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In the words of Chandler Bing: It's awkward, oh it's awkward.

If you're the type of person who would rather chew their own arm off than watch anything even remotely awkward unfold, then you may want to sit this one out.

But for the rest of you who like watching celebrities in tricky positions, you may want to feast your eyes on the moment Nicole Scherzinger decided to completely blank a question referring to fellow X Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

Not once, but twice.

While being interviewed at the X Factor launch yesterday, Nicole made it pretty clear  – without saying a word – that she wasn't here to talk about the Geordie gal.

And even after helpfully rattling off Cheryl's full name, the reporter was left with a former popstar who looked like she'd rather be anywhere else at that moment.

Watch through your fingers if you must, ladies.





Forget swapping keys or moving in together, we all know the mark of true love is when your pet FINALLY lowers their guard and accepts your significant other into their life, right?

Proving this weekend that they really are a legitimate couple, Liam Payne uploaded footage of family life with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, and clocked up almost half a million likes at the same time.

In a clip which shows just how serious Liam and Cheryl have become, fans see Liam's Great Dane, Watson, ignore his 1D owner while happily shooting the breeze with Liam's new bae.

Trying and failing (miserably) to communicate with Watson, Liam opens the floor to Cheryl who not only gets a paw from the adorable pooch, but even works a high-five into the exchange.

Showing he has a sense of humour about getting so seriously pie'd in public, 22-year-old Liam, who's reportedly been dating the former X Factor judge since December, wrote: "When u know you've trained him really well."



When u know you've trained him really well

A video posted by Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) on



Since she burst into our lives (and CD collections) in 2002, there's rarely been a dull moment in the life of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, and it doesn't look like it's about to get any quieter.

Amid rumours that she's giving up her position as a judge on The X Factor, the Geordie star has officially confirmed that her time on the long-running talent show has finally come to an end.

Speaking to the Mail Online, the 32-year-old, who is currently loved-up with 1D's Liam Payne, said that she made the decision in order to focus more attention on the solo career which has spawned numerous number one hits.

"I have had such an amazing experience being a judge on The X Factor. I have learnt so much and enjoyed nurturing talent, but I’ve missed making music and am excited to be recording again," she explained.

The star, who joined the show in 2008 and exited in 2010 after taking up an ill-fated and extremely short-lived position on the American version, said: "I want to thank everybody I have worked with along the way, especially Simon who I love to bits"

The Fight For This Love singer, who rejoined the UK judging panel in 2014 after resolving relations with Simon Cowell, sounded content with the decision, insisting: "I hope the show continues to produce stars and I wish them all the best."

Simon, who recently compared Cheryl and Liam's romance to that of loved-up chipmunks, wholeheartedly supports the star's decision, saying: "Cheryl and myself spoke about this. I totally understand her commitment to making more records."

"She has been amazing on the show and in the near future we will be working on other things together," he said of Cheryl's sad departure.

According to an official statement, Cheryl has BIG plans for the future, but promises to tune in every weekend on the show's return.

Sure Cheryl, sure!

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So we've seen them pose for sultry selfies, slink out of restaurants and stock up on Easter eggs together, but what does this all really MEAN in the world of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Liam Payne?

Well, according to Simon Cowell, it's all the evidence we need that this – let's face it – fairly bizarre celeb couple are – no, wait for it – 'madly in love'.

Speaking to The Sun, the X Factor judge revealed that he and the new couple had recently hit the town for a spot of dinner, and there was absolutely no denying the chemistry between the pair whose blossoming romance has got the entire music industry talking.

"I saw them together and we had a really nice dinner. They were in good form," he spilled. "They're like two little chipmunks madly in love. Literally, they were so cute."

Like the rest of us mere mortals, Simon was apparently fairly stunned when news broke that One Direction's Mr. Sensible had managed to woo the most famous member of Girls Aloud, saying he "didn't have a clue" that two of his proteges were loved-up and loving it.

Refusing to comment on either party's relationship history, Simon simply said: "They both seemed very happy over here and very relaxed. I'm happy for them."

Two little chipmunks? Hey, if that doesn't prove this one was made to last, we don't know what will!


If you were feeling a bit weird about the whole Liam-and-Cheryl situation, you can probably imagine how Liam's ex-girlfriend Sophia Smith must be taking it.

After being pictured together on a casino date night over the weekend, a source told Heat magazine today that Liam and Cheryl are "practically living together," with Cheryl regularly spending the night at her new man's Surrey home.

Unsurprisingly, Sophia's more than a bit freaked out news of the new romance, especially considering her own two-year relationship with the One Direction singer only ended last November.

Speaking to Now magazine today, Sophia admitted that she was finding it all very difficult to process.

"It's so weird," she said, adding that she'd heard a few rumours but didn't expect things to move so fast.

"I knew about them a little while ago, but who thought it would actually come out? I didn’t."

However the 22-year-old was keen to emphasise that she wasn't letting Liam's new romance get her down, telling the magazine that she was "all good."

Speaking about his split from Sophia shortly after news broke late last year, a "devastated" Liam said he had no choice but to end things for Sophia's sake.

"Being on the tour all this year and being away from her was so hard. We spent so much time apart.

"But in order to do right by somebody sometimes it's better not to do what your heart wants, but to do what's better for them."


Cheryl's been leading her fans on a merry dance of late, teasing news of her new (possible) relationship with Liam Payne via various social media posts.

Just now she shared yet another massive update, but we're still not entirely sure it's a real romance.

"My mystery man line up," the singer wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself, Liam and two, well, mystery men.

She added the hashtags #WhosTheMysteryMan, #WhoIsIt and #WhosWorthIt to really confuse everyone.

While we'd love to think that the Cheryl-and-Liam romance actually was the real deal, the inclusion of #WhosWorthIt has us thinking this could all be a big ploy to promote her new campaign with L'Oreal Paris.

So was Liam just hanging around on set with Cheryl, or is he actually involved in some massive advertising deal with her? Hard to say.

It's not the first time today that Cheryl's Instagram updates has had fans talking, of course.

A few hours ago the X Factor judge amped things up with a selfie that featured what looked suspiciously like Liam Payne's left arm – just look at that purple t-shirt, which also features in the full-length snap of Liam above:

And of course we can't forget Liam's (now deleted) Instagram profiler last week:

Or these comments he left on one of her posts:

What is going on guys?! Just tell us!


Her second marriage may have only lasted 18 months – but it appears newly single Cheryl Fernandez Versini is already looking for love again.

Indeed, it has now been reported that no fewer than three high-profile men have their romantic eye on the pop-starlet – and she's more than happy to court their attention. 

Given the English beauty's status of millionaire X Factor judge, it's no surprise that the trio of love-interests in question are comprised of a successful businessman, a music executive, and a sports star.

Cheryl, 32, was married to footballer Ashley Cole until 2010, while second husband Jean Bernard had several business interests in the restaurant and nightclub industry – meaning this time perhaps she'll be more inclined to try her luck with the music executive. 

The men have yet to be named, but Closer magazine quotes a source who says: "Cheryl is starting to feel like her old self again.

"She says she is being chased by three different men and the attention has really given her something to smile about after a horrible few months."

The source added: "She's being coy about revealing their identities – but her phone is constantly buzzing with messages from them.

"It's putting a spring in her step and she's laughed that she's spoilt for choice when it comes to offers for dates."

Cheryl and Jean Bernard – whom she affectionally called JB – are believed to have split last August. They married in May 2014 after just three months together.

"In the end Cheryl realised she had married too soon and had been swept away by a bit of a whirlwind romance," a friend told The Sunday Mirror.

"Over time it became clear to each of them that they were very different people and from very different worlds."


After news of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's split from her husband broke earlier this month, fans wondered if yet another surname change was in order for the star.

Since her early days as a Popstars contestant, we've known Cheryl under a few different names, each with a very different identity – her Girls Aloud/wild child days as Cheryl Tweedy, her first marriage and solo music career as Cheryl Cole, and the last 18 months as Ms. Fernandez-Versini.

But according to documents obtained by The Sun, the singer is keen to keep the double-barrelled surname, to avoid returning to one of the old surnames that simply have negative associations for her.

"Cheryl has had to reinvent herself several times but her three past names all have very different memories," a source told the paper.

"Tweedy is associated with her assault court case [after an incident in a nightclub in 2003], Cole with [her first husband] Ashley’s cheating."

The documents show that Cheryl has requested that her current name, Fernandez-Versini, remain unchanged in any contracts linked to her company, CC Couture Ltd.

It's thought that the X Factor judge and her second husband Jean-Bernard "secretly" split back in August, but made things official by filing for divorce at the start of January.

A look at her latest Instagram posts show that Cheryl's been doing her best to keep busy, getting some time at the gym in as well as a night out with her Girls Aloud bandmates Kimberly Walsh and Nicola Roberts.


Wild n out !!! @lilcola @kimberleywalshofficial

A photo posted by Cheryl (@cherylofficial) on

Looking good, Cheryl – we bet Jean-Bernard was feeling more than a little regretful after seeing that snap.


It's bye-bye to Fernandez-Versini and back to Tweedy for Cheryl, as the X Factor star has reportedly filed for divorce after just 18 months of marriage.

According to new reports this evening, Cheryl and her second husband, Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, "secretly" split back in August, but made things official by filing for divorce this week.

The X Factor judge is said to have cited "irreconcilable differences" on her divorce filing, with a source telling The Sunday Mirror that she realised she had made a mistake marrying Jean-Bernard after such a short time.

"In the end Cheryl realised she had married too soon and had been swept away by a bit of a whirlwind romance.

"Over time it became clear to each of them that they were very different people and from very different worlds."

And rather than quash the reports this evening, Cheryl instead chose to stay silent – though she did post this uncaptioned selfie to Instagram within minutes of the news going public:

With over 40,000 likes in just a few hours, it's safe to say Cheryl's fans are already stepping up to support her.

It's been a tough year for the singer, whose noticeable weight loss attracted a lot of unwanted attention – which she was quick to hit back about.

"You have no idea what I have been through. Just losing my father in law v recently and everything that comes with that. Not that I am or should justify myself to anyone," she wrote on social media earlier this year in response to her critics.

"I’m so f***ing sick of people thinking it’s ok to be mean or body shame anyone."

Here's hoping 2016 is a more positive year for Cheryl.



When a beauty product comes recommended by a celeb, it's usually likely to either A) be impossible to find anywhere or B) cost the same as a new car.

But there's one celebrity-approved beauty buy that we bet you'll have no problems tracking down. Why? You probably have a tub of it in your bathroom cabinet, that's why.

Long a favourite of baby's bums everywhere, the Irish-made Sudocrem is actually a pretty amazing skin-care treatment too.

Indeed, both Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and TOWIE star Chloe Sims count themselves as fans, with both ladies swearing by the stuff for spot-busting.

Plus, it now also comes in a cute handbag-sized tube for just €2.40, meaning you won't have to go robbing your mammy's supply.

Here are just a few of the ways celebs and beauty bloggers alike use this Irish favourite…

Killing spots
A quick dab of Sudocrem before bed for a couple of nights on the trot and you should notice that nasty red pimple fading into nothingness. "It really works," says Cheryl.


Night cream
If you've been struggling with redness and breakouts, a thin layer of Sudocrem applied before bed will work wonders. Em from MyPaleSkinBlog says she uses the stuff "a couple of times a week" to help calm her sensitive skin. Just be prepared for white-coated pillowcases the next day!


After shaving
Shaving pro or not, you probably still experience redness and irritation on your legs, underarms or bikini line from time to time. "After you shave, put on some Sudocrem and you'll be fine," says beauty blogger Petite Sal.


Beating dry patches
Elbows, ankles, knees… Apply a good helping before bed to help those pesky dry patches to become silky soft. Do this 24 hours before applying fake tan and you'll be streak-free. 


Helping with sunburn
Burning-hot sunshine is most definitely not a problem we currently have in Ireland, but as well as soothing sunburn, Sudocrem is also good for minor burns. Blistering and peeling, be gone.


As a primer
Go for a very thin layer before foundation to mattify the skin and keep make-up in place. "Since I have combination skin, Sudocrem absorbs the little oil I usually have on my nose, forehead and upper lips," says beauty blogger Hinnah Khalifa. 

For more tips and tricks, follow Sudocrem on Facebook and Twitter!


It was a seemingly innocent celebrity-spotting snap that was deleted within minutes, but fashion editor Laura Craik says she has faced a "week of hell" as a result.

The writer experienced huge backlash online after she posted a photo of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini which accidentally appeared to link the singer to Class A drugs.

Laura's "impulse" photo, which showed Cheryl washing her hands in a bathroom at the British Fashion Awards last month, came under scrutiny as it showed what appeared to be three white lines on the glass counter next to the star.

Further investigation proved that the marks were most likely nothing more than the reflection of the lights above. However Laura says she was framed "as the villian" for posting the snap, despite having decided to delete the photo even before noticing the reflection and what it could be interpreted as.

"Back at my table, I opened Instagram in order to delete the picture from my feed. And that was when I noticed another detail, one that really was no laughing matter," she says in a piece published in the Evening Standard.

"Despite the fact that all my photo showed was a reflection on a mirrored surface — a chimera — the story rolled on all week.

"While this was upsetting, it was nowhere near as upsetting as the experience of being trolled, viciously, on Twitter, by an army of Cheryl fans who genuinely thought I had sold my picture in a bid to frame their idol as some sort of drug user."

Laura says she most definitely was no trying to capitalise on the unfortunate detail, and indeed had apologised to Cheryl via an email to her PR team within 12 hours of the photo being posted.

"Rather than working against her, I worked with her to get the picture banned, by signing over copyright.

"I didn’t make thousands selling it to a tabloid. I made a nominal £1 [€1.41]." 

Cheryl has yet to make any comment about Laura's explanation on social media.


The X Factor quarter final weekend was certainly not without drama, as not one but two contestants succumbed to illness.

On last night's results show, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was heard "screaming" for help as one of her singers, Celina from 4th Impact, collapsed and fell to the floor.

Celina reportedly fainted and was "out cold" for around five minutes, shortly after she and her sisters were booted off the show in favour of Lauren Murray.

The Filipino singer was taken off stage by paramedics and brought to an ambulance.

Although her mentor Cheryl remained on stage for The Xtra Factor, viewers said she looked "visibly shaken."

Later the band tweeted to let fans know Celina was doing better, while Cheryl thanked all four girls for being "most gracious, humble & special little souls.":

It's not the first time Celina has suffered health issues during her stint in the show – a few weeks back she fainted before a performance and struggled to stay standing as she sang with her sisters.

In the end, a chair was brought on stage for her to sit on as the judges rushed through their post-performance comments.

Of course, 4th Impact weren't the only ones dogged by health issues this week.

The show's favourite to win, Louisa Johnson, has been separated from her fellow contestants due to a nasty throat infection which Simon Cowell worries will spread.

Louisa admitted on Saturday night's show that she was in pain and said only "adrenaline" had helped her to make it through her renditions of Justin Bieber's Love Yourself and Labyrinth's Jealous.

For now the contestants have been urged to sleep in separate rooms in the X Factor house, and producers have been doling out the Lemsip and hand sanitiser.

"If any of the other contestants come down with the same thing we will really struggle," a source told The Sun. 

"Olly [Murs] is also sick and struggling. The bugs going round at the moment are really nasty."

A collapse and a throat virus… hopefully that's the end of the X Factor illnesses for this year.