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Georgia Steel and Sam Bird have decided to end their relationships and we must admit their statements have made us feel pretty teary eyed.

It is believed the Love Island pair called it quits last night.

Sam took to Twitter to share the sad news. He tweeted: “I’m devastated to announce me and Georgia have split up for reasons I can't bring myself to comment on at the moment.”


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He added: “As always I wish her all the best.”

Georgia took to her Instagram stories to comment on the break-up.

“I’m very sad to say me and Sam have split up,” she wrote.

“I will always care about him. However, please understand this is a hard time for both of us, thank you,” Georgia concluded.

Fans were pretty stunned to hear about Sam and Georgia’s break-up, especially after the couple were spotted looking as happy as ever together at ITV Palooza yesterday.


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Sam and Georgia are one of many Love Island couples who have called it quits recently. Laura Anderson and Paul Knops ended their love affair last month.

Charlie and Ellie went their separate ways too, as did Samira and Frankie.

It'll come as no surprise to see that Dani and Dyer and Jack Fincham are still going strong. The Love Island winners are going from strength to strength. They’ve even adopted a dog together named Sandy.


Ariana Grande has commented on her split from SNL cast member Pete Davidson for the first time.

The One Last Time singer took to Instagram to address the break-up.

Ariana and Pete called off their engagement last week. According to reports, Pete was not emotionally supportive enough following Mac Miller’s death, which caused tension between him and Ariana.

The God Is A Women singer admitted she is taking a break from the Internet following the break down of their relationship.

She posted to Instagram stories: “Time to say bye bye to the internet for just a little bit.”

“It's hard not to bump news n stuff that I'm not tryna to see rn," she explained.

“It's very sad and we're all trying very hard to keep going.

Ariana thanked fans for the constant support: “I love you. and thank you for being here always."


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The singer has since deleted the post from her Instagram stories and has stepped away from social media for the forseeable future.

There’s no doubt Ariana has been through hell and back throughout these past few years. The 25-year-old was left traumatised after the Manchester terrorist attack in 2017. This year, the No Tears Left To Cry singer lost her friend and former partner Mac Miller.

#WeLoveYouAriana has been trending on Twitter where fans have been sharing supportive messages with the Breathin singer.


Another celebrity couple have called it quits and we must admit we were quite surprised to hear about this pair’s break up.

According to TMZ, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have ended their relationship.


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It is believed the pair went their separate ways this weekend after a whirlwind romance.

The No Tears Left To Cry singer and her former fiance felt it simply was not the right time for their relationship to take off.

Both Pete and Ariana hope to remain friends, but they are no longer romantically involved.


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The duo stunned fans earlier this year when they announced their engagement only a few weeks after they started dating. Pete got down on one knee and proposed to Ariana with a ring that reportedly cost $100k.

Rumour has it close friends and family aren’t surprised by Pete and Ariana’s split at all. A source told People: "It was way too much too soon. It's not shocking to anyone."


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Ariana and the SNL cast member have yet to comment on the news.


Out of all the Love Island couples from this year, Laura Anderson and Paul Knops kinda had my heart.

Why, you ask? Sure he only came in towards the end and tbh, didn't say a whole lot (like where did the nickname ''Cool Paul'' come from, huh?)

Anyway, Laura was the MVP of the show this year, acting like a dignified mature adult at times when I would have wanted to scream and throw a tantrum.

Which is why I was rooting for her happy ending with Paul, which is what seemed possible after they came second place after Jack and Dani. 

Alas, they soon went their separate ways and had us all wondering why?!


Welcome back to the UK! Absolutely drenched but worth it! #lochlomond @lauraanderson1x #scotland

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Paul has opened up now about why they broke up, saying that 'he was looking for a wife', and he and Laura weren't compatible.

While they split last month, two months after they left the villa, both have remained silent on the matter..until now.  

Paul said that Laura cried when he ended it and that they have not stayed friends. Poor Laura! 

The 31-year-old was the one to pull the plug and has waited until now to dish the deets so to give Laura time to move on.

He revealed, ''we weren't compatible for each other. I knew I had to be 100 percent sure about it because you know – the next person you're with could potentially be your wife; you don't want to be unsure about it.''

"Of course she was upset; there were tears. "We aren't friends now – we haven't spoken, it is a sore subject.''

Ouch that doesn't sound like the best of break-ups, does it? 


Girl overboard #comehomenow #thanksbye 

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Fans soon started to wonder if Paul just saw Laura as an easy way to win the ITV show, something that he strongly denies. 

He said, ''people blamed me of using her. How did I use her? We went on the same reality show. Laura wouldn't have come second without me and vice versa. I'm not that kind of person.'' 

Laura has remained a lot more tight-lipped on the whole situation, blaming conflicting work schedules and Paul's lack of effort as the reason they split.

She said, ''I was hoping we'd spend more time together and build a proper relationship out of the villa. It didn't happen.''

Laura, we think you're far better off without him – she is the real MVP of Love Island 2018, after all. 


Love Island’s Ellie Brown has broken her silence on her split from co-star Charlie Brake in an emotional statement.

Charlie confirmed they had parted ways early last week, but Ellie admitted she wanted to deal with the split privately.


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Taking to Instagram, the 20-year-old wrote: “Hi guys. Firstly I just want to say a massive thank you to everybody who has sent me lots of love since Tuesday.”

Fans may have been rallying around the reality star, but others haven’t been as kind. Many people claimed the breakdown of their relationship was Ellie’s fault with others saying she pushed the millionaire away by being ‘controlling’.


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“I beg of you to please stop coming to me with articles that claim I brought this on myself. I am trying to deal with this as best and as quietly as possible,” she shared.

Ellie continued to express her heartache in the moving post: “It is hard and if you really believe that you are just cowardly as the person who said it.”


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The Love Island star admitted she has her flaws, but she hopes people understand that she truly loved her co-star.

“By no means am I saying I was the perfect girlfriend but I adored Charlie from the bottom of my heart and he knows that.”


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“I know everybody is waiting for a comment from me on this whole situation but I really just don’t even know what to say,” Ellie concluded.

The couple’s break-up came as quite the surprise for fans, especially after the pair had been living together at Charlie’s Chelsea home.


It’s safe to say love certainly isn’t in the air as another Love Island couple have called it quits.

Dani and Jack and Wes and Megan are still going strong but one of our fave couples have called it a day on their relationship.

In a simple Instagram post, multi-millionaire Charlie Brake announced his split from Ellie Brown.


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The 23-year-old posted an Instagram story to share the news: “Just to inform you all, Ellie and I have decided to part ways. I wish her all the best."

The split comes as quite a surprise as the pair recently jetted off to Switzerland for a couples getaway. Everything seemed just peachy with Charlie and Ellie sharing loving selfies on their Instagram accounts.

Ellie even posted a selfie of her cosying up to Charlie a few days ago, captioning the snap: “Missing Switzerland so much already…”


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The duo appeared to be one of the shows strongest couples having moved in together shortly after the Love Island finale. Ellie was living in Charlie’s Chelsea home but sparked breakup rumours when she revealed she moved into her first apartment.

Ellie has yet to comment on their breakup.


There's a lot of MIC couples that we wouldn't give a toss about calling it a day tbh, but this pair isn't one of them. 

We're genuinely devo to hear that MIC OG couple Binky Felstead and Josh ''JP'' Patterson have broken up. 

The couple, who are parents to 15-month-old daughter India, both posted the same statement to their Instagram accounts. 



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They wrote, ''we are still a family and India is, and will always be the absolute light of our lives, however, we have realised we are on very different paths at the moment, although we still adore each other, we need to give each other the space to grow.''


Comments were disabled on both accounts and the posted with the caption of a love heart emoji.

Their relationships ups and (many) downs were documented on MIC and later their spin-off show Born In Chelsea.

Even though they did seem quite rocky until Binky got pregnant since then they appeared to have been going from strength to strength with both of them featuring on the reg on each others social media.

We thought they were the real deal and now love is dead…pass us the chocolate. 


Last week, we were sad to hear that Love Islanders Laura Anderson and Paul Knops had called it quits. 

The couple came second on the show, after power couple Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham took the joint crown. 

Their split was reported to be the outcome of a number of rows, however, Laura has set the record straight on that one, saying that actually, yhe split came after the couple were unable to commit to spending much time together. 


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She told OK! magazine: "When we came out of the villa there was a lot of work related things we did together and then Paul went away for three weeks.

'He went to the Burning Man festival in America and he couldn’t get phone signal for a week.'

I was absolutely fine with that. I trusted him not to do things with other girls, which he didn’t.'


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"I was hoping that when he came back we’d spend more time together and build a proper relationship out of the villa,' she continued.

'It didn’t happen.'

Laura deserves the world tbh, so whoever she finds love with is a lucky man. 


They were that 'couple' – so well-matched and in love with each other, it would make you sick.

Even on reality TV, Leah and Brandon's relationship was clearly genuine.

However, The Keeping Up with The Kardashian's regular guests have announced the end of their marriage in a statement.

After 'fourteen beautiful years together' they have called time on their relationship and we just can't deal.

Leah took to Instagram to confirm the news in a statement. 

Get your tissues ready: the message is seriously heartbreaking.

"It is with love in our hearts that we feel it's time to share some personal news with you all," the 35-year-old said.

"After celebrating fourteen beautiful years together, we have lovingly come to the decision to end the romantic aspect of our relationship. We are deeply proud of the life we've cultivated together and are truly grateful for the bond of friendship we hold and cherish today." – I'm not crying, you are.


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Keeping it classy, the mother-of-one explained: "There has been no lying, or cheating, or fighting that prompted this change, just an expansion of our individual evolution which has inspired us to support each other in a new way."

The pair will continue to be "best friends" and" loving parents" to their daughter, Eva.

Leah finished the heartfelt post with: "Here we openly share our truth with you all and, respectfully, we won't be commenting further so anything that might state the contrary to this message would, undoubtedly, be a fabrication."

We are utterly heartbroken for them, but they have given everyone a schooling in how to handle a public break-up in a mature, honourable fashion.

Wishing them the very best of luck for the future.



Right, so hear us out on this one.

Harry Styles is pretty famous, right?

He's young, good-looking and fairly recognisable wherever he goes.

So how could this 24-year-old have had a serious thing with a French-American model for twelve whole months and us not know anything about it?

More importantly, how did not one paparazzi nab more than one grainy, blurred photo of them leaving an apartment/with a jacket covering one of their heads while getting into a taxi?

I know that there are celeb couples who are extremely low-key.

They're rarely papped, they don't talk about them in interviews and you'd have to be Sherlcok f*cking Holmes to find a trace of their other half in their social media posts. 

But is that what happened here?

Basically, the nub and gist of it all is that Hazza has apparently parted ways with his missus of a year, 28-year-old Camille Rowe.

The sketchy timeline of their relationship goes as follows: they started dating last July, she met his fam in December,and they reportedly rang in 2018 together on New Year's Eve. Hmmm.


“Connect the dots” @williamstrobeck

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Look, I'm not saying it's a PR stunt (because, well, I can't hardly give Harry a ring and ask him, can I?) but it just seems a bit fishy tbh. 

Celeb journo Dan Wooton broke the story for The Sun and he says that Harry, ''called time on their romance just a fortnight after he completed his 89-date world tour.''

That's literally all he revealed so we don't have many hard and fast snippets to piece together. 

So, call me cynical but I just don't buy it.

Nevertheless, Harry, if you're reading this and ever need a shoulder to cry on, I probably (definitely) wouldn't say no. 


Liam Payne and Cheryl have announced their separation after two and a half years together. The singers issued near-identical statements last night confirming their break-up.

They admitted that it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but they have decided to go their separate ways.

Sources have shared that the split is amicable and there is nobody else involved.

“Cheryl and I are sad to announce that we are going our separate ways. It's been a tough decision for us to make,” Liam wrote.

The former One Direction member and Cheryl share a son together. They said one-year-old Bear will always be their number one priority.

“We still have so much love for each other as a family. Bear is our world and we ask that you respect his privacy as we navigate our way through this together,” the Familiar singer added.

Cheryl also asked the public to respect their family during this difficult time.

It was reported that the couple were having relationship problems earlier this year, but Cheryl and Liam hit back and showed a united front at the BRIT awards in February.

Speaking about the rumours, former Girls Aloud member Cheryl said that they were ludicrous.

The Fight For This Love singer first met Liam when he auditioned for the X Factor at the age of 14. They were reunited again when he joined One Direction on the reality TV show in 2010.

They welcomed their son Bear in the March of 2017.


Sofia Richie and Scott Disick have reportedly called time on their relationship almost one year after they were first rumoured to be seeing each other. 

It's understood that Sofia broke it off after Scott was caught getting close to a mystery woman just days after the couple returned from a romantic holiday to celebrate the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star's 35th birthday. 

The insider added to E! News: "Her dad got to her and was a major influence. He told her enough is enough and she deserves better than this. He told her to come home and she did.


Happy Birthday babe! Thank you for being you. Love you

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"She is upset and sad but feels like she had no choice and she couldn't stand for being cheated on and being in such a toxic relationship.

"She is relying on her family for support and they are trying to keep her busy. She is spending her time with them and with her close friends.”

The news comes after Scott's ex, Kourtney Kardashian, said she finally trusts Sophia to be around her children. 

A source said at the time: "It helps that Kourtney now trusts Sofia. The kids are allowed to spend time with her. Sofia likes having them and helps Scott. So far, the kids are giving Kourtney good reports about Sofia.

"Sofia has shown over and over again that she is willing to stay with Scott even when things are not great – but Scott is doing well lately. [He] isn't really partying and spends a lot of time with his kids."


The boat is way 2 long we had 2 chop it

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It seems the reality hasn't really hit home with Scott yet, as a source close to the star told PEOPLE he thinks there's a chance Sofia will change her mind. 

 “Scott seems fine,” they said. “He even thinks she might change her mind. He isn’t really taking it seriously.”