Cheryl. Don’t be stupid, man.”

And, well, let's just say Liam didn't take it very well.

He took to Twitter and went on a little rant, saying: “Congratulations Louis Walsh for setting the worst example on handling media for his band who are about to step into a very hard industry.

“Maybe it’s about time you realise it’s not all about you and shut the fuck up for once, let them speak.”

Well, that escalated.



Irish boyband, Hometown, have announced that they are taking a break from music.

The band, who were formed in 2014 by Louis Walsh, released a statement to say that due to circumstances "out of their control" they have decided to pursue individual interests.

In a Facebook post on the band's page, it read: “A message for our fans… Hi guys, first of all we want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all the support over the last 3 years.

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“We have done some amazing things, from number one singles to sold out shows, trips around the world and so much more, and it’s all down to the support you have all shown us.

“We regret to say that at this point in our career we have decided to take a break and pursue our own thing individually.

“We hope you all understand that it is not a decision we have taken lightly but due to many things out of our control it is the best thing for us at this moment in time.

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“We can’t express enough how much we appreciate everything you’ve done for us, our lives have changed so much and we can’t wait to take you on our individual journeys.

“As a band we remain the best of friends and look forward to supporting each other in whatever we go on to do.

“Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and again, we hope you understand. Lots of love, Brendan, Cian, Dayl, Dean, Josh and Ryan.”


As much as we love good oul Louis Walsh, too much of him can be a… bad thing.

The X Factor judge is set to become TV's new agony uncle in a show called Celebrity Advice Bureau.

The show centres around stars offering advice and dishing out their own experiences to members of the public who need a bit of help in their lives.

According to Digital Spy, Louis will be joined on the show by TV personalities Rick Edwards, Richard and Chloe Madeley and Ricky Tomlinson.

To be honest, we can't see Louis giving us any sound advice on our love lives, but maybe he can give some people advice on being a… manager??? We don't know.

The show will air this December on The W Channel.


Having recently confessed his reluctance to working with girl bands, Louis Walsh has now taken a pop at The X Factor’s biggest success story, One Direction.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine, the outspoken television personality called the lads “monsters”, before predicting that Harry Styles will be the only member of the band who will have continued success.

The 64-year-old Mayo man said: “Too much money, too much success, too quickly.  They all think they’re going to be solo stars.  They’re not.  Only Harry.  That’s it.”

Continuing to bash the band, Louis suggested they will eventually regret breaking up.

“Then they’ll be sorry they broke up,” he continued.  “And it’ll be too late because there’s another boy band.  That always happens in boy bands.”

On a lighter note, the music mogul was optimistic about Liam Payne and Cheryl’s relationship.


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He admitted: “I think Liam and Cheryl are going to work out…He’s a nice guy and he’s in love with her.  He’ll make her happy.”

“I think she was in a bad place over the last two years.  And she brought her misery to The X Factor.”



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After ruling out girl bands and One D, we’re wonder who Louis will work with next.

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She's the self-confessed 'living doll' who managed to wow tough-to-please Simon Cowell and the rest of the X Factor judges over the weekend. 

However, it has now emerged that, far from being an undiscovered talent, Sada Vidoo has a hugely successful career in Denmark.

Already an well-established singer/songwriter, she has been signed to a record label in Denmark – although Mr Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh said that they have never heard of her before she arrived for her X Factor audition. 

Sada has released an album and several singles, going platinum in her native country: she penning the song Infernal for dance act Ten Miles in 2007 and the song ultimately went on to be a HUGE hit.

It even topped charts in Turkey, Spain, and Poland

Her own album A Story With No End was released in 2014.

Over the weekend, she performed Love Is A Battlefield for the quartet of reality TV show judges, with Simon saying she was "barking mad".

A spokesperson for the ITV show said in response: "Anyone can apply for The X Factor whether they are professional or amateur, irrespective of their past experience and all contestants are auditioned on merit.

"Past experience can not always be featured in the programme due to time constraints."