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Adam Collard is nothing but a distant memory for Zara McDermott now.

The Love Island star is now reportedly in a blossoming romance with none other than Olly Murs.

The duo has been flirting on each others Instagrams (how very 2019) and have now taken things up a notch since meeting on a night out in March.


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According to The Sun, ''Olly is smitten with Zara and it’s not hard to see why. He tried to make out they’re just mates but there’s real chemistry between them.''

They continued, ''Now their romance is blossoming into a relationship. He treats her like a princess and is very complimentary about her. It takes a lot to get Olly’s attention but Zara has really turned his head.''

So it seems that the 34-year-old singer is really into Zara.


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The source added, ''Their dates have been out of the public eye and it’s been nice for them to connect on a deeper level without any prying eyes. Olly’s mates are desperate for him to find someone to settle down with and Zara seems perfect for him.”

Olly has laughed off the rumours, saying, ''I just find it funny. That’s the world I live in in the dating world. If you like anyone’s photos you’re automatically dating them, it’s just crazy.''

He continued, ''I spoke to Zara after seeing her the other week in Sheesh with my mates. We were chatting about music because she loves singing. I’d seen on her Instagram that she likes to sing and as a fellow singer you go ‘wow, you’re a real singer.''

Hmmmm, sounds a bit more than friendly banter to us Olly – watch this space…


Well, we're warning you now, gals. If you have plans to date Troublemaker singer Olly Murs, he's got a long list of demands for you.

He has spoken candidly about his love life in an interview with ITV's Lorraine Kelly, saying that he's too fussy to maintain a relationship;

"Even if I came with an instruction manual I’d be a nightmare," the 34-year-old singer admitted about the experience of dating him. "I don’t just want to accept an okay relationship. I want to wait for something special."


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However, the former X-Factor contestant makes it a well-known fact that he is currently happy about being single;

"I’m enjoying myself and enjoying my life. My love life is everywhere in the papers and online, " Olly commented on the speculation surrounding his private life;

"I’m really happy on my own. I’ve learnt to love myself and I think that’s important."

The singer was on the reality talent search show all the way back in 2009, and has been linked with Melanie Sykes most recently, after splitting with girlfriend Francesca Thomas.


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Murs dated Thomas since 2015, and the split came as a surprise to the general public, but the artist is confident that love will come his way when he least expects it; 

"It’s going to happen when I walk out of here." He also spoke to Lorraine about the fact that he hasn't spoken to his twin since he failed to show up to his wedding, despite the fact that Olly was enlisted as the Best Man. Yikes.

He has previously claimed that dating is difficult for him, as well as the women who he meets, due to preconceived notions of his personality.

"They may think that I’m not as good-looking as I seem on TV or they might think I’m not as nice in real life. Whereas for me, I’m just meeting them for the first time. Maybe that’s why I’m still single!"

Maybe, Olly. Maybe.


After finding fame as a contestant on The X Factor, it looks like Olly Murs has swapped allegiances by joining rival talent show, The Voice.

Rumours about the singer's involvement with the show began circulating late last week, and today, producers finally confirmed that Olly has been recruited as a judge for the 2018 series.

Replacing Gavin Rossdale, the singer will take his place in the famous red chair alongside an all-star panel comprising of will.i.am, Tom Jones and Jennifer Hudson.

Murs said: “I’m absolutely buzzing about being a coach on The Voice UK and can’t wait to sit in the big red chair alongside will, Jennifer and Tom.

“I’m excited to mentor new artists and without doubt I’m in it to win!”

Speaking about the new addition, will.i.am said: “I’m excited to sit alongside Jennifer and Tom again this year, and I know that Olly will add a fun new twist to this year’s coaches’ team.”

However, not everyone is thrilled about Olly's latest career move.

X Factor boss, Simon Cowell, is said to be less than impressed that the star has taken a position on the rival show – especially after he left the X Factor in 2015 claiming he wanted to focus on his music.

The new series of The Voice UK will air on ITV early next year.



Olly Murs, who will be playing to an Irish crowd in the 3Arena this April, has given hope to fans who didn't manage to nab tickets for that particular gig by confirming he will be making a reappearance in Dublin this summer.

The Dance With Me Tonight singer is the latest act to be announced as part of the Live at the Iveagh Garden gig series this summer, and Irish fans are pretty pumped about it.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, the 32-year-old confirmed reports, writing: "Dublin New Summer Tour 2017 show added at The Iveagh Gardens."

Responding to the singer's announcement, one fan wrote: "I'll be seeing you 3rd of April in Dublin but I'll be getting tickets for this date as well so freaking excited can't wait."

"Exciting #Summertour2017 love the Iveagh Gardens venue! See you there Olly," added another.

Olly, who will take to the stage on Saturday July 8, will be joined in the series by Aslan, Belle &Sebastian and Future Islands.

If you want in on the action, you need to bring your A-game this Friday when tickets go on sale for a cool €60.


The world was united in awe as a video of X Factor star Olly Murs saving a woman from choking to death did the rounds online.

The video showed the singer performing the Heimlich manoeuvre on the struggling woman.

Olly can be seen thrusting the woman’s diaphragm until she is saved from choking.

Fans were quick to heap praise on the artist, but others were very skeptical of the entire thing.

“Thank God he was able to dislodge that food from her left hand," commented one, who didn't believe the woman was choking at all, and that the food seen flying from her moth was actually thrown from her hand. 

It was revealed today that the footage was in fact a hoax, as part of Alan Carr's Happy Hour show, airing next week.

Some fans were less than impressed with the "PR stunt" branding it "inappropriate" and "odd." 




Olly Murs appeared in the Late Late Show last night and revealed what it's really like to go out partying with Niall Horan.

The singer gushed about his friend, saying that he feels like he's Niall's big brother.

“He’s brilliant, me and Niall met in 2010, when he was doing X Factor, and we’ve been mates ever since.

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“Over the years, me and Niall just became really good pals. In this job, you just click with certain people, and we just got on really well, and I’m just kind of like his big brother, really."

And when it comes to going out, well, let's just say Olly can't really keep up.

“The last time I went out with Niall properly was in London, and all I remember is, he’s got his mates that come out and they’re all Irish as well – and you guys can drink!

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“And I thought ‘aw yeah I can drink’ – but, no chance.

“And we went out, and I remember it was such a good night that we walked out and it was daylight, and we were like ‘oh my God, it’s like 6 o’clock in the morning'."

And when asked about the ladies: “We go out, we meet ladies, of course, yeah. A couple.”

Well, they are very lucky ladies.


Olly Murs has announced that he will be visiting Dublin for a meet and greet with fans on Friday, November 18.

According to a statement released on Facebook today, the former X Factor contestant will be signing copies of his new album, 24HRS, at Golden Discs in Dundrum Town Centre next Friday from 5pm.

In order to meet the singer, fans must first purchase his new release from Golden Discs. 

Upon doing so they will be handed a wristband which will allow them time with Olly.

The 32-year-old star will be signing albums on the day and, more importantly, he will be up for selfies!

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Not long after Cheryl Cole's BFF, Kimberly, implied that her former band mate was currently celebrating some wonderful news, Olly Murs weighed in on the are they/ aren't they discussion, and added serious fuel to the fire.

Having been quizzed about the couple's relationship and potential baby announcement during a recent celeb event, Olly didn't do much to suggest the press and public were barking up the wrong tree when it came to Cheryl's changing figure.

While sounding like he didn't want to reveal too much, Olly still managed to stoke the flames by suggesting an announcement might be on the horizon.

"Honestly, listen, it's Cheryl and Liam's business… all the press are making speculation and rumours, but I'm sure when they feel confident and want to come out and tell everyone they will."

Like Kimberly, Olly was keen to remind people that the couple are entitled to keep any potential news to themselves.

"It's their own business and I'm sure they'll be fantastic parents if they are, so I wish them all the best," he added.

Hmmm, we're thinking Olly knows more than he's letting on.



When it comes to your standard bromance, it looks like there exist some hard and fast rules.

And for Olly Murs, it seems the role of wing man is definitely up there with the most important.

While chatting about the friendship he shares with former One Direction star, Niall Horan, the X Factor winner admits that he uses Niall's celebrity status as a way of meeting women.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Olly, who recently starred alongside Niall in the celebrity version of Gogglebox, said: "We always have a laugh when we go out. We’re like brothers."

"I’m like his older brother, so it all depends on the woman, whether she wants a little bit of experience, which is all I’ve got on my side, or a really good looking lad with banter," Olly joked.

Elaborating on the dynamic which exists between the pair on a night out, Olly, who split from his girlfriend over a year ago, added: "Niall’s a great guy to hang out with."

"It’s brilliant, he was in the biggest boy band in the world so I’m always after his scraps," Olly said.

His scraps, Olly? Well, that's only charming…



Olly Murs has come under fire after he cancelled a performance and then turned up at a football match just hours later.

The singer was scheduled to perform at the Heroes Parade in Manchester, but his rep said he had to cancel due to "extenuating circumstances."

But were those "circumstances" a footie match in Liverpool?

He was snapped cheering on Manchester United in Anfield Football Stadium on Monday as the parade went ahead without him.

And as you can guess, his fans are not happy. One Twitter user wrote, "Very disappointed in Olly. Had a horrible feeling he would go to the match after letting Heroes Parade down."

However, his rep has come back and said that the match had nothing to do with the former Xtra Factor host not performing.

"He was always planning to go there after. It has got nothing to do with the reason why he didn't perform."

Hmmm, we still don't think it was a great move!


If you thought the Cavan twins were the greatest thing to come out of Gogglebox, something tells us you'll be changing your mind once this year's Stand Up To Cancer special hits our screens.

Getting their chill on in order to raise money for charity, Niall Horan and Olly Murs will be giving the Cavan twins and Limerick brothers a run for their money, and we can't wait to see what they have to say for themselves.

Commenting on his involvement in this year's special, Olly said: "I'm such a big fan of Gogglebox so being able to be on it with Niall is amazing, especially when it's for such a brilliant cause like Stand Up To Cancer."

The two lads, who rose to fame on The X Factor, loved taking part in the show, with Niall adding: "Olly and I had a great laugh filming Gogglebox and hope that we can raise as much as possible for such a great cause."

"With every penny raised going towards finding cures for cancer, we're honoured to be a part of Stand Up To Cancer's fundraising this year." Niall said.

If it's even half as good as seeing Jamie Dornan suppin' on beer and slagging the plastic bag charge, it'll be amazing.

No pressure though. lads…



We're all for having a pictures of your other half as the lock screen on your phone or carrying around a picture of your baby/sister/cousin in your purse… but it turns out Olly Murs used to carry around some a bit odd with him.

Yep, the singer has admitted that he used to have a picture of David and Victoria Beckham in his wallet… and was proud of it.


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"I used to carry David and Victoria Beckham's pictures in my wallet," he told Heat magazine.

"I fancied her, but loved him. You can see from my school photo that I wanted to look like David with my curtains.


#YDKL on @jrossshow tonight!

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"I thought if I looked ike him, I'd pull loads of girls," he added.

Hmm, we don't know what to think about this one!